Battle Emperor Chapter 41

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Chapter 41

After he had taken the map, Valencia had pulled out the map of the Heng Mountain Range that he was carrying. This map was drawn by the Imperial Crown Mercenary Group earlier. The level of detail on it was incredible, and it also had been drawn by an artist. The entire thing was very vivid.

(TN: Err, I’m not sure if it was a typo, but  the author did not include a “Duan” character there. I swear I didn’t just a word.)

But there were dissimilarities.

After all, the Heng Mountain Range saw large battles in it every day. There were people fighting people, people fighting spirit beasts, and spirit beasts fighting spirit beasts. Thus, the damage done was extreme, but overall, the map was about 90% accurate regarding the geography.

“Captain, these two maps side by side, the spot on the map is that small cave in front of us.” That arrogant young man pointed at the cave.

Valencia nodded, “Everyone be careful. I remember this area had a variation spirit beast. It could spit out poisonous gas. Archers ready yourselves. You guys over there will go with me and help lure the spirit beast out and then kill it.”

Very quickly approximately a hundred people got into their positions.

Thirteen archers hid themselves outside the cave. Each one nocked their arrows, aiming at the cave entrance.

Valencia then took some of his more powerful men and carefully inched into the cave. They had also seen that there was a bend in the cave.

They walked around the bend.

Valencia put up a finger.

The people following him immediately sidled up to the cave wall. Valencia also placed his back against the wall, sneakily peeking inside, trying to see if the spirit beast was inside.

“Huh? The spirit beast isn’t here.” Valencia said in surprise.

The others with him immediately walked in, discovering that the place was a mess, but the air didn’t have the spirit beasts odor, and instead, had refreshing air.

“Everyone search together,” Valencia looked left and right, commanding the others to search.

The seven or eight people with him began to look.

Things were scattered everywhere.

But they didn’t find anything.

“Captain, the map shows that it’s here. Maybe the thing we’re looking for is inside the mountain or buried in the ground. Also, the predecessors before us liked to play with mechanisms. We need to search the entire place inch by inch and check everything at least.” The arrogant young man said.  

Valencia said: “It looks this that’s the case. Go bring 60 more people in. Everyone will divide into a region. In that spot, they will dig for three feet and bring out what they find.”

“Yes.” The arrogant young man immediately headed out to gather people.

Instantly sixty people were in there, but the cave didn’t seem crowded. Valencia personally gave each person a region to start searching in.

Very quickly, these people were enthusiastically searching.

After about three or four minutes after, among the group of the first seven or eight people, someone held their stomach and exclaimed: “Ai yao, my stomach… Ah!” He hadn’t even finished speaking before he felt like he couldn’t hold it in and let it all out.

(TN: Think of ai yao as哎吆 as something similar to “Oh man”)

“Ai yao!”

“Ai yao…”

Following that were more continuous shouts.

Each cry was more jubilant than the next, clutching their stomachs and letting loose. Valencia had just frowned and was preparing to scold them when he felt his own stomach started making “gululu” sounds, and it wasn’t the sound for hunger.

His face’s color changed and ran out.

At that moment, Xie Ao Yu and Qin Yueyi were once again working together.

Except the two of them were both holding a few spirit beasts, and they were all the same type of spirit beast. In his left hand was five or six fire rabbits with long ears, in his right were five or six wind bird claws.

“It stinks.” Qin Yueyi wrinkled her cute nose.

“It’s already started.” Xie Ao Yu laughed, “We’ll act according to the plan.”

Qin Yue whispered: “Xiao Bai, come with me.”


Xiao Bai also let out a rare devilish human expression, but the expression just made it look even cuter. It trotted alongside Qin Yueyi and went over.

Xie Ao Yu and Qin Yueyi then went in opposite directions.

He came to a dense patch of grass, then tossed those fire rabbits onto the ground. The fire rabbits all lay paralyzed on the ground.

After a little while, Xiao Bai ran over.

At Qin Yueyi’s position, there was a flame that was fiercely burning, and there was also a large wind blowing, and that wind was aimed at the cave.

“Xiao Bai, let them breathe fire.” Xie Ao Yu said.


Xiao Bai began talking to the fire rabbits.

Those fire rabbits immediately became energetic, and each one  immediately spat out a fireball. The fireballs created by the fire rabbits was very weak, but that wasn’t all there was to it. There was a lot of grass around and many of them were dried weeds.

A large fire suddenly began to fiercely burn.

Xie Ao Yu then threw out the wind birds. Under Xiao Bai’s beast talk commands, those wind birds began to let out a cry, beginning to cast a wind spell…Mad Wind Technique.

(TN:  狂风术 y’all know the drill.)

The direction was naturally also towards the cave.

Once the blaze had reached a certain degree, under the mad wind, it suddenly spread out everywhere, and the speed was incomparably fast. Xie Ao Yu then quietly left, meeting up with Qin Yueyi about two hundred meters away at a small mountain.

They hadn’t noticed Xiao Bai.

Once the two left, Xiao Bai let out its original appearance, opened its mouth and emitted a fireball.

The fireball it spat out was about as large as a millstone, it was like a fire-type spell. Even the gravel on the ground and the dirt all ignited.

Then it opened its mouth again and a large wind came out of its mouth.

The mad wind blew, the flames grew even larger, and the speed at which it spread was astonishing.

After that, it ran back to the others.

Returning to Xie Ao Yu’s side, it once again returned to its cute small beast appearance.

“Look quickly, they’ve discovered the large fire and are running away. Haha, they’re all running with their pants down.” Qin Yueyi pointed in the direction, excitedly shouting out.

Under the large fire, those people who were uncontrollably leaking didn’t have any method to use their qi to defend or run away, and could only waddle with their two legs.

At this time, Qin Yueyi’s Unstoppable Diarrhea began to show the extent of its evilness.

There was no way to hold it back. It entirely displayed its unstoppable abilities as the diarrhea flowed out uncontrollably. If a person squatted, they could forget about getting back up. But one could imagine, against the large fire and trying to escape for their lives, it was quite a sight.

Xie Ao Yu smiled evilly: “This time the Imperial Crown Mercenary group will really be known across the continent.”

“Big devil.” Qin Yueyi smiled so much her eyes were squinted, her two small fangs showing, an unspeakable cuteness, “I’ve finally found a friend!”

Looking at Qin Yueyi, inside Xie Ao Yu’s head, a phrase came to mind unbidden… partners in crime.

He shook his head, tossing away the idea, but Xie Ao Yu discovered, this phrase was firmly engraved in his mind. He couldn’t help but bitterly laugh, “Let’s go and find the Amethyst Spirit Water. This time there shouldn’t be anyone trying to bother us.”

Qin Yueyi picked up Xiao Bai, excitedly saying: “Let’s move out!”
(TN: Autobots rolling out. Although in this case it’s more like Decepticons.)

The youthful boy and girl went past the mountains and past two rivers before they arrived at the place that Qin Yueyi said the Amethysts Spirit Water was located. It was a small pool.


Battle Emperor Chapter 40

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Chapter 40

The so-called Unstoppable Diarrhea, just by hearing the name, one could guess its purpose. It was different from normal laxatives. This laxative didn’t need to be ingested. As long as there was contact, then the diarrhea would not stop.

(TN: Fun fact, lots of people die from diarrhea every year.)

Along their journey, as Xie Ao Yu and Qin Yueyi went towards the cave, Qin Yueyi told him about the Unstoppable Diarrhea.

