Battle Emperor Chapter 50

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Chapter 50

The Big Treasure Hunt Assembly in truth was a test of a person’s eyesight and luck because there were countless experts hidden in the Heng Duan Mountain Range there were also many ruins which had some top-quality items, although some were simple ordinary goods. Therefore for the people that came here, most of them were depending on their luck.

The Big Treasure Hunt Assembly started in a large hall.

(TN: I took some liberties here with the translation here…     淘宝大会是一个大厅)


The area inside the hall had at least a few thousand coming and going, there was haggling going on and was very noisy. Scattered everywhere were a variety of items, large and small.


There were fighting techniques, weapons, heaven and earth spirit essence, pills, alchemist techniques, etc.


Standing at the entrance, seeing the crowded hall full of bustling people, the anger in Xie Ao Yu’s heart vanished. He didn’t want to always be affected by these external emtions.


Stepping into the large hall, just in front of them was a counter that was selling weapons.


There was a variety of weapons on display, with all sorts of swords in every form; there was even a row of eye-catching gloves.


Xie Ao Yu picked up a slightly yellow glove.


The appearance and weight of the glove was deceiving, it was at least 30 jin. What made Xie Ao Yu feel even more surprised was that these gloves had the earth attribute.

(TN: 30 jin approximately 33 pounds)


Gloves weren’t the best choice to use against a person using a weapon.


Since Xie Ao Yu used Overlord Dragon Boxing, he naturally would use gloves, but the biggest reason why he chose the gloves were for the sake of the Medical Spirit Finger.


The Medical Spirit Finger on his left pinky had already changed colors. Although Ziyan had promised to return it to its normal pink color, but method had limits, and if he encountered a difficult battle then the pink color could easily come off. He didn’t want to accidentally leak out the huge secret of the Medical Spirit Finger.



“What was this glove made out of?” Xie Ao Yu asked.


“Naturally it’s made from refined iron as its base and then mixed together with some other materials. For practitioners that like to fight in close combat, it’s pretty good. Honorable sir, you have the earth attribute right? This pair of gloves really suits you.” That vendor immediately warmed up and recommended it.



Fitting the glove on, it fit very well.


Xie Ao Yu said: “May I check how the quality is?”


“Here I have some weapons, give it a try.” The vendor pulled out an at least sixty or seventy jin heavy saber that gave off an ice cold light throughout the blade to Xie Ao Yu.

(TN: 66-77 pounds.)


Xie Ao Yu raised the heavy saber and chopped down on the earth attribute gloves.




As the heavy sword made contact, it suddenly felt soft.


Looking at the glove, it was entirely intact without a trace of damage. Xie Ao Yu then put on the gloves again and slid his hand across the heavy saber’s blade. It felt alright.


“How much is it?” Xie Ao Yu asked.


“Ten gold.”



Xie Ao Yu didn’t haggle, pulling out ten gold and gave it to the vendor. With gloves in hand, he turned around to see that Qin Yueyi was currently talking with a young handsome man.


“Old Xie, hurry up and come over.” Qin Yueyi said with a delighted expression.


Seeing that happy expression, Xie Ao Yu’s brain suddenly came up a single sentence: Sucks to be that guy!


The time he had spent with Qin Yueyi was less than a month, but he deeply understood that this little devil’s ability to cause trouble when there were no problems. When she was about to cause trouble for others, she would have this expression.


“Come, let me introduce you.” Qin Yueyi pointed at the handsome man, “This is Tian Luo’s Desai clan’s patriarch’s son Yasuke. He came here to participate in the auction.”

(TN: Desai  德赛 , Yasuke 亚什科 )


Yasuke stretched out his hand and said with a smile: “Yasuke.”


“Xie Ao Yu.” Xie Ao Yu smiled and said.


The two were now acquainted.


Yasuke gave off a different first impression than Xie Ao Yu’s first meeting with Chalice. Chalice at that time had that expression of disgust that would leak out. Yasuke was always trying to keep a smile on his face.


As if he was friendly with everyone.


Except there was a bit of an arrogance in his eyebrows.

(TN: When that eyebrow game too strong.)


“The gloves that sir just bought was ten gold right? It doesn’t seem like it.” Yasuke’s eyes settled on Xie Ao Yu’s recently purchased gloves.


“That’s true, ah.” Qin Yueyi reached out and grabbed the gloves, “Old Xie, did you buy these gloves for me?”



Xie Ao Yu hesitated, but after Qin Yueyi blinked at him a few times, he immediately followed up and said: “Aren’t there better gloves here? Then I’ll buy that to give to you.”


