Battle Emperor Chapter 48

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Chapter 48
Seeing Qin Doug’s kind look on his face, Xie Ao Yu not only didn’t feel any sense of intimacy, but instead felt a chill over his entire body. An unspeakable coldness.

The matter of the Lightning Spirit Sword, by logic only Qin Yueyi knew about it, others didn’t. How did Qin Doug learn of it and even asked for it? This made anger gush out from the bottom of Xie Ao Yu’s heart.


Without speaking that he was Qin Yueyi’s friend, he had saved Qin Yueyi and helped her obtain the Amethyst Spirit Water. Qin Doug shouldn’t be asking for anything.


Xie Ao Yu tried to make his face look as calm as possible.


But he knew, it couldn’t be calm. After all, it was the Lightning Spirit Holy Sword, and he had actually taken it from someone else’s hands.


A Sage Level practitioner, that was an invincible practitioner that could even beat his father Xie Gan with just a single finger. It was something that he as a tiny Advanced Level person could hope to compare to.


“How did elder learn of it” Xie Ao Yu asked.


Qin Doug smiled and pulled a pendant off his neck. The pendant gave off a faint light, “This is a divinity detector. As long as there’s a holy weapon or better, as long as it hasn’t been put inside a space ring, it can find it. Just now I happened to pass by your room and it told me that you have a holy sword.”

(TN: 神咒探测器divinity detector? Anyone got a better name?)



Divinity detector?


Xie Ao Yu glanced at the pendant. The trace of doubt towards Qin Yueyi quietly disappeared. The disturbed feeling also mostly disappeared.


After all, if it had been Qin Yueyi, then the friendship between the two would become estranged.


But since Qin Doug had pulled out this divinity detector, it made him realize once again how amazing and deep the background of the big clans were, those that had been there tens of thousands of years. At the peak of humanity’s greatness, not only were they qi masters, there were other mysterious masters, for example beast warriors, alchemists, enchanters, spirit masters etc.


But later on a lot of the magical arts were lost in the flow of time.


But divinity detectors, water spells, were things for enchanters. The divinity detector was rumored to have been a small thing for enchanters during humanity’s peak, and even though it was only a simple thing for them, divinity detectors were considered as magical and mysterious. One could only imagine what a significant item would be like, an incredibly mysterious item.


“Elder came really prepared for this Big Treasure Hunt Assembly, ah.” Xie Ao Yu faintly said. With this divinity detector, if there was a mysterious treasure, it would be easy to find it.


“Hehe, it’s just a small toy.” Qin Doug obviously didn’t intend to continue that conversation. He glanced at Xie Ao Yu’s space ring, “I know that holy weapons are rare, the entire continent has very few, and the number of holy sword-types are even rarer. As long as younger brother agrees, if you have any request, I’ll use all my strength to fulfill it.”



Xie Ao Yu said: “Elder please forgive me. I cannot trade this sword.”


His voice wasn’t loud, but it had a tone of decisiveness to it.


Qin Doug’s eyebrows rose. He had originally thought that Xie Ao Yu would at least consider it for a moment, then he would take out some valuables, but he hadn’t imagined that Xie Ao Yu would refuse so quickly.


Speaking of weapons, Qin Doug had always wanted a holy sword, but never had a chance. Now that there was an opportunity in front of him, how could he let it go.


“Little brother, think about it again. I can give you anything you want, even some high level techniques or some high grade pills.” Qin Doug said.


Xie Ao Yu shook his head and said: “No trade!”


The second he finished speaking, a chill spread out from Qin Doug’s body. Although the weather was currently summer, at the hottest time, Xie Ao Yu still felt like the room’s interior temperature plummeted straight to below freezing. His entire body was shivering. It was indescribably cold.


Xie Ao Yu felt as if he had fallen into an ice hole.

(TN: Like for fishing in winter.)


Even so, he had a relationship with the cold, his skin naturally then formed the kind of aura an overlord dragon might have, contempt for the world, in order to resist.


The two didn’t exchange blows, but their auras collided.


Neither gave in.



Qin Doug’s eyes narrowed, secretly surprised. He could see that other than Xie Ao Yu’s aura being a bit special, clearly his strength wasn’t high, but he still had an aura the level of a Sage Level practitioner.



“Little brother, I think I understand, this Heng Duan Mountain Range is spirit beast infested, has countless practitioners, and even more enemies. For a tiny Upper Advanced Level practitioner like you, gaining experience in the Heng Duan Mountain Range is very dangerous.” Qin Doug’s voice was calm and level, as if to remind Xie Ao Yu, “If it becomes known to others that you’re carrying a holy sword, you’ll definitely suffer a disaster, and at that time, not only will your holy sword be taken, but even your life.”






Xie Ao Yu felt a surge of anger, but he knew that he couldn’t show it. Due to Qin Doug’s identity and status, he could only endure it.


This was clearly a threat.


“Life and death are decreed by fate. Since I chose to come to the Heng Duan Mountain Range for experience, I have already disregarded life and death.” Xie Ao Yu said in a strong tone.


“Good. Your words are good. Indeed you’ve got a lot of vigor.” Qin Doug’s eyes hinted a flash of cold, “But as far as I know, it seems that your father still has not woken up from his coma and is waiting for you to win the Continental Youth Competition, in order to win the Water of the Holy Spirit, right?”



Xie Ao Yu suddenly lifted his head, staring at Qin Doug.



Qin Doug was gleefully looking at him.



“You investigated my background already.” Xie Ao Yu suppressed his anger.


“That’s right. You were with Yueyi. Of course I investigated you, making sure you didn’t have an ulterior motive.  Fortunately, you didn’t have any evil intentions.” Qin Doug said.


“If there were evil intentions, then I’m guessing you would have made a move and stopped me?” Xie Ao Yu couldn’t help but say.


Qin Doug wasn’t moved to anger, “That’s right.”


With such a simple confession, it made Xie Ao Yu feel even more that Qin Doug’s degree of shamelessness was amazing. His thoughts were racing. The Lightning Spirit Holy Sword could definitely not be traded, but if it wasn’t traded, would Qin Doug forcibly seize it?


This thought process was quickly rejected. There was still Qin Yueyi after all.


With the little devil Qin Yueyi’s degree of cleverness, without speaking of Qin Doug trying to grab it in broad daylight, even if he tried to secretly take it, it would still be discovered. If he had to get the Lightning Spirit Holy Sword, it would be best to do it after they had parted.



That is to say, for now he was still safe.


But the second they parted, then Qin Doug would probably show his true face.


Then what could be done?


Xie Ao Yu let out a bitter smile. He had long since known that large clans rarely talked about feelings, even the Xie family, this sort of small clan was the same, not to mention a super large family like the Qin clan.



Tell Qin Yueyi? This was an obviously stupid idea.


That would only bring him Qin Yueyi’s contempt. After all, the relationship between him and Qin Yueyi compared to the relationship between Qin Doug and Qin Yueyi was incomparable.


“Have you decided?” Qin Doug gleefully said, “If you give me the holy sword, not only will I give you whatever you want, I’ll even let you become one of our Qin family members. From then on your Xie family will become part of our Qin family’s high branch and will inevitably rise.”

(TN: Maybe it should be translated as main branch 高枝?)



Xie Ao Yu stared at Qin Doug for a while, then said: “No trade!”



Qin Doug hearing this, suddenly burst out with killing intent.


Before the aura was merely oppressive. Now it contained a chilling killing intent. He icily stared at Xie Ao Yu, “Are you sure about this?”


“Second uncle, you’re also here, ah.”


Just at this time, Qin Yueyi lively voice came in.



Qin Doug immediately retracted the killing intent, the smile on his face reemerged, his appearance seeming very good-natured. This smile could give others a very friendly impression, but Xie Ao Yu felt an indescribable cold.


“Hehe, that’s right, second uncle should go to the front lobby.” Qin Doug smiled and patted Xie Ao Yu’s shoulder as if nothing had happened, “Since you’ve come, why don’t you also come with us to the front lobby. I have some things to tell you, and will at the same time introduce this little brother to the others. For the younger brother, the more people who recognize him the better.”


