Battle Emperor Chapter 29

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Chapter 29 

The sword in the hands of the fierce beauty emitted a cold and dark light, using a very sharp posture to charge forward. This extreme technique made Xie Ao Yu silently scream inside. This beauty had definitely castrated countless people in order to reach this level of ability for this terrifying invincible fighting skill.

The strength didn’t seem that large, but it still made Xie Ao Yu feel a little scared.

After all, that was a man’s treasure.

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Turning his body, Xie Ao Yu acted like a big fish. He twisted his body in the middle of the air, making a “Peng” sound as he landed into the pool, evading the fierce beauty’s strike.

After sneaking ten or so meters away inside the water, Xie Ao Yu exposed his head.

“Hey! Female rogue, are you finished yet? You saw my family jewels so clearly, but I didn’t attack, instead you even dared to sneak attack me.” Xie Ao Yu shouted.

The fierce beauty shook the sword in her hand, opening her mouth, she fiercely said: “Filthy pervert, this beauty hasn’t castrated one hundred people, but has for eighty. You managed to dodge it. It seems that this beauty will need to use a unique skill.” She pulled out a bottle from her space ring. Inside was a pale red liquid.

“What is that?” Xie Ao Yu.

“Hehe, it’s nothing much. It’s just something that will allow your man part to retract back, and eventually disappear. That kind of good thing.” fierce beauty evilly laughed and unscrewed the bottle cap, dumping the pale red liquid into the pool.

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Xie Ao Yu’s brain imagined that terrifying scene.

He felt his soul tremble.

He had met strong and powerful women before, but never one like this fierce beauty.

She was a demon.

It was true that he had the Medical Spirit Finger, but his finger had only just changed color <not too long ago>. Its ability to cure poisons was limited, it might not be able to compete against this poison. What was even more critical was that the poison’s use was on something that a man wouldn’t dare use for an experiment. He sent a punch flying out.

The beauty had already expected this. The ground exploded as she jumped diagonally away, shaking her hand sending the bottle to sink into the middle of the water. Immediately the pale red color began to spread out, and there were some drops that landed on the ground. The flowers and grass on the ground turned pale red as it began to spread there too.

“Female rogue, just you wait!” Xie Ao Yu quickly dived into the water at a startling rate, following the river that flowed out of the pool. But it quickly ended.

Seeing that, Xie Ao Yu disappeared underwater.

The fierce beauty began to laugh out loud, “Filthy pervert, you were scared so bad by this beauty. Did you really think there was this kind of medicine, ah.”

She was pleased beyond measure, but she didn’t notice Xiao Bai pop his head out of the water.

Originally, Xiao Bai never left. Xie Ao Yu wasn’t a fool either. He was well-read. Although his knowledge on poisons couldn’t be considered extensive, it was still quite broad. During the cultivation of Medical Spirit Finger, he studied even more with Ziyan. It could be said that he hadn’t seen too many poisons, but the ones that he hadn’t heard of were few.

Indeed he had never heard of this strange poison.

But, this fierce beauty had grabbed at a man’s fatal weakness.

And it was the weak point of all men. Thus, even though Xie Ao Yu didn’t believe there was one like it, he didn’t want to use his body to test it; therefore, he could only leave at this time. He left Xiao Bai to secretly watch.

Quickly Xiao Bai left the pool and found Xie Ao Yu.

At this time Xie Ao Yu was already five or six hundred meters away from the pool’s shore, fully clothed, and was waiting for Xiao Bai  to return. Seeing Xiao Bai arrive, he knew that his judgement hadn’t been wrong. That beauty had tricked him.

“Hey, female rogue…” Xie Ao Yu clenched his fists, letting out popping noises.

(TN: Haha, MC is pissed.)

Right when he was prepared to back to search for the fierce beauty and rage at her, he heard the sound of disorganized footsteps. There were also people talking in low voices.

Before Xie Ao Yu had come to the Heng Duan mountain range, he knew that there were countless monsters in the Heng Duan mountain range, and it was very dangerous. But the most dangerous thing was still other humans because monsters nuceli, fur, and other parts could be sold for money. For that reason, a lot of people would ambush strangers.

He got out of the way and hid in a big tree.

This tree was lush with leaves and could easily hide six or seven people.

From the tree, he could see further too. He saw ten or so people coming his way, led by a bald man. His head shone under the sun, his face was ugly and ferocious looking, he carried a sword on his back, in his hands was a map, and the people behind him tightly followed to his left and right, carefully watching their left and right, as if they were afraid of being spotted by other people.   

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In the middle, a person with triangular eyes and was tall and lanky said: “Te La, do you think this map is for real. We’ve walked for two days already.”

(TN: Oh great, more names. Yay. I want to call him Teller, but it’s the same Te as Te Luo Si’s and I don’t know if that’s important…)

“It doesn’t matter if it’s real or not, it should be tested.” That bald man Te La said, “Carlos, don’t you forget, this map was one we sacrificed nearly a hundred brothers’ lives in order to get. It doesn’t matter how, we have to test it. I just don’t believe that our brothers really had such bad luck.

“That’s right. This month, several top-level fighting skills have been continuously found in the Heng Duan mountain range. Could it be that our brothers just had no luck?” Someone said.

The tall, lanky, triangular eyes Carlos said: “That’s right. There are countless fighting skills and weapons in Heng Duan mountain range. Although everyday something that was left behind from previous people can be found, but for three top-level fighting skills to be found by people within a month is really rare.”

“Did you think of something?” Bald-headed Te La said.

“I just have a small feeling, and I’m not so sure about it.” Carlos said.

Seeing that, the bald man Te La chuckled and said: “I’ll tell you honestly, that’s because in the previous month, there were some people who had accidentally stumbled upon a map. On that map were marked ten or so locations, and each of those locations had top-level fighting skills and saint-level and above weapons. Later it was discovered by others and that map was ripped in a fight. We have one piece, but it’s only a part of it. Otherwise, you think that I would incorrectly use the lives of a hundred of our brothers to snatch a piece of a map?” While he talked, he raised the map up.

After they heard the news, they all broke out in ecstatic smiles.

Even Xie Ao Yu who was hiding in the tree was startled.
There was danger everywhere in the Heng Duan mountain range, but it could also be said that it was the entire continent’s biggest natural treasure trove. Because it had been there for countless months and years, in the meantime, countless masters had come here to cultivate, train their strength, gain experience, fight, etc. There were people that died, people that lost their stuff, and some people that buried their possessions somewhere.

Therefore the Heng Duan mountain range had treasures everywhere, and that was no exaggeration.

While on the road here, Xie Ao Yu had encountered many mercenaries, and among them were some that had brought up during conversations that in one month, three top-level fighting skills had appeared.

He hadn’t thought that there was a reason behind it.

Seeing the map in the bald man’s hands, Xie Ao Yu’s heart began to suddenly became active. Since it was a top-level fighting skill, that meant it was at least at the same level of Scarlet Lightning Exploding Chop.

And right now the thing he lacked most was fighting skills.

He only had two fighting skills to master, Overlord Dragon Boxing and Scarlet Lightning Exploding Chop. The Xie family also had other fighting skills, but their strength couldn’t attract his attention. After all, the ones he had picked, Overlord Dragon Boxing and Scarlet Lightning Exploding Chop, since he had these, anything else that lacked in power would be a waste of time, and it would be better to go cultivate.     

He gave Xiao Bai a wink.

Xiao Bai knew what he meant. This little guy’s favorite activity was doing things stealthily. For example, secretly sending a lightning discharge through the ground towards those people, making their hair look as if it had blown up, and setting their butts fire, things like that.

The follow-up was its strong point.

