Sword Spirit Chapter 16

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Chapter 16 A Book Gift

Xia Chen Xi and Lin Xin Yi had been upstairs just now, thus Lu Xuan hadn’t seen them when he entered, and he hadn’t thought that they would meet at this time as the two came down.

Seeing the two girls, to the side, Yao Lei’s eyes went completely straight. He hadn’t thought that he would actually have the chance to be so close to these big young misses.

Lu Xuan was also a bit surprised about Xia Chen Xi’s question, but he wasn’t as dumbstruck by beauty.

He just smiled a bit and said: “I only have a bit of understanding. I just wanted to try it a bit. Is young miss Xia an enchanter?”

When Xia Chen Xi asked that question with an “also”, she revealed her identity.

Towards Lu Xuan’s knowledge of her identity, Xia Chen Xi didn’t reveal any signs of change. In Lin City, those that didn’t recognize her could probably counted on one hand.

Hearing Lu Xuan’s question, she also lightly smiled: “I also only have a bit of understanding.”

As Xia Chen Xi spoke these words, Lin Xin Yi who was on the side’s laughter sounded like silver bells: “Chen Xi, you’re being too modest. Who doesn’t know that you’re Lin City’s Enchanter Guild President’s star pupil. How could you only have a bit of understanding.”  

“Compared to a real master enchanter, my bit of abilities can only be called a bit of understanding.” Xia Chen Xi didn’t react to Lin Xin Yi’s teasing. It seemed she was born with a calm disposition.

Looking at the savage wolf blood on the table, she continued to speak: “You’re using savage wolf blood. Are you preparing to draw a Wild Explosion rune?”

Hearing this, Lu Xuan was startled, and immediately looked up to her. Just by looking at the materials she could tell what rune he was planning on drawing. It seemed she really was adept.

“That’s right. Young miss Xia’s eyes really are sharp. You truly are a proud daughter of heaven.” Lu Xuan praised.

“Nah. It’s just that I recently also studied the Wild Explosion rune, thus I thought of it.” Xia Chen Xi explained, “However, drawing the Wild Explosion rune, the savage wolf blood is only the main component, it still needs other supporting ingredients to regulate the liquids and the character. How come you only bought a bottle of the main ingredient?”

 Xia Chen Xi’s words surprised Lu Xuan for a moment. This wasn’t the first time he had heard that. Previously Yao Lei had said enchanters needed to use specialized liquids to draw the runes, but what caused him to doubt this was that in his memories from the sword crystal, clearly didn’t say that they needed any special liquids. It only needed the animal blood to work.

Xie Chen Xi was an enchanter herself, and having just heard Lin Xin Yi’s word, it seemed like Xia Chen Xi was even the enchanting president’s disciple. She shouldn’t have been wrong. Then why was it this way?

After a time, Lu Xuan couldn’t figure it out, his thoughts spun quickly, and then he smiled and said: “This is also my first time trying and I haven’t fully comprehended everything.”

Lu Xuan’s response caused Xia Chen Xi to be speechless, “You haven’t made an enchantment scroll before?”

Lu Xuan obediently shook his head, “I haven’t. This is the first time.”

Xia Chen Xi suddenly didn’t know what to say. It was his first time making an enchantment scroll and he dared to try to make the Wild Explosive rune. She really didn’t know if there was wrong with Lu Xuan’s head, if his courage was too large, or if he just didn’t have anywhere to spend his money.

The Wild Explosion rune primary material was savage wolf blood. For things with “Explosion” in their name, even some older enchanters had low chances of success. Even Xia Chen Xi had not succeeded. She didn’t know where Lu Xuan got his confidence from that he would actually dare to directly create the Wild Explosion rune.

He wasn’t someone who didn’t know anything and just saw that the price of the Wild Explosion rune so he both the materials to create an enchantment scroll himself right? As that idea suddenly flashed through Xia Chen Xi’s mind, she thought of the Lu Xuan’s stunning swordsmanship earlier, she immediately abandoned it. A person that could use such stunning swordsmanship, how could they be so naive.

She slightly shook her head and stopped her wild guessing. Thinking about it, she pulled out a book and gave it Lu Xuan saying: “In this book is an introduction to becoming an enchanter. There are also my personal notes in it. Although it’s not very valuable, but maybe it’ll be of help to you. You can look at it.”

Seeing that Xia Chen Xi had pulled out her own personal copy with notes in it and was giving it to Lu Xuan. Yao Lei’s eyes became even wider. Older brother Xuan’s luck with the ladies was exploding out, ah! Not only was Lin City’s number one beauty talking with him, he had even received a gift from her. If word got out, who knows how many people would be jealous to death.    

Seeing the book Xia Chen Xi was handing over, Lu Xuan immediately revealed a tinge of excitement. This was good stuff. Although he had gotten some of the memories in the sword crystal, he still lacked an overall understanding towards enchanting. This introductory book was the most fitting for him.  

He didn’t try to decline and directly reached out to take it, saying: “Then the best way to show respect is to obey here. Thank you very much young miss Chen Xi. When I finish reading it, I will definitely return it. It’s just that I don’t know how I will find you at that time?”