If these words had been said before Qin Doug’s threats, then Xie Ao Yu have been very glad, but since it was said now, it was equivalent to a threat.


Xie Ao Yu said: “Then I’ll have to thank you Elder.”


Qin Yueyi shouted: “What is this? I wanted to go to the Big Treasure Hunt Assembly with old Xie to test our luck.”



“Hehe, this time after the Big Treasure Hunt Assembly, the auctioned items at the finale of the auction will attract many of the continent’s empires large clans to observe.” Qin Doug laughed.



Battle Emperor Chapter 47

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Chapter 47


Seeing that frightened and retreating Four Armed Magic Ape, the entire audience was silent.


Shortly after, including Qin Doug, everyone there looked at the preeminent young man with the same eyes as if they were looking at a monster. Each person knew what a Four Armed Magic Ape meant, that it was a future Emperor Level existence, a terrifying spirit beast born with an emperor’s bearing. Now it was actually being scared to the point of retreating.


In addition Qin Doug who could recognize his strength was extraordinary, was also shocked by shocked by the turn of events in front of his eyes.



His eyes let out a strange light as they stared at Xie Ao Yu, as a Sage Level master, his aura could oppress any practitioner under Rainbow Level to the point of vomiting blood, but even for him facing a Four Armed Magic Ape, even an immature one, he wouldn’t be able to do that.



Because the Four Armed Magic Ape was a natural-born Emperor Level spirit beast, even when it was young, it still had the Emperor Level spirit beast kind of spirit beast attitude, but Xie Ao Yu had still managed to frighten it into retreating.



Why was this?



“This beauty has seen stupid before, but never someone as stupid as you Chalice, actually being knocked over by your own magic pet.” Qin Yueyi excitedly exclaimed, “A toad like you wants to eat swan meat like me, don’t you think you’re a little too evil at heart?”


The irony made Chalice’s face muscles twitch.


To think that he, Chalice, with his identity as Tian Luo Empire’s three big clan’s number one Pasa Clan’s patriarch’s son, would actually be called a toad. It was an unendurable situation.


“Kill him!” Chalice only felt that killing intent in his chest, he yelled at Kasuo, “Hurry up and kill him, kill him!”



As Chalice’s loyal lackey, Kasuo responded to Chalice’s words, obedient as always, without thinking of what kind of unnecessary trouble it would cause, stepped forward.


He was of the Lower Spirit Level.


His strength was much greater than Chalice’s.


While moving forward, an epee appeared in his hands, waving the sword to attack Xie Ao Yu, the sword edge excitedly emitted a radiant yellow qi, sending people chills.

(TN: Hard to say if 重剑 is the fencing sword or the heavy sword. Kinda like SYWZ. For now, just picture him with both.)


Facing the oncoming attack, Xie Ao Yu slowly raised his fist.


The fist emitted a faint golden light.



He was using Overlord Dragon Boxing!


Having just had the epiphany for Overlord Dragon Boxing’s meaning,  he could finally appreciate Overlord Dragon Boxing’s number one style…If not I, then who!


Before this move hadn’t been used, it had been an indomitable force. Now it released an irresistible aura, causing the Four Armed Magic Ape once again roar, continuously trying to retreat.


Receiving the impact of Xie Ao Yu’s aura, Kasuo let out an angry roar, the epee exploded out sending out a two meter long cold beam, the beam piercing the sky, letting out an audible screech of metal against metal attack, the ringing sound carrying with it killing intent.






Xie Ao shouted once, sending his fist out.


Overlord Dragon Boxing’s if not I then who!



The fist clashed against the epee!





Blinding light like a bursting sun, within a hundred meter radius, every inch of space was lit up. Surging energy rampaged everywhere.


A tragic cry rang out, an earsplitting shrill roar; a person’s figure came flying out of the blast, bringing a wave of blood that flew through the air.


Qin Yueyi frantically stared at the scene. Discovering that it was actually Kasuo, but now Kasuo was not in very good condition. His epee was broken, and some of the debris had gotten lodged in his body, his hair was completely disheveled, the clothes on his chest were ripped apart. A picture of misery.


“Despicable person, shameless scoundrel, how could you win.” Qin Yueyi stormed into the field, pointing at Chalice, “You should understand how to behave now right.”



Chalice crawled up from the ground, pushing aside the people trying to help him up, coldly staring at Xie Ao Yu, then left.






Qin Yueyi excitedly began to cry out strangely towards the sky.


Her current appearance completely destroyed her originally lovely and pure image.


Qin Doug shook his head. For their clan, children were meant to married off, rarely were they able to control their own destiny.


Like Chalice was one of the Qin family’s choices.


But it was only one of the choices, thus even after Chalice was beaten and sent away, he paid it no attention. Instead, he had generated a strong interest in Xie Ao Yu, especially since he had been able to scare off the Four Armed Magic Ape.



It really made him feel surprised.


“Second uncle, how was that. The madman’s pretty good right. A lot stronger than those so-called men that you found.” Qin Yueyi said proudly like a small mother hen, “Hehe, help me talk with the old man and chase off all those so-called suitors.”


Qin Doug smiled and said: “With just this alone, it won’t work.”


Among the ones that could be selected by the Qin family, most had good background. Not only did the individual’s condition, they also needed to look at their wealth, status and so on.


“Hng, this beauty will definitely think of a way.” Qin Yueyi bitterly said.


Once Qin Doug and his men came together, Qin Yueyi also joined them and went together  towards Forest City in order to participate in the Big Treasure Hunt Assembly. Since Xie Ao Yu had come to gain experience, for this kind of big event, naturally he wouldn’t miss it. He joined up with the Qin family.



Forest City in itself was not that impressive, but the place’s peculiarity was that it was covered completely in vegetation, not a single stone. It was apparently made by many of Heng Duan Mountain Range’s forest dwellers collaborating together. They were naturally inclined to be together with the flowers and the trees, thus the city’s buildings were completely made from vegetation.



Speaking of the Big Treasure Hunt Assembly, Xie Ao Yu had heard of it long ago.


Almost every year the Forest City would have a Big Treasure Hunt Assembly, each time it would attract countless participants. Even Tian Luo Empire’s three big clans all dispatched core clan members to go, demonstrating the attractive power of the Big Treasure Hunt Assembly.


Outside of Forest City’s city gates there were Forest City patrols guards. Even during the Big Treasure Hunt Assembly, average people still couldn’t enter, but when the Qin family said the four words Tian Luo Qin Family, immediately there were people asking them to come to a nice quiet house to rest. Xie Ao Yu once again experienced the benefits of a large clan.


Inside the house, Xie Ao Yu was separated to a single person room.


The room was completely built from tress. It had a fresh scent to it.


Entering the room, Xie Ao Yu closed the door, and then lied down on the bed. Since the fight with the Four Armed Magic Ape and understanding the meaning of Overlord Dragon Boxing, these days, Xie Ao Yu was thinking about Overlord Dragon Boxing every day.



This fighting skill, it seemed like a punch, but in fact many things were very complex.


Xie Ao Yu was now testing the insight the he had gained from Overlord Dragon Boxing… If not I then who, how to make that kind of aura and how to unleash it. Its force was created in a moment. The produced force was absolutely amazing.



Since he could defeat Lower Spirit Level Kasuo in one hit, it could be imagined that this move’s terrifying degree. And this was only Xie Ao Yu’s first evolution of the Overlord Dragon Boxing. This made Xie Ao Yu desperately ponder over Overlord Dragon Boxing.


One the road here, he almost completely digested “If not I then who”. He was now trying to find new insights.



But he hadn’t made much progress.


But still, he had discovered a meaning in one place.


Previously when using solely Overlord Dragon Boxing, it looked like drawing a ladle by the gourd, there wasn’t a single bit of understanding of Overlord Dragon Boxing. Now that he had gone deeper into Overlord Dragon Boxing’s essence, he found that it was very braod.