This aspect was probably the strongest follow-up master on the continent and no one could compare. Who would have thought that the lowest levelled, wisdom-lacking, white spirit beast that only had instincts would be smart and even craftier than most humans?

His stature was short, in places with overgrown weeds, trying to find him was harder than ascending to heaven. Therefore Xiao Bai easily followed the bald man Te La and the others, walking right next to them, it was unlike other people who worried about being discovered and would trail behind from a farther distance. This was its advantage.

(ED: The author loves his hyperboles, eh?)

Xie Ao Yu then stood up on the tree and watched.

The bald man Te La and the others followed the map and didn’t move very quickly.

After about half an hour, Xiao Bai returned.

Xie Ao Yu followed Xiao Bai to arrive at an ordinary small mountain.  Te La, Carlos, and the others were currently standing at a cave entrance. There were some that remained outside in order to prevent others from disturbing them.

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Battle Emperor Chapter 28

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Chapter 28

After eliminating the fourth elder Xie Kun, the matters that followed were much simpler. Xie Zhe and Lina didn’t have any strength remaining to resist. Both were eliminated.

Geer was formally inducted into the Xie family.

Although he possessed the divergent flame, at this time he still hadn’t practiced refining any pills, but it was only a matter of time. Now that he was here, it will make the Xie family grow even faster than before. Since he replaced Xie Kun, he became the fourth elder, becoming the first non-Xie Xie family elder.

Xie Ao Yu took Xie Gan back to his room.

In the Xie family for the next few days, using Geer’s descriptions, paintings of the person who had given fourth elder Xie Kun the poison were sent out.

Xie Ao Yu wanted to go gain experience because he still had another objective, the Continent Youth Competition. It would be the best chance to make Xie Gan wake up, thus he went to the Heng Duan mountain range to gain experience.

Ten something days later, Xie Ao Yu and Xiao Bai reached the outskirts of the Heng Duan mountain range.

On the road, Xie Ao Yu didn’t remain idle. He was constantly self-cultivating. In his spare time he was studying the fighting skill he had accidentally acquired…Scarlet Lightning Exploding Chop!

This sort of skill could be said to be peerless.

Even the fighting skills that his father, Xie Gan had were not stronger than Scarlet Lightning Exploding Chop.

Under the cover of the night, next to the campfire, Xiao Bai ate until he was full and drank until his thirst was quenched. He slept on his side and snored loudly. This sort of level wasn’t high and he didn’t need to sweat the small stuff. Even if they arrived at a monster’s haven there would still be no reason to fear. All this made Xie Ao Yu realize that Xiao Bai’s courage was bigger than most.

The campfire was extinguished.

This was because at night in the Heng Duan mountain range, if there was fire, it could easily attract the attention of monsters. Xie Ao Yu wasn’t afraid, but right now he wanted to cultivate the Scarlet Lightning Exploding Chop.

After determining that there were no people in the vicinity, Xie Ao Yu began to direct his qi according to the fighting skill’s circulation.

(TN: Help here? 开始控制斗气按照斗技运行路线流转起来)

One by one within Xie Ao Yu’s body, qi began to flow along his meridians. The skin on his body began to automatically tighten, and his muscles began to expand.

“Pa pa pa…”

Originally Xie Ao Yu couldn’t even get close to the electric light inside the tri-colored ball, but after learning the Scarlet Lightning Exploding Chop technique, it began to gradually flow out.

The speed at which it came out was very slow, but its circulation seemed to faintly begin to mix with the qi. And the color of the electric light changed, becoming red.

Like the purple pool, it was like a crimson dragon.

“Pa pa pa…”

At the same time, a crimson electric light manifested around Xie Ao Yu.

An indescribable joy welled up from the bottom of Xie Ao Yu’s heart. In this moment, he faintly felt that he had established a bit of contact with that red electric light.

Just a very slight connection.

It wasn’t very clear at all.

But the part that was exceptionally clear was that it was a part of him, it was part of his growth now, and Scarlet Lightning Exploding Chop was definitely an electric-type attribute fighting skill. The two could be used together.

(TN: Because the lightning part in its name wasn’t a good indicator of what attribute it is >.>)


“Lightning Spirit Holy Sword!”

Xie Ao Yu yelled out.

Countless crimson electric lights burst out behind his head, dancing around randomly, uncontrolled.  His two hands were placed evenly, and the qi inside him began to flow crazily, very different from a beginner’s cultivation. He needed to carefully follow where the Scarlet Lightning Exploding Chop wanted to go as it passed through his meridians.

The qi entirely followed a certain trail.

The crazy surging brought out even more terrifying red electric light, shooting out one or two meters in every direction, causing the gravel, flowers, grass, and trees in Xie Ao Yu’s surroundings to split.


The qi surged, the agitated Lightning Spirit Holy Sword erupted out of its scabbard.

Slicing through the air, entering into the heavens, leaving a trail of cold purple light.

Xie Ao Yu explosively leapt up, reached out his hand to grab that Lightning Spirit Holy Sword, simultaneously sending out a slash. The qi and sword combined together, the crimson light combined with the sword.

The sword that contained matchless divinity came crashing down.


The crimson colored light on the sword filled the void, covering at least forty or fifty meters distance horizontally, above the ground by three meters. On the ground appeared a deep half meter ravine. Ahead, a seven or eight meter tall boulder had been destroyed and exploded into pieces.  

Xie Ao Yu while still in the air flipped his hand and put the Lightning Spirit Holy Sword back in its sheath.

He slowly descended.

The ease of cultivating Scarlet Lightning Exploding Chop made Xie Ao Yu feel very happy. It should be known that this Scarlet Lightning Exploding Chop first needed to be adjusted to its lightning property.

Only by maximizing the lightning attribute could he exert Scarlet Lightning Exploding Chop’s power, but because of the electric light inside the tri-colored ball, it basically eliminated that most difficult obstacle.

Also, because of the Scarlet Lightning Exploding Chop, the electric light had become crimson colored.

Flipping his hand once, the Lightning Spirit Holy Sword automatically flew into its sheath. Xie Ao Yu folded his legs and sat down, closing his eyes, trying to recall the feeling of the sword.

Once the sword came out, I wouldn’t have any opponents.

That sort of always facing-forward mentality was what made Xie Ao Yu feel the most pleasantly surprised. This mentality in terms of fighting purposes had indescribable uses. Oftentimes in the middle of a fight, if two high-leveled master fought, the one with stronger mentality would be the one to gain victory in the end. This was also the reason why the more you fought the braver you became.

The Scarlet Lightning Exploding Chop technique was exactly the type of technique that caused that sort of tyrannical mentality.

If one’s strength wasn’t as good as Xie Ao Yu’s originally his fighting strength wasn’t strong perhaps it wouldn’t be so simple for him to gain this type of intimidating mentality, and wouldn’t have been able to move. (?)
(TN: This is the part we couldn’t really understand.
   若是实力不如Xie Ao Yu之人,本身战意又不强的,恐怕单纯这种气势就能将其吓破胆,不敢出手的。)

“I don’t know if I can control the red lightning in the tri-colored ball.” Xie Ao Yu murmured <inside> to himself. He had seen that the red lightning does not shoot out, but only flows a bit. How could he wield this terrifying electric light unless he could control it?  

Xie Ao Yu had already expected the powerful strength of the red lightning, after all, it was the combination of the Shadow Demon Spirit Fire and Earth Pulmonary Heart Flame- two kinds of unique fire prototypes becoming one- but for now, he had no way to control it.

Xie Ao Yu tried to communicate with the red electricity.

This continued throughout the night, and there were no results.

The red lightning seemed to be ignoring Xie Ao Yu. Only when Xie Ao Yu used Scarlet Lightning Exploding Chop which was a thunder attribute fighting skill would it follow the Scarlet Lightning Exploding Chop and the required qi would flow out, playing its role.