Xia Chen Xi giggled and said: “It’s not something that precious. Don’t think about it too much. Um… If you succeed in creating the enchantment scroll then you can sell it at the Treasure Pavilion. At that time just hand it to Ninth Uncle.”

Hearing this, the old shopkeeper to the side smiled and said: “Young miss can relax. If there’s new, your old servant will definitely let you know.”

In the midst of Lu Xuan and Xia Chen Xi’s conversation, the old shopkeeper, who was also the Ninth Uncle, didn’t speak at all, but was secretly surprised. He didn’t know where Lu Xuan got to know Xia Chen Xi. Even though Xia Chen Xi’s temperament was very gentle, but as heaven’s favored daughter, she naturally had higher standards. Normally others proactively went to look for her, since when did she begin to proactively look for others to talk to. She even also gave a gift. It truly was surprising. He raised his evaluation of Lu Xuan in his heart. To be able to cause Xia Chen Xi to behave so differently, he couldn’t possibly be normal.   

Lu Xuan also looked towards the old shopkeeper with surprise. Even with Xia Chen Xi’s identity, she still had to call him Ninth Uncle. Obviously this old shopkeeper wasn’t a simply a shopkeeper. However, he didn’t bother to wildly speculate.

“The it will be as the young miss said, once I’ve finished reading it, whether or not I’ve succeeded, I’ll return it.” Lu Xuan said.

“In that case, then Chen Xi will be leaving first.” Xia Chen Xi politely said. To be able to stop here and proactively talk to a stranger like Lu Xuan, was already quite a feat. In truth, she didn’t know what was up with today, whether it was that she had interest in Lu Xuan or if it was because that stunning swordsmanship.

“Ninth Uncle, we’re leaving first, ah.” Lin Xin Yi said to Ninth Uncle. Afterwards she faced Lu Xuan and giggled and said: “You’re name is Lu Xuan right? I’ve noticed you. My name is Lin Xin Yi.”

“Uh… Young miss Xia, young miss Lin, take care…” Lu Xuan didn’t know why Lin Xin Yi would suddenly speak at the very end, however he tried to be courteous.

Yao Lei on the side didn’t know what to say. When had older brother Xuan’s charm become so large? Even young miss Lin remembered him and even proactively told him her name. Geez, Lin City’s two top beauties ah. Could older brother Xuan hug one in each hand?   

Seeing Xian Chen Xi and Lin Xin Yi off as they left, the old shopkeeper Ninth Uncle once again looked at Lu Xuan, in his eyes there were a hint of strangeness: “After all these years, this is still the first time seeing Chen Xi put someone else in her eyes. Kid, you’re really not bad.

After a pause, he once again spoke to ask Lu Xuan: “Other than these two, do you still need something else?”
“Umm… Add another Xuan Yuan Dan and a Bone Cleansing Dan.” With a bit of hesitation, Lu Xuan requested the items he needed.

Hearing this, Yao Lei let out a relieved breath. It seemed that older brother Xuan hadn’t gone completely stupid. He still knew to spend the remaining money to buy dan medicines. It was just that, if it was like that, the money that Lu Xuan had just plundered from Long Yang would immediately be completely spent. Even their few dozen pieces of silver would all be spent.  

Enchantment materials plus the two dan medicines, in total was two hundred and thirty taels of gold. Using up the two hundred twenty six taels of plundered gold, Lu Xuan also used forty of his own pieces of silver.

Taking it all of the items, and Xia Chen Xi’s gifted book, Lu Xuan said his courtesies to Ninth Uncle and then left. After a few days he would definitely return.


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Sword Spirit Chapter 15

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Chapter 15 Meeting Again

Lin Xin Yi was somewhat reluctant. She was very interested in Lu Xuan, but right now there wasn’t too much left keeping them around. Just before getting on the vehicle, she didn’t forget to look at Lu Xuan once more. Overall, after this duel, Lu Xuan had already made a not deep, but not shallow imprint in her heart.

The two girls got on the vehicle. The City Lord’s Mansion’s carriage began to move once more, heading out. The martial arts arena’s scenery became a little less beautiful.

The onlooking crowd of martial artists reluctantly pulled their sight away from the carriage. With Xian Chen Xi and Lin Xin Yi’s identity, and their lack of it, even if they had love in their hearts, they could only bury it. They were far from being able to match either the City Lord’s Mansion or the Lin family.

In the arena, under Lu Xuan’s threat of force, the servants didn’t dare cause any trouble. They obediently handed over all of their possessions.

“Hey, older brother Xun, in total we scraped together two hundred twenty-six taels of gold. It looks like these servants actually had some good stuff on them.” Yao Lei held on to the money as he spoke with a large smile on his face. This much money wasn’t a small number for him.

Although Lu Xuan and Long Yang’s bet was only two hundred taels of gold, but since Long Yang had gone back on his word, Lu Xuan not killing him was already very merciful. An extra twenty taels of gold was naturally not going to be returned.

After successfully getting the money, Lu Xuan’s face couldn’t help but loosen a little, and he said to Yao Lei: “Put the money away, let’s go to the Treasure Pavilion.”

Hearing this, Yao Lei suddenly had a bitter expression on his face: “Older brother Xuan, do you really want to buy that specialized blank scroll and savage wolf blood? If you ask me, you should take that money to buy some dan medicine instead. After buying a couple pieces of Xuan Yuan Dan and Bone Cleansing Dan, I believe that you will definitely break through. That would be far more dependable than buying enchantment materials!”