It turns out, Qin Yueyi used these on people who went against her. In order to make the Unstoppable Diarrhea, she had searched across Tian Luo Empire for all the top level alchemists, but none could make it, but at very end she had found the Gui Wei Country’s Grand Master Men Luo.

(TN: 贵为国. Gooey Country? Gateway?)

Because Qin Yueyi kept acting spoiled, in the end, Men Luo created Unstoppable Diarrhea for her.

(TN: I feel like the meaning was something like “kept pestering him”)

And to go with the Unstoppable Diarrhea was the… Chrysanthemum  Exploder

Thinking about the two, Xie Ao Yu could only use the word devil to describe Qin Yueyi.

Soon they found that cave.

“You wait outside.” Xie Ao Yu told her.

Qin Yueyi didn’t argue. The key point was the spirit beast’s lair was incredibly stinky. That odor could make most people faint. Naturally she wouldn’t willingly go in.

Xie Ao Yu then snuck into the cave.

He picked up a large rock from the ground, put some qi into it, then suddenly threw it in deep into the cave.

From inside the cave came the sound of the rock hitting a cave wall, but no sound of any spirit beasts. Xie Ao Yu then looked at the cave entrance and saw blood all over the place. He quietly said to himself, could it be that Te La and his underlings killed off the spirit beast.

Xie Ao Yu carefully tiptoed in.

He really didn’t find the spirit beast that could spit poisonous fog.

He arrived at the place where the weeds and leaves had been piled up, then pulled out the small bottle of Unstoppable Diarrhea. Inside was a lot of powder. Xie Ao Yu began to lightly sprinkle it.

He didn’t sprinkle too much powder, but not too little either, but enough so that other people wouldn’t be able to see it.

Once he had sprinkled it where the wooden box used to be located, he discovered that it was apparent there was something missing there, and the ground had a small indent.

He couldn’t tell if it was just because when the wooden box had been there, the spirit beast would lie on top of it creating the indent.

If it was left there, then it would naturally be discovered.

Xie Ao Yu searched for a rock to stick into there in order to cover that place.


As he inserted the rock, he heard a muffled sound.


Xie Ao Yu felt a little surprised, why did it sound like it was hollow? He pulled out the rock, knocked against the surface, and found out that the ground was indeed hollow.

This time, Xie Ao Yu’s eyes widened.

He reached out to open it, but then he remembered that there had been hidden weapons inside the wooden box. He pulled out the Lightning Spirit Holy Sword, moved away a bit, and then used the Lightning Spirit Holy Sword to hit it.


The ground immediately split and created a gap.


A strong wind flowed out. The strong wind sent Xie Ao Yu flying in a second, like he was a broken kite.

And the weeds, leaves, odor etc. were also all blown away.

(ED: What about the UD!? He touched the powder?)

What happened?

Xie Ao Yu’s heart beat crazily. How could that small pit have such a large wind that could even blow him away. That would require a lot of wind.

“Ding dong!”

(TN: What should I call this? 叮咚)

At this time, Xie Ao Yu felt his chest go cold. The tri-colored ball began to shake.

His shirt ripped open creating a gap, exposing a muscular chest, and the skin had three colors, purple, yellow, and green appear on it.

It could be faintly seen that it seemed to have the appearance of a ball.

The tri-colored ball!

Xie Ao Yu immediately used his spirit to feel it. He wanted to see what the tri-colored ball was doing. The tri-colored ball had already brought too many surprises to Xie Ao Yu.

But his mental strength still had not touched the tri-colored ball when it exploded out.

He had originally been sent flying by the wind, but because the tri-colored ball had appeared, he stopped, hovering in midair, emitting the tri-colored ball’s three beams of light.


From the small pit came the same type of fluctuations.

Following that, to Xie Ao Yu’s horror, he discovered that the entire mountain was shaking, the ground was also vibrating. It was as if that thing had been the root of this area.

A small halo of blue light slowly came out of the pit.

That blue light connected with the three lights on his chest via a beam, then suddenly they all combined together. Then the three lights slowly retracted, and that blue light also shot into Xie Ao Yu.

The thing inside the pit finally revealed itself.

It was a blue bead.

The bead was about as large as a thumb, was crystalline and clear, and there seemed to be something inside it, but even though Xie Ao Yu wanted to see what it was, it was a blur, despite the bead being clearly see-through.

This kind of odd thing made Xie Ao Yu feel a little stupid.

When that bead arrived about half a meter away from Xie Ao Yu, Xie Ao Yu clearly felt a hint of airflow coming from it.

The airflow was very weak, when it blew against his face, it felt like a spring breeze.

It was very comfortable.

The blue bead floated to where Xie Ao Yu stood, hovering uncertainly, and the tri-colored ball gradually came out. After the two balls were facing each other for about a minute, the blue bead slowly flew forward.

The two touched.

When the blue bead came into contact with Xie Ao Yu’s skin, he once again experienced the taste of the tri-colored ball. It was very odd. It was as if there was a gentle flow rapidly coursing throughout his entire body.

That sort of comfortable taste made him nearly moan.

It felt amazing.

After the blue bead touched his skin, Xie Ao Yu clearly saw the blue bead slowly begin to enter his chest.

It was directly entering into his body from the outside.

But his body didn’t feel any pain. Once the blue bead fully entered, he immediately looked within himself. He immediately saw the blue bead was circling around the tri-colored ball. Unexpectedly, it was slowly spinning around, and between the blue bead and the tri-colored ball there was a faint connection.

This kind of connection was invisible, but the body was Xie Ao Yu’s so he could clearly feel it.

The two were connected.

Then Xie Ao Yu slowly fell back to the ground, his feet touching the ground, and everything went back to normal.

Pulling off his clothes to look, he saw that his outer appearance hadn’t changed.

It was just the lights were gone.

And also, due to the large wind created by the blue bead, everything in the cave had been blown away. It was originally foul-smelling, but now it no longer had that repugnant air.

Xie Ao Yu patted his chest but still didn’t feel anything. He couldn’t help but bitterly smile.

He faintly felt within himself that the blue bead was a part of a set that worked with the tri-colored ball, otherwise this situation wouldn’t have occurred.

But what was the blue bead?

He had no idea and could only shrug helplessly. Maybe in the future he could find some information pertaining the blue bead and the tri-colored ball.

Looking at the cave, Xie Ao Yu once again pulled out the Unstoppable Diarrhea, spreading it across the cave. The total length of the cave was about ten meters. Xie Ao Yu had confidence that if a few dozen people came in, it would definitely be entertaining.

There would probably be some excitement soon…The Imperial Crown Mercenaries group many people would all have uncontrollable diarrhea together. It would be the stinky spirit beasts’ big news.

After putting away the small bottle, Xie Ao Yu left the cave.

Qin Yueyi was about three or four hundred meters away from the cave. When she had heard the wind blowing before, she didn’t know the situation, but seeing Xie Ao Yu come out, she asked: “Is everything done?”

“It’s done.” Xie Ao Yu laughed, “Once Valencia and his men come, I’m guessing this area will become Heng Duan Mountain Range’s eleventh forbidden area.” He patted Qin Yueyi’s shoulder, “Let’s go. You’re not intending to wait for them to find this place right?”

Qin Yueyi looked a little disappointed: “Looks like there won’t be a chance to see Heng Duan Mountain Range’s eleventh forbidden area come into being.”

Laughing, the two made to leave.

But before they had left, they saw some people in the distance.

Qin Yueyi looked closely. Not only could she see through lies, she could also see very far into the distance. She said in surprise: “It’s Valencia and them.”

“No way. How did they come so fast.” Xie Ao Yu was puzzled.