This made Xie Ao Yu feel a little disappointed.

But at the same time, it encouraged him even more. If the strong red lightning was used, it inevitably would increase his fighting strength by a lot. He would definitely learn to control the red lightning.

A night without words.

The next day, Xie Ao Yu and Xiao Bai continued on their journey.

During this season was when the Heng Duan mountain range was at its hottest. The scorching sun hung in the middle of the sky. Red-hot temperatures made this place become something like a big food steamer. Yet here at Heng Duan mountain range’s outside border, there were tufted weeds and shriveled up leaves that as you stepped on them made a crunch sound. It was as if the heat was coming up straight from the ground.

Looking up at the scorching sun, it was currently noon, Xie Ao Yu’s whole body was covered in sweat. He heard something from the side. There seemed to be the gurgling of water. He immediately went towards where the water was flowing.   

Xiao Bai also began to get excited, and he quickly ran in that direction.

Very quickly, they saw a small waterfall, below it was a small pool. The clear pool of water rippled. Xie Ao Yu reached out his hand to touch it, the calm water in the pool had a cool feeling, making the heat seem as if had gone away.


Xiao Bai excitedly shouted, jumping straight in.

Xie Ao Yu saw that there was no one in the vicinity, he took of his clothes, placing the space ring. Naked, he directly entered into the pool.

Once in the pool, the immediate sense of being refreshed almost made him groan.

It was too comfortable.

Xie Ao Yu began to swim in the pool without a care.

After freely swimming for a while, Xie Ao Yu came out. He figured he would study red lightning in the tri-colored ball here. How could he have known, the second he exited the pool, he would see a silhouette flash in front of him. He lifted his head up to look.

And saw a beautiful woman with dark green hair who was also looking at him.

The two people were simultaneously startled.


The eyes of the dark-green beauty looked down, resting between the thing between Xie Ao Yu’s legs, then uttered a sky-piercing scream, an indescribably tragic scream.


Xie Ao Yu also began to shout out, hurryingly using his hands to cover that area.

“Female rogue!”


The beauty whipped out a sword in an instant, and charged at him out of the blue.

Xie Ao Yu lifted <up> his hand to try and break the charge, but he exposed his nether region again.

The fierce beauty’s eyes became like saucers and stared. The sword in her hand was continuously swiping and slashing, her qi cutting everything to pieces, her aim was only Xie Ao Yu’s important place.


Xie Ao Yu was so angry his teeth were itchy.

It was him who had been spied on, but this female rogue had the nerve to attack him. But he couldn’t just let a woman watch right? His only path of retreat was to return into the water.

Seeing that the beauty yelled out, “Surpassing level invincible castration sword!”

(TN: Dang. This girl ain’t a joke. Bing Wu’s gonna need to find a different husband if she wants kids. Better name though? 超级无敌阉割剑)

(ED: So this thing happens so often that they have a skill named after it..<shakes my head>)

Battle Emperor Chapter 27

On a scale of 1-10 of villainry, I’m thinking that Xie Kun get’s about a 3. He’s one of those big fish in a tiny pond, and he’s not even that big. He’s actually pretty weak on the total scale too. He even revealed his plots so easily. What a noob. Gotta deny till you die. Smh.

Chapter 27

“Kill me? Haha…” Fourth elder Xie Kun then burst out laughing, he completely ignored everyone else’s angry eyes, his face was full of contempt. He pointed his finger at Xie Ao Yu, “Who will help you? Don’t think that just being able to beat Xie Lin gives you the right to be wild. He’s only at an intermediate level. Even if your strength is not bad, you’re still not my opponent. Don’t forget, I’m an alchemist. Without even mentioning you, even if there was someone I wanted to kill in the Xie family, it’s all easily done!”

Xie Ao Yu at that time looked as if he was looking at a dead man, watching him, he calmly said: “You’re an alchemist, everyone knows. I’m no exception. Then if I dared to say now that I will kill you, did you think I wouldn’t have prepared beforehand? Idiot!”

The wide smile on fourth elder Xie Kun’s face froze.

He was Xie family’s only alchemist. This long-term pride made his self-importance grow too big. Now with what Xie Ao Yu said, he was suddenly awoken.

“So what, you think the patriarch and them will agree?” Fourth elder Xie Kun curled his lips.

“Why wouldn’t they agree?” Xie Ao Yu’s eyes flashed a strange light.

Before fourth elder Xie Kun had a chance to speak, Xie Zhe screamed out: “Because my dad’s the only alchemist!”
(TN: This guy’s denser than a pond of mercury.)

“Xie Ao Yu, you have to listen carefully. The only one!” Fourth elder chuckled, “Maybe everyone thinks that your dad was the one who brought the Xie family to the top of Langaya city, but I think that the patriarch and the other elders understand, if I hadn’t been an alchemist, creating countless pills, then the Xie family would never have expanded. I, Xie Kun, am the Xie family’s biggest hero. Without me, the Xie family would have been extinguished long ago!”

His words caused some denouncing.

But seeing Xie Lian, first elder, and the other elders gloomy faces, everyone went silent. No one had thought it was like this.

Only Xie Ao Yu’s had a small smile on his face.

“I am the cornerstone of the Xie family!” Fourth elder Xie Kun patted his chest and proudly said, “See this generation of people, there are a few talented ones. If there wasn’t me, this generation would be the decline of the Xie family, and in the end be defeated, or even eliminated. Thus, I cannot die, and I must be happy, or else the Xie family will perish!”

“Xie Kun, you’re too excessive!” Third elder yelled out angrily.

Fourth elder Xie Kun didn’t even pay attention to him. Among the Xie family, there were only four people that mattered, patriarch Xie Lian, first elder, fourth elder, fourth elder Xie Kun and sixth elder Xie Gan who was in a coma. Thus there were only the patriarch and the first elder.

“Patriarch, first elder, how do you feel? Will the Xie family chooseXie Liang and the others, and also Xie Gan’s coma, or will they choose Xie family’s future?” Fourth elder Xie Kun grinned and said.

Xie Ao Yu didn’t say anything, just coldly watched on.

Everyone’s eyes rested on patriarch Xie Lian and the first elder.

They were final decision makers.

Patriarch Xie Lian and first elder’s four eyes looked at each other, both of their face had bitter expressions. They couldn’t wait to tear Xie Kun and his son to pieces, but…

“You can’t die.” Patriarch ground his teeth as he said. Finishing speaking, he felt as if strength had left his entire body.


In the area’s two hundred plus people, only fourth elder Xie Kun was laughing.

“Xie Ao Yu, what now?” Fourth elder Xie Kun was laughing out loud.


Xie Ao Yu lightly said.


Everyone was startled again. Since Xie Ao Yu had appeared, the number of times that everyone had been shocked was causing some to almost go numb.

“Ao Yu.” Patriarch Xie Lian painfully said.

“Uncle, don’t blame yourself.” Xie Ao Yu’s face had a small smile on it, “You and first elder have had your brother and son harmed, by these events of death, you still placed emphasis on the house. I really admire it. At the same time, I understand why my father didn’t become the patriarch or the first elder. It’s because you have to really care for the clan.

Xie Lian and first elder looked towards the sky and sighed.

They listened to Xie Ao Yu as he continued to say: “But have you once thought, this father and son duo are able to incur all this wrath, even if they stay, will the father really work for the Xie family’s good?”

“But…” First elder said.

Xie Ao Yu interrupted him to say, “Thus Xie Kun needs to die.”

“If I die, who will replace me?” Fourth elder proudly said.


Geer broke in.

“Che, you?” Fourth elder Xie Kun looked at him contemptuously.

Xie Ao Yu nodded his head.

