Sword Spirit Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 Body Refining Third Level

This enormous change immediately caught Lu Xuan’s attention.

Without the slightest hesitation, Lu Xuan immediately associated the change with the mysterious sword crystal in his dantian. For the mysterious change to have occurred, other than that, Lu Xuan couldn’t think of any other reason.

Although he had suffered torturous pain, Lu Xuan still had an idea of what the sword crystal had done in his body. He knew that the sword qi emitted by the sword crystal had continuously gone through his meridians, but he hadn’t thought that all of his meridians would be cleared by it!

It wasn’t that Lu Xuan was slow in the head, but rather the too hard to believe. The smoothness of a person’s meridians determined a person’s talent. How could a person’s talent be so easy to change.

Previously, Lu Xuan’s talent couldn’t be considered bad, but it couldn’t be considered as good either. But now, all of his body’s meridians had already become completely clear. It could be said that during this hour, Lu Xuan’s talent had gone from ordinary and risen to the peak!

This kind of enormously good fortune had fallen into his lap. Lu Xuan was simply so happy that he could faint. Right now he truly understood, this mysterious sword crystal had brought him enormous benefits after all.

Compared with that benefit, the part where Lu Xuan’s entire body’s injuries were completely healed were not even worth mentioning.

Pushing down his feelings of excitement, Lu Xuan settled his heart and continued to circulate the cultivation method, forcefully guiding the soul force to travel through his meridians. As he was circulating it, the soul force also continuously entered into his body, transforming his physique, refining the body.

After a while, the great circulatory cycle was completed. Normally because of the blocked meridians, one needed to struggle for a long time to complete a great circulatory cycle. The efficiency had improved by at least ten times. This was a sign of talent!

Suddenly cultivating had become such a smooth process. After a great circulatory cycle, Lu Xuan felt a little better. It was if he was dreaming. Before he had gotten the sword crystal, he never would have thought that there would be a day where he would be this talented.

To Lu Xuan, cultivating was originally very exciting, then suddenly there was a huge upgrade. Naturally he wasn’t going to waste time. He started another round of cultivation.

After his meridians were cleared, not only was his soul force absorption speed increased, it affected the speed of his body’s absorption of soul force. Normally, while circulating soul force, to absorb the soul force, Lu Xuan usually had to use more than half of the soul force to clear his meridians, but now he didn’t need to at all. All of the absorbed soul force could now be used to strengthen his body.

Unceasingly breathing in and out, completing one great circulatory cycle after another, Lu Xuan had already completely immersed himself in cultivation and entered into a rare ethereal state!

The ethereal state, also known as no paths no thoughts, was a kind of cultivation state that one could come across by luck but not search for. Under the ethereal state, the entire person’s body and mind had become focused in the midst of cultivation, entirely entering a state of having forgotten oneself. The cultivation skill’s circulation completely depended on a body’s Guan Xing (惯姓), method of circulation, and under this kind of Guan Xing, a martial artist’s cultivation speed  would be raise more than several times compared to normal.

More importantly, the ethereal state was a major help in breaking through to new realms. If one entered into the ethereal state while breaking through to a new realm, then it would be like a channel forming when water flowed.(TN: As in it would occur naturally)

However, this kind of state was incredibly dangerous because ones perception of the surroundings would disappear. If there was any danger, then ones life would be truly hanging by a thread.

Fortunately there didn’t seem to be any beasts here. Lu Xuan who was in the ethereal state did not receive any kind of interference.

Lu Xuan’s ethereal state was fully maintained for many hours. This one cultivation session lasted from night and cultivated until the morning of the second day.

When he exited from the ethereal state, Lu Xuan felt his whole body’s manner had previously never reached its fullness. Standing up and stretching, the bones in his whole body began to let out a “Pipa” sound, which was very crisp.

Feeling the abundant strength in his body, Lu Xuan couldn’t help but try to punch a large tree that was behind him.

A fist solidly slammed into the tree. There was only a muffled sound. Then the large tree shook, and once Lu Xuan retreated his fist, a clear half-inch deep fist-shaped imprint was on the trunk of the tree.