(TN: 葫芦画瓢 anyone got a better explanation/translation?)



And vaguely inside the “If not I then who” fist, Xie Ao Yu felt as if he were using a weapon, not just using the fixed form of a fist.


When he thought of this point, he began to feel restless, unable to wait to test it, but afraid that others would see it. He withheld until they reached Forest City.


Then he began testing it on the spot.


Naturally it didn’t use too much qi, using less than ten percent of his qi. Overlord Dragon Boxing required qi to use, and in the end it aggregated onto the Lightning Spirit Holy Sword, and he swung.

(TN: Sorry guys. Couldn’t really translate this part. You might get the general idea though?)


It was unlike trying to cleave with a sword, but was more of a casual swing.


The sword raked.





A gleam of sword light slashed through. Following that, Xie Ao Yu felt the Lightning Spirit Holy Sword seemed to have come alive for a moment, as if the sword suddenly had life, letting out a deep dragon’s growl.



The dazzling light from the Lightning Spirit Holy Sword’s blade flashed. It was a ball of light. As it left the Lightning Spirit Holy Sword, the ball of light broke apart like a dragon egg breaking open, like an overlord dragon coming into existence. A small-scale powerful dragon entered into the air, cutting through the air, causing the room to shake, as if the room had been penetrated.



Seeing the spectacle, Xie Ao Yu excitedly began to violently swing his fist.


Since then, he hadn’t understood, to become a generation’s fighting skill grand master Ye Chao Feng number one masterpiece, this fist called Overlord Dragon Boxing, in truth contained many methods of using a fist as a sword, use it for swordsmanship, for marksmanship, and even archery. It absolutely did not lack in any aspect, it was all-encompassing.


“Pa pa”



There was a knock on the door.


Xie Ao Yu put away the Lightning Spirit Holy Sword and opened the door to receive the gust.


It was Qin Doug who was smiling as he looked at him, “Your excellency acutally has a holy sword. Could you afford to give it to me?”  



Xie Ao Yu hearing this, his face suddenly changed.



Battle Emperor Chapter 46

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Chapter 46

Being defeated in one punch, and by a love rival.

What made Chalice even more unable to accept it was that he had previously expressed contempt for Xie Ao Yu, choosing not to use the soul contracted magic pet Four Armed Magic Ape. Now that he had been shamed, he became even more angry, which was Xie Ao Yu’s intention.

How could he recognize his loss just like that.

“I refuse to accept this. Kid, let’s go again, this time, I’ll definitely kill you!” Chalice’s eyes were blood-red, at the same time a spirit beasts growl was heard.

Xie Ao Yu seemed as if he had just woken up from a dream. Just then when he had punched, he hadn’t used Overlord Dragon Boxing, but there was a moment of feeling, as if he had communicated with Overlord Dragon Boxing. Only, it contained the true meaning of Overlord Dragon Boxing, making him feel like he gained some sliver of insight.

Except that feeling came quickly and left even quicker.

Making him unable to grasp it.

Xie Ao Yu wanted to experience that feeling again, not wanting to fight with Chalice, so he lightly said: “You’re not my opponent!”

Hearing these words, Chalice’s face flushed, killing intent bursted out from his eyes. To him, this was the utmost humiliation. He raised his head to roar like an angry spirit beast. The sound carried a sharp ring to it, as if it was trying to pierce through people’s heads. Some of the lower-levelled practitioners had to bend down and cover their ears.

“Young master…” A man from the Pasa family whispered.

“Kasuo, shut up!” Chalice angrily yelled, “Today I will definitely kill him, no one can stop me. I’m going to let him know the consequences of offending me!”

(TN: 卡索  – Casserole? Castle? Ka Suo? Caso? Casso? Picasso?)

Seeing this, the man name Kasuo had to close his mouth, at the same time sneaking a glance at Qin Doug. This was the true face of their young master, overbearing.

Qin Doug was acting as if he hadn’t seen it and was still smiling and watching.

“Hey! Old man, do you have any face. A loss is a loss. You still want to fight a round, don’t you deserve a spanking? Old Xie, severely spank him, spank him until he can’t take care of himself.” Qin Yueyi shouted.

Chalice hearing this, the muscles on his face twitched.

He choked down his anger, his finger pointed to a circular badge on his chest, then pointed forward. The circular badge shot out a fire read beam.

Impressively it was a summoning badge.


A heaven shaking roar exploded, as if it was thunder breaking through the air. Even the a sixty or seventy pound rock about three meters away from Chalice was shattered by the roar.

Following the fire red beam, a two meter tall magic ape appeared at Chalice’s side. When it appeared, it began to furiously beat its chest, creating large vibrations.

Its huge head was like an apes, but the rest of it was different from an apes. For instance, its eyes were crimson, its head had two horns, these horns were black. On it were screw thread patterns. The horns were incomparably sharp like a razor.

Four arms shook back and forth, each of them nearly reaching its knees, each arm was extremely long, its body was completely covered in up to ten centimeters of black hair, a long tail that seemed like a steel whip was swishing in the air, issuing a “pa pa” sound.

It opened its red maw, letting out a bestial roar, and its wide mouth revealed its extraordinarily terrifying white teeth. This was a Four Armed Magic Ape.


The Four Armed Magic Ape roared at Xie Ao Yu.

“That’s him. Slaughter him!” Chalice shrieked, although he was very arrogant, he understood that the Four Armed Magic Ape’s degree of terror would be his backing in the future.

“Old man…” Qin Yueyi quickly opened her mouth.

Qin Doug then pulled her back, preventing Qin Yueyi from interfering, “If you want to get rid of future entanglements with Chalice, then don’t interfere.”

Qin Yueyi angrily shut her mouth.


The Four Armed Magic Ape used strength to stomp on the ground,  immediately issuing a dull ring, an indescribable oppressive force came out of its body.

Even the Qin family and Pasa family’s people who were a couple dozen meters away felt the pressure, causing them all to back up a little. The Four Armed Magic Ape was terrifying.

“It really is worth to be a natural-born emperor level spirit beast.” Qin Doug gasped in admiration.

When the Four Armed Magic Ape reached adulthood, it would be a Lower Emperor Level spirit beast, but that wasn’t all. The Four Armed Magic Ape was a evolutionary level type of spirit beast. As long as it was possible, they could evolve to Upper Emperor Level, the most terrifying and powerful point, and they could do it normally.

Therefore when looking at this kind of spirit beast, they should be seen as simple spirit beasts.

They could be seen as humans.

Because their intelligence wasn’t any worse than a human’s, just like this Four Armed Magic Ape, becoming Chalice’s soul contracted magic pet, it naturally understood that Chalice had been defeated,  and since it was a soul contracted magic pet, its strength and Chalice’s were comparable. Even if it’s battle strength was high, it could not easily defeat same level practitioners, thus it tried to use its natural-born talent as an Emperor Level spirit beast to oppress the opposition.

Inviolable dignity.

Xie Ao Yu’s eyes became cold.

He could feel from the Four Armed Magic Ape’s domineering oppression that this Emperor Level spirit beast since its birth to now had been similar to a dragon with its dragon’s prestige.

But this feeling made him recall previous familiar feeling.

Just now when Chalice and I exchanged punches, was that feeling like the one right now? Xie Ao Yu’s mind was moving and vaguely caught the insight from just before.



What in the world was it? Xie Ao Yu once again used Overlord Dragon Boxing, his eyes staring at the Four Armed Magic Ape, but did not actually attack, and instead was experiencing Overlord Dragon Boxing’s meaning.

Overlord Dragon Boxing was the supreme fighting technique that a generation’s fighting technique grandmaster, it could be said that countless people even if they studied it their entire life would still be unable to thoroughly understand. Xie Ao Yu right now at a vague feeling.

What was this feeling?


The Four Armed Magic Ape roared again, its four arms swinging, its eyes releasing blazing light, slowly trundling towards Xie Ao Yu. Even if it was a strong opponent, it still would fight. This was the Four Armed Magic Ape’s dignity.