Geer reached out his hand, “Pa” and a flame came out.

“Uncommon fire!”
(TN: 奇火 got something better?)

Shouts immediately rang out through the entire Xie family.

Xie Lian and first elder had their eyes popping open, disbelievingly looking at Geer. They didn’t imagine that the young man who had come as a witness actually had a divergent flame.

“This is the Earth Pulmonary Heart Flame, the one that the Ao Te Si clan found. Recently, Butterfuly Queen You Lan Ruo told us about this, Geer then obtained it.” Xie Ao Yu said.

“Impossible, impossible!” Fourth elder’s face twisted up, crazily began to shout, “I don’t believe it. This has to be a fake, a fake!”

The surrounding people began to laugh.

Coming from an extremely high place and then quickly crashing down, that was how fourth elder Xie Kun was right now. Many people had a different expression now when they looked towards Xie Ao Yu.

All of this was planned by him.

Purposely letting fourth elder Xie Kun reach for the high position, then let him crash back down. Pretty cruel!

“I don’t believe it!” Fourth elder crazily yelled out, suddenly he flipped his hand. A long sword appeared in his hands, and he fiercely stabbed towards Geer’s heart, “You can go and die!”

Once Geer died, he would return to his advantage.

“Get out!” Xie Ao Yu coldly snorted. He had long since been wary of Xie Kun, in order to prevent him from acting like a dog leaping over a wall in desperation, the Lightning Spirit Holy Sword hacked through the air downwards.
(TN:Chinese idiom here. Basically cornered like a rat. 狗急跳墙)


The longsword was immediately broken by the Lightning Spirit Holy Sword.

The enormous strength shocked even fourth elder and caused him to fall back.

“I said it before, I’m going to kill you!” The Lightning Spirit Holy Sword in Xie Ao Yu’s hand was lifted up, his eyes giving off a cold glow, began to move like in a dance. It was as if a god of war had been born.

“Trying to kill me isn’t that easy.” Fourth elder Xie Kun crazily laughed. His left hand grabbed and pulled a black thing, “Everyone listen to me. Anyone who dares to take a step forward will definitely die!”

It was deadly poison.

Xie Ao Yu curled his lips and said: “Idiot!”

As he talked to fourth elder Xie Kun, he suddenly tunneled forward, his speed reaching the limit, as if there was a ghost in front of him, the Lightning Spirit Holy Sword slashed down diagonally.

“Flame splitting wood blow!”
(TN: 炎烈木爆破 better name suggestions? Inflammation fierce wooden demolition? Idk)

Fourth elder Xie Kun yelled out. His two strongest qis were the fire and wood attributes. Thus, naturally he used a technique that had the two attributes.

A red and green light shot out of his broken sword.


Xie Ao Yu’s sword continued forward, the sword broke through the light. The matchless Xie Ao Yu then slashed his sword down again, this time his qi had reached its peak.

Originally in fourth elder Xie Kun’s though process, this move should have repelled Xie Ao Yu. He didn’t imagine that Xie Ao Yu wouldn’t have been pushed back even half a step, and even continued with a follow-up.

The chain of attacks made Xie Kun’s face change a bit.

He hurriedly retreated.


Xie Ao Yu took a step forward.

When that foot landed, the qi rushed out from his foot, immediately causing a shock on the earth. A crack spread out from his foot and went outwards, as if it was a snake moving forward.

Xie Kun was greatly surprised and quickly got out of the way.


The Lightning Spirit Holy Sword came down.


A pitiful scream came out. Xie Kun’s right arm had been chopped off by Xie Ao Yu. He had also been sent flying back from the shockwave, rushing into theground.

Xie Ao Yu’s killing intent was fearless, and he brandished the sword again.

He must kill Xie Kun!

“Die!” Xie Kun shook out the black stuff in his hands.

As the black stuff came out, it immediately became a lump of gray mist, creating a large net. It moved to cover Xie Ao Yu, making it impossible to dodge.

“Hurry and get out, that’s black spider poisonous fog!” Xie Lain exclaimed.
(TN: 黑蛛毒雾 Better names? I don’t think it’ll really matter since this seems like one of those one-time names though)

Xie Ao Yu chopped down, qi whirling, wind blowing, but that gray fog was only shaken up, not dispersed. It continued to move to cover him.

“Haha, die, die.” Xie Kun grinned.

“No need!”

Xie Ao Yu returned his Lightning Spirit Holy Sword, his left pinky pointed at the gray fog.

Medical Spirit Finger!

His finger stuck out, golden light appeared for the first time.

The halo became a disc-like thing, and bumped into the black spider poison fog.


As if just scratching the surface, from Xie Ao Yu’s left pinky’s golden halo appeared a watermark(?)-like fluctuation. The gray poisonous fog was instantly dissipated.

Just like this Xie Ao Yu walked forward.


“Impossible!” Xie Kun screamed, he fearfully retreated backwards, “You can’t kill me, you can’t kill me. You don’t know who gave me the poison, who wanted Xie Gan to sleep permanently.

“You don’t even know. When you met with that person, I was there eavesdropping. That person told you before, you wouldn’t meet a second time. I even watched you for a year and no one else contacted you.” Geer sneered.

Xie Kun’s face became ashen.

Xie Ao Yu coldly stared at him, his fist launched that way.

Overlord Dragon Boxing!

His father Xie Gan had almost died to acquire this peerless fighting skill for him.


After one puch, Xie Kun exploded and flesh and bones flew out.

Xie Ao Yu looked towards the unconscious Xie Gan. His eyes had tears in them, “Father, I used the fighting skill you gave to eliminate the person who harmed you.”
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Battle Emperor Chapter 26

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Chapter 26

Xie Lin stepped forward.

He was 1.9 meters tall, and stood out among the Xie family. His body was very sturdy. At first glance, it looked like he was a big bear.

Following fourth elder Xie Kun’s training, with Xie Kun’s drugs as help, although his talent wasn’t originally that great, now among the Xie family’s young people he could be considered a leader.

Upper intermediate level.

“Xie Lin, take this seriously!” Fourth elder Xie Kun said.

“I understand, fourth elder.” Xie Lin said.

The two of them indeed didn’t say much, but everyone knew, this was Xie Kun telling Xie Lin to not hold back. If so, Xie Ao Yu was unfortunate.

Everyone felt sympathetic towards Xie Ao Yu.


The first elder sprang out from the main hall.

“You are all people of my Xie family, in this fight, you are not allowed to seriously harm each other. Don’t go too far!” The first elder said while frowning.

Fourth elder Xie Kun pretended to not hear him.

Xie Lin stepped forward, when he was about three meters from Xie Ao Yu, “Ao Yu, I can only say, I hope this doesn’t happen, but if I accidentally don’t control myself and hurt you, please don’t hold a grudge.”

“And I’ll return these words back to you.” Xie Ao Yu said.


Xie Lin secretly mocked, his hands slowly balled up into fists. A fire attribute qi began to emerge out of his body, flowing out of his entire body in every direction. The temperature around him began to slowly climb up, and at the same time, his constitution began to naturally increase and his muscles began to swell, making others feel a little frightened.

His legs bent slightly, Xie Lin’s violently stepped off of the ground, and exploded forward like a bullet. His two fists also exploded out, fire qi covering them, and there was also a layer of flames.

“Firefist!” Some people cried out.

Firefist was an advanced level technique, an incredibly strong move. Everyone held their breath. If Xie Lin’s true strength could use Firefist, then Xie Ao Yu was most likely in danger.

It was exactly what the first elder tried to stop when he had come out.

Fourth elder Xie Kun had a big smile on his face as he blocked the first elder, preventing him from trying to help. He then smiled and watched Xie Ao Yu, waiting to watch Xie Ao Yu’s tragic death.