Seeing this fist imprint, Lu Xuan suddenly had a smile on his face. Before yesterday, he could only leave a third of an inch or so of a fist imprint. Today he could suddenly attain more than half an inch.

Over the course of this night, it seemed that he had already broken through body refining second level and entered into body refining third level.

Body refining was divided into ten levels, but there was not actually much change between each level. Most of the time it was used to measure the body’s realm and to see how much strength a martial artist had.

Body refining first level’s requirement was that a fist’s strength should reach 200 jin. Body refining second level needed 500 jin strength. As for body refining third level, it required 900 jin. Each level required more and more strength.(TN: 1 jin=1.1 pounds)

Although he didn’t use a strength testing monument to measure the exact power, but since one punch was able to leave a half inch fist print, Lu Xuan could feel that right now, his strength was definitely greater than 900 jin!

Previously, his strength was only about 700 jin. When he was body refining second level, he could only be reluctantly considered as moderate. Now within the span of a night his strength had increased by a level. This kind of speed was simply too frightful to the ears.

This was naturally a benefit of Lu Xuan’s peak talent as well as accidentally entering into the ethereal state.

Having suddenly been raised to body refining third level, and then adding on his body’s talent improving, Lu Xuan very excited. If someone said before that he would become a Wind Sword Sect outer disciple, he would still have some apprehensions, but now, those apprehensions were completely dissipated.

Body refining third level wasn’t enough for the Wind Sword Sect to necessarily look upon, but don’t forget, Lu Xuan still had a full fourteen more days of time.

He could, in the span of a night, go from body refining second level and rise to body refining third level. Then within the next ten or so days, even if the promotion speed wasn’t so devilishly fast, he still believed that he could at least reach body refining fourth level.

Sixteen years old, body refining fourth level. That would definitely attract the attention of the Wind Sword Sect.

Heartily throwing out a set of basic punches, Lu Xuan felt very comfortable. While cultivating, other than absorbing soul force, it was also important to exercise.

Also just now, Lu Xuan had already thought about things clearly. Right now he would not return to Lin City. Long Tai and Long Yang also wanted to participate in Wind Sword Sect’s assessment. Thus, they would still be in Lin City, and if he went back to Lin City, it was very likely he would be discovered by those two.

Although right now he had already promoted to body refining third level, but he was still not a match or the body refining fourth level servants that Long Yang had by his side. If he was captured by Long Yang again, Lu Xuan couldn’t guarantee that he would still have such luck.

Though the wilderness was desolate, but there weren’t any large beasts that could threaten him. Also, cultivating here was not bad. As for food, he could pick fruits or catch small animals.

Whenever he rose to body refining fourth level and had a certain amount of ability to protect himself, then he wouldn’t need to avoid Long Yang and could return in broad daylight.

Figuring out his plans, Lu Xuan sat down cross-legged again. He had to seize every moment to increase his strength.

But just at this moment, there were faintly discernible voices that suddenly reached Lu Xuan’s ears.

How would there be people randomly passing by this kind of wilderness? Lu Xuan immediately became vigilant, no longer daring to continue to cultivate. He quickly stood up, found a tree that was as a wide as two people and hid behind it.

As Lu Xuan was hiding, the people coming were getting closer and closer. Voices drifted to Lu Xuan’s ears. The field was very quiet in the morning. Lu Xuan could hear the people’s conversation very clearly.

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Sword Spirit Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 Sword Crystal

The color of the sky gradually began to darken. Lu Xuan lied on the ground, still motionless, looking as if he was dead.

After many hours had passed, Lu Xuan finally let out a painful groan, slowly waking up.

He was very lucky. At least in the past few hours, there hadn’t been any beasts that had passed by.

As he tried to move his limbs, a sharp pain passed by. Lu Xuan couldn’t help but let out a stifled groan. Although he had been in a coma for this period of time, he could guess what Long Yang had done. After checking his body, he discovered that he wasn’t missing any parts. Lu Xuan let out a breath. It wasn’t too bad.

The Long family’s servants had really hit heavily. They had hit so that everywhere hurt. Lu Xuan knew that in the near future, it would become difficult to walk, much less participate in the assessment.