When those people had come a bit closer, Xie Ao Yu immediately spotted Valencia.

In Valencia’s hands was the map. Next to him was another person holding a large map. With the two maps together, they still seemed uncertain.

“It looks like they have a map that depicts the area for many miles, thus they easily found it. Xie Ao Yu squinted his eyes. A smile appeared on his face, “Little devil. I thought of a method. It would be better if we…” He whispered to Qin Yueyi.

Qin Yueyi’s eyes lit up. She patted Xie Ao Yu’s shoulder, “You always say I’m a little devil. Now I know you are a big devil!”

“To whoever challenges me, indeed I am a big devil. I want to make sure my enemies regret it!” Xie Ao Yu said, with a scary look on his face, making even Qin Yueyi feel a scared. Then Xie Ao Yu said, “We’ll each get ready and give them an even bigger surprise!”

The big and small devil began their devilish actions.

Battle Emperor Chapter 39

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Chapter 39

“This kid is too abnormal. After not seeing him for just one day, he’s completely changed. I’ve now been heavily wounded, and he has that mysterious and unpredictable technique that lets him enter the ground. If you try to run, you won’t escape. If it’s like this, then it’s best if he dies with me at the same time.” Te La decided, seeing Xie Ao Yu send out two swipes in the air. It ought to be old-timers bowing out while new strength rises. It was currently an opportunity for reckless killing.

(TN: What a way to start the chapter. I’m not quite sure what’s meant here.  应该是旧力已去,新力未生之际,正是袭杀的大好机会 Especially the last part.)

He wanted to drag Xie Ao Yu down with him!

“Die!” Te La crazily screamed, waving his cane knife that had a cold sharpness to it, charging in for the kill.

He had already prepared to die.

At the same time, he had prepared to kill Xie Ao Yu.

But… as he slashed, he only slashed through the air.

Xie Ao Yu used Earth Escape Technique, and after landing on the ground, rather than immediately going back into the ground, he sent his sword out, putting his entire strength in the blow. Xie Ao Yu’s laughter came from behind Te La.

The Lightning Spirit Holy Sword made a horizontal sweep.


There was only one sound. Fresh blood poured out of the head that went flying.

The headless corpse fell on its back.

The turbulent and violent valley became quiet in an instant. There were corpses littered across the ground to prove there had been a fight there moments ago. The scent of blood was so thick it could make a person vomit.

Xie Ao Yu eyes swept over Te La’s corpse. He reached out and plucked off the space ring on the body.

On the edge of the Heng Duan Mountain Range, Te La’s group’s strength should have been considered not bad. It was impossible for him to not have something in his possession.

When Xie Ao Yu had come out, it was not only to gain experience. He also had another objective which was to obtain a few other high level fighting skills, weapons, or pills etc. He definitely wouldn’t let anything useful for the Xie family’s growth slip by, just like his father Xie Gan.

The Xie family’s foundation needed him to be strong.

The space ring had some seals in it, but this couldn’t bother Xie Ao Yu. His qi flowed into it, forcibly breaking them. As he reached out to examine if the inside had anything good, he heard a slight sound from somewhere not too far away.

Xie Ao Yu placed Te La’s space ring into his own space ring.

“More people are coming.” Xie Ao Yu whispered.

Qin Yueyi let Xiao Bai sit on her shoulders, lifting her short sword, “This beauty was just unable to find people to fight with. They’ve come right on time. Witness this beauty’s invincible might on display. This time you can’t interfere.” Then using the short sword to point in that direction, “Come name yourself.”

“Imperial Crown Mercenary Group’s Valencia.” A loud voice rang out.

(TN: 皇冠佣兵团瓦伦特斯. I think I did alright this time. Still open for better names though.)

Xie Ao Yu and Qin Yueyi looked at each other, both frowning.

This Imperial Crown Mercenary Group was the continent’s largest mercenary group. Rumors had it that they had never been defeated in their entire history, and doing so without any great losses either. Included in that were two explorations of the continent’s restricted areas for objectives. It could be said to be the best mercenary group in the mercenary profession.

The leader of the Imperial Crown Mercenary Group was an Emperor level master.

Emperor level. That was the highest realm that one could cultivate to, not something that an ordinary person could attain to. Below him were four deputy heads, each of them were at the Sage level. This mercenary group was extremely strong. No one would dare to underestimate them.  

“Can I ask you two, if the person that you killed, is that the Black Bear Thieves group’s leader Te La?” The voice that first spoke, Valencia, brought his people out from the shadows.

This person’s age was not too old, around thirty-ish. He had a dark complexion, his eyes flashing a refined light. Behind him were about a hundred people.

“That’s correct.” Xie Ao Yu signaled to Qin Yueyi to back off and let him deal with it in order to avoid any unnecessary conflicts between the two sides, especially since it was mercenaries from the Imperial Crown Mercenary Group.


Qin Yueyi felt dissatisfied. The Qin family’s strength was naturally far above the Imperial Crown Mercenary Group’s entire strength, but she understood, right now she lacked strength.

“This Te La. We have already searched for him for a long time. Who would have thought that he would be killed by these two young practitioners.” Valencia laughed.

“We were just lucky.” Xie Ao Yu lightly said.

Valencia looked over the two, their entire bodies were unharmed, and the ground was littered with Te La and his underlings’ corpses. He understood that these two young peoples’ strength weren’t ordinary or it was due to a high-leveled spirit beast pet. But the injuries on the corpses weren’t caused by a spirit beast, thus it must be that they had used their own strength.

Te La and Valencia had exchanged blows before, so naturally he knew Te La’s strength. He also began secretly pay more attention, “To be honest with you, we were searching for Te La to ask for something. Could you possibly hand Te La’s space ring to us. We will only grab that one item, the rest we will not touch.”

They wanted something?

What could the Imperial Crown Mercenary Group with their status need from Te La? Xie Ao Yu said: “Your excellency, do you and Te La have some sort of friendship?”

“How dare you. How could we, the dignified Imperial Crown Mercenary Group, have any sort of friendship with such trash!” A young man who was standing next to Valencia loudly yelled out.

“Do not be rude!” Valencia quietly said, “Your excellency might not know, the thing was originally ours. It was stolen by Te La who also killed not a small amount of my brothers.”

Xie Ao Yu’s heart rate increased. He was almost certain that it was the map. Te La had said before that he had sacrificed nearly a hundred brothers’ lives to get the map.

Obviously it was impossible for the map to have been handed to him.

If he gave it to them, and they went to find it, but couldn’t find the fighting skill, they’d naturally assume that Te La had found the fighting skill, and that the space ring was in Xie Ao Yu’s possession. Naturally they would direct their attention to Xie Ao Yu.

That was something Xie Ao Yu didn’t want to have happen.

“You said it’s yours? Those things are all unclaimed. Now we’ve obtained it, it’s ours.” Qin Yueyi seeing this, immediately let out her fierce beauty personality, speaking in a tone of outrage.

Xie Ao Yu quietly let out a sigh.

He had discovered, with Qin Yueyi’s partnership, they were working hand in glove. They didn’t even need to converse, they could work with just a glance at each other.

“Fart. That map was something our brothers desperately fought for and took, but was then taken by Te La. Of course it’s ours.” The young man beside Valencia angrily spoke.

“That’s right, you even said that you guys took it. Then the original owner isn’t you guys.” Qin Yueyi smiled and said, “That is to say, the map has no owner. Now that we’ve obtained it, it belongs to us.”

Xie Ao Yu covertly gave Qin Yueyi a thumbs up.

Qin Yueyi winked at him, giving off the appearance of a beauty.