Everyone’s eyes were wide open, holding their breaths.

Xie Ao Yu made a move. He didn’t make any big movements, didn’t make any deafening shouts, just calmly stretched out his right hand, and went to grab.


The strong winds dispersed.

It returned to silence.


Shouts came from all around, everyone had just seen Xie Ao Yu use his right hand to grab Xie Lin’s fist, and what made them even more surprised was that he had defeated Xie Lin’s fire qi and caused it to retreat.


“He has qi!”

“He’s cultivated qi!”

Suddenly a loud sound resounded throughout the entire Xie family area.

Patriarch Xie Lian  had excitedly hit a table too hard and broke it. His two eyes began to form warm tears, emotionally he watched Xie Ao Yu. Finally he turned his eyes to look at the unconscious Xie Gan, and in his heart shout: “Second brother, did you see it, your son used qi. He use qi!”


Xie Lin let out a roar, and brought out his full qi.


Xie Ao Yu coldly yelled. Qi surged out, like an avalanche, sundering Xie Lin’s qi, stripping him of all his strength.

Then he gently tossed.

When such a large strength had manifested, Xie Lin’s full two hundred so kilograms of mass, was tossed away by Xie Ao Yu for a hundred or so meters, slamming into a wall, and instantly fainted on the spot.

Xie Ao Yu dusted off his hands, “Fourth elder, do you still have any words to say?”

“You, you…” Fourth elder Xie Kun was completely dumbfounded.

It was entirely quiet.

Not only were they amazed that Xie Ao Yu had used qi, what surprised them more was that Xie Ao Yu could actually easily defeat the upper intermediate level Xie Lin.

“Even if you can beat Xie Lin, does that prove that you killed Te Luo Si?” Xie Zhe squawked.

Everyone listened and secretly went to look at him.

Xie Zhe still thought that others still supported him, still gloated.


People began to whisper. The Lightning Spirit Holy Sword slashed through the air with cold electricity, making people to flinch, and when they looked again, the Lightning Spirit Holy Sword had already been stuck into the ground.

“Lightning Spirit Hoy Sword! This is the Lightning Spirit Holy Sword!” First elder shouted out.

“That’s right, this is indeed the Lightning Spirit Holy Sword. “Patriarch Xie Lian said.

The other elders also nodded their heads.

Xie Lian looked at fourth elder Xie Kun and angrily shouted: “Fourth elder, what else do you have to say. The fact are here, Xie Zhe and Xie Gang worked with the Ao Te Si clan remnants to kill our Xie family people. He should be killed ten thousand times!”

“Ought to die!” First elder angrily shouted.

Xie Zhe was dumbfounded. He didn’t understand how suddenly he was supposed to die again. He pleadingly looked towards Xie Kun, “Father, save me.”


Fourth elder Xie Kun slapped him across the face, hitting Xie Zhe three times, shouted out: “Kneel down!”

Xie Zhe who had been frightened quickly knelt down.

“Patriarch, first elder, Zhe was only confused for a time. Please spare him just this once. From now on, I will fully devote myself to developing drugs in order to help our Xie family grow.” Fourth elder Xie Kun finally softened.

“You think that’s possible?!” First elder said extremely coldly.

Xie Liang was his son.

The other elders and seniors who had lost their children also shouted out.

“I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die.” Xie Zhe cried with tears down his eyes.

Xie Ao Yu coldly said: “To kill people you must repay with your own life.”

“Xie Ao Yu, I know I shouldn’t have treated you like that in the past…” Xie Zhe pleaded.

“You must die!” Xie Ao Yu’s voice was extremely cold. A person who could work with the enemies of the Xie family, if this kind of person didn’t die, than if there was trouble later, he had to die, even if only to deter others.

“If he dies, I’m afraid that I won’t be able to produce drugs anymore.” Fourth elder Xie Kun faintly said.

With these words of his suddenly made all of the rowdy crowd suddenly calm down.

Everyone understood, alchemists were extremely important to a clan. They were an irreplaceable existence. If there was no alchemist, then the Xie family’s growth was bound to slow down significantly, and begin to decline.

Just taking Xie Lin for example, Xie Lin’s talent was average, but because of fourth elder Xie Kun, his cultivation speed hadn’t been slow. Within the young people of the Xie family he was considered a leader.

“You!” First elder pointed at Xie Kun, so angry that he couldn’t speak.

Fourth elder Xie Kun glanced at Xie Ao Yu, and shot out a glare of ridicule, as if saying, no one can kill me. Even if you want, the Xie family will not agree.

Xie Ao Yu coldly said: “Xie Zhe must die!”

“Ao Yu…” First elder said.

Xie Ao Yu acted as if he hadn’t heard and continued to say: “Xie Kun must also die!”

When his words came out, suddenly made the quiet crowd each look at Xie Ao Yu, unable to understand why he was like this.

“Ao Yu, Xie Zhe’s actions, I think that fourth elder didn’t know about them.” Xie Lian opened his mouth to say.

“At the start he didn’t know, but when I set his house on fire, he already knew.” Xie Ao Yu coldly said.

“What? You burned the house!”

Already everyone couldn’t fully get their mind around it.

Xie Ao Yu continued to say: “That day, he also admitted that he was the one who poisoned my father, putting my father in a coma for that past three years, like a living dead person, which is why he should die!”

“Ao Yu, do you have proof?” Xie Lian felt like the situation was getting out of hand.

“I’m a witness!”

Geer stepped forward, proudly speaking.

“He’s the one who wanted to kill me in the past, but was exiled. He’s framing.” Xie Zhe shrieked. He understood now that as long as Xie Kun was alive, he could live too.

“That’s right, in the past I tried to kill you, because I personally saw Xie Kun traitor work with an outsider, receiving from someone else that poison. I wanted to kill him, but I couldn’t kill him, so I wanted to kill you in order to make Xie Kun suffer for that reason.” Geer ground his teeth as he spoke.

At this time, everyone was exploding with questions and shock because of Xie Ao Yu.

Fourth elder Xie Kun seeing the situation, he became like a wooden board, coldly said: “That’s right. It was my work. That said, who let him stop me from my chance of getting a divergent flame. He deserved to die!” He gloomily said, “I’ll tell you clearly, for his poison, even if you have the Water of the Holy Spirit, wake him up, he’ll still be a useless person, useless person!”

Xie Ao Yu’s face twisted in murderous rage. Word by word he said: “I…will… kill… you!”

Battle Emperor Chapter 25

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Chapter 25


Extremely quiet!

Who didn’t know that Xie Ao Yu couldn’t cultivate any qi.  Even if she had exercised like crazy these past few years, but without qi, how could he have killed Xie Gang who did have qi?

Then came doubt.

Because they could hardly believe that Xie Gang had been killed by Xie Ao Yu.

“Lies!” Xie Kun sneered.

Even patriarch Xie Lian and the first elder and the others also expressed doubts. They all stared at Xie Ao Yu curiously, they didn’t think it made sense.

“Not only did I kill Xie Gang, I also killed Te Luo Si.” Xie Ao Yu didn’t have proof,  but just continued talking.

“Te Luo Si? Ao Te Si clan’s family elder’s son? He also didn’t die?” The first elder had taken part in the extermination of the Ao Te Si clan back in that time as one of the leads. He knew of every person in the Ao Te Si clan to some extent.

Xie Ao Yu said: “I also killed Man Te, Ke Lu, and a total of nine Ao Te Si clan remnants. Right now, there are only two left. One is this Lina, the other is her brother Kui Luo. But this Kui Luo has already been taken in as a disciple by a master named Di Ao. He’s no longer in Langya City.”

His words caused another commotion.

The first elder and patriarch Xie Lian looked at one another, “When I went out to travel, I heard of the name Di Ao. It seems like he’s a Rainbow level master.