Thinking about this, he helplessly laughed. Could this be heaven’s will? Right now, his injuries were so heavy that even his last hope had been extinguished.

At this time, the sky had become completely black. Today’s weather didn’t seem to very good. There wasn’t even a star in the sky. He faced his head upward as he lied down on the cold hard ground. Lu Xuan’s eyes shifted as he looked into the night sky, his mind in shambles.

Suddenly, there was a ray of light that streaked through the air, appearing in Lu Xuan’s line of sight.

A meteor?

It is said that if you tie a knot when you see a meteor, your wish will come true.

Lu Xuan subconsciously reached to grab something to tie into a knot, but let out a groan again. He forgot that his whole body was injured and that his hand couldn’t move, much less tie a knot.

At this time, Lu Xuan was suddenly startled. That wasn’t right, today there were no stars, how could there be a meteor?

He lifted his head again to look, and discovered that the “meteor” had become larger, and was actually still getting larger…

This thing was actually headed right towards him! Lu Xuan was greatly shaken! At that speed, if it really arrived at his location, wouldn’t that be an immediate death? Where would there be a path for survival?

He wanted to dodge, but even his pinky couldn’t move at this time, how could he dodge.

This “meteor” was getting closer and closer. This time, Lu Xuan finally saw its shape. Shockingly it had a sword-shaped light.

The sword-shaped light’s speed was incredibly fast. Just a few moment after Lu Xuan had seen it, it had already arrived in front of Lu Xuan’s eyes.

By this time, Lu Xuan had finally discovered that the thing emitting this sword-shaped light wasn’t a sword, but was a not very large sword-shaped crystal.

What was this thing? Who sent it out?

As these thoughts had just flashed through his mind, the sword-shaped crystal had already hit Lu Xuan’s body. At the moment when Lu Xuan thought that his body had been punctured by this sword-shaped crystal, strangely, when the crystal made contact with Lu Xuan’s skin, it instantly melted into his body, and then entered into Lu Xuan’s dantian, then once again reformed.

Having survived what seemed like certain death, Lu Xuan still didn’t have time to rejoice. The sword crystal that had invaded into his body unexpectedly shot out a sharp sword qi, starting from Lu Xuan’s dantian, it spread out to the rest of his body, stabbing all of Lu Xuan’s meridians.

“Ah!” As the piercing pain passed through, Lu Xuan couldn’t hold it in and let out a very loud tragic scream that spread throughout the wilderness. It seemed very strange.

The pain in his body had not decreased but had instead become more intense.

The scattered sword qi kept moving through Lu Xuan’s meridians, breaking through layers and layers of obstacles. This kind of torture was the world’s greatest pain.

For everyone who is born, at the start, most people will have blocked off meridians, although some, their meridians were completely open. Those people were called geniuses.

Due the fact that on Sky Sword Continent there was a mysterious force that experts called soul force, how clear the meridians were affected the speed and efficiency of soul force absorption, thus determining how talented one was at cultivating.

And in fact, during cultivation, there is a process that opens up the meridians. The more open the meridians are, the higher the realm one could reach.

An innate born clear meridians person, not only would they not have to clear their meridians, but they would have a very fast cultivation speed. If they wanted to reach a high realm, they could reach it almost unimpeded.

And if one’s talent wasn’t good, for those who were born with blocked meridians, if they wanted to reach a higher realm, they needed to cultivate more slowly, slowly clearing their meridians. For this reason, most people in their entire lives would not be able to clear their meridians.

At this time, the sword qi was forcing itself through Lu Xuan’s meridians. It should be known that every person’s talents were determined at birth. This was truly going against heaven!

Under normal circumstances, people who had their meridians forced through would in the end have their meridians burst and they would die, otherwise, all of the experts in Sky Sword Continent would help their sons and nephews clear their meridians, raising their talent.

Under the tremendous pain, Lu Xuan had no room to think of anything else. He felt as if his meridians exploding and dying would be more comfortable then right now.

But the strange thing was, this sword qi, although it kept breaking through Lu Xuan’s blocked meridians, Lu Xuan’s meridians showed no signs of damage.