Saying that, Yao Lei sighed. He gently put his hand on his lip and pulled on it a bit: “His mother. This is all because of my cheap mouth. Why did I tell you about enchanters. How could practicing enchanting be so easy. If it was truly easy to practice, everyone would learn enchanting, who would still cultivate, ah!”

Listening to Yao Lei’s continuous chatter, Lu Xuan couldn’t help laugh a little. He knew Yao Lei was trying to look out for him, so he said: “Relax. If I didn’t have confidence, I wouldn’t do it.”

Yao Lei was speechless. Just as he was preparing to refute Lu Xuan, he thought of the match with Long Yang just now. Lu Xuan also said these words. He suddenly didn’t know what to say. Before the match, who would have thought that Lu Xuan could win so neatly? Who knows, maybe older brother Xuan could really become an enchanter.

Yao Lei didn’t know if he was comforting himself or if he actually believed Lu Xuan’s words.

The two got off the stage and directly went to the Treasure Pavilion. As for the people on stage, seeing that Lu Xuan was walking away, the Long family’s servants finally let out their breaths. They hurriedly went over to Long Yang.

Soon, Lu Xuan and Yao Lei returned to the Treasure Pavilion. However at this time,  there was a very luxurious carriage parked outside the Treasure Pavilion. There was a group of guards standing to the side waiting.

“Eh, isn’t that the City Lord’s Mansion’s Carriage from just before?” Yao Lei said with some surprise.

Lu Xuan also couldn’t help looking at it again. It was the carriage that they had seen at the martial arena indeed. He hadn’t thought it would be so timely. Thinking about it, those two beautiful girls should also be inside the Treasure Pavilion right?

Thinking of that, the images of Xia Chen Xi and Lin Xin Yi flashed through Lu Xuan’s mind, but very quickly Lu Xuan shook his head. With their identities, he knew, for now, they were on an entirely different level than him.

“Ignore that. Let’s go in.” Lu Xuan said, leading first into the Treasure Pavilion.

Entering into the Treasure Pavilion, Lu Xuan scanned his surrounding, but didn’t see those two. He was a little puzzled, but then felt relieved. Thinking about it, with their identities, naturally there would be someone to receive them.

In the Treasure Pavilion there was that old shopkeeper who was still sitting behind the counter with his eyes closed. The matter with Lu Xuan and Long Yang, he had already stopped caring about. To him, this was just a small episode.

Noticing that people had entered, the old shopkeeper slowly opened his eyes. When he saw that the person was actually Lu Xuan, his eyes suddenly flashed a trace of surprise. His body involuntarily stood up.

“It’s you?”

“That’s right. Thank you for senior’s concern. Senior please pull out the savage wolf blood and a blank scroll, I want to purchase them.” Lu Xuan smiled and said.

When Lu Xuan finished speaking, the old shopkeeper didn’t move, instead he asked: “You… actually won?”

It seemed he really hadn’t properly assessed Lu Xuan, otherwise, he wouldn’t have tried to give Lu Xuan advice, but he hadn’t thought that Lu Xuan appear here so quickly, and looking at his appearance, it didn’t seem like he had gone through a life and death duel just now.

However, now Lu Xuan had said he wanted to buy materials, then he naturally had money. The only explanation for that was that Lu Xuan had won, moreover, it seemed like he had won quite casually.  

“That’s right. How could that body refining fourth level Long Yang possibly be my older brother Xuan’s opponent. Older brother Xuan used a bamboo pole and knocked that guy right out.” Yao Lei rushed to reply with such vigor it was as if the person who had won hadn’t been Lu Xuan but him instead.

Lu Xuan also nodded his head, giving a soft “Mm” as a response to the old shopkeeper.

“Not bad, not bad.” The corners old shopkeeper’s eyes leaked a hint of appreciation. If helping Lu Xuan before was only out of convenience, then right now, Lu Xuan had earned his full attention now.

He still didn’t ask for specifics about Lu Xuan’s fight. Each martial artist had their own secrets and trump cards. But anyway, knowing that Lu Xuan’s strength really was body refining third level and that he won over Long Yang who was body refining fourth level was enough.

“I’ve already told you the prices for the blank scrolls. Which one do you want? How much savage wolf blood do you want?” The old shopkeeper casually asked.

In a slightly lower voice, Lu Xuan said: “For blank scrolls, I want ten low grade and one high grade. As for savage wolf blood, one bottle.”

The high grade blank scroll cost a full ten taels of gold each. Lu Xuan didn’t have a way to buy it in bulk; however, just to be safe, he still chose to buy one. After all, the success rate of using high grade blank scrolls was much higher than when using low grade blank scrolls.

The old shopkeeper slowly nodded his head then turned his head and went to go pick it up.

Soon, eleven blank scrolls and a bottle of savage wolf blood were placed in front of Lu Xuan.    

Among them, one blank scroll was set aside from the others. Whether going by appearance or soul force to check, it was obviously of higher quality than the rest of the pile. Obviously, this was the high grade blank scroll that cost ten taels of gold.