Seeing the Four Armed Magic Ape’s movements, Xie Ao Yu’s brain had a brilliant flash.

He finally understood.

What was the Overlord Dragon Boxing’s meaning?

It was an indomitable spirit, knowing death was coming, but never flinching arrogance. It’s nature was… if I could not do it then who could. The world under heaven was large, and the number of experts were like stars.

And I am the moon in the vast heavens, surrounded by stars.

(TN: Chinese idiom here. 众星捧月 means something along the lines of being a superstar and peons gathering to worship you.)

Because I am invincible.

This was meaning of the fist of Overlord Dragon Boxing. When the punch was sent out, if I could not do it then who could!

Pondering over the fist’s meaning, Xie Ao Yu’s suddenly changed. Before he gave off a formidable and valiant impression, but now it gave people the taste of invincibility.

Xie Ao Yu stood there as if he were an undefeatable god of war.

Understanding Overlord Dragon Boxing’s meaning made Xie Ao Yu once again use the Overlord Dragon Boxing fighting skill, making him appear like he had transformed into an emperor of beasts, making all spirit beasts under heaven tremble, they all had to fear the invincible Overlord Dragon.


The originally wild and domineering Four Armed Magic Ape seemed like it had encountered its mortal enemy, letting out a cry of horror, hurriedly taking two steps back. It looked at Xie Ao Yu in alarm.

Although Xie Ao Yu was a human, but in its eyes, the opposition was an Overlord Dragon.

Amongst spirit beasts, who would dare fight with an Overlord Dragon?

Absolutely none.

Even if it had reached the Upper Emperor Level, if the Four Armed Magic Ape met an Overlord Dragon, it only had one path. The Overlord Dragon was an invincible existence.

Xie Ao Yu placed his hand behind his back, a breeze passed by, making his messy hair to slowly fly up, his clothes also fluttered in the wind. His face was resolute, sending out an “if not me then who” aura. His eyes were staring at the Four Armed Magic Ape.

Being locked onto by Xie Ao Yu’s eyes, the Four Armed Magic Ape suddenly let out a cry of horror, continuously backing up.

Chalice who was standing in the back, wanting to see the Four Armed Magic Ape teach Xie Ao Yu a lesson, how could he imagine that there would be such a change, that the Four Armed Magic Ape just happened to collide with him, sending him flying into the air again, heavily slamming into the ground.

Without trying to fight, the Four Armed Magic Ape backed away.

Xie Ao Yu’s fist motion suddenly made Qin Doug’s eyes light up.

“So handsome, ah!” Qin Yueyi excitedly shouted out.

The other people standing around had expressions of fear as they looked at Xie Ao Yu. For a period of time, some of them had a hard time accepting this scene, but it was the truth.

Xie Ao Yu hadn’t needed to make a move and had scared off the Four Armed Magic Ape. It was the first time they had seen such a magical scene. In this moment, the three words Xie Ao Yu were firmly engraved into the hearts of everyone present.

(TN: Sorry guys, XAY evolved again. No longer One Punch Man. He is now No Punch Man.)

Battle Emperor Chapter 45

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Chapter 45


Whether it was Xie Ao Yu, or Qin Doug, both of them began choking on their spit.

That Chalice’s face which had been full of sincerity was suddenly changed to disbelief, but it quickly reverted. A smile even appeared on his face.

“Yue er, I know I didn’t find you, making you go through a lot of suffering, but I will definitely make up for it in the future, really. Just stop saying nonsense.” Chalice’s voice was completely calm, unable to see Qin Yueyi’s intent to cause confusion or anger at all.

“Nonsense?” Qin Yueyi clung to Xie Ao Yu’s arm, leaning against his arm like a little bird, one hand secretly on Xie Ao Yu’s soft rib, gently twisting a little, “You’re not allowed to expose the truth.”

Xie Ao Yu chuckled secretly.

He really wanted to see what sort of tricks Qin Yueyi could still play.

“Yueyi!” Qin Doug’s complexion darkened.

“Second uncle, I’m telling the truth!” Qin Yueyi lifted her head, her face looking serious, “I must marry him or else.” In that sort of serious manner made even Xie Ao Yu feel like she was speaking the truth. Then facing Chalice, she let out a hint of ridicule, “You’re already a twenty-three year old geezer, how could you have improper desires towards this young beauty, ah.”

Xie Ao Yu noticed at this time Chalice’s eyes had a hint of anger.

“Yue er…” Chalice’s voice was still even.


Making a stop gesture with her hand, Qin Yueyi solemnly said: “I’ll trouble you to pay attention for a moment. I’m about to get married to a man now, do not casually refer to me as Yue er, as if I was an outsider. You should call me… Young Miss Qin. Thank you.”

Qin Doug’s face was very ugly as he looked at Xie Ao Yu.

For this, Xie Ao Yu could only pretend to not see. Qin Doug and Chalice to him were only newly recognized names of strangers, but he had been with Qin Yueyi through thick and thin. Naturally he would help Qin Yueyi.

“What is this brother called?” Chalice faced Qin Yueyi, he had no choice, he had to maintain an even demeanor. He had to endure at least in front of Qin Doug. That fiery anger in his heart was then directed towards Xie Ao Yu.

“Xie Ao Yu.” Xie Ao Yu reported his name.

Chalice said: “So it was brother Xie. Since Yue er…”

“Young Miss Qin!” Qin Yueyi interrupted in a serious manner to remind him.

The anger increased. Chalice continued to say: “Since you’ve been selected by Young Miss Qin, then you must have the strength to protect Young Miss Qin right. How about we exchange a couple of blows, and if you really have strength, then Uncle Qin can rest assuredly hand over Young Miss Qin to you, and I’ll agree to kill off those feelings.”

He said it in a calm tone, but in reality was forced to play this hand.

If he failed, then Xie Ao Yu would lose face, and definitely would not be able to remain here; if he won, Chalice heart sneered, how could this kid possibly win?

“En, this proposal is pretty good.” Qin Doug nodded his head.

“Second uncle!” Qin Yueyi said in an unsatisfied tone, “He’s an already an over twenty year old geezer. We’re both still young, this isn’t fair.”

The age aspect in itself was a restriction.

The older you were, the more time you had to cultivate. For someone like Chalice who was already twenty-three, then Xie Ao Yu who was between sixteen and seventeen years, there was a difference of six whole years between them.

Six years’ time was enough for a person to make a qualitative change.

Xie Ao Yu was confident that if given six or seven years’ time, speaking of attaining Emperor or Sage level might be a bit much, but he was confident that he could at least reach Rainbow level.

“Then I won’t use by soul contracted spirit beast Four Arms Magic Ape, using only my hands. He can do whatever.” Chalice proudly said, showing a dismissive expression towards Xie Ao Yu.

Soul contracted spirit beast?

Xie Ao Yu was secretly stunned. It should be known that soul contracted spirit beasts were a type of very magical contract. This type of contract’s biggest advantage was the spirit beast’s growth.

For example, Chalice’s Four Armed Magic Ape, its mature equivalent was about a Lower Emperor Level incredible spirit beast, but under ordinary circumstances, for it to grow, it needed at least a thousand years to mature. To shorten the time, other than encountering some extremely rare Pure World Spirit, in order to have hope, it was precisely because of this point that humans created the soul contract.

(TN: 天地灵粹 – Pure world spirit? I dunno.)

The so-called soul contract, the one that Chalice was speaking about, his family just happened to have a Four Armed Magic Ape egg. When it was born, it formed the contract.

Since then, every time Chalice levelled up, the Four Armed Magic Ape’s level would rise. Man and beast were at the same level and received the same promotions, thus solving the spirit beast’s long growth cycle.

This was the magical and unpredictable soul contract.

Seeing Xie Ao Yu’s face leaking out a surprised expression, Chalice sneered even more, thinking that Xie Ao Yu’s strength was average, and he was more than confident in his own strength.