“First elder is very knowledgeable. You words are absolutely correct.” Xie Ao Yu pulled out the proof about Kui Luo and pulled out the letter, giving it to the first elder, “There are records here.”

The first elder read it carefully, “Indeed it was that Di Ao.”

“With this I believe even less.” Fourth elder Xie Kun laughed out coldly.

Xie Ao Yu looked at him indifferently and didn’t say anything.

Everyone else was listening carefully.

Fourth elder coldly said: “If indeed Xie Liang and the others were killed by Te Luo Si,Man Te, and the other Ao Te Si clan remnants, then their strength couldn’t be weak, because Xie Liang and the others among the weakest was still at least lower Intermediate level. For them to kill Xie Liang and the others, their strength must not have been weak.”

“Te Luo Si and Man Te were both lower Advanced level. Ke Lu was upper Advanced level. Everyone else was intermediate level.” Xie Ao Yu spoke honestly about Te Luo Si and the others’ strength.


Fourth elder Xie Kun burst out laughing.

Laughing so hard, looking at Xie Ao Yu with a big sneer and contempt, Xie Kun even took a quick glance at the unconscious Xie Gan, “Since they are such experts, how did you kill them then? Don’t tell me you ambushed them. A person like you without any qi, if you said that you sneak attacked Xie Gang, I could recognize, but against an Advanced level opponent, even if you did ambush them, there’s still not a chance of victory, much less of killing them.”

The surrounding peopled nodded their heads one after another.

They indeed thought that this didn’t make sense.

“Ao Yu, did you find someone else to help?”  Xie Lian didn’t have a son. He and Xie Gan were from the same father but different mothers, so in his heart, he considered Xie Ao Yu as his son.

Xie Ao Yu understood Xie Lian’s meaning, he smiled and said: “Uncle, I didn’t have help. I only counted on myself!”

“What a joke!” Fourth elder Xie Kun mocked, “A person without any way to cultivate qi killing an advanced level practitioner, and not killing just one. I’m afraid that this is the greatest joke that Qi Ao continent’s has ever seen.

The first elder looked at him, and couldn’t help but say: “He could have used poison.”

“I didn’t use poison.” Xie Ao Yu said.

“Hear that, he didn’t use poison. He only used his own ‘power’.” Fourth elder Xie Kun placed an emphasis on the word power.

Without giving anyone else a chance to speak, fourth elder Xie Kun look large strides towards the entrance of the main hall, coming to where Xie Zhe and Lina were. He reached out to grab the rags inside their mouths.

Geer moved his body to block Xie Kun’s path.

“Geer move aside.” Xie Ao Yu lightly said.

Geer moved aside.

Fourth elder Xie Kun reached out and pulled out the rags, “Zhe, how did this happen to you. Do you really know this Lina?”

“Father, save me.” Xie Zhe cried out.

Xie Kun violently winked, said: “I asked you, do you recognize Lina?”

Xie Zhe was startled for a moment before recovering, and began to loudly say: “I don’t know her. I don’t even know her. This is all Xie Ao Yu’s conspiracy. He’s only doing this because I always bullied him.”

“Xie Ao Yu, what else do you have to say!” Fourth elder Xie Kun angrily said.

Xie Ao Yu indifferently smiled, “Lina, what do you say?”

Lina knew that she was already doomed, everyone was already thinking that Xie Ao Yu was lying, all because of one thing, which was that Xie Ao Yu didn’t have qi.

Once Xie Ao Yu revealed his qi, then everyone would no longer have any doubts.

She understood, even if she lied it would be no use.

Lina didn’t open her mouth. She closed her eyes and waited for death.

“She obviously doesn’t recognize me. Xie Ao Yu, this is all you framing me.”  Xie Zhe ecstatically yelled out. He thought he was dead for sure. He never thought that he might still live.

Fourth elder Xie Kun coldly said: “Right now I suspect that Lina and Xie Ao Yu were working together!”

Everyone’s eyes turned towards Xie Ao Yu.

“Then how can I prove that I’m telling the truth?” Xie Ao Yu asked.

“That’s very simple. If you can beat Xie Lin, then I’ll believe that you killed Te Luo Si, Ke Lu, and the others.” Fourth elder Xie Kun used one hand to point at a twenty-so year old young man.

And his elder nodded his head.

Patriarch Xie Lian had a frown on his face. He knew, this Xie Lin’s father had long since died from illness. These were all watched over by Xie Kun. It could be said that this Xie Kun, if he had been the cause, then perhaps Xie Ao Yu…

“Alright.” Xie Ao Yu walked out of the main hall.

The surrounding people immediately made room for an open space.

“Ao Yu.” Patriarch Xie Lian said.

“Family elder, you wouldn’t want to cover for him right?” Fourth elder Xie Kun coldly laughed.

Family elder Xie Lian coldly replied: “What is that supposed to mean!” He was the patriarch, this energy suddenly exploded out, which also made even the advanced level fourth elder Xie Kun feel like he was suffocating for a moment.

“I was only speaking the truth.” Fourth elder Xie Kun knew that right now he absolutely couldn’t appear weak. He loudly said, “Who doesn’t know that the patriarch and Xie Gan are direct brothers. If the patriarch wants to stop this, I won’t be satisfied!”

“Unsatisfied!” Xie Zhe also screamed. As always, he didn’t see the situation at hand clearly, and he also knew that Xie Ao Yu could use qi.

But he couldn’t be blamed.

Xie Zhe was originally garbage, he only knew how to drink, gamble, and play with girls. And since he gone from certain death to survive, and could even turn the blame to Xie Ao Yu. He wasn’t even thinking about anything else.

“Patriarch, this is it I’m afraid.” The first elder said.

Xie Lian looked anxious as he faced Xie Ao Yu.

Xie Ao Yu lightly said: “Xie Lin, prepare to fight.”

Battle Emperor Chapter 24

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Chapter 24

Xie Ao Yu had the earth, thunder, and wood attributes. Concerning the earth attribute, he possessed a very strong fighting skill…Overlord Dragon Boxing. It alone would require him studying eight to ten years. The Xie family also had plenty of thunder and wood attribute fighting skills, but ones that could make him actually practice them, there wasn’t even one.

But this Scarlet Lightning Exploding Chop produced a strong interest within him.

It was as if it had been prepared especially for the Lightning Spirit Holy Sword.

In the end after Xie Ao Yu had seen this, he read it for about an hour. With his talent, he had fully understood the Lightning Exploding Chop. He could probably even use it immediately right now.

He kept looking through the other scrolls until Lina awoke from her unconsciousness with a groan. The sound made him alert. He hastily placed the Scarlet Lightning Exploding Chop alone inside his space ring.

After knocking Lina unconscious again, he placed her and Xie Zhe into some sacks, and told Xiao Bai to get Geer to take them to the foot of the mountain. After getting those two to the mountain, hide them there, and then have Geer wait for Xiao Bai to bring news, and then bring those two to the Xie family.

After that Xie Ao Yu went home.

“Ao Yu, did something happen?” Xie Lian asked worriedly. Because multiple children of the Xie family had been killed, but there had been no clues, he was currently worried.

Xie Ao Yu said: “Uncle, are you worried because Xie Liang and the others died?”

It was rare to see Xie Ao Yu with such a serious expression. Xie Lian couldn’t but honestly reply: “Yes.”

“I know who the culprit is.” Xie Ao Yu said.

“What? You know? Who is it?” Xie Lian urgently asked.

Xie Ao Yu lightly said: “Not only do I know who killed Xie Liang and the others, I also know who poisoned by father, causing him to be in a coma for the past three years.

Xie Lian opened his eyes up wide.

