Battle Emperor Chapter 27

On a scale of 1-10 of villainry, I’m thinking that Xie Kun get’s about a 3. He’s one of those big fish in a tiny pond, and he’s not even that big. He’s actually pretty weak on the total scale too. He even revealed his plots so easily. What a noob. Gotta deny till you die. Smh.

Chapter 27

“Kill me? Haha…” Fourth elder Xie Kun then burst out laughing, he completely ignored everyone else’s angry eyes, his face was full of contempt. He pointed his finger at Xie Ao Yu, “Who will help you? Don’t think that just being able to beat Xie Lin gives you the right to be wild. He’s only at an intermediate level. Even if your strength is not bad, you’re still not my opponent. Don’t forget, I’m an alchemist. Without even mentioning you, even if there was someone I wanted to kill in the Xie family, it’s all easily done!”

Xie Ao Yu at that time looked as if he was looking at a dead man, watching him, he calmly said: “You’re an alchemist, everyone knows. I’m no exception. Then if I dared to say now that I will kill you, did you think I wouldn’t have prepared beforehand? Idiot!”

The wide smile on fourth elder Xie Kun’s face froze.

He was Xie family’s only alchemist. This long-term pride made his self-importance grow too big. Now with what Xie Ao Yu said, he was suddenly awoken.

“So what, you think the patriarch and them will agree?” Fourth elder Xie Kun curled his lips.

“Why wouldn’t they agree?” Xie Ao Yu’s eyes flashed a strange light.

Before fourth elder Xie Kun had a chance to speak, Xie Zhe screamed out: “Because my dad’s the only alchemist!”
(TN: This guy’s denser than a pond of mercury.)

“Xie Ao Yu, you have to listen carefully. The only one!” Fourth elder chuckled, “Maybe everyone thinks that your dad was the one who brought the Xie family to the top of Langaya city, but I think that the patriarch and the other elders understand, if I hadn’t been an alchemist, creating countless pills, then the Xie family would never have expanded. I, Xie Kun, am the Xie family’s biggest hero. Without me, the Xie family would have been extinguished long ago!”

His words caused some denouncing.

But seeing Xie Lian, first elder, and the other elders gloomy faces, everyone went silent. No one had thought it was like this.

Only Xie Ao Yu’s had a small smile on his face.

“I am the cornerstone of the Xie family!” Fourth elder Xie Kun patted his chest and proudly said, “See this generation of people, there are a few talented ones. If there wasn’t me, this generation would be the decline of the Xie family, and in the end be defeated, or even eliminated. Thus, I cannot die, and I must be happy, or else the Xie family will perish!”

“Xie Kun, you’re too excessive!” Third elder yelled out angrily.

Fourth elder Xie Kun didn’t even pay attention to him. Among the Xie family, there were only four people that mattered, patriarch Xie Lian, first elder, fourth elder, fourth elder Xie Kun and sixth elder Xie Gan who was in a coma. Thus there were only the patriarch and the first elder.

“Patriarch, first elder, how do you feel? Will the Xie family chooseXie Liang and the others, and also Xie Gan’s coma, or will they choose Xie family’s future?” Fourth elder Xie Kun grinned and said.

Xie Ao Yu didn’t say anything, just coldly watched on.

Everyone’s eyes rested on patriarch Xie Lian and the first elder.

They were final decision makers.

Patriarch Xie Lian and first elder’s four eyes looked at each other, both of their face had bitter expressions. They couldn’t wait to tear Xie Kun and his son to pieces, but…

“You can’t die.” Patriarch ground his teeth as he said. Finishing speaking, he felt as if strength had left his entire body.


In the area’s two hundred plus people, only fourth elder Xie Kun was laughing.

“Xie Ao Yu, what now?” Fourth elder Xie Kun was laughing out loud.


Xie Ao Yu lightly said.


Everyone was startled again. Since Xie Ao Yu had appeared, the number of times that everyone had been shocked was causing some to almost go numb.

“Ao Yu.” Patriarch Xie Lian painfully said.

“Uncle, don’t blame yourself.” Xie Ao Yu’s face had a small smile on it, “You and first elder have had your brother and son harmed, by these events of death, you still placed emphasis on the house. I really admire it. At the same time, I understand why my father didn’t become the patriarch or the first elder. It’s because you have to really care for the clan.

Xie Lian and first elder looked towards the sky and sighed.

They listened to Xie Ao Yu as he continued to say: “But have you once thought, this father and son duo are able to incur all this wrath, even if they stay, will the father really work for the Xie family’s good?”

“But…” First elder said.

Xie Ao Yu interrupted him to say, “Thus Xie Kun needs to die.”

“If I die, who will replace me?” Fourth elder proudly said.


Geer broke in.

“Che, you?” Fourth elder Xie Kun looked at him contemptuously.

Xie Ao Yu nodded his head.

Geer reached out his hand, “Pa” and a flame came out.

“Uncommon fire!”
(TN: 奇火 got something better?)

Shouts immediately rang out through the entire Xie family.

Xie Lian and first elder had their eyes popping open, disbelievingly looking at Geer. They didn’t imagine that the young man who had come as a witness actually had a divergent flame.

“This is the Earth Pulmonary Heart Flame, the one that the Ao Te Si clan found. Recently, Butterfuly Queen You Lan Ruo told us about this, Geer then obtained it.” Xie Ao Yu said.

“Impossible, impossible!” Fourth elder’s face twisted up, crazily began to shout, “I don’t believe it. This has to be a fake, a fake!”

The surrounding people began to laugh.

Coming from an extremely high place and then quickly crashing down, that was how fourth elder Xie Kun was right now. Many people had a different expression now when they looked towards Xie Ao Yu.

All of this was planned by him.