In fact, the places where his meridians were blocked became wider. If things continued this way… his meridians would be cleared, as if someone had artificially cleared it.

Lu Xuan simply didn’t have the mental capacity to check his body’s situation. At that moment, his head only had one word in it, which was pain. From youth till now, even during the most bitter of times when cultivating, Lu Xuan still hadn’t experienced such pain.

His tragic scream became softer and softer, not because he wanted it to, but because his throat had become hoarse from the screams and could no longer scream.

The sword qi let out by the sword crystal obviously didn’t care about how Lu Xuan felt. It continued to travel through his body’s meridians. Part of the power penetrated into the meridians.

The torturous process lasted for nearly an hour. After the sword qi had cleared the last meridian blockage, it moved in a large circle, and then finally returned to within the sword crystal. Everything was calm.

Was it finally over? Lu Xuan desperately gasped for breath, his line of sight was scattered. He slowly gathered himself. He had no doubt that if this pain had continued for another period of time, he was afraid that he really have died from the pain.

During this hour of struggle, Lu Xuan had exhausted all of his strength. His forehead, cheeks, and body were drenched in sweat.

But he wasn’t concerned about that. Having survived that kind of pain, he was already thanking god. A few large drops of sweat rolled down his face. In order to not let it into his eye, Lu Xuan used some effort to raise his left hand to wipe his face.

But then, as Lu Xuan moved, raising his left hand before his eyes, there was disbelief in his eyes as he viewed his hand.

He clearly remembered that just before, he couldn’t even move a finger, but now, he could wipe off his sweat!

To make sure there wasn’t a mistake, Lu Xuan couldn’t help but try to exercise both hands. His hands nimbly moved. After that he got up. In his entire body, there wasn’t even a trace of discomfort.

Lu Xuan was finally sure. His injuries received from Long Yang had miraculously healed!

Calling it a miracle would be wrong. Lu Xuan knew that there was an 80-90% chance that it was the work of the mysterious sword-shaped crystal. There really was a rainbow after the storm. The ancients truly haven’t bullied me!

A happy face uncontrollably flashed by Lu Xuan’s face. He had originally thought that heaven wanted to crush his last hope. He hadn’t thought that, there’s always a way out. Despite the torture just now that was so painful he was going to die, but if he had known earlier that it could heal his injuries, then no matter what, Lu Xuan would grit his teeth and bear it.

Long Yang, Long Tai! Even if you guys have a backer behind you, so what? I will definitely pass the Wind Sword Sect assessment! As long as I live another day, you guys shouldn’t thing of succeeding!

Since his injuries were all good, Lu Xuan once again gushed out fighting spirit!

There were fifteen days until the assessment. Fifteen days, it was neither a long time nor a short time. If it was taken advantage of, his strength could possibly increase a step again.

Thing about this, Lu Xuan crossed his legs and began to circulating, seizing the time for cultivation.

After the torment just now, Lu Xuan was already exhausted, but he knew, this sort of situation would facilitate cultivating twice as fast with half the effort. Since his innate talent wasn’t that high, then he could only fight using effort.

Circulating his cultivation method , there a slight trace of soul force that was sucked into Lu Xuan’s body. At the same time, he also looked internally. The first thing he saw was the sword-shaped crystal that had almost killed him.     

At this time, the sword crystal was slowly rotating in Lu Xuan’s dantian, no longer violent as before.    

Although he didn’t understand the sword crystal’s origins, Lu Xuan felt like it definitely had an extraordinary background. Also, it had previously miraculously healed his injuries. That fact cemented Lu Xuan’s thinking.

But thinking about the inhuman pain, he also had a chilling feeling. He didn’t dare to provoke the sword crystal at all, so he let it sit quietly in his dantian. Taking care of circulating his cultivation method , the soul force that entered his body slowly circulated through his meridians.

As he circulated the cultivation method , the atmosphere’s soul force was sucked into Lu Xuan’s body in a steady stream, flowing through his meridians in a particular path.

But once he started circulating the cultivation method, Lu Xuan became even more surprised because he discovered today his soul force absorption rate was suddenly many times faster than before!