“Shut up!” Valencia fiercely glared at the young man. Now he had done it, he had explicitly told the other party that they were searching for a map.

The young man bitterly stepped back, but was still glaring angrily.

Valencia lightly coughed once and said: “You two, that map is our Imperial Crown Mercenary Group’s item, I’m hoping you will return it to us.”

“Your excellency, are you threatening us?” Xie Ao Yu frowned and said.

“If you want to interpret it like that, you can do that.” Valencia lightly said. He believed that the Imperial Crown Mercenary Group still had the strength to deter others.

Xie Ao Yu coldly said: “I hate being threatened by people!”

Valencia laughed: “I also hate it, but some things are just like that because this world isn’t fair to begin with, so you can only recognize the fact.”

The two of them stared at each other.

A surge of pent-up anger roiled in Xie Ao Yu’s heart.

Just as Valencia had said, the world was unfair. Who let his own strength to be insufficient. If the Xie Family was stronger than the Imperial Crown Mercenary Group, would Valencia still dare to fart like this?


“Alright, I’ll give it to you.” Xie Ao Yu took out Te La’s space ring, and from inside it dug out the map. Then he threw it to Valencia, “There’s only this map inside.”

Reaching out his hand and grabbing, when Valencia saw it, he smiled and said: “This is right. This is it.” He put away the map. With a wave of his hand, he and his people left.

“Just giving it to them like that?” Qin Yueyi said unsatisfied, “If I had known earlier, I would have brought the Orchid Command.”

The Orchid Command was Tian Luo Empire’s Qin family’s emblem. This meant whoever had the emblem was recognized as a Qin family member, which included the status. Without speaking of the Imperial Crown Mercenary Group, even if there were two Imperial Crown Mercenary Groups, they still wouldn’t dare to beg. But Qin Yueyi had not brought it, so even if she said she was a Qin family person, just like Te La, no one would believe her, and would even make the fight more intense.

And the two of their strengths still hadn’t reached the level of Valencia and those others.

Xie Ao Yu said: “Of course not. I’ve long since gone to the marked spot on the map. If they want to follow the map, they’ll need at least two days’ time.” He laughed, “Little devil, what poisonous things do you have in your possession?”

“I don’t have any, ah. Didn’t I say, I secretly ran out and forgot to bring those kinds of things.” Qin Yueyi said sadly.

“Could it be that you did not think that the divergent water Amethyst Spirit Water, just like how mysterious fires have spirit beasts guarding them, would have a high level spirit beast guarding it. How were you planning to take care of it?” Xie Ao Yu said

Qin Yueyi said: “Of course I’ve thought about it, so I prepared a laxative.” She pulled out a small bottle. Inside was filled with some white liquid, “We could send it to Valencia and them.”

(TN: 泻药. Yeah. A laxative to fight a spirit beast.)

“You have to eat it for it to be effective.” Xie Ao Yu said.

On Qin Yueyi’s sweet beautiful face appeared a devil-like grin, “You don’t know about this then. Among the ten treasures in this beauty’s hands, this laxative is number one. This beauty let Grand Master Men Luo refine it.”

(TN: 门罗. Not sure what you can do with it. Manure?)

“Men Luo?” Xie Ao Yu was made speechless.

The most famous alchemist on the continent was named Men Luo. The alchemist profession went up to Grand Master. The Grand Master was a much more powerful standing than Ziyan who was a Master Alchemist.

A laxative refined by Grand Master Men Luo?

Qin Yueyi said: “This is the rumored invincible laxative…Unstoppable Diarrhea!”
(TN: 一沾泻不停)

Unstoppable Diarrhea, hearing this name, Xie Ao Yu suddenly felt like praying for Valencia and the others.

Battle Emperor Chapter 38

And done.

Chapter 38

Meeting Te La again, Xie Ao Yu was already no longer the same as before. He was now filled with self-confidence. He stepped forward, coldly looking at Te La and the others.

The enhancing of strength and the increase in confidence made his disposition change.

“Surround them for me.” Te La still had some concerns about Xie Ao Yu’s Earth Escape Technique. His primary goal was to let the others surround Xie Ao Yu so that wherever Xie Ao Yu appeared, he could contact with his underlings for knowledge, allowing him to instantly locate where he comes out.

Xie Ao Yu also didn’t stop them, allowing those people to form their encirclement.

Probably because they feared Xie Ao Yu would use Earth Escape Technique to kill them, these people’s encirclement was very large, at least thirty meters wide. It was also a method of protecting themselves.

Only then did Te La pick up his cane knife and walk forward.

Experiencing the Black Scaled Wyvern’s chasing frenzy, Te La already hated Xie Ao Yu to his core. He had originally formed this small band of thieves. Although it couldn’t be compared to those large-scale thief groups, it still had some power, at least enough to not worry about eating and drinking. But now, due to Xie Ao Yu, now there were only a few people left.

After the Black Scaled Wyvern found out its spirit beast egg had been stolen, it had pursued with an even wilder vigor. Even Te La barely survived, and his brothers, especially some of the elites, had all died.

Every time he thought about it, he felt more fear and more anger.

After escaping, he gathered the remainders that were left at home and brought all of his brothers to find Xie Ao Yu. During that time they had run into some powerful mercenary groups and strong spirit beasts, in the end they wound up with just these few people. How could it not make him feel hate.

I’m going to cut you into a million pieces!” Te La coldly yelled.

Xie Ao Yu then silently pulled out the Lightning Spirit Holy Sword.

The holy sword out of its scabbard, beneath the rising sun, produced a cold gleam. The ice cold sword edge’s dense chill sent shivers down the others’ spines.

“Bring your life here!” Te La angrily charged forward.

He was like a bolt of lightning, frightful speed that reached the limits. His goal was to not let Xie Ao Yu use the Earth Escape Technique to enter the ground. This time he made the first move to put pressure on Xie Ao Yu.

The cane knife was swung, shining a bright sword light in every direction.

Xie Ao Yu felt his entire person was suppressed by this sword light, as if he had been plunged beneath ice. This was the strength of a lower Spirit level.

He was also secretly glad. Previously when he and Te La fought, he had been lucky to use the Earth Escape Technique at the start, otherwise, if under this sort of attack, he wouldn’t have had a chance to use the Earth Escape Technique.

But now it wasn’t the same thing.

He was already upper Advanced leveled. The powerful Te La could only get his blood pumping.


The Lightning Spirit Sword roared as if it were devouring a dragon.

Fighting skill… Scarlet Lightning Exploding Chop!

This move was a top level killing technique!

The qi in his body surged, the tri-colored ball’s red lightning rampaged even more inside. Then out of his body surged countless crimson electric lights. Those shocking electric lights converged into one location. Like a crimson thunder dragon roaring, it blasted forward along with the Lightning Holy Sword.  


The sword light strike approached, but seeing Te La’s figure whirling like a tornado, turning in the air, it cut down Xie Ao Yu’s terrifying attack. At the same time, he leapt backwards into the air, his heart shocked, “How did this kid suddenly become so much stronger? His qi is indeed not inferior to mine. Just yesterday, his was much less than mine.”

After that one attack, he couldn’t immediately follow-up.

Xie Ao Yu leapt into the air, not giving Te La a chance to counter attack, and swung down his sword heavily. This sword had an unsurpassable aura. It was truly unrivaled.

Facing Te La, everything else was passive. After exchanging this blow, Xie Ao Yu’s confidence overflowed. His aura went up without limit, and he became braver.