As the Qin family’s equal in standing, as Tian Luo’s three big clan’s number one Pasa family’s patriarch’s second son, he had absolute confidence in himself.

(TN: 帕萨 Pa Sa? Passat? Pasta? What say you?)

“I’m reminding you that you’re an old man, since you’re willingly giving it up, then just give it up.” Qin Yueyi turned to Xie Ao Yu and said, “Big devil, this is a terrific chance to display your abilities. As this beauty’s friend, you must not disappoint this beauty’s expectations, ah.”

“I’ll try my best.” Xie Ao Yu felt disgusted towards the people with lofty dispositions like Chalice.

Qin Doug who thought Xie Ao Yu’s strength was average then let out an interested look, because Xie Ao Yu was only sixteen or seventeen years old. If he could defeat a twenty-three year old Chalice from the Pasa family, then it would be a very impressive sight.

“I won’t be going easy.” Chalice dropped these words, then walked forward to an open area.

Xie Ao Yu also followed.

Thirty meters ahead was an empty area.

At this time the people Qin Doug and the people Chalice brought had already spread out, forming a large circle, standing outside to watch, each of them quietly whispering to one another.

“You’re going to regret this.” Chalice’s face was smiling, but there was an indescribable terrifying aura behind it.

Xie Ao Yu laughed, saying: “Forgive me, my literacy isn’t very good. I don’t know what regret means.”

“Looking to die!”

Chalice coldly yelled. The clothes on his body instantly bulged up, the muscles tensing up, threads of qi came out of his body, surrounding the area, a violent aura covered the area. Cracks appeared on the ground beneath his feet, pieces of gravel gradually floated up.

Upper Advanced Level!


In a tiny movement, Chalice suddenly stepped on the ground, exploding from the gravel with a terrifying speed that caused the gravel to explode.

An amazing speed!

With just one move, Xie Ao Yu could see Chalice’s tyrannical strength.

Even if Chalice wasn’t a genius among the Pasa family’s youth generation, but he was still the Pasa family patriarch’s son, the fighting skills he learned were all top level fighting skills. Just by looking at the fact that he could soul contract the magic pet Four Armed Magic Ape, one could tell that his position in the Pasa family was very high.

The dormant forces within Xie Ao Yu suddenly began to violently move, a powerful breath instantly exploded out, a dazzling golden light filled his body, the bright light covered his body like a golden suit of armor.

Chalice’s raised fist that was attacking couldn’t be seen.

But in Xie Ao Yu’s eyes, it had at least thirteen types of attacks fused together.

Xie Ao Yu stepped forward one step, qi surging. That one step seemed to make the earth within a hundred meters radius quiver, he also sent out a punch, one fist against another.

The golden fist’s shadow sent out a brilliant light in four directions, like countless golden snakes wildly slithering, the powerful force swept the weeds into the air, gravel went flying, creating a huge disturbance in eight directions.

One fist broke through the fist’s shadow.

An earth-shattering explosion suddenly spread out.

An enormous flow of energy flooded out, carving a deep half-meter ravine into the ground.

In the center of the field, Xie Ao Yu proudly fought, wind blew by, ruffling his messy hair, but his body was like a root, firmly standing, at this moment, giving people a sort of oppressive and intimidating feeling in four directions.

Whether it was the Qin family’s people or the Pasa family’s people, they all felt like they were looking at an illusion or a dream.

Until the winds faded and the weeds landed.

They were looking at the place eleven or twelve meters in front of Xie Ao Yu, the place where Chalice was lying, at the moment he was in an embarrassing position, his right hand was swollen, the clothes on his right arm ripped, leaving a trail of blood, his bones were broken.

One punch defeat.

He was defeated in one hit.

(TN: XAY is actually One Punch Man. I apologize for not revealing the truth earlier. He was doing his best to have fun fighting in earlier battles.)

Battle Emperor Chapter 44

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Chapter 44

The one foot squared sink appeared purple, and around an area of about two meters of the sink was a vacuum. The hundred or so meters of water in the pool had no way of entering it. By this alone, one could see that this Amethyst Spirit Water was unusual.  

For absorbing curious fires, Xie Ao Yu knew a little bit.

But concerning divergent water, they were too scarce. Also divergent waters were usually outside the continent, in the boundless, deep, and murky ocean depths. Even encountering one was difficult, and the formation process of this Amethyst Spirit Water was very complicated.

“How will you absorb it?” Xie Ao Yu asked.

Qin Yueyi giggled, “Watch me.” She rolled up her sleeves, put away the dagger, and sat down in front of the sink, her hands index fingers pointed out.

The two fingers pointed above the Amethyst Spirit Water.

Then Qin Yueyi’s mouth began speaking a spell.

Water incantation?

Xie Ao Yu’s heart was startled. He thought of a possibility. Water incantation spells were very magical. In the books he read, whether it was an ancient passage or a contemporary writer, they all held water incantation spells in high regard. There were many rumors for their uses, but few people knew their full effects.

Only the information about being able to steal a spirit beasts ability was widely circulated.

Qin Yueyi recited the spell, her body gradually emitted a layer of rippling water that fluctuated, and on her white jade oubi, there gradually emerged a faint green line of light that slowly extended to her fingers.

“Ding dong!” “Ding dong!”

The calm water of the Amethyst Spirit Water suddenly began trembling.

Then Xie Ao Yu saw, the Amethyst Spirit Water began to entirely float up, splitting into two and circling back and forth above Qin Yueyi’s two index fingers, as if there were two purple dragons.

Qin Yueyi’s spell became faster and faster.

Seeing those two dragons of Amethyst Spirit Water soaring, they intersected in midair at a point, and at this moment, Xie Ao Yu’s chest suddenly felt cold.

It was as if something had entered it.

This wasn’t the first time he had this sort of feeling.

He hadn’t noticed the Shadow Demon Spirit Fire, but he clearly remembered the Earth Pulmonary Heart Flame, and also inside the mountain when he had obtained the blue bead.

They had all given him the same feeling.

One point of difference was that the cold feeling was entering the tri-colored ball’s green portion, inserting itself into the middle of it. It had entered the same way the purple portion’s red lightning had. Inside, it was gently floating.  

It was also at this point that the Amethyst Spirit Water’s accompanying attribute showed itself. Xie Ao Yu felt a new closeness to water, although it wasn’t strong, the feeling was definitely there.

Xie Ao Yu touched his chest.

The tri-colored ball was right there. He really didn’t know what this tri-colored ball was. It seemed like it didn’t matter if it was a curious fire or a divergent water or even the mysterious blue bead, all of them were conquered by it without even daring to argue.  It was mysterious and powerful, increasingly making Xie Ao Yu want to know its origin.

“It worked!”

With a excited shout, Qin Yueyi jumped up, she grabbed Xie Ao Yu’s arm, and loudly said, “I succeeded, I succeeded, I have a divergent water!”

Having a divergent water truly was a good reason for joy, but Xie Ao Yu knew, Qin Yueyi’s happiness was because of more than that. After obtaining a divergent water, she could recklessly use her water incantation on water type spirit beasts. She could forcibly raise her strength with some pills, and wouldn’t need to worry about side effects.

Xie Ao Yu reached out his hand and pinched Qin Yueyi’s nose and laughed: “Quickly find the Jade Water Golden-Eyed Beast and test out your water incantation. Check out what you can get.”

Qin Yueyi bounced over to the unconscious Jade Water Golden-Eyed Beast.

Xie Ao Yu also went over.

He really wanted to see how the water incantation worked.

“To be this beauty’s first trial of using the water incantation on a water type spirit beast, you should feel proud.” Qin Yueyi patted the Jade Water Golden-Eyed Beast’s head, as if trying to make it feel proud.

Xie Ao Yu laughed, this little devil was a young girl after all, ah.

Qin Yueyi then stuck out her right index finger, pointing between the Jade Water Golden-Eyed Beast’s eyebrows, and then began to chant the water incantation spell.