As for the savage wolf blood, it was stored inside a special jade bottle. In order to maintain the medicine’s potency the special jade bottle was necessary. Just the jade bottle alone cost ten taels of gold.

“Eh, it’s you? You’re also an enchanter?” Just at this time, a gentle voice suddenly came from the side.

Hearing the voice, Lu Xuan and the other two turned their heads at the same time. At the side of the stairs, two pretty women were holding hands as they walked over. It was Xia Chen Xi and Lin Xin Yi!

Xia Chen Xi had a curious gaze that landed on the Lu Xuan and on the enchantment materials that were on the table. As for Lin Xin Yi, she was directly looking at Lu Xuan. She was obviously a little excited. She hadn’t thought there would be such a coincidence. They actually met again.


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Sword Spirit Chapter 14

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Chapter 14 Skills Surprising Four People

In the midst of this grave danger, where everyone else all thought that Lu Xuan was in a certain death situation, Lu Xuan moved!  

His right hand was like lightning and reached behind his back to grab and drew a smooth bamboo pole that he held in his hands.

At this time, among the martial artists around the ring, there wasn’t a single person that saw Lu Xuan’s movement clearly, including Xia Chen Xi whose strength far surpassed Lu Xuan.

They only saw a green ray of light flash. There were some sounds of “Ding Ding Ding”. After that, Long Yang’s irritating laughter suddenly stopped. The entire process happened in the blink of an eye.

When they once again looked at the situation on the ring, the situation had undergone a shocking reversal.

Lu Xuan’s posture was tall and straight. In his hand was a smooth green bamboo pole. The end of the pole was firmly resting on Long Yang’s throat. Not a single one of those killer poisonous needles from before had landed on Lu Xuan’s body. They all had fallen to the side!  

At this time, everyone froze. Even Xia Chen Xi and Lin Xin Yi were not exceptions. The entire surroundings of the martial arena was silent.

They hadn’t been able to see clearly what had happened in that moment, but from the scene in front of their eyes, it wasn’t difficult to guess what Lu Xuan had done.

In that moment, using that ordinary bamboo stick in his hand, Lu Xuan had somehow deflected all of the poisoned needles, not missing a single one.

Such divine skill!

In a moment he deflected ten steel needles. What sort of precision and unsheathing speed would that need!

It should be known, Lu Xuan was only using an ordinary bamboo pole. The resistance to bending in a bamboo pole was multiple times stronger than a swords! If it had been switched to a sword, then what sort of terrifying speed would Lu Xuan’s speed reach then?

At this time, many of the crowd’s suddenly became happy. It seemed like Lu Xuan’s exquisite use of the fist skill was only the tip of the iceberg. If at the start of the fight Lu Xuan had pulled out the bamboo pole from behind his back, then Long Yang probably wouldn’t have had the chance to use a single move, much less three.

And at this time, Lu Xuan was staring into Long Yang’s eyes with an unstoppable killing intent.

Thinking back right now, Lu Xuan couldn’t help but be scared. If he reactions had been just a bit slower just now, if he hadn’t been carrying around the bamboo pole he had used as a practice sword, then right now he would already be lying on the ground.

In that moment, Lu Xuan had directly used the Blinking Sword Skill to his limits! Right now his hand was still trembling slightly. If he had to try that again, no matter what, there was no way to reach that point that he did just now. That was potential that had been forced out through a life and death situation.

With Lu Xuan’s bamboo shoved against his throat, Long Yang’s eyes darted in confusion. Just now, Lu Xuan’s strikes had been too fast. Faster than he could imagine!

He couldn’t have imagined why or how Lu Xuan had suddenly become so strong. Was that sort of sword skill something that a human could use?

After a period of time, Long Yang recovered, the light in his eyes gradually refocused. Seeing the deadly look in Lu Xuan’s eyes, he suddenly became very spirited.  

“Don’t, don’t kill me. I’m a child of the Long family. You can’t kill me. Oh yeah, you wanted money right? I can give you money. Don’t kill me, Lu Xuan, Master Lu, don’t kill me. I’ll kneel before, I’ll kowtow to you…”

Long Yang’s mental state had been completely broken. An unnamed liquid began leaking out of his lower body. Immediately there was a stink that came out. Just now, Long Yang had pissed his pants in fear.

Seeing Long Yang’s unbearable appearance, the killing intent in Lu Xuan’s eyes slowly transformed into disdain. The bamboo pole in his hand suddenly shook once, creating a “pa” sound. The bamboo pole fiercely slapped into Long Yang’s face, leaving a fresh red mark.

“Lei, come up here.” Lu Xuan shout out. Yao Lei looked like he had just woken up from a dream. He answered and quickly went up.    

After stumbling onto the ring, even though he was standing next to Lu Xuan, Yao Lei still felt this was unreal. Was this person, someone who had just performed with such divine skill, beating Long Yang until he kneeled and begged for mercy and pissing his pants in terror, really his older brother Xuan?

This was… way too powerful! Overflowing with power! Yao Lei decided, from now on, Lu Xuan was to be his idol!

“Older brother Xuan, what’d you need to find me for?” Yao Lei asked with a face full of worship.

Lu Xuan angrily looked as Long Yang as he said, “Go dig through his stuff. I’ll watch.”