Purposely letting fourth elder Xie Kun reach for the high position, then let him crash back down. Pretty cruel!

“I don’t believe it!” Fourth elder crazily yelled out, suddenly he flipped his hand. A long sword appeared in his hands, and he fiercely stabbed towards Geer’s heart, “You can go and die!”

Once Geer died, he would return to his advantage.

“Get out!” Xie Ao Yu coldly snorted. He had long since been wary of Xie Kun, in order to prevent him from acting like a dog leaping over a wall in desperation, the Lightning Spirit Holy Sword hacked through the air downwards.
(TN:Chinese idiom here. Basically cornered like a rat. 狗急跳墙)


The longsword was immediately broken by the Lightning Spirit Holy Sword.

The enormous strength shocked even fourth elder and caused him to fall back.

“I said it before, I’m going to kill you!” The Lightning Spirit Holy Sword in Xie Ao Yu’s hand was lifted up, his eyes giving off a cold glow, began to move like in a dance. It was as if a god of war had been born.

“Trying to kill me isn’t that easy.” Fourth elder Xie Kun crazily laughed. His left hand grabbed and pulled a black thing, “Everyone listen to me. Anyone who dares to take a step forward will definitely die!”

It was deadly poison.

Xie Ao Yu curled his lips and said: “Idiot!”

As he talked to fourth elder Xie Kun, he suddenly tunneled forward, his speed reaching the limit, as if there was a ghost in front of him, the Lightning Spirit Holy Sword slashed down diagonally.

“Flame splitting wood blow!”
(TN: 炎烈木爆破 better name suggestions? Inflammation fierce wooden demolition? Idk)

Fourth elder Xie Kun yelled out. His two strongest qis were the fire and wood attributes. Thus, naturally he used a technique that had the two attributes.

A red and green light shot out of his broken sword.


Xie Ao Yu’s sword continued forward, the sword broke through the light. The matchless Xie Ao Yu then slashed his sword down again, this time his qi had reached its peak.

Originally in fourth elder Xie Kun’s though process, this move should have repelled Xie Ao Yu. He didn’t imagine that Xie Ao Yu wouldn’t have been pushed back even half a step, and even continued with a follow-up.

The chain of attacks made Xie Kun’s face change a bit.

He hurriedly retreated.


Xie Ao Yu took a step forward.

When that foot landed, the qi rushed out from his foot, immediately causing a shock on the earth. A crack spread out from his foot and went outwards, as if it was a snake moving forward.

Xie Kun was greatly surprised and quickly got out of the way.


The Lightning Spirit Holy Sword came down.


A pitiful scream came out. Xie Kun’s right arm had been chopped off by Xie Ao Yu. He had also been sent flying back from the shockwave, rushing into theground.

Xie Ao Yu’s killing intent was fearless, and he brandished the sword again.

He must kill Xie Kun!

“Die!” Xie Kun shook out the black stuff in his hands.

As the black stuff came out, it immediately became a lump of gray mist, creating a large net. It moved to cover Xie Ao Yu, making it impossible to dodge.

“Hurry and get out, that’s black spider poisonous fog!” Xie Lain exclaimed.
(TN: 黑蛛毒雾 Better names? I don’t think it’ll really matter since this seems like one of those one-time names though)

Xie Ao Yu chopped down, qi whirling, wind blowing, but that gray fog was only shaken up, not dispersed. It continued to move to cover him.

“Haha, die, die.” Xie Kun grinned.

“No need!”

Xie Ao Yu returned his Lightning Spirit Holy Sword, his left pinky pointed at the gray fog.

Medical Spirit Finger!

His finger stuck out, golden light appeared for the first time.

The halo became a disc-like thing, and bumped into the black spider poison fog.


As if just scratching the surface, from Xie Ao Yu’s left pinky’s golden halo appeared a watermark(?)-like fluctuation. The gray poisonous fog was instantly dissipated.

Just like this Xie Ao Yu walked forward.


“Impossible!” Xie Kun screamed, he fearfully retreated backwards, “You can’t kill me, you can’t kill me. You don’t know who gave me the poison, who wanted Xie Gan to sleep permanently.

“You don’t even know. When you met with that person, I was there eavesdropping. That person told you before, you wouldn’t meet a second time. I even watched you for a year and no one else contacted you.” Geer sneered.

Xie Kun’s face became ashen.

Xie Ao Yu coldly stared at him, his fist launched that way.

Overlord Dragon Boxing!

His father Xie Gan had almost died to acquire this peerless fighting skill for him.


After one puch, Xie Kun exploded and flesh and bones flew out.

Xie Ao Yu looked towards the unconscious Xie Gan. His eyes had tears in them, “Father, I used the fighting skill you gave to eliminate the person who harmed you.”
(TN: Yay! He finally got revenge. It was a little graphic at the end. Sorry that it didn’t stay completely kid-friendly (It was definitely kid friendly, remember, they were just wrestling a few chapters back. Not uh… something else.). That felt like it took a long time, but that might just be because I’m translating an arc for the first time instead of just mooching, haha.)


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  1. Thanks for the chapter XD

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  2. Keeeep em commmiing!!! You are doing great. Also, most chinese novels aren’t kid friendly. I’ve read worse than a punch blowing someone up or people wrestling in the sheets 🙂 you can place at the beginning that it isn’t suitable for children to be on the safe and responible side? and such but most people won’t be bothered by it. They would just stop reading if that was the case anyway 😀


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  6. I liked this turnout. It was faster and more open then I expected. I hope somethimg similar happens to a certain butterfly

    If there is one thing I don’t like it is that medical finger. It seems extremely… Poorly done imo.
    The whole finger medical thing isn’t really something I have a problem with, but it seems extremely contrived in this story.


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