Before all his meridians were blocked, and now they had become very smooth.

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Sword Spirit Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 Lu Xuan

Sky Sword Continent, Lin City, Sword Testing Hall.

There were ten long lines of people, from inside the hall to the outside. If one looked carefully, the people were all young boys and girls.

These days were the third-class Wind Sword Sect’s annual external disciple recruiting ceremony around Lin City’s vicinity. Almost any young person that met the requirements would all come to sign up. It could be described as an incredibly popular event. It should be known, that once one entered into the Wind Sword Sect, even if one only was an outer disciple, they could already be considered as a fish leaping over the dragon’s gate.

Lu Xuan stood in the middle of the line, following along as the crowds moved forward. Once the final person in front of him disappeared, it was finally his turn. Arranging his clothes, he looked nervously at the examiner.

“Name.” A middle aged old man holding a jade slip sitting behind a desk asked a little impatiently.

Although his job was only simply registering, but after signing up countless way too many people continuously for the past few days, he naturally became impatient.

“Lu Xuan.”

Hearing the question, Lu Xuan quickly reported his name.

“Age, strength.”

“Sixteen, body refining second level.”

While recording the information, the examiner also glanced at Lu Xuan. The middle-aged man shook his head inwardly. The amount of people the sect would recruit today was not many. Even if a body refining third level wouldn’t necessarily be guaranteed a chance. Body refining second level basically had no hope.

“Okay, your number is 828. In fifteen days, come back here and wait for the assessment.

“Thank you very much examiner senior.” Lu Xuan said respectfully.

The middle-aged man waved his hand, indicating that Lu Xuan should go. A mere body refining second level kid completely failed to pique any sort of interest.

After receiving his identification number , Lu Xuan let out a sigh, leaving the long line.

After having lined up for a few hours, he had finally successfully signed up. Whether or not he would be able to join the Wind Sword Sect would be seen during the assessment in 15 days. Thinking about it, he couldn’t help but tighten his grip on his number. This was his last chance.

Lu Xuan couldn’t really be counted as a citizen of Lin City, but was the only son of a small clan that lived in Qing Mountain Village. Calling it a clan was a bit too flattering for the Lu family. Right now the Lu family was in decline. In the family, other than him, his father, and his older sister, there were only a few servants.

But because it was like this, the Lu family’s days weren’t that easy, especially in recent times. The Long family’s third young master had taken fancy to Lu Xuan’s older sister and wanted to forcefully marry her.

If it was someone else, if a man and a woman got married, even if they were forcefully married, they were still married, but in all of Qing Mountain Village, who didn’t know about the Long family’s third young master’s notoriety? Lu Xuan would definitely not watch his older sister fall into the pit of fire.

It was just that, for the declining Lu family, when placed in front of the Long family, they were completely unable to defend themselves. The only chance was for Lu Xuan to enter the Wind Sword Sect, and once he became an outer disciple, the Long family would definitely not dare to wildly touch the Lu family’s people.

Thus, Lu Xuan had come to the Wind Sword Sect’s assessment, not for himself, but for his older sister. This was also his only chance!

There was still fifteen days. His strength could still possibly be enhanced by a step. That way there would be a better chance.

After deciding in his heart, Lu Xuan quickly walked out.

However, not long after he had exited the Sword Testing Hall, Lu Xuan’s path was blocked off by some people.

Some strong-bodied servants stood in a line blocking Lu Xuan’s path. A slovenly looking youth, sloppily holding onto a folding fan, walked in front of Lu Xuan.

“Lu Xuan, you still really came to signed up to participate in the Wind Sword Sect’s assessment? Did you really think that with your strength that you could be fancied by others with your amount of strength? Hahaha…”

Blocking Lu Xuan’s path was a branch member of the Long family, Long Yang.

Long Yang was not a stranger to Lu Xuan. Typically, Long Yang usually hung out with Long Tai. In fact, the matter with Lu Xuan’s older sister was brought up by Long Yang to Long Tai. Lu Xuan’s hatred towards Long Yang was no less than his towards Long Tai.