“Alright!” Yao Lei didn’t say anything else and ran up to Long Yang, ripped open his clothes and began feeling around.

At this time, Long Yang had long since been knocked unconscious by Lu Xuan’s bamboo pole. He was defenseless as Yao Lei rummaged through his stuff. Yao Lei wasn’t well behaved either. He took this opportunity to punched Long Yang a couple times and kicked him a couple times. Normally Long Yang would bully him quite a bit.

After going through everything, Yao Lei pulled out all of the money and things on Long Yang’s body. As he was leaving, he looked and saw the folding fan that had hid the poisonous steel needles and took that too. Hehe, this was a treasure.

“Older brother Xuan, this guy was slapping his own face until it was swollen to look imposing. He doesn’t even have two hundred taels of gold on him. There’s only a hundred and eighty taels!” Yao Lei angrily said as he returned to Lu Xuan’s side. This mother. This was money that older brother Xuan ha worked hard to make, and this guy didn’t even have enough money to bet!

There wasn’t even two hundred taels? Lu Xuan frowned. Suddenly, he turned his head, seeing Long Yang’s crowd of servants. He stuck out the bamboo pole in his hand and pointed at them.

“You guys, come up!”

The crowd of servants hearts jumped as they were pointed at by Lu Xuan. They didn’t dare to fight back and obediently went up.

Right now, Lu Xuan’s bamboo pole, in the eyes of the Long family’s servants, was basically a death-bringing weapon. They had all seen the move just now. They had no doubt that, even if they all went together, they would all be skewered by that bamboo pole.

“Pay out the money. Be obedient or else if anyone dares to cause trouble…”Lu Xuan tapped on his bamboo pole. His meaning was quite clear.    

Yao Lei who was on the side began smiling. This move by older brother Xuan was clearly taking advantage of them.

The crowd of martial artists below the stage, seeing Lu Xuan raking in the money in the arena, was like seeing a bunch of highway robbers being robbed. In what way was this guy linked to the one who had displayed the divine sword techniques. Suddenly there was a burst of laughter, but it was a genuine laughter. The move that Lu Xuan used would be imprinted in their hearts for the rest of their lives.

“Pu!” Lin Xin Yi who was in front of the carriage couldn’t help but laugh out loud. She had discovered that Lu Xuan was truly too cute. However, thinking of the elegance of the move and that she had been worried for him, a blush of red crept onto Lin Xin Yi’s cheek.

But at this time, Xia Chen Xi wasn’t paying attention to the changes Lin Xin Yi was going through. Her eyes were staring at Lu Xuan who was on the stage. Just now, that move was playing over and over in her head. She had to admit that this move of Lu Xuan’s was very powerful.

If it had been her, there would still be no way of blocking it. At most she could rely on her strength being higher than Lu Xuan’s to resist it.

It seemed he was called Lu Xuan? Believing that in the future their paths would cross again, Xia Chen Xi took a deep look at Lu Xuan, silently remembering his name.


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Sword Spirit Chapter 13

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Chapter 13 Hidden Weapon Sneak Attack

After continuously attacking ten times and not having hit Lu Xuan once, in fact each move had been broken, Long Yang had already become thoroughly angry. The so-called victory in three moves had long been thrown to the back of his head. Right now he just wanted to quickly tear Lu Xuan apart.

Unfortunately, the Long Family’s Dragon Seizing Hand was only a lower Huang grade martial skill. Lu Xuan’s Blinking Sword Skill was an upper Huang grade skill, which was higher than the Dragon Seizing Hand by two tiers. Even though Lu Xuan was only using the Large Foundation Fist skill that was infused with the mysteries of the Blinking Sword Skill, it was not something that Long Yang could resist.

After more than ten continuous moves by Long Yang, Lu Xuan suddenly felt his understanding towards the Blinking Sword Skill improve by a level. When practicing martial arts, no matter how bitterly one practiced, it would not compare to bounty from an actual fight. This was also why Lu Xuan use Long Yang as a practice partner.

“It’s time to end this!” Lu Xuan softly said as he used a punch to force Long Yang back.

Long Yang disregarded him and continued charging forward, but this time Lu Xuan finally didn’t hold back.

Previously Lu Xuan would only force Long Yang back and then not follow-up with an attack, but this time he used both fists together. One fist broke Long Yang’s Dragon Seizing Hand, and the other fist solidly hit Long Yang’s chest.

There was only a muffled sound as Long Yang spat out a mouthful of blood, his body immediately sent flying into the air, landing on the ground ten meters away with a “Bang.”

“You lost!” Lu Xuan lightly said. His tone sounded light and even, but inside he was incredibly excited. Ten days prior, he had never imagined that he would be able to beat Long Yang under the watchful eyes of such a large crowd! It was also a fight above his level, his body refining third level won over a body refining fourth level!

After Long Yang spat out blood onto the ground, this duel was finally over. The crowd felt regret that they could no longer see Lu Xuan’s exquisite fist skills. They all wanted Long Yang to persist a little bit longer so that they could see Lu Xuan’s fist skills just a little more.

This fighting match, could be described as a wild ride. From the start, when Long Yang pulled out a martial skill, who would have thought that it would end this way. Long Yang who was using a martial skill not only failed to beat Lu Xuan within three moves, in reverse his moves had been broken by Lu Xuan time and time again using the Large Foundation Fist skill, beating Long Yang whose level was higher than his.