(TN: I may or may not have massacred this line.  之前面对Te La ,处处被动,此番一招,便令Xie Ao Yu 信心爆棚,气势无线攀升,如此更是勇猛。)

The Lightning Spirit Holy Sword sliced through the air, creating an explosive sound, increasing its speed to the max.

Te La stomped against the ground, diagonally charging out.


Xie Ao Yu’s Lightning Spirit Holy Sword heavily struck the ground, immediately creating a five meter long gash into the earth. The gravel on either side, the weeds, and the other things were sent flying into the air. He himself once again rose up into the air, as if he was an eagle hovering over, preparing to capture and kill a rabbit.

This attack with that imagery made Te La’s face color change again.

He frantically ran to the left.

“Da da da…”

Every footstep made the ground shake. The cane knife continuously hit those loose rocks, blocking Xie Ao Yu’s attack. He was indeed startled and his heart rate had gone up.

Te La was very curious and very depressed.

He had originally come to kill Xie Ao Yu for revenge, but now it was like this. He had been chased by Xie Ao Yu and forced to run and jump for his life. And he knew that Xie Ao Yu hadn’t even used the Earth Escape Technique yet.

“Clang clang clang…”

The loose rocks were destroyed by Xie Ao Yu.

Te La took this opportunity to catch his breath. He looked up and angrily shouted: “Boy, take my one blow to decide the match!” He suddenly turned his body, his sword moved faster than lightning.

This strike was Te La’s core sword technique.

It was also what Te La’s fundamentals were based on. He had used this slash to kill countless masters. He used this technique now because he hoped that it would bring him victory.

Xie Ao Yu’s eyes were sharp. The Lightning Spirit Holy Sword in his hands began to move.

Scarlet Lightning Exploding Chop!


The two blades clashed in the air, emitting a loud “qiang” sound. Xie Ao Yu and Te La shocked each other at the same time. The entirety of their qi exploded out. Following that was a trace of crimson electric light exploding out of the tip of the Lightning Spirit Holy Sword.

The piercing cold cane knife let out a crisp ring.


The cane knife broke.

Xie Ao Yu’s Lightning Spirit Holy Sword then like breaking a dead branch from a tree, using strength to break through, getting the first strike of crimson electric light on Te La. Due to the electricity, his hair exploded up, his body was sent flying into the air, limbs splayed out, letting out a scream.

(TN: Yeah, I’m pretty sure he’s bald so the author might be talking about pit hair? Or I suck at translating)

Following that, the Lightning Spirit Holy Sword went straight for Te La’s chest.

Te La shook his head once, his face had become incomparably white. In this life and death moment, he desperately bent his body back, hoping that he could dodge Xie Ao Yu’s attack.


Blood spurted out.

On Te La’s chest appeared a half meter long bloody gash. The blood gurgled, and due to the shock he spat out blood. He then flew out, “Brothers, go up together!”

After landing on the ground, Te La clutched his chest, continuously backing up. He couldn’t believe his eyes. The young man he had defeated just yesterday, now could actually beat him so easily.

But the pain on his chest told him, this was all very real!

He lost the fight.

Not only that, he had been cleanly defeated.

“How could this be?”

“Big bro has actually been defeated.”

“This kid wasn’t even an opponent yesterday. What’s going on today.”

Te La’s underlings all couldn’t believe their eyes. They had seen quick changes, but never a change like this. Even Te La wanted to say, it’s not that I don’t understand, it’s this world is changing too fast.

A group of people yelled out, and charged forward.

They wanted to join forces to kill Xie Ao Yu.

Te La also pulled out a new sword. He wanted to find an opportunity to kill Xie Ao Yu. As for his underlings, under his command, were charging without regard for their own lives.

“It’s this beauty’s time to shine.” Qin Yueyi lifted a short sword, intending to charge forward and kill.

Xie Ao Yu coldly stared at those people, the Lightning Spirit Holy Sword in his hand slowly went down, pointing into the ground. The aura around his body became sharp.

Fighting skill… Overlord Dragon Boxing!


The ten or so people in front of Xie Ao Yu, all of them were sent flying in a bloody mess. The power behind that fist was like exploding thunder, making the others stop in their tracks.

Fighting skill… Earth Escape Technique!!!

Xie Ao Yu stomped his foot and his person disappeared. When he reappeared, he was behind the left side of the people rushing forward. The Lightning Spirit Holy Sword horizontally slashed once.

The sword light rattled, and blood flew into the sky.

These ten people all lost their lives, not a single survivor.

Before his feet landed on the ground, the Lightning Spirit Holy Sword horizontal slash already had lots of strength. Facing the remaining ten people or so that were seven or eight meters away it slashed again.

Fighting skill… Scarlet Lightning Exploding Chop!

Crimson electric light rushed out, converging into one point, creating a sword light.

The sword light and electric light combined into one and charged over.

None of those people could block Xie Ao Yu’s sword. Those ten people frantically attacked. Under that shining light, the sky became full of blood, their bodies became stumps.

“Old Xie, leave one for this beauty.” Qin Yueyi called out.

Xie Ao Yu’s sword was fast. Qin Yueyi from start to finish hadn’t even made a move, before all of the people were already taken care of. Witnessing this, Te La’s head was dizzy.

No matter what, he couldn’t believe what he had just seen with his eyes.

Battle Emperor Chapter 37

Day 6/7. Heads up. I’ll probably be taking a couple days break after tomorrow’s chapter. Which is good because it ends on a good note. Haha.

(Don’t worry. I didn’t spoil anything about next chapter. At least I don’t think so.)

Chapter 37

The spirit beast egg entered the mouth, its taste was delicious, but after chewing it, a trace of warmth flowed through their mouths and went straight to their abdomen, quickly gathering there.

When it came into contact with their qi, this warmth immediately mixed with it.

As if it had originally been a part of their qi.

Receiving the warmth’s assistance, Xie Ao Yu could clearly feel his qi increase a little. Xie Ao Yu and Qin Yueyi look at each other, each had sparkling eyes.

Clearly, they both had experienced the same strange feeling.


The two tossed out the skin(?) and then ate.

(TN: The Chinese apparently means cheek.)

It was the first time they had heard of this kind of spirit beast egg that could increase their qi, particularly for Qin Yueyi. After sneaking out, she had done this sort of thing plenty of times but never had this occur before. She felt like there was something odd, but overall was very happy.

Qin Yueyi had lots of talent but she was always slacking off.

Right now her strength was very low. If she had cultivated, then most likely she would have amazed people, especially since she came from a large household. If they had something like this that could increase qi without a need for cultivation, who would let it go.

One bite, two bites, three bites. In an instant it was quickly eaten.

The spirit beast egg was quickly finished off by the two people. That spirit beast egg’s warmth flowed to their abdomen, adding to their qi.

After eating, the two closed their eyes and began to control their breathing.

From this method, the permeating warmth brought considerable growth to their qi. Naturally they wouldn’t miss this opportunity and whole-heartedly cultivated. Seeing this, Xiao Bai used some water magic to extinguish the flames, preventing spirit beasts from being attracted.

An enormous amount of qi was under Xie Ao Yu’s control, and it began to surge towards upper Advanced-level.

This realm was right in front of Xie Ao Yu’s bottleneck. With the addition of the warmth’s flow, the qi grew stronger, and there were already signs of gaps appearing in the bottleneck.

Xie Ao Yu fully attacked it.

Just like a small leak will sink a great ship.

(TN: 千里之堤毁于蚁穴. Another Chinese idiom. Best translation I could find.)