So to cast the water incantation, this sort of thing was needed to obtain a water type spirit beasts ability. What an annoying process, Xie Ao Yu thought to himself, after all, if a powerful water type spirit beasts level was too high, in order to obtain it, first it needed to be defeated, which was already difficult. This was probably the water incantation’s disadvantage.

With the spell’s chant, Qin Yueyi’s fingers emitted a faint purple glow.

The unconscious Jade Water Golden-Eyed Beast’s body shuddered once.

Xie Ao Yu saw a very weak stream come out of the Jade Water Golden-Eyed Beast’s body, entering into Qin Yueyi’s finger, then disappeared without a trace.

One couldn’t tell how it was only from outer appearances.

After a while, Qin Yueyi opened her mouth and exhaled, pulling her index finger back, and then wiped her forehead that was covered in sweat.

“How is it?” Xie Ao Yu said.

“I think I succeeded.” Qin Yueyi said this, then closed her eyes, using her spirit to feel it out. Then her finger pointed out and the water in front of her began to move.

Xie Ao Yu saw some water rapidly converge together, forming a Jade Water Golden-Eyed Beast. He looked down by his feet. They looked exactly the same.

“I obtained the illusions!” Qin Yueyi playfully laughed.

“It seems like there’s more options for scaring people now.” Xie Ao Yu smiled.

Qin Yueyi gently waved her hand, that illusory Jade Water Golden-Eyed Beast disappeared without a trace, and then waved again gently. Whether it changed into a whirlpool, or a water type magic, or something else, naturally it was fake and it didn’t have any attack power.

“Alright, let’s go back up.” Xie Ao Yu smiled, he first started going up.

The two quickly reached the surface.

They had just poked their heads out of the water when they heard someone shout: “The pool has people in it.”

“Be careful!” Xie Ao Yu stopped Qin Yueyi.

“It’s my second uncle and others.” Qin Yueyi used her Truth Vision and had already clearly seen the people around the pool, then got out of the pool.

Once Xie Ao Yu heard, he also stopped being wary, and got out with her.

The people outside shouted out in surprise and had gathered around.

“Miss, it’s the miss!” Some people said in pleasant surprise.

Qin Yueyi waved to these people, “Haven’t seen you guys for a few days, have you missed this beauty a lot, ah?”

The excited shouts from these people suddenly stopped.

Each of them couldn’t help but take a step back. Obviously they had all personally experienced the Miss Qin’s devilry.

“Qin Yueyi!” A majestic voice sounded out.

Originally wanting to use illusions to scare these people for a moment, Qin Yueyi immediately put on a big smile, running to a middle-aged man, grabbing his arm, gently shaking, “Second uncle, I’ve missed you to death. How come you’ve only caught up now ah. Could it be that you don’t love Yueyi.”

“Hng, you have a lot of courage, daring to run off by yourself. I plan on punishing you according to the family laws!” The middle-aged man coldly said, unmoved.

“Can second uncle bear to do that?” Qin Yueyi said without fear.

Seeing Qin Yueyi’s sweet smile, the middle-age man couldn’t help but sigh, and used a finger to poke Qin Yueyi’s forehead, “You little girl really knows how to cause trouble for second uncle. Luckily nothing happened his time. If a problem arose, your dad would kill me.” He was Qin Yueyi’s second uncle Qin Doug, the person in charge of the Qin family’s previous trip to Forest City to participate in the Big Treasure Hunt Assembly, “You just came out of the pool. Did you get frightened by the Jade Water Golden-Eyed Beast?”

(TN:  Qin 德古. De Gu? Degu?)

“It scare me?” Qin Yueyi pulled Xie Ao Yu over, “My friend is very strong, knocking out the Jade Water Golden-Eyed Beast in one punch.”

“Oh?” Qin Doug looked over Xie Ao Yu with surprise.

Previously he had passed by here and had seen that it in the pool was a large illusion. Since the illusion was so large, it obviously mean it was a mature Jade Water Golden-Eyed Beast there, thus he didn’t make a move.

To defeat a Jade Water Golden-Eyed Beast in one punch was something a normal person couldn’t do.

“That Jade Water Golden-Eyed Beast was a baby.” Xie Ao Yu explained with a smile.

It dawned on Qin Doug, so that’s how it was.

Qin Yueyi laughed: “Second uncle, let me introduce to you, this is my best friend… Big devil Xie Ao Yu!”

(ED: BFF with Little Devil. I bet he doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry!)

“Hehe, young man, to become Yueyi’s friend couldn’t have been a simple task.” Qin Doug began laughing. The others around looked at Xie Ao Yu curiously.

Their Miss Qin Yueyi was a famous little devil, and now there appeared a big devil, how could it not make them feel cautious.

Qin Doug laughed: “It seems Yueyi already obtained the Amethyst Spirit Water. Then we only need to wait for Chalice to come and we can return to Forest City.”

(TN: L Why dis happen. 乔里斯 Qiao Li Si? Qiao Lisi? Qiao Lizzy? Chow Lizard?)

“Chalice? Why did he come too?” Qin Yueyi eyebrows rose, looking a bit uncomfortable.

“Isn’t it because he’s worried about you, thus he came with us to search. He went a different way, but we said to meet here.” Qin Doug explained.

After a short while, indeed there were some people who appeared and ran over.

There was a total of at least ten people. The fastest was a young man who had blond hair, blue eyes, and handsome looks. As he ran, he shouted out: “Yue er, Yue er, you aren’t injured right? You’ve worried me to death.”


Qin Yueyi closed her mouth, making as if to spit.


Qin Doug gave a soft “hai” sound, giving Qin Yueyi a glare.

“Oh, uncle, I was just so worried about Yue er, thus I didn’t see uncle.  I ask for uncle’s forgiveness.” Chalice quickly saluted.

Waving his hand, Qin Doug said: “I know you eagerly missed Yueyi. No need for ceremony.” He once again looked at Xie Ao Yu, “Little brother, why don’t we talk over there.”

“No!” Qin Yueyi pulled on Xie Ao Yu, loudly saying, “Second uncle, I need to tell you to your face and explain to you something related to me, him, and Chalice.”

Xie Ao Yu was stunned and said: “What relationship?”

“That is, I’ve seen your purity and innocence, this relates to the name issue. You are a good and decent man and can’t let me just see for free. I want to take responsibility for you.” Qin Yueyi said loudly, fearing that the others wouldn’t hear, and then sincerely looking at Xie Ao Yu, and said passionately, “So I’ve decided…I want to marry you!”

(ED: Yep. There it is. The regret.)

Battle Emperor Chapter 43

Here’s another chapter. Continue with suspension of disbelief. Enjoy.

Chapter 43

“Hehe, this kind of small trick, this beauty doesn’t even put in her eyes.” Qin Yueyi floated in the water, completely ignoring the whirlpool.

In fact, that whirlpool couldn’t do anything to her.

Xie Ao Yu’s mind moved, and came to an understanding. This was magic!

Once he thought of this, he calmed down, and then discovered that the whirlpool had already disappeared, and there was no rotational pulling force. Xie Ao Yu couldn’t help but curiously examine the Jade Water Golden-Eyed Beast.

“Return to your original appearance. This beauty has already used Truth Vision.” Qin Yueyi’s pupils formed a silver light.


That Jade Water Golden-Eyed Beast didn’t give up and roared again.

The water in the pool became two water dragons that roared and thundered towards Qin Yueyi.

By simply Qin Yueyi lightly pointing her finger, those two water dragons disappeared without a trace. Her carefree expression forced the Jade Water Golden-Eyed Beast to believe Qin Yueyi’s words.

Illusions were useless against her.

It growled once, then the Jade Water Golden-Eyed Beast’s began to shrink.

(TN: The author actually rights碧水金晶兽, which is different from what he writes elsewhere. I’m hoping it’s a typo, but it comes up a couple other times too.)

It shrank down to just less than two meters, it was about one meter tall.

It seemed like it was a young Jade Water Golden-Eyed Beast ah, Xie Ao Yu smiled. He had thought it odd. Mature Jade Water Golden-Eyed Beast spirit beasts were equivalent to a human’s Sage Level. Their strength was terrifying, which was the reason why Qin Yueyi’s second uncle had chosen to not make their move at the time.