“Wow, Chen Xi, he’s really strong ah! Didn’t you say that the bullies chances of winning were high before? This time you saw wrong.” Lin Xin Yi was a little excited as she waved her hands around. It seemed like it hadn’t been Lu Xuan that had won but her.

Xia Chen Xi’s face was also a little red. Lin Xin Yi had spoken correctly this time. She hadn’t imagined that Lu Xuan could bring such a big surprise.

“Let’s go. The fight is over. We still have to buy stuff.” Xia Chen Xi turned around, ready to get on the carriage. Although Lu Xuan surprised her, with her body refining sixth level at such a young age, she was unconcerned about a peer who was only body refining third level.

“Don’t rush, don’t rush. That bully still hasn’t forked out his bet right. Let’s watch till the end then leave.” Lin Xin Yi quickly pulled Xia Chen Xi back.

Listening, Xia Chen Xi was a little amused. Lu Xuan had brought up the bet, which was only two hundred taels of gold or so. Since when did the Lin family’s young miss put two hundred taels of gold in her eyes. Even if there was another two zeroes, Lin Xin Yi would still not take it seriously.

Thinking of this, Xia Chen Xi couldn’t help but tease: “Xin Yi, you care so much. It couldn’t be you’ve taken a fancy to this Lu Xuan kid right? En, he is pretty handsome.”

“What nonsense are you saying!” Lin Xin Yi’s face was completely red, revealing a hint of modesty. She lightly punched Xia Chen Xi twice. However, after what Xia Chen Xi had said, she lifted up her head and looked to the stage at Lu Xuan, and in her heart there was a bit of a strange feeling.

“You lost. Based on the previous bet, bring out the two hundred taels of gold.” Lu Xuan said to Long Yang. With so many martial artists acting as witnesses, he didn’t fear Long Yang trying to back out.

“Two hundred taels of gold?” Long Yang rubbed his bloody mouth and revealed a strange smile, “Isn’t it just two hundred taels of gold? I’ll just give it to you!”

As he spoke, Long Yang’s right hand slowly rose, as if it was prepared to dig out something.

Seeing that Long Yang didn’t seem like he was going to back out, Lu Xuan let out a breath. As he thought about the two hundred taels of gold that could buy the savage wolf blood, and then use that for the Wild Explosion rune, Lu Xuan suddenly felt a little excited. As long as there were funds to start, then he could become an enchanter. What were dan medicines? Weren’t they just things that he could eat at anytime?

Just as Lu Xuan was in a trance, suddenly there was a burst of exclamations!

“Watch out!”



Lu Xuan instantly woke up and looked over there. Suddenly the hairs on his body all rose up.

He saw ten sharp steel needles were rapidly shooting towards him!

There was a hint of blue on the needles. It seemed that they were even poisoned!

Just then, Long Yang going on about giving the money was clearly to get Lu Xuan to stand still and take that opportunity to use hidden weapons.

These ten steel needles were pulled out from Long Yang’s folding fan. The reason why Long Yang never let this folding fan leave his side was because that fan was his final killer trump card.

Even if the needles hadn’t been poisoned, for martial artists below body refining sixth level, as long as the needles hit, they would definitely die!

After fighting with Lu Xuan, Long Yang had already lost all face. He had long since felt hatred towards him in his bones. How could he possibly obediently pay out the bet. The matter of the bet was small, the matter of face was large.

Right now the two were still on the stage. Even if Long Yang killed Lu Xuan, no one would be able to hold him accountable. Even if he was disdained by others, Long Yang would still kill Lu Xuan. This matter must be resolved!

Seeing the steel needles flying out, Long Yang who was on the floor laughed out loudly. Even if you’re strong so what? Since your fists are so strong, if you have ability, use your fists to block these poisoned steel needles!

As Long Yang released poisoned needles, it was seen by Xia Chen Xi and Lin Xin Yi. They hadn’t thought that there would be such a shameless person in this world. He had clearly lost, but he had still used hidden weapons to hurt the other person, and even wanted to kill him!

The speed of the poisoned needles was too fast. Xia Chen Xi was too far. Even though she wanted to help Lu Xuan cut down the poisoned needles, she didn’t have that kind of power. She could only watch as the poisoned needles flew towards Lu Xuan, less than ten meters away from him.

Lin Xin Yi’s face was even paler. She normally came into contact with people that tried to act cool, but how would she have known that there was this kind of shameless person. She had just begun to have some positive feelings towards Lu Xuan, but now she could only watch Lu Xuan get hit by the poisoned needles without any way to help.  

Countless martial artists already closed their eyes, unable to watch. Watching a genius that could fight above one’s level about to fall was just too pitiful. Under this sort of situation, Long Yang’s irritating wild laughter, seemed both irritating and ugly.

In the midst of this grave danger, where everyone else all thought that Lu Xuan was in a certain death situation, Lu Xuan moved!


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Sword Spirit Chapter 12

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Chapter 12 Large Foundation Fist vs Dragon Seizing Hand

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Lu Xuan and Long Yang’s movement finally drew back the attention of the crowd. They had almost forgotten that they come to the martial arena to watch a duel.