The gap was that small leak, and was being violently attacked by his qi. This small leak began to grow larger. Once it was ripped apart, the qi immediately moved like it was toppling mountains and overturning seas. It surged forward, tearing through the bottleneck leaving nothing behind.  

His body shook slightly, receiving the qi’s surge.

Upper Advanced level.

Xie Ao Yu felt inexplicable joy in his heart. He had come to the Heng Duan Mountain Range to bitterly practice and gain experience, the goal being to raise his strength, but he never thought that his first breakthrough would be through these circumstances.

A spirit beast egg.

Wrong, it should be said that half a spirit beast’s egg gave him the breakthrough.

Crossing into the upper Advanced level, to him, was not only a breakthrough, but was more so a confidence booster. After all, the higher the realm, improvement would become more difficult. Looking back at the young people in Langya City, even among the twenty year-olds, there was no one as tyrannical as him.

Opening his eyes, Xie Ao Yu discovered that the sun was rising in the east.

He felt an unspeakable happiness. His body gave off a feeling of being refreshed. He stamped the ground once with his foot, then disappearing, and when he reappeared, he had reached the bottom of a tree.  

Xie Ao Yu then looked back to calculate the distance travelled.

Eleven meters!

After rising a tier, his Earth Escape Technique had expanded its reach by one meters distance.

But don’t look down on this meter. Against a master, a thousandth of a hair could determine victory. And that was just only the visible change.

(TN: Whoops.)

For instance, the speed in the ground, the speed exiting the ground, this was also a type of feeling.

Although the change seemed small, Xie Ao Yu could clearly feel the difference.

And also, these tiny changes brought terrifying fighting potentials. For instance, when he faced against Te La, if his speed was just this much faster, then Te La would have a much more difficult time to try and die together, due to the time issue.

If the ground exiting speed was faster, shortening Xie Ao Yu’s attack time, then naturally the time left for Te La to react was even less.

The Earth Escape Technique’s change was indeed right here.

Then what about the qi’s power?

Xie Ao Yu let out a long howl, leaping onto a small mountain thirty meters away. On it was a boulder at least five meter tall and three or four meters wide.

“Overlord Dragon Boxing!”

Xie Ao Yu’s fist hit the center of the boulder.


In one punch, that boulder instantly blew up, sending out countless broken pieces, going out with a whistling sound, traveling out in every direction, besides the impact location. That boulder that was at least a hundred jins had been smashed.

(TN: A[jin] is 3/4 of a pound.)

It had a lot of strength, and was much stronger than Xie Ao Yu’s power when he was an intermediate Advanced level.

“Haha, upper Advanced level really isn’t the same.” Xie Ao Yu clenched his fist, excitedly said.

At the same time, the fierce beautiful devil Qin Yueyi who had still been cultivating, her body was rocking slightly in a very regular manner.

Following her body’s movements came out a powerful imposing manner.

This imposing manner pushed against the vicinity’s gravel, weeds, sticks, and leaves, rolling them up. Qin Yueyi’s pretty face emitted a faint halo, that gave off an incomparable holiness.


Qin Yueyi with her eyes closed suddenly threw her hands up into the air. Suddenly she was in the center of a powerful force fluctuation.

“Hong hong hong…”

The ground appeared to have burn marks.

Qin Yueyi leapt into the air, throwing out punches one after another, hitting the ground and creating small quakes.

“I finally entered the Advanced level!” Qin Yueyi excitedly shouted out.

Xie Ao Yu laughed and said: “Going from middle Intermediate and jumping up to lower Advanced level, indeed deserves happiness.”

“What ah, I’m not happy because of that.” Qin Yueyi waved it off. Because of her excitement, her face had turned red, “You don’t understand. My family has some strength increasing pills, but those kinds of pills, if one fails to rise up to at least Advanced level after using them, then leveling up later becomes very difficult, no matter how much you cultivate. If you reach the Advanced level and then use it, there will be no side effects.”

Hearing her say this, Xie Ao Yu couldn’t help but sigh.

Why were large clan children so strong?

This was the reason, ah.

Because the clan was so large, within the clan the number of alchemists was big. Next was the fact they had so many high-grade pills that could help cultivation and increase strength quickly. They also had countless fighting skills. Those fighting skills belonged to various attributes, and were all high-grade. They could practice without worry, and raise people up. The greater the number, then in the future they could get things from outside, for example: snatching pills, fighting skills, weapons, etc. Naturally there would be more opportunities.

With Qin Yueyi’s strength, her talent was not bad, but she was lazy. But as long as she reached Advanced level, then when she used the medicines later, she would improve much faster than most people who bitterly cultivated.

“And that’s not all. I have the water attribute. If I can get the Amethyst Spirit Water, or that sort of divergent water, then it will help my cultivation a lot.” Qin Yueyi proudly puffed out her small chest, “From then on, this beauty will sleep-in daily, and my strength will still increase and be amazing.”

Xie Ao Yu smiled and said: “Maybe you can do that early on, but after reaching Rainbow level, Sage level, I’m afraid that external things will have no more use, and you’ll have to cultivate yourself.”

“Che, based on this beauty’s god-given wisdom, when that time comes, I’ll definitely figure something out.” Qin Yueyi said with lots of self-confidence.

Xie Ao Yu laughed a little, “It looks like before we find the Amethyst Spirit Water, we’ll have to solve some other little problem first.”

Qin Yueyi followed where his eyes were looking and saw Te La with thirty or so people, and he was staring at them with the bloodlust of a spirit beast, his face’s muscles were violently shaking.

“Hey, we only haven’t seen each other for one night, there’s no reason for you to miss us this much right?” Qin Yueyi waved.

Te La fiercely said: “I want you guys to die!”

Battle Emperor Chapter 36

A relatively peaceful chapter. No new names. It was great. Black Scaled Pterodactyl changed to Black Scaled Wyvern. I appreciate the input about it being a qilin, but if the author isn’t calling it that, then I don’t feel like I should take liberties with it. Sorry.

Chapter 36

Moonlight shone on water quietly in the small valley. Xie Ao Yu and Qin Yueyi were sitting in front of a fire, and two fire rabbits were being grilled over that fire.

“Old Xie, is it ready yet? I’m going to starve to death.” Qin Yueyi helplessly looked at the juicy, good-smelling fire rabbit and nearly started to drool

“Almost. Just a little longer.” Xie Ao Yu laughed.

This Old Xie title was something Qin Yueyi came up with. Based on her words, anyone older than her was older by a generation, and thus he became Old Xie.

The fire rabbit had already become a golden color, drops of oil slid down and dropped to the ground. It looked exceptionally appetising, and added with the meat’s smell, it made Qin Yueyi cry out.


Probably due to being too greedy, Qin Yueyi swallowed her saliva. In this quiet place, the sound was extremely loud. Seeing Xie Ao Yu smile, she quickly said: “Don’t smile. This beauty after so many days of wandering alone, searching for the Amethyst Spirit Water, didn’t eat a single good thing.

After bring up this subject, Xie Ao Yu thought to when Te La discovered the holes in their story.

“I also thought it was weird. Why would you be here alone?” Xie Ao Yu asked.

Qin Yueyi’s mouth suddenly pouted and unhappily said: “If it wasn’t for my second uncle, hng. He said that I definitely wouldn’t be able to find the Amethyst Spirit Water by myself, so I secretly ran out. I must personally obtain the Amethyst Spirit Water. I’ll let him know, this beauty isn’t like those big-breasted empty headed people.

(ED: To prove that she can find it by herself, she is making him look for it together. Really.)

Glancing at Qin Yueyi’s chest, Xie Ao Yu seriously nodded his head: “Indeed you aren’t. It was small to begin with.”