He suddenly discovered that Xie Ao Yu was no longer the Xie Ao Yu from before because he was still calm. Even after knowing who the culprit was, he still had a calm expression on his face.

Xie Ao Yu also felt a little strange.

He was about to get revenge, but he wasn’t happy at all, instead he felt very calm. Even he didn’t think that his calmness was the suitable for right now.

But after carefully thinking, he understood.

It was because Xie Kun was not only the Xie family’s elder, he was also connected to the matter with Xie Gan. He was Xie Ao Yu’s father’s brother. Fundamentally speaking, among the Xie family, their blood relationship had been very close.

They were family.

Thus there was no excitement or anger; instead, there was a feeling of frustration.

“Who’s the culprit, I can’t say right now. I think uncle should bring over the entire Xie family then I’ll say.” Xie Ao Yu said.

“Ao Yu, you say you know who the culprit is. Do you have proof?” Xie Lian said seriously.

Xie Ao Yu nodded his head strongly.

“Alright, I’ll gather a meeting.” Xie Lian stared at Xie Ao Yu for a while, chose to believe, and sent out a patriarch’s summon.

“Uncle, at what time can everyone gather?” Xie Ao Yu asked.

“It’ll probably need an hour.” Xie Lian replied.

Xie Ao Yu turned around and began to walk, “I’ll be back in an hour.”

He returned to the sixth elder’s home.

Arriving in front of Xie Gan’s bed, Xie Ao Yu kneeled in front of the bed, and gently said: “Father, since Xie Ao Yu has started to cultivate qi, it seems as if I haven’t talked with you in forever. Let’s talk for a while.”

While talking, Xie Ao Yu’s eyes began to form tears.

Past scenes flashed in surfaced before his eyes.

When he was younger, a scene of where his father was playing with him.

At the age of seven when he still couldn’t cultivate qi, father’s anxiety.

For him, he had traveled the continent, pleading with countless masters. Those sort of heartfelt actions until now had still made him feel sour inside.

Three years ago, the random coma. That had caused him to still not wake up and caused much suffering. These scenes went by one by one before Xie Ao Yu. His tears didn’t come down.

Because his father had said before, men do not cry easily.

Because he still had things to do, he wanted to win the Continent Youth Competition championship. He wanted to win the Water of the Holy Spirit in order to revive his father.

“It’s already time.” Xie Ao Yu stood up, placed Xie Gan on his back. At this time, he seemed to have grown up and become a man with an indomitable spirit, “Father, Ao Yu will now get revenge for you!”

Xiao Bai at this time left the Xie house and went to the foot of the mountain.

Under the curious looks of others, Xie Ao Yu left the house.

After going through a gate, in front of him was the main hall.

The inside of the main hall was overcrowded, all of the elders and Xie Ao Yu’s seniors, juniors, and Xie Ao Yu’s peers had all come.

They were all waiting for Xie Ao Yu.

When everyone saw Xie Ao Yu carrying Xie Gan, they were all started.

Some people came to greet, but Xie Ao Yu shook his head. He carried Xie Gan and went straight through the crowds, walked into the main hall, and in one glance spotted fourth elder Xie Kun sitting near the front.

“Uncle, where is my father’s seat?” Xie Ao Yu said.

Since Xie Gan had been in a coma for three years, he long since no longer had a seat, but since Xie Gan had contributed so much to the Xie family, the person who was sitting in the clan’s first elder seat stood up, “Right here.”

“Thank you, first elder.” Xie Ao Yu placed Xie Gan down.

The entire Xie family, gathered here were more than two hundred people, at this time were completely silent.

The atmosphere was very heavy.

“Xie Ao Yu, what are you doing?” Fourth elder Xie Kun saw Xie Gan and felt a little awkward. Xie Lian had sent the command without stating the reason, but seeing Xie Gan appear made him incredibly awkward.

Xie Lian opened his mouth and said: “Ao Yu will reveal who was the person that killed Xie Lian and the others.”

The originally silent people began to immediately create a ruckus.

Many people were whispering.

Xie Liang and the others’ deaths had caused the Xie family no small amount of disturbance. Up until now, the Xie family was still searching for the culprit, and some of the Xie family’s children didn’t even dare to go outside.

Xie Kun knew that Xie Zhe worked with Te Luo Si and the other Ao Te Si clan remnants. When he hear it, his heart began to beat uncontrollably.

At this time, he realized that Xie Zhe hadn’t come.

A sense of ill foreboding climbed up through his mind.

He looked at Xie Gan again, had his unease increased. If it was only Xie Liang and the others’ deaths, then Xie Gan shouldn’t have appeared here. Could it be that…

“Ao Yu, please say it. Who’s the killer?” The first elder said, he was Xie Liang’s father.

“Please wait a moment.” Xie Ao Yu said.

Time went by minute by minute.

Right when people were beginning to feel impatient, a “Yiya” sound came.

“Xie Zhe!” Some people shouted.

Everyone turned backwards to see.

They saw Xie Zhe with his hands tied behind his back, his mouth was stuffed with a rag. Next to him was a woman undergoing the same treatment. Behind them was Geer.

“How dare you, Xie Ao Yu. What is this!” Fourth elder Xie Kun angrily yelled.

The first elder stood up, his eyes were watching Lina, “This woman seems like the Ao Te Si clan’s patriarch’s daughter Lina.”

“First elder’s eyes are very clear. You could tell in a single glance.” Xie Ao Yu said.

“That person is really a remnant of the Ao Te Si clan?” The third elder exclaimed.

This shout made everyone’s eyes focus on Lina.

Xie Ao Yu looked towards Xie Kun and faintly said “ Fourth elder wants to know why, why would Xie Zhe and Ao Te Si clan’s remnant be together?”

“If you say they were together then that means they were together?” Xie Kun coldly said.

“It’s not I who said it, it was Xie Zhe who did.” Xie Ao Yu pulled out a letter and a note, giving it to patriarch Xie Lian one part, and the rest he gave to the first elder, “Uncle and elders, please look.”

Those letters not only included Xie Zhe and Xie Gang’s actions, it also had Lina’s conspiracy against the Xie family. All the elders looked like they had been fried.

Xie Kun tossed away the piece of paper in his hand, angrily saying: “This doesn’t make sense. If Xie Zhe and Xie Gang were working with them, why was Xie Gang killed by them? Weren’t they going to use Xie Zhe and Xie Gang? Isn’t that a paradox!”

“That’s right. Why would this happen.” The first elder frowned, “Did they have a falling out.

Xie Ao Yu lightly said: “They didn’t have a falling out.

“Then why was Xie Gang killed.” Xie Kun asked.

“That’s because Xie Gang was…” Xie Ao Yu slowly raised his head, his two eyes formed a cold expression, “I killed him!”

Battle Emperor Chapter 23

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Just a thought.

Chapter 23

The shocking situation made Xie Zhe understand that he was finished.

He knew that even if pleaded with Xie Ao Yu, it still wouldn’t happen, because he himself had normally treated Xie Ao Yu poorly, and even committed the sin of working with Te Luo Si and the others to murder Xie family brothers. Xie Ao Yu would never let him go.

“Xie Ao Yu, don’t get too happy so soon. If you kill me, you won’t be able to live.” Xie Zhe loudly said.

Xie Ao Yu touchily smiled, “Did you think that your father Xie Kun would get revenge for you? Ah ah, Xie Zhe, ah Xie Zhe. Yelling at me to point out this, you must be very stupid. I’ve already dared to make a move, then of course I have a way of taking care of Xie Kun. Even if he doesn’t come to find me, I will personally go there to kill him!”

“Just by yourself? Haha, my dad is an alchemist!” Xie Zhe didn’t believe.

Destroying Xie Zhe was Xie Ao Yu’s greatest pleasure.