Seeing that the two young ladies to the side were watching, Long Yang wanted to put on a show, and shook his fan. Gracefully he said: “Lu Xuan, don’t say that I’m the strong bullying the weak. In this battle, as long as you can handle three of my moves, we’ll consider to be your win, okay?”

“I don’t mind however many moves, but you’ve agreed to my demands and don’t forget it. If I win, you have to give me two hundred taels of gold.” Lu Xuan was worried that Long Yang would take his word back afterwards, thus he said it in public. If afterwards Long Yang tried to go back on his word, then under the eyes of the crowd, he wouldn’t have to continue to try being human. He would be looked down upon by all of the martial artists in Lin City.

“It’s only two hundred taels of gold, barely mentionable. You should first think about how you’re going to endure three moves.” In front of Xia Chen Xi and Lin Xin Yi, Long Yang didn’t want to lose any face. Although he didn’t have enough money on him, he still slapped his face until it was swollen to look imposing.

Their conversation was clearly transmitted to the surrounding crowd’s ears. When the martial artists heard it, they began jeering and wanting the two to hurry up and fight.

“Chen Xi, which of those two is stronger? That guy holding the fan seems to have an unrestrained sort of bearing, claiming that he’ll beat the opponent in three moves.” Lin Xin Yi curiously asked. Although she also trained, her talent wasn’t as good as Xia Chen Xi’s. Right now she was only body refining fourth level and couldn’t clearly see Lu Xuan and Long Yang’s levels.  

Xia Chen Xi slightly smile as she explained: “The one holding the fan is body refining fourth level, and his opponent, the young man, is only peak body refining third level.

“Ah? Then the distance isn’t even that large, ah? Won’t beating the opponent in only three moves be a little difficult?” Lin Xin Yi said in unbelief.

Xia Chen Xi shook her head, “It seems that the person holding the fan has the attitude of a young master of a rich family and wants to force out a certain clan. It won’t be impossible to do within three moves if he has some sort of martial skill.

“Then put it like this, is that Lu Xuan young man in any danger?” Lin Xin Yi was a little worried for Lu Xuan. Even if she was naughty, she was born with a soft heart. She didn’t want to see others being bullied.

The clothes Long Yang wore looked magnificent, while Lu Xuan looked like he was from a poor family, naturally it was easy to win over her sympathy.

Xia Chen Xi was about to open her mouth when she discovered that the two people on stage had already begun to move. She immediately said: “The duel has started. Watch it first.”

During the time that the two beauties were talking, Lu Xuan and Long Yang’s fight finally began.

Long Yang first launched a pre-emptive strike. As soon as he closed his fan, his legs released a great amount of force, his speed suddenly exploded out, and flew towards Lu Xuan.

The distance between the two suddenly shortened. When he was less than two meters away from Lu Xuan, Long Yang suddenly changed his fist into a claw, directly clawing Lu Xuan’s  neck.

He wanted to show off, thus the move he used was their family’s inherited martial skill Dragon Seizing Hand, intending to defeat Lu Xuan with a single move.

As a disciple of the Long family, Long Yang was naturally eligible to practice the Dragon Seizing Hand. His talent wasn’t as good as Long Tai’s, but he had practiced this move for a decently long time. At this time, the Dragon Seizing Hand was already had a bit of flames. As he clawed out, it was fast as lightning with the strength of a tiger.  

Long Yang’s claw attack made some people below the stage cry out!

“Martial skill! It’s actually a martial skill!”

If there were people that thought that Long Yang was just a rich playboy based on how he was dressed previously, then they would cease those thoughts at this time. A martial skill, for the common martial artist, was far out of their reach. Only by entering the Wind Sword Sect or a different sect would they be able to get a few martial skills.

Right now, Long Yang was not only a level higher than Lu Xuan, he also had a pretty good martial skill in his hands. From the crowd’s perspective, this fight’s result was already set in stone. There was no suspense to the match.

This was obviously not a duel between people of the same strength. The only way to have a good fight would be is if Lu Xuan also had a martial skill, but looking at Lu Xuan’s clothing, he was at most the child of a small clan. How would he have a martial skill?  

At this time,  Xia Chen Xi and Lin Xin Yi who were on the side had surprise flash across their face. They were both nobles, unreachable martial artists to commoners. The number of things they had seen was not a small number, thus they could recognize that in one glance.

Lin Xin Yi unconsciously gripped Xia Chen Xi’s arm tightly, subconsciously worrying for Lu Xuan  

Seeing that Lu Xuan’s face was already so close, a trace of excitement flashed across Long Yan’s face. As long as he caught Lu Xuan’s neck, he’d be able to obtain victory in one stroke. He had only said three moves as insurance.   

Facing the charging Long Yang, Lu Xuan’s face was solemn, but unafraid at all.

He stood firmly, displaying the Large Foundation Fist, his entirety was focused on Long Yang’s Dragon Seizing Hand that was charging forward.

Long Yang had a martial skill, but Lu Xuan had his own trump, that was the Blinking Sword Skill.

The Blinking Sword Skill was indeed a sword skill, but there were commonalities between martial skills. The Blinking Sword Skill emphasized speed, fierceness, and accuracy. These three words were the exact same for fist skills.