“What’d you say!”

Qin Yueyi immediately got ready to fight.

“Don’t touch me, ah; otherwise this fire rabbit will get burnt.” Xie Ao Yu warned her.

Her hungry stomach’s constant growling forced Qin Yueyi to bitterly stop. She bared her teeth, revealing two cute canine teeth, “Seeing as you’re cooking food for me to eat, I’ll let you live this time.”

Her image was extremely cute.

Qin Yueyi had grown as a sweet beauty, and with these little canine teeth, two shallow dimples, it was hard to say which one made the heart move, but if anyone was confounded by her looks, then they were in for tragedy.

Underneath her cute appearance hid a devil’s heart.

Xie Ao Yu had long since experienced it, “You ran away from home? You weren’t afraid that your parents would be worried? And then, even if you did run out, you should have had something prepared right?”

“Hehe, I was scared of being discovered, so I ended up forgetting to grab it.” Qin Yueyi let out a rare trace of embarrassment.

“That doesn’t seem to match your demonic nature. Next time even if you forget yourself, you never forget to bring harm to others to bring benefit to yourself ah. That’s your demonic nature’s treasure.” Xie Ao Yu smiled as he said.

Qin Yueyi not only did not get angry, but happily said: “Of course. This is the one and only time. Next time it won’t happen.” She said in high spirits, “You don’t even know, I have many hidden things. I can casually pick out a hundred things that could have taken care of Te La.”

Casually had a hundred things?

Xie Ao Yu said without laughing: “If all of these are as pure as a white flower, then I really have to wonder, what can be called pure.” He saw that the fire rabbits were almost done, sprinkled some spices on it. The meat’s aroma suddenly became even stronger. He tore off a rabbit leg and gave it to Qin Yueyi. For the rest of the portion, before he could do anything with it, Xiao Bai pounced through and grabbed it.

Qin Yueyi took a bite, her face full of grease shouted out: “Delicious, delicious, it’s too delicious.” Then she began to eat it ravenously like a wolf or tiger. In the blink of an eye, the rabbit leg had gone down her stomach.

Without waiting for Xie Ao Yu to grab the other fire rabbit, she grabbed it.

While Xie Ao Yu was eating his rabbit leg, he watched Qin Yueyi split the fire rabbit into two. One portion was given to Xiao Bai while she kept the other half, “Eat.”


Xiao Bai also ate very happily, eating in big bites.

The two fire rabbits didn’t last very long before being entirely consumed.

Xie Ao Yu still hadn’t finished his rabbit leg.

“No way, Xiao Bai, with such a small stomach, you finished the entire leg.” Qin Yueyi picked up Xiao Bai, looked him over, trying to find where Xiao Bai had hidden the fire rabbit.


Xiao Bai burped, its two eyes squinted, giving off the impression of being very full.

“I haven’t even become, ah.” Qin Yueyi placed a hand over her stomach.

“No way?” Xie Ao Yu looked at her.

“Don’t you know that this beauty is known as the Great Glutton King.” Qin Yueyi searched everywhere, now looking out into the dark. Where could she find a spirit beast, “Oh yeah, don’t you have a spirit beast egg. We should eat the sprit beast egg.

Xie Ao Yu also hadn’t eaten till he was full.

The two fire rabbits had all been eaten by Qin Yueyi and Xiao Bai. He was also very hungry.

Hearing this suggestion, he didn’t hesitate, and brought out that Black Scaled Wyvern egg out. Xie Ao Yu understood, this kind of spirit beast egg could be used to raise a Black Scaled Wyvern, but it took too much time, and was exhausting to do. More importantly was that the Black Scaled Wyvern was only upper Spirit-level. For him, who wanted to become an Emperor-level master, it really didn’t have much appeal.

So the spirit beast egg was taken out.

Xiao Bai stared at the two. It looked at Xie Ao Yu, then looked at Qin Yueyi. Without saying anything, it had never heard of eating a roasted spirit beast egg, much less a spirit beast egg that wasn’t even weak.

The spirit beast egg was about as big as a basketball.

Xie Ao Yu once again pulled out some firewood, intending to make a fire. To make sure that the temperature didn’t go up too much he clapped his hands, and sat down to the side, “Little devil, you said your surname is Qin. Are you really part of Tian Luo Empire’s Qin family?”

“Yes, ah.” Qin Yueyi’s face had been roasted to a faint red, and was truly fascinating.

Seeing her defenseless figure, Xie Ao Yu inwardly sighed. This little devil really was cunning, but at least she didn’t have sinister thoughts behind her.

(TN: Er, I dunno about this translation. 可毕竟没有精力什么险恶.)

Qin Yueyi turned towards Xie Ao Yu and laughed, “Did you think I was simple?”

Seeing that sweet beauty’s smiling face, Xie Ao Yu suddenly discovered, he had unknowingly become very relaxed around this little devil. She was a little devil, how could she be simple.

This sweet beauty’s cute appearance was too confusing!

“That’s right. You’re very simple. Simple like a small white flower.” Xie Ao Yu muttered.

“Giggle, that’s how it was.” Qin Yueyi pulled out an iron stick, and shook it in her hands twice, “Do you recognize this?”

Xie Ao Yu looked down to see, but seeing the iron stick was thin in the front, and as you went further back it became thicker, at the tip was a small, difficult-to-see hook, and along the stick’s surface there were incredibly small spikes, very difficult for people to notice, “What is it?”

“This is something this beauty invented. The Chrysanthemum Exploder used for destroying chrysanthemums.” Qin Yueyi laughed as she shook it twice. The tiny hook shook a little, making Xie Ao Yu feel a sudden chill. Then she pulled out a small bottle, “Inside this Drunk Perfume. One sniff with knock you out. How is it, pretty strong right.”

Xie Ao Yu gave a thumbs up and said: “Very strong!”

“These are the simplest ones. I forgot to grab my other things.” Qin Yueyi said.

These were the simplest things.

A devil!

Xie Ao Yu cried out in his heart. He changed the subject, looking towards the spirit beast egg, “It should be almost done.” For roasting a spirit beast egg, it was also his first time, so there was no experience here.

“It should be good right.” Qin Yueyi said.

Xie Ao Yu pulled out the spirit beast egg.

The hot spirit beast egg was wrapped up in his qi, unable to burn him. Using his hands to lightly tap on the spirit beast egg, a large crack appeared along the egg.

The spirit beast egg perfectly split down the middle.

Then warm air began to come out from inside. Xie Ao Yu grabbed the spices, sprinkling them on. Soon there was an aroma filling the air. At that time the two people holding half of a spirit beast egg began to eat.

Unexpectedly, they had just taken a bite of the spirit beast egg when they began to feel a hint of change.

Battle Emperor Chapter 35

So right now I’m feeling pretty bad for the bald man. He got his entire life ruined by some punk kid. Admittedly, he’s probably made some questionable decisions to get to this point, but still, MC’s just sooo…
Whatever. All in favor of handing MC role to Xiao Bai, please say “aye”.

Also, what’s your favorite anime of the season so far? I think mine’s One Punch Man.

Chapter 35


Xiao Bai’s sudden appearance gave Qin Yueyi a fright.

Previously Xie Ao Yu hadn’t mentioned to her about Xiao Bai’s presence. In addition, Xiao Bai had been in a place where if he just crouched down a little in the grass, then no one could see him. Thus, even Qin Yueyi didn’t notice it.

“White Spirit Beast?” Qin Yueyi said in surprise.