Listening to Long Yan’s unbridled laughter, Lu Xuan coldly said: “Long Yang, just let that thought of yours die. No matter what, I will not let my older sister marry into the Long family.”

Hearing these words, Long Yang couldn’t help but laugh out loudly, creating a “Pa” noise as he closed his fan. He proceeded to speak in an openly disdainful manner: “Over the past few years, you’ve already seen in Qing Mountain Village, which girl did my third older brother not get his hands on after laying his eyes on her? Your older sister is no exception… There will be a day, she will also become acquainted with third older brother’s bed as a plaything! Who can say for sure that after third older brother has finished playing with her, I might be able to also have my turn… Hahaha!”

In Long Yang’s tone there was an indescribable sway to it.

“As long as I’m still around, you guys shouldn’t dream of boasting!” Hearing Long Yang’s mouth desecrate his beloved older sister, Lu Xuan couldn’t help but angrily say.

“Whether or not there’ll be boasting isn’t for you to decide. I’m afraid, you still have hope of entering into the Wind Sword Sect right? It’s worth mentioning, simply, since I want to break your hopes for good.” Long Yang’s face leaked out an ugly smile.

As he finished speaking, Long Yang winked to some of the servants by his side. Those servants suddenly understood, moving quickly, they walked past Lu Xuan.

Seeing that Long Yang wanted to make a move, Lu Xuan couldn’t help but take a step back. He was only at a mere body refining second level and the Long family’s servants were at least body refining third level and up. Lu Xuan was not their opponent one on one, much less against the three or four people.

Naturally, the conflict between Lu Xuan and Long Yang was seen by others, but with one look, one would know that it was a young master of a clan bullying a civilian boy. Unrelated people stayed away from it, no one wanted to get themselves into trouble.

As for that side, Lu Xuan had already been defeated by the servants. The difference in strength was too large. Lu Xuan only resisted for two seconds before being struck on the back of his neck by a servant and knocked unconscious.

“Young master, how should we deal with this kid?” The strongest servant respectfully asked Long Yang.

Looking over the vicinity, the amount of passersby wasn’t small. Long Yang frowned and said: “Let’s first go out of the city then talk.”

If it was in the Qing Mountain Village and he was with Long Tai, Long Yang would even dare to kill in the streets, but here was Lin City. Long Yang didn’t dare to be too arrogant. Compared to a large clan from Lin City, the biggest family in Qing Mountain Village didn’t amount to much.

Moving quickly, after a short while, Long Yang brought the servants outside of the city to the wilderness.

“Young master, what should we do with him? This is out in the wilderness, even if we killed him, no one would know.” One of the servants suggested.

Hearing this, Long Yang thought for a moment, then nodded: “Hmm, let’s just say this kid off lucky. This time we’ll spare him. Beat him so that he has to stay in bed for at least 10 days to half a month. Doesn’t he want to compete in the assessment? I’d like to see how he’s going to attend.

Long Yang’s position in the Long family wasn’t too high. Most of the time he relied on Long Tai like a fox assuming the majesty of the tiger. Now that Long Tai wasn’t around, he didn’t dare to be too arrogant . He still didn’t dare to actually get rid of Lu Xuan.

Receiving Long Yang’s command, the servants immediately began to beat the unconscious Lu Xuan. These servants had helped Long Yang perform these actions multiple times. They knew where to hit so it hurt but without killing the person. Even though he was unconscious, due to the huge amount of pain, Lu Xuan still revealed a pained expression.

After finishing, Long Yang then threw Lu Xuan into the wilderness, and then took his men away with him. In the case that Lu Xuan was eaten by wild animals, that wasn’t his problem.

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In the Sky Sword Continent there are thousands of sects and strong cultivators as common as trees. In order to prevent his older sister from being forcefully married off, Lu Xuan had no choice to but to unceasingly cultivate and enter a sect to ask for a favor. By chance, a sword-shaped crystal of mysterious origins entered into Lu Xuan’s body, containing countess top-class martial skills, powerful martial arts, and everything you could wish for! A martial legend starts here…

Author:  坏宝 Evil Treasure