“I’ve already come here once. There aren’t any better gloves here. They’re all that kind of garbage.” Yasuke lightly said, “But there are a lot of materials here to use to create better gloves. I can scrape some together for Miss Yueyi.”



“Okay. Then I’ll have to thank you.” Qin Yueyi smiled.



“To be able to assist Miss Yueyi would be Yasuke’s honor.” Yasuke smiled, which had a great attractiveness for women. In addition to that was his noble air. He was definitely a lady-killer.



Finished speaking, Yasuke went straight to a counter.



Behind him Xie Ao Yu and Qin Yueyi’s eyes met, at the same time leaking out delighted expresisons.



Without any need for words, they knew what they should do.


Xie Ao Yu also knew, this Yasuke and Chalice’s objectives were the same, both were Qin Yueyi’s suitors. Of course it was also for the sake of the clan’s bonding.


“I want this largest piece of gold iron wood. No need for change.” Yasuke in front of the vendor picked up a half meter long piece of wood. He gave the vendor a few dozen pieces of gold, then he turned and said, “Does the sir know what can be this gold iron wood be used for in making gloves?”


“I don’t.” Xie Ao Yu shrugged.


Yasuke smiled and explained: “Gold iron wood in incomparably tough. Since it has wood attribute, and with the gold entwined in it, it increases the gloves durability. For the sir to not know isn’t anything embarrassing. This is just a bit of useful trivial knowledge.”



He then walked to another vendor.


He grabbed three Flower Rain Stones and placed down some gold. Yasuke once again explained, “These Flower Rain Stones are usually used by people to construct armor. What they don’t know is that inside the Flower Rain Stones are a type of metal, though the quantity is very small. Through a special refining technique, once it has been refined, it can be used to upgrade your gloves by multiple levels.



After that, Yasuke was also eloquent.



Xie Ao Yu couldn’t help but secretly admire this guy’s broad knowledge. Even though he had read many books, there was still a lot he didn’t know.


Although he considered himself well-read, his entire knowledge of books came from the Xie family’s book collection as well as some ancient texts from Langya City. Comparing how well read he was against Yasuke who was from a large clan, the two weren’t even on the same level.



Facing Yasuke’s constant stream of words, Xie Ao Yu was not only not angry; instead, he looked at him in a funny manner because Qin Yueyi had an expression of constant admiration.


The more expression they had, the more excited Yasuke became. He began speaking with even more vigor.


Without pausing, Yasuke collected a couple dozen things, other than the things everyone knew about, the rest were all top class items.


“These are the items you should make gloves out of. If there’s a high-level enchanter that use these things to make the gloves, I imagine that while it won’t be holy equipment, it will still be superb equipment.” Yasuke delightedly said.


Qin Yueyi reached out her hands to receive it, “Thank you so much.”


“To be able to help Miss Yueyi is my honor.” Yasuke happily said, very satisfied with his performance. He had an unspoken opinion, which is when dealing with women, he was an expert. The pitiable Chalice could only admit that he was out of luck compared to Yasuke.


“Really?” Qin Yueyi sweet beautiful face was full of surprise.


“Of course. For Miss Yueyi, whether heading into a mountain of knives or a sea of fire, Yasuke would die a hundred times without hesitation.” Yasuke patted his chest, speaking in a respectable manner.



Qin Yueyi said: “I want that bracelet.”



“Alright, I’ll buy it.” Yasuke immediately went over to that stall.


Qin Yueyi immediately gave those materials that could create the best gloves to Xie Ao Yu, “Do you want anything? Quickly say it. There’s someone giving it to us for free, don’t not take advantage of this.”



Placing those materials into his space ring, Xie Ao Yu swept over the surroundings, “I haven’t spotted anything at this moment.”



At that time, Yasuke had already bought that bracelet.


“It’s really pretty” Qin Yueyi grabbed the bracelet. She then pointed to a stall on the left, “I want that pendant. Oh, it’s so expensive, ah. It’s five hundred gold.”


“It’s only five hundred gold. I’ll buy it.” Yasuke quickly said.


“Ah, this necklace isn’t bad. It would look good on my white skin.”


“Wao! This ring is so pretty, ah.”


“Ha, this is something good. This is a top-class armband, ah.”


“Hey, a top-class hairpin. It’s not only pretty, it can even be used for hidden weapons.”


“Oh, it’s too beautiful. This coral sword is too beautiful. It’s too charming. It suits this beauty the best.”

(TN: I ain’t saying she’s a gold digger, but she ain’t dating no broke… I’ll stop there.)


Battle Emperor Chapter 49

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Chapter 49

“What is it?” Qin Yueyi asked.