Xiao Bai’s cute appearance made Qin Yueyi immediately throw her hands up in surrender, her eyes exposed a red passion. She stretched out her hands and lifted up Xiao Bai.

“Where are there spirit beasts?” Xie Ao Yu asked.

When searching for spirit beasts, naturally it would be easiest to use a spirit beast.

Spirit beasts were all very alert, especially low-level spirit beasts because they were at the bottom of the food chain. Thus, in order to survive, they were exceptionally vigilant.

Once Xiao Bai heard, it pointed to the left at about a hundred or so meters towards a cave, “Yiya yiya.”

Xie Ao Yu then knew, that cave should have a spirit beast in it.

He rushed in towards that direction at full speed.

He was still short about thirty meters from the cave entrance when Te La, who had been chasing them in a straight line, almost caught up. Their distance was becoming narrower.


Xie Ao Yu catapulted high into the air.

When Te La saw this, naturally he would not let go of this opportunity. When a person was in midair, unless they could fly freely in the air, then it would be their most vulnerable moment. Regardless of dodging, even the ability to summon strength was limited.

At the same time, he commanded the people behind him to once again use their qi.

Scarlet Lightning Exploding Chop!

The Lightning Spirit Holy Sword in Xie Ao Yu’s hands exploded out a crimson electric light. Aimed at the cave, it viciously slashed towards it.

This fighting skill’s power was amazing, in addition to having Lightning Spirit Holy Sword as its carrier, and with Xie Ao Yu’s full strength casting it, the power behind it was frightening to think about.

A crimson sword light roared out, charging into the cave.


The spirit beast in the cave couldn’t take any more and let out an angry roar, and charged straight out. A gust of wind swept across,  directly destroying Xie Ao Yu’s Scarlet Lightning Exploding Chop.

Xie Ao Yu took in a big breath of air. This was definitely an extremely terrifying spirit beast.

Now he understood why there were no spirit beasts in the vicinity. It was because this area was this tyrannical spirit beast’s territory. The other spirit beasts all didn’t even dare step in this area.

The idea of a spirit beast that owned a territory was very scary.

The moment Xie Ao Yu launched his attack, he then immediately changed his direction in the middle of the air, heading towards the southeast to land. In the end, the people who had been chasing unleashed various kinds of fighting skills of varying strengths that they knew against that terrifying spirit beast.

With so many practitioners simultaneously attacking, the power was terrifying, even scarier than Xie Ao Yu’s attack. With the power like easily breaking a dead branch from a tree, it could obliterate everything in its path.


The spirit beast was furious. From its body exploded an enormous amount of strength.

A tornado surged out of its body, sweeping everything in the area, especially the attacks, creating an explosion sound.

It then glided forwards towards Te La and the others.

Seeing this spirit beast with a dragon’s head, a lion’s mane, a horse’s body, a fish’s scales, a dragon’s wings, and a snake’s tail, it seemed like a spirit beast that was an extremely strong spirit beast that was second to none.

“Black Scaled Wyvern!”

(TN: 墨鳞翼龙兽? Name suggestions?)

Te La saw this spirit beast, and uttered a cry of horror.

This scared the crap out of Xie Ao Yu too.

The Black Scaled Wyvern was at least equivalent to an upper Spirit-levelled master. Its tyrannical strength was evil. Its body defense was invincible, and its wind magic was amazing.

It was an absolute existence.


Te La hoarsely cried out.

Although he was also Spirit level, the difference between Te La and the Black Scaled Wyvern was extremely large, not just simply within one level’s difference.


How could the furious Black Scaled Wyvern just let these people run. It beat its wings and started to chase them. It opened its mouth and spat out enough wind blades to fill the sky.

This was one of wind magic’s amazing powers… Wind Blade Dance!

(TN: 风刃狂舞? Y’all know the drill)

Each of the wind blades was enough to kill a person, and there were at least a few hundred wind blades. There was nowhere to hide. They could only use their full strength to block, forcing their speed to decrease, and then the Black Scaled Wyvern rushed down and grabbed and bit them.

For a period of time, blood flew out and screams continued unceasingly.

Xie Ao Yu looked at the Black Scaled Wyvern’s figure, and sighed in his heart. He had seen many descriptions of the Black Scaled Wyvern in many books.

This type of spirit beasts greatest feature was… its bloodlust and brutality.

When there were humans intruding on the spirit beast’s territory, it wouldn’t hesitate carry out a massacre. It definitely wouldn’t leave any survivors, but when he had entered its area, it had gone to fight with Te La and the others. The Black Scaled Wyvern indeed hadn’t come out to attack, instead it had been drawn out by his hand.

Something didn’t seem quite right.

Xie Ao Yu turned his head to look at the cave, once again seeing the gleeful slaughtering, brutish, Black Scaled Wyvern. An idea formed in his mind.  

“You wait here. Don’t recklessly go anywhere.” Xie Ao Yu stared at Qin Yueyi. He then ran towards the cave.

Once he had entered the cave, a waft of odor blew into his face.

Enduring the foul odor, Xie Ao Yu slipped inside.

The inside of the cave was a little damp, and was filled with the strong odor. At the end of the cave was a bed made out of leaves and weeds and other things. Although it was messy, on top of it was a spirit beast egg.

Surrounding the spirit egg were even some traces of bloodstains.

It was obvious that the Black Scaled Wyvern had just laid this spirit egg within the last past hour. That was Xie Ao Yu’s judgement. Otherwise, the aggressive Black Scaled Wyvern, let alone allowing people to come to its cave, even if people had tread on its territory, then it wouldn’t have hesitated to go out and attack.

Aggressiveness was one of the Black Scaled Wyverns features.

It just so happened that this Black Scaled Wyvern had to be lured out by him. It was simply incredible. Where was there such a docile Black Scaled Wyvern?

The Black Scaled Wyvern egg was very large. It was at least half a meter tall. Its body emitted a soft blue halo of light.

“If the Black Scaled Wyvern lost its egg it would probably be very angry. Te La’s people will have a very good time.” Xie Ao Yu chuckled, walking onto the grass bed.

Placing the spirit beast egg inside his space ring, Xie Ao Yu quickly left the cave.

“Let’s move quickly!”

Xie Ao Yu once again placed Qin Yueyi on his back, finding a direction, and bolted that way.

(ED: How convenient.. Another cave, another treasure, snuck in, snuck out <roll my eyes>)

There were no pursuers, allowing him to focus his qi onto his legs, making his speed crazy fast. Only after running for at least seven or eight hundred meters did he hear the  Black Scaled Wyvern’s endlessly angry roar resounding the air. Even from this distance, it could be seen that the surrounding area’s plants and trees rocked by the violent shaking.

“It finally found out.” Xie Ao Yu laughed.

“What did it discover? What did you do just now when you ran into the cave?” Qin Yueyi jumped off his back.

Xie Ao Yu acted imperially, and laughed: “I didn’t do much. I only grabbed a spirit egg.”

“Spirit beast egg?” Qin Yueyi’s pretty face lit up, “I understand. You discovered the Black Scaled Wyvern didn’t actively attack, so you assume it was laying its egg, right?”

Xie Ao Yu smiled as he nodded his head.

This caused Qin Yueyi to closely size up Xie Ao Yu, and then narcissistically said: “I originally thought this beauty was the smartest and wisest. I didn’t imagine you could do it too, ah. I reluctantly admit that your wisdom and intelligence can match with this beauty’s…but unlike this beauty’s purity or Xiao Bai’s image as a flower, you’re too bad. A bad boy, a bad boy.”
(TN: I didn’t quite understand this last part. 蔫儿坏蔫儿坏的)