A Sage Level water type spirit beast, in the middle of the water, even if the practitioner was normally more powerful, at this location, they wouldn’t necessarily be its opponent. But if it was still young, then, that was a different matter.

“Its eyes still aren’t golden yellow, only faintly golden. Its scales are still blue and haven’t become jade yet. In addition to that, using its body as another factor, we can determine that its age can’t be over 150 years.” Xie Ao Yu critically analyzed, “If it’s 150 years, it should be equivalent to an Upper Spirit Level. Right now, by my judgement, its strength should be about Intermediate Spirit Level or lower.”

(TN: Just a reminder, the 3TS Drake was Tuifan level, meaning there’s about a 7-9 tier difference-ish)

“Are you sure?” Qin Yueyi said in surprise.

Xie Ao Yu smiled and said: “I won’t be wrong.”

He chose to gain experience at the Heng Duan Mountain Range, naturally he would make some preparations. In addition to the books he read, he also studied some of the more well-known spirit beasts, naturally pouring in considerable research. The mature Jade Water Golden-Eyed Beast was at the terrifying Sage Level, naturally he would pay attention to the subject on it.

“Big devil really isn’t simple.” Qin Yueyi whispered.


After being analyzed, the Jade Water Golden-Eyed Beast became extremely angry. It roared once, then it suddenly charged out from the bottom of the pool, opening its red maw, exposing its razor sharp teeth, fiercely rushing towards Xie Ao Yu’s neck.

“Don’t kill it. I want it alive.” Qin Yueyi saw Xie Ao Yu lift the Lightning Spirit Holy Sword and quickly cried out.

When Xie Ao Yu heard, his body flashed, dodging to the side, and frowned: “Even if this guy’s young, but it’s still not easy to take care of. What do you want to keep it alive for, do you want to keep it as a spirit beast pet? It’ll take it at least seven or eight hundred years before reaching maturity.”

“Of course not, I want to use a water incantation on it.” Qin Yueyi smiled and said.

“Water incantation? You have the spell for a water incantation?” Xie Ao Yu said in surprise.

Qin Yueyi proudly said : “Of course.”

“Do you have an earth incantation, thunder incantation, or wooden incantation spell?” Xie Ao Yu couldn’t help but ask.

“Nope.” Qin Yueyi dryly laughed, “It’s not that I don’t want to give you one, but I really don’t have one. This water incantation was from me last year sneakily entering the palace fighting skill treasury, and accidentally discovered on a bookshelf. Until now, I haven’t told anyone.”

Sneak into the palace?

And it was the number one fighting skill treasury.

Xie Ao Yu couldn’t help but feel some admiration towards Qin Yueyi. This girl’s courage was truly large, “Then do you know if the palace has any of three kinds of incantations that I can use?”

“I don’t know, ah. Wait till there’s an opportunity, I’ll go in and help you out.” Qin Yueyi said.

(TN: Does it bother anyone else that they can just have a casual conversation while fighting with their lives on the line. This beast is still way stronger than Qin…)

(ED: It bothers me that they are talking..underwater!! How!?)

At this time, Xie Ao Yu really felt a bit jealous of Qin Yueyi.

Water incantations, those were the continent’s most mysterious and most mystical existences. No one knows who came up with spells, but the effects were enormous.

Using the water incantation for example, if Qin Yueyi obtained the divergent water, then used the water incantation, then by using the water incantation she could obtain a water type spirit beasts special ability, for example, this Jade Water Golden-Eyed Beasts illusions.

Of course this was only one aspect of the water incantation.

According to rumors, the spells for water incantations all had many special abilities.


The Jade Water Golden-Eyed Beast charged again.

Xie Ao Yu smiled, lifting his hand and throwing out a punch.

This fist contained the power of his entire body, without using any fighting skills, but was only using sheer strength. Because of the tri-colored ball, Xie Ao Yu’s strength was very amazing, even strength type spirit beasts would be beaten down.


The fisted collided with the Jade Water Golden-Eyed Beast’s horn.

The two collided, Xie Ao Yu floated back without any injuries. The Jade Water Golden-Eyed Beast then let out a pained roar, its body sent flying back twenty or so meters.

In one collision, Xie Ao Yu confirmed the Jade Water Golden-Eyed Beast’s strength. It was probably somewhere between lower Spirit Level and intermediate Spirit Level, but it had no combat experience. Even though it had such powerful strength, it didn’t know how to use it.  

Thus in this situation, Xie Ao Yu didn’t need to keep any reservations, with a shake of his body, he then began to attack.

He had already put the Lightning Spirit Holy Sword away.

His hands continuously flew forward.

His speed in the water couldn’t be considered fast, but that Jade Water Golden-Eyed Beast didn’t know this, it was only a reckless and vicious child, it didn’t dodge, and charged forward, at the same time issuing a roar. Countless water arrows appeared next to him.

Water magic!

Water magic was naturally useful inside water.

Countless water arrows flew out.

Xie Ao Yu’s mouth formed a slight smile. He gently sent out a punch. It was Overlord Dragon Boxing.

The enormous fist of light roared out. Those water arrows were immediately crushed, only reducing the force of the Overlord Dragon Boxing by a little bit as it continued and with hit the Jade Water Golden-Eyed Beast with the reduced force.


The Jade Water Golden-Eyed Beast felt the essence of the Overlord Dragon within the Overlord Dragon Boxing, sending frightened shivers down its spine, and it forgot to dodge or offer resistance, allowing the Overlord Dragon Boxing to fully hit its body.

The Overlord Dragon was an emperor among spirit beasts.

Without speaking of this young Jade Water Golden-Eyed Beast, even mature Jade Water Golden-Eyed Beasts facing an Overlord Dragon would also obediently wait for death. The difference was too large.

This Overlord Dragon Boxing was also a generation’s Grand Master of fighting skills Ye Chao Feng’s specialty using the Overlord Dragon as a basis. After fusing countless fighting skills and creating countless more, thus making Overlord Dragon Boxing, there truly was a taste of the Overlord Dragon.

Even if countless water arrows offset its power by a little, Overlord Dragon Boxing was still very scary, smashing the Jade Water Golden-Eyed Beast to the left as it pitifully cried out.

Xie Ao Yu shook his body and moved forward.

Without waiting for the Jade Water Golden-Eyed Beast to recover from the punch’s attack, he went above the Jade Water Golden-Eyed Best, and punched the Jade Water Golden-Eyed Beast’s head.


The Jade Water Golden-Eyed Beast was still a high level spirit beast, even though it was young, and had never fought before, but its fighting talent was naturally very high. It growled and once again countless water arrows appeared, fiercely shooting out.

With a grunt, the surface of Xie Ao Yu’s body became covered in a soft golden glow.

It was the appearance of his entire body using qi.

“Bang bang bang…”

Many arrows landed on Xie Ao Yu’s body, but none broke through his qi, only shaking Xie Ao Yu a bit. He mouth split into a grin, and his fist heavily connected with the Jade Water Golden-Eyed Beast’s head.


After the punch, the Jade Water Golden-Eyed Beast had a dazed and confused expression, and then it fainted.

Even when it fainted it didn’t understand why Xie Ao Yu didn’t dodge.

This was combat experience. Xie Ao Yu knew his qi could block the water arrow attack, naturally he wouldn’t worry about himself being in danger.

“Haha, this is great. I finally have an opportunity to show off the water incantation!” Qin Yueyi excitedly yelled out.

Xie Ao Yu laughed: “You should first think of a method to obtain the Amethyst Spirit Water.”

Qin Yueyi nodded her head in agreement.

The two simultaneously dropped down to that small square foot sink.

Battle Emperor Chapter 42

Suspension of disbelief from the reader plays a large role in this chapter. Or magic. Just don’t think too much about it.