Xie Ao Yu also perked up his ears, he really wanted to know what could possibly attract so many people for the finale of the auction. He wanted to know what was so important that it would attract these clans.



Could it be a holy weapon?


Xie Ao Yu then thought of Qin Doug trying to obtain his Lightning Spirit Holy Sword. He couldn’t help but glance at Qin Doug with a hint of anger in his eyes.


“It’s a fighting technique.” Qin Doug replied.


Xie Ao Yu and Qin Yueyi were startled at the same time. The two looked at each other, feeling that it was a little unbelievable. Qin Yueyi couldn’t hold back and asked: “Second uncle, what fighting skill could attract all these people?”



“Infinite Spinning Sword!” Qin Doug said word by word.

(TN: Got a better translation? 无定飞旋刀)


“Never heard of it.” Qin Yueyi muttered.


As they were talking, they arrived at the front lobby.



Qin Doug sat at the head of the table, Xie Ao Yu and Qin Yueyi sat at the position below that. Some people brought up tea, and after they left, Qin Doug then said: “This Infinite Spinning Sword is kind of similar to the once sensational Overlord Dragon Boxing.”



Xie Ao Yu’s heart began to beat uncontrollably.


Since the creation of Overlord Dragon Boxing, among the sensations that it had caused, there was at least one time when the entire continent and its various forces fought over it. Rumors had it that even some of the most hidden and ancient clans became involved.


After all it was the masterpiece of a generation’s Grandmaster of Fighting Skills Ye Chao Feng. No matter who it was, if they obtained Overlord Dragon Boxing, they would all receive unimaginable benefits. In the end Xie Gan managed to obtain it.



And now that Xie Ao Yu had the Overlord Dragon Boxing, even though it was not too long ago, he had just gained in an insight into the fist’s meaning, and he had already undergone unbelievable changes. One could only imagine the power of Overlord Dragon Boxing.


And now there suddenly popped up a fighting skill that could be compared with Overlord Dragon Boxing. How could it not make a person feel amazed.



And also this fighting skill seemed to be a sword technique.


“Is the Infinite Spinning Sword also a ten thousand year masterpiece of the Grandmaster of Fighting Skills Ye Chao Feng?” Qin Yueyi asked.


“Of course it isn’t. The Infinite Spinning Sword is the number one fighting skill of the continent’s number one clan of the three great clans, Southern Palace, for the past thousand years, its power is definitely not inferior to Overlord Dragon Boxing.”

(TN: 南宫世 what do you guys think for that name? Later on they don’t always have the character so I didn’t know if I should include it. usually means world.)


Sounds from outside the main hall could be heard.


Someone was walking over.


The person had dark face, his eyes were sunken, his nose was high, his age was at least over forty, he walked with a seeming majesty, and seemed dignified. Behind him was the person who Xie Ao Yu had defeated, Chalice.



“His name is Greed, Chalice’s uncle, this time’s person in charge for the Pasa clan. His strength is comparable to my second’s.” Qin Yueyi seeing the person quietly explained to Xie Ao Yu. As she spoke, she also grabbed Xie Ao Yu’s hand.

(TN: Chalice’s uncle. 古利特. Greed? Gu Lite? Guilt?)



Xie Ao Yu immediately felt something staring at him.


There was no need to ask who it was, it was obviously Chalice. He couldn’t laugh in his heart. This was done on purpose by the little devil.



“Little devil.” Xie Ao Yu whispered.


Qin Yueyi bent her head as she looked at him.


“There’s a certain matter, I want you to me keep it a secret. You can’t tell anyone, even the people you’re closest to.” Xie Ao Yu said in a very serious tone.


“What is it?” Qin Yueyi hadn’t seen Xie Ao Yu have this sort of appearance very often, her face also stopped carrying the little devilish smile appearance.


It’s the Earth Escape Technique.” Xie Ao Yu looked at Qin Doug from the corner of his eyes, “This fighting skill is my insurance. If you leak this information, then when you and I separate, for someone trying to gain experience in the Heng Duan Mountain Range alone, I’m afraid that I’m going to meet with disaster.”


Qin Yueyi patted her chest, and promised: Don’t worry. I definitely won’t say anything. This is a secret between the two of us.”


Obtaining Qin Yueyi’s promise, Xie Ao Yu quietly let out a breath.


Qin Doug desired his Lightning Spirit Holy Sword. Once they separated, if a Sage Level practitioner made a move against him, there was no way he could fight back.



Thankfully there was the Earth Escape Technique.


This was his ace in the hole!