Seeing Xie Zhe’s face full of confidence, Xie Ao Yu smilingly said: “Who do you say is stronger? Master Ziyan or Xie Kun?”

“Of course it’s master Ziyan.” Xie Zhe looked distracted but still replied.

“That’s right. These days, I’ve been going to master Ziyan’s to cultivate, and master Ziyan told me, with my strength, I already don’t need to worry about Xie Kun’s poison.” Xie Ao Yu stuck out his left pinky and shook it a bit.

This time Xie Zhe really didn’t have a path of retreat.

His two eyes were staring blankly as he sat down on his butt.

Xie Ao Yu laughed out loud, in Xie Zhe’s moment of desperation, Xiao Bai suddenly let out a sharp cry. The sound was like a needle piercing the eardrum.


After being with Xaio Bai for so long, Xie Ao Yu could long since understand Xiao Bai’s words, because Xiao Bai was a variation of spirit beast pet, he not only learned human expression, but also was learning how to speak. Although he was unable to pronounce things, but some things were similar. He knew this meant “be careful.”

A surge of danger came from the right.

Xie Ao Yu didn’t even think and lifted up his hand towards the right and sent out a Dragon Overlord Punch.


Amidst the loud noise, a figure flew out.

Clothes ripped, her breasts hanging out, the person was surpringly Chun Lan.

Seeing this, Xie Zhe tried to get up to run.


Xiao Bai’s little claws while dancing, streams of lightning poured out, heavily striking Xie Zhe’s body. Although the electricity strength wasn’t strong, it was enough to paralyze a person.

Xie Zhe miserably screamed and fell to the ground again.

Xie Ao Yu kicked Xie Zhe in the stomach, sending him into a wall, making him faint on the spot. Xie Ao Yu picked up the Lightning Spirit Holy Sword and stood in front of Chun Lan.

“Speak, who are you!” Xie Ao Yu coldly said.

He almost got his boat flipped. He hadn’t thought that this Chun Lan was actually a practitioner, and she wasn’t that weak either. Her strength was around upper intermediate level.

But this woman came from a brothel, and was the one Xie Gang was enamored with. Now she was also with Xie Zhe. This series of events immediately came to mind, immediately making Xie Ao Yu feel like this Chun Lan wasn’t so simple.

Seeing certain death, Chun Lan wiped the blood off her mouth, leaned against the wall, “You’re holding my family’s Lightning Spirit Holy Sword. Who do you think I am?”

“You’re also an Ao Te Si family member!” Xie Ao Yu facial expression altered slightly.

Chun Lan said: “That’s right. My name is Lina.”
(TN: Suggestions on name? 琳娜)

“Lina? Lina?” Xie Ao Yu carefully recalled, “You’re the daughter of the Ao Te Si clan’s head Lina. Originally you were planned to marry into our Xie family. I didn’t imagine that you were hidden so well. Unfortunately, you shouldn’t have acted against me, otherwise you wouldn’t have been exposed.”

“How would that be. I saw you acting against Xie Zhe. Would you leave me behind?” Lina coldly laughed.

Her words were correct.

Xie Ao Yu will definitely kill the witnesses.

Anyway they’ll die. In that logic, you might as well try your luck. That way you might still keep your life. That’s why Lina acted. It was inevitable.

“I really didn’t think that your Ao Te Si clan had so many members who managed to escape, ah.” Xie Ao Yu flipped his hand and stuck the Lightning Spirit Holy Sword into the ground. The holy sword rocked back and forth, emitting a cold light.

Seeing her own family’s treasured sword in the enemy’s hands, Lina’s eyes became fierce, “Xie Ao Yu, don’t get too excited. If I tell you the truth, if you did kill Te Luo Si and the others, you still haven’t extinguished our Ao Te Si clan’s people yet. From morning to evening, my brother Kui Luo will come sooner or later to avenge me.”

Xie Ao Yu’s lips curled, feeling very disdainful.

Right now he wasn’t the same person that he was before.

“It would be best if all of your Ao Te Si clan’s remnants came together. That way they would still have a chance.” Xie Ao Yu proudly said.

“Xie Ao Yu, don’t play this game with me. Don’t you just want to know how Ao Te Si clan members escaped? If you want to know, I can tell you.” Lina taunted, “Ao Te Si clan only had us 11 brothers and sisters escape. Just me and Kui Luo have been acting behind the scenes. In order to prevent you from discovering, in order to contact Te Luo Si we used secret letters.”

Lina was so honest, making Xie Ao Yu not dare to believe.

The Ao Te Si clan people who had escape were always planning nothing less than extinguishing the Xie family for revenge. Why would they tell me?

“Do you think I’ll believe you?” Xie Ao Yu said.

“Believe or don’t, that’s your problem. Anyway, Kui Luo has already found a practioner to teach him. After a few years, he’ll return a lot stronger and will wipe your Xie Family out, getting our revenge!” Lina laughed out loudly.

So they had found a famous teacher. Xie Ao Yu couldn’t remember Kui Luo’s name. He coldly said: “I’ll ask you right now, why did you have contact with Xie Gang, Xie Zhe. What’s the purpose?”

“Because I wanted to control Xie Kun. He’s your Xie family’s one alchemist. If I control him, obtain the poison’s in his possession, then I could have poisoned all of you Xie family!” Lina gnashed her teeth.

Sinisterly using poison.

Xie Ao Yu didn’t ask any further. He beat her into unconsciousness. He began to search the house.
(TN: Couldn’t tell if it was permanent unconsciousness or not. Wait till next chapter I guess. Or if she’s never mentioned again as alive, assume dead.)

In the end, inside Lina’s closet he found a space ring, and pulled out all of the things inside. Xie Ao Yu immediately felt his expression become slack-jawed.

Inside was some gold coins, some letters, and there were even some fighting scrolls.

He opened the letters to look at them.

It was indeed a correspondence with Te Luo Si about a plan to control Xie Kun, but not all of the plans were complete. In the middle was a letter which concerned Kui Luo.

The contents were about how Kui Luo became a student of a famous Rainbow level master Di Ao.

“Rainbow level ah, that’s even higher than father’s level. No wonder Lina was so self-confident.” Xie Ao Yu looked through the rest of the letters and discovered a list.

The list’s names were that many, but there were a few that Xie Ao Yu knew the Xie family was responsible for.

Now Xie Ao Yu knew why Lina had been so honest. All of her matters had been recorded here. Even if she didn’t talk, you could see through these letters everything you wanted to know.

Among the letters, Xie Zhe and Xie Gang were also mentioned, including how to work with them, there even two people that gave them some information about the Xie family’s children and when they went out alone.

This was evidence!

Then he began to flip through the fighting skills.


Xie Ao Yu slammed the table, scaring Xiao Bai. He angrily said: “Aren’t these my Xie family’s fighting skills. These ought to be dead Xie Zhe and Xie Gang. You two idiots.”

He continued to look through the fighting skill scrolls.

Some parts were copied, but some were originals. In fact, at least half of them were Xie family fighting techniques. Many of them were high level techniques.

Flipping back and forth, Xie Ao Yu discovered, there were also other fighting skills.

According to the words within the scrolls, there were actually some that came from mercenaries who had passed by here and left the scrolls behind. Thinking about it, Lina probably had done something to get them.

Xie Ao Yu looked at one fighting skill after another.

Finally he found a fighting skill he was attracted to.

This fighting skills was called…Scarlet Lightning Exploding Chop!
(TN: Mercy. Make the naming stop . 赤电雷爆斩)

And also, this was the original manuscript, not a copy. This fighting skill, from Xie Ao Yu’s perspective, the level wasn’t low, and if it was the original manuscript, then it could only be assumed that the original owner had already been done in by Lina.