Chapter 42

The pool wasn’t large but was very deep. With Xie Ao Yu’s eyesight, along with the sunlight, looking down, it still looked dark, and the water was very odd. Even if the wind blew by, the surface of the water remained calm without any ripples.

“Recently I came to Forest City with second uncle to participate in the Big Treasure Hunt Assembly. When we passed by this place, second uncle told me that this place had the Amethyst Spirit Water. We originally planned on getting it then and there, but second uncle said the bottom should have a high level spirit beast guarding, so once the Big Treasure Hunt Assembly ended, then we could get it.” Qin Yueyi stood in front of the pool, and said in an unconvinced manner, “I wanted to get it by myself, second uncle looked down on me, hng, this time I will definitely obtain it.”

(TN:   淘宝大会 for the Big Treasure Hunt Assembly. I dunno if it’s important enough to warrant a name change, but I’ll leave it up to you guys anyway)

Xie Ao Yu said: “Since your second uncle confirmed there’s a high-level spirit beast guarding it, with our strength, what do you think our chances are of getting the Amethyst Spirit Water?”

“100%!” Qin Yueyi confidently said.

Seeing her confident manner, Xie Ao Yu felt humored.

The guard of the Earth Pulmonary Heart Flame, the three-tailed scorpion drake, even now, he still remembered how he had killed the three-tailed scorpion drake, and how it felt odd.

Who knew if the guard of the Amethysts Spirit Water would be even more powerful than the three-tailed scorpion drake.

However, they didn’t have zero chances.

Last time he had been set up by Butterfly Queen You Lan Ruo, this time he was more prepared. There wasn’t a zero percent chance, if one never took a chance, then there would never be success.

Xie Ao Yu took out the Unstoppable Diarrhea and at the same time pulled out the Lightning Spirit Holy Sword.

Two fighting skills, Scarlet Lightning Exploding Chop and Overlord Dragon Boxing, Overlord Dragon Boxing was naturally more powerful, but for taking on spirit beasts, it’s not always the same. After all, the two fighting skills foundation was on qi. If it was a high level spirit beast, then probably the Overlord Dragon Boxing’s strength that was unleashed by his qi wouldn’t be enough to harm the spirit beast.

If it was the Lightning Spirit Holy Sword, then there were more advantages.

The Lightning Spirit Holy Sword was incomparably sharp. Even the thickest scales could be cut.

Qin Yueyi also used her Truth Vision, one hand carrying a dagger.

The two of them finished preparations, and dove into the water at the same time.

Once in the water, the differences between the two became apparent. Qin Yueyi was light a beautiful mermaid, freely swimming in the water, incredibly graceful and charming. What was more amazing is that the water came into contact with her, but it didn’t make her clothes wet, and her clothes remained dry.

Xie Ao Yu sighed again, this was the benefit of large clans.

Their qis were both at high levels, for people like Qin Yueyi who had the water attribute, she cultivated the water attribute qi to a high level. Once cultivated, when qi was used, and if they entered water, they would be like fish in water.

Sink down!

They quickly swam downwards.

Ten meters, twenty meters, thirty meters.

This pool which hadn’t seemed very large from the outside, they had gone down at least sixty or seventy meters. The pressure from the water also made them feel a little uncomfortable.

At this time, they reluctantly relied on the light that broke through the water. Below was blurry, after all, there were large trees in the vicinity that blocked most of the light.

“I was prepared long ago.” Qin Yueyi had Truth Vision, naturally seeing clearly. She knew Xie Ao Yu couldn’t see clearly, so she pulled out a glowing pearl.

The glowing pearl exuded a misty light, although it couldn’t shine as bright as the day in the pool, at least there was light. For Xie Ao Yu, this was already enough.

“Is that purple glow the Amethyst Spirit Water?” Xie Ao Yu pointed downwards, in the dark water below, there was a faint purple glow.

Qin Yueyi smiled and said: “It’s the Amethyst Spirit Water.”

The two increased their speed downwards.

This time they slowed down a bit, after all these kinds of divergent waters and curious fires had high level spirit beast guardians. These spirit beast guards’ goal was to obtain it for themselves.

Whether man or beast, if one could obtain a curious fire or divergent water, for them, there would be immeasurable benefits. Using the Earth Pulmonary Heart Flame’s Geer as an example, previously, he couldn’t be said to be much of anything, but because he had obtained the curious fire Earth Pulmonary Heart Flame, his status soared. Not just in a small city like Langya City, even among the continent’s large capitals, they were all people who others tried to win over. After all, among alchemists, those that could use curious fires could be described as rare.

“Slow down, get behind me.” Xie Ao Yu told her.

(ED: How do they talk underwater?)
(TN: That’s a good question and I don’t have an answer.)

Qin Yueyi agreed, slowing down her pace.

Although she was very fierce, she still understood that her strength was lacking. Therefore, Qin Yueyi did not joke around, unlike usual, and this is the reason why she never suffered too much.

Xie Ao Yu took a deep breath, trying to calm down, and ended up intaking a mouthful of water, almost choking to death, causing Qin Yueyi to laugh out loud. She was very comfortable, the water never went into her mouth.

Xie Ao Yu felt helpless and could only try to steady his mind. He tightened his grip on the Lightning Spirit Holy Sword, his left hand holding that small bottle of Unstoppable Diarrhea, slowly heading downwards.

(ED: What does he plan to do with the powder? Unless it can dissolve, but won’t he be affected too? Will he feed it to the beast?)

While sinking down, Xie Ao Yu clearly felt the pressure increasing.

With his strength, he naturally didn’t care too much, but it was necessary to take it into account when fighting underwater. With so much resistance, it didn’t matter what fighting skill or weapon was used, it would encounter some obstacles.

Thus when fighting, the power that could be used and other things weren’t the same as when on the ground.

Xie Ao Yu floated there, stopping his descent, choosing to adapt for a moment. Once he felt more accustomed, he then returned to sinking down. With this cautious approach, although it gave off the impression of cowardice, but it was very safe, making Qin Yueyi once again hold Xie Ao Yu in high regard, saying to herself: What a worthy friend, with this sort of cautious attitude, if there are enemies in the future, there will definitely be no problems.

After going down another sixty meters, for a total of a hundred twenty meters, Xie Ao Yu paused to wonder. That purple glow was still the same size as it had been sixty meters ago.

The water was too dark and deep to see the bottom.

He was a little surprised. How deep was this water, ah?

“Little devil, you did find out, isn’t this pool a little too deep?” Xie Ao Yu frowned.

(ED: Dakara.. How can they talk? Telepathy?)

“We’re already at the end, in total there’s only a hundred so meters depth.” Qin Yueyi said.

At the end?

Xie Ao Yu hesitated, looking towards Qin Yueyi, “Why is it that when I look, I can’t see the bottom?”

Qin Yueyi hesitated for a moment, then squinted her eyes, looking downwards, then began laughing, “This is an illusion. I didn’t notice until just now.” She used her finger to point, “Watch me break this illusion.” With the point of her finger, a light green beam shot out of her finger.

That beam as it went down seemed to hit something, creating a “bo” sound.

Following that, the pool began to shake.

The originally calm and stagnant water began to vibrate, no longer still even when the wind blew on it.

Breaking the illusion, Xie Ao Yu suddenly saw the pool’s bottom.

About fifteen meters below, there was a small sink, a square foot wide. Inside it was a faint purple clear purple liquid, completely different from the surrounding water.

And one meter to the left of the small sink’s location lay a spirit beast.

It looked like a magical lion with scales, on top of its large head were two horns that looked like antlers, and its eyes were a golden color.

This extremely powerful spirit beast was the Jade Water Golden-Eyed Beast!

(TN: Mercy.  碧水金睛兽)

At this time, the Jade Water Golden-Eyed Beast’s golden eyes were very wide, staring at Xie Ao Yu and Qin Yueyi. It slowly stood up, revealing a five meter long large body.


The Jade Water Golden-Eyed Beast let out a earth-shattering roar. The pool’s water began to shake and move, creating a large whirlpool, trapping Xie Ao Yu and Qin Yueyi.