Seeing how Xie Ao Yu and Qin Yueyi were pretending to not see him and were talking secretively, Chalice’s heart was twitching. He secretly ground his teeth, clenched his fists, and quietly said, Adulterer, you just wait for this young master. Once you’ve fallen into the palm of this young master, see how this young master won’t be the death of you two.


“Haha, Greed, it seems like you already have some understanding of the Infinite Spinning Sword.” Qin Doug said with a big smile.



Greed smiled indifferently and said, “Not quite yet Brother Qin.”


“I only know that the Infinite Spinning Sword for the past thousand years has had amazing power in the hands of the Southern Palace clan, but nothing specific was known. I was currently preparing to look for people to investigate this, to find where the Infinite Spinning Sword came from.” Qin Doug let Greed and the others sit down.


“Brother Qin probably wants to know if they had discovered any other belongings of the Southern Palace family right?” Greed’s eyes narrowed, the corner of his lips curled up into a smile, “Us big families are all old acquaintances, Brother Qin why are you being so modest.”



Having his thoughts been seen through, Qin Doug didn’t have any sort of angry expression, just smiled indifferently. That sort of shrewdness made Xie Ao Yu secretly raise his guard.


This person was definitely a crafty old man.


“I’ve heard that other countries have also sent people to come to the auction. I think that we should work together, against the others, and think of a way to first obtain the Infinite Spinning Sword. What do you think?” Qin Doug said.



“Of course.” Greed nodded his head and said, “Does Brother Qin have a plan?”


Without waiting for Qin Doug to speak, Chalice began to say: “Two uncles, I feel like this is a secret between our two big clans. It wouldn’t be appropriate to have outsiders here and would not help towards obtaining the Infinite Spinning Sword at all.” As he spoke, he deliberately glanced at Xie Ao Yu.



Qin Yueyi fiercely glared at Chalice.


“The Infinite Spinning Sword is a collection of countless sword skills combined into a peerless fighting technique. With this fighting technique, for any clan, if they obtain this they will all receive indescribable benefits. If a clan has this sword skill and distributes it to their family members, then many of the top-class techniques they already have can evolve with the Infinite Spinning Sword. For such an important item, how could an outsider be involved.” Chalice said logically and callously, then coldly said, “Besides, what qualifications does an ignorant lowly peasant like him have to sit with our clans. It would tarnish the air here.”  



Xie Ao Yu’s anger’s reached its limit in an instant.


And Chalice was smiling while looking at him, provoking him.


But Xie Ao Yu calmed down very quickly. He had just come out. Before when they had encountered Valencia’s Imperial Crown Mercenary Group’s small division, and had been forced to give the map, that was because there was a bigger opportunity later.



Then there was Qin Doug openly demanding the Lightning Spirit Holy Sword.


Now there was another run-in with Chalice. Since Chalice had reason his side, Xie Ao Yu could only be patient, because in this world, only strength was logic.



If you have the power, you can speak the logic!


Without power, you can only admit defeat.


The continual experiences made Xie Ao Yu desire for power even stronger. He secretly vowed that he would definitely become strong, and would definitely place these people beneath his foot!


But for now, he could only endure, coldly facing Chalice’s ridicule.


“Little devil, let’s leave. I’ve heard that in the Big Treasure Hunt Assembly, lots of people can find top-quality items.” Xie Ao Yu held down Qin Yueyi who has about to explode. He didn’t like having a female save his face.



Qin Yueyi fiercely glared at Chalice for a moment, then, without paying Greed any attention, turned and left.



“You uneducated trash. After seeing these two uncles, you’re just saying a word and leaving. Country bumpkin, peasant.” Chalice taunted.


Xie Ao Yu paused for a second, then left.



Seeing the two figures from behind, especially Qin Yueyi purposely hugging Xie Ao Yu’s arm, acting intimately, Chalice ground his teeth.


Greed’s lips were curled up into a smile as he looked at Qin Doug, “Brother Qin, that little brother doesn’t seem to be so simple.”



“That right. Able to stay calm at such a young age. That’s pretty rare even in our two big clans.” Qin Doug chuckled.


The already angry Chalice, hearing these two praise Xie Ao Yu, became even angrier. His eyes stared at the disappearing backs filled with poison. After a moment, he recovered, “Two uncles, this little nephew is a little tired, I plan on going back to rest.”


Qin Doug and Greed naturally didn’t say anything.


Chalice walked out quickly, catching up to Xie Ao Yu and Qin Yueyi after a distance. Then, with a faint smile on his face, he disappeared around a corner.

(TN: Don’t grow up to be like Chalice. And if you’re already grown up, examine yourself and make sure you’re not like Chalice.)