Suddenly, Long Yang’s Dragon Seizing Hand had charged to right in front of Lu Xuan. Long Yan’s eyes were staring at Lu Xuan’s neck. Lin Xin Yi was even more worried, her heart pounding!

And it was just at this dangerous moment that Lu Xuan finally moved!

His left foot went back a little, allowing him to avoid Long Yang’s attack, and at the same time, the muscles in his right arm suddenly bulged up, sending out a fist with 1000 jins worth of force, striking Long Yang’s hand in a flash.

Long Yang’s power that was in the Dragon Seizing Hand was instantly broken!

“Ah!” Long Yang cried out in pain, retreating quickly. Right now, his right hand was bent in an abnormal direction. Lu Xuan had actually dislocated it in this exchange.

Lu Xuan was still peak body refining third level right now, but his strength was already in no way inferior to body refining fourth level. This punch’s strength had at least 1500 jin’s power. How could Long Yang, who hadn’t prepared at all, bear this pain.

“Wow! This kids fist is very fast! Very accurate!”

“I didn’t see it wrong just now right? That was a Large Foundation Fist right? Since when did the Large Foundation Fist have this sort of power?”  

Lu Xuan’s one punch broke Long Yang’s Dragon Seizing Hand, immediately causing the audience to exclaim again. In fact, the noise level was even louder than when Long Yang had pulled out his Dragon Seizing Hand.

A martial artist using a martial skill winning over a person without a martial skill was a given, but countered the Dragon Seizing Hand successfully with the Large Foundation Fist was unheard of. Moreover, anyone could see that Long Yang was at a higher level than Lu Xuan.  

Dueling someone at a higher level!

Anyone who could duel someone at a higher level is an incredible genius. No one thought they would encounter a martial artist who could duel someone at a higher level in Spirit Materials Street, much less with the Large Foundation Fist!   

Seeing that Lu Xuan punch had forced Long Yang to retreat, Xia Chen Xi’s eyes flashed with surprise. As the saying goes, if it seemed exciting to outsiders, than it would be even more so for insiders. Just now, Lu Xuan’s fist was actually very extraordinary. Not only was it seizing a good opportunity, it was also a very precise attack at Long Yang’s flaws around his arm. It could be described using the three words fast, fierce, and precise to the extremes. Within a short moment he could make this sort of judgement. This was not something that a normal martial artist could do.  

Xian Chen Xi suddenly felt a bit of interest towards this battle. She wanted to see what other surprises this Lu Xuan guy could bring out.

The reason that Lu Xuan could see through Long Yang’s flaws around his arm was naturally because of the Blinking Sword Skill. As a swordsman, finding flaws was a natural intuition.

Lin Xin Yi on the side couldn’t help but begin exclaiming out loud. Originally she had been worried for Lu Xuan being bullied. She hadn’t thought that the situation would be reversed in the blink of an eye. Not only had Lu Xuan avoided Long Yang’s attack, he had even injured Long Yang.

Because Long Yang had been so arrogant and Lu Xuan seemed so weak before, in Lin Xin Yi’s eyes, Long Yang was already seen as a big bully, and naturally was rooting for Lu Xuan to win in her heart.

If Long Yang knew his position in these two young ladies, he would’ve wanted to die. He had tried giving off a cool impression with great difficulty, but he had instead appeared like a bully.

“You’re really good! No wonder you dared to go against me. So you were hiding this hand!” Long Yang ferociously stared at Lu Xuan as he spoke. This move had made him lose a lot of face. At this time he was no longer giving off a cool impression.

As he spoke, Long Yang used strength to twist his right arm back in with a muffled cry of pain. He put his dislocated arm back in place. He was a ruthless person. He corrected his own bones. But within a short time, this right arm would not be able to use a lot of strength.

“Even if I only have one hand, it’s more than enough for me to kill you!” Long Yang growled. He placed his folding fan in his right hand and once again charged forward.   

His left hand struck out, still using Dragon Seizing Hand, but this time, the crowd below the stage was no longer worried for Lu Xuan. Instead they were looking towards how the young man on the stage would continue to use Large Foundation Fist to break the move.

Lu Xuan naturally did not disappoint. Facing Long Yang’s crazy attack, his steps were not disorganized, each punch contained the essence of the three words fast, fierce, and precise.

Such a wonderful performance made the crowd that was watching from below the stage feel intoxicated. It was first time they knew that the Large Foundation Fist was actually able to reach this sort of step. It could be used to face off successfully against a martial artist with a complete martial skill.

It should be known that the Large Foundation Fist was the most common fist skill. Almost every martial artist had learned it before. Seeing Lu Xuan’s performance, they all decided that next time they would definitely delve properly into the Large Foundation Fist.

Xia Chen Xi was also watching with splendor. Her outlook was higher than the crowd belows. She could see that Lu Xuan was not only fighting back, he was at an advantage. The reason why he hadn’t ended the fight was because he was using Long Yang to practice. Most likely Long Yang himself did not know that his attacks which seemed so ferocious were only practice.

Using the Large Foundation Fist against a martial skill while the opponent was of a higher level and still have the advantage, the amount of surprise that Xia Chen Xi gave Lu Xuan was too much. This battle had made the trip worthwhile.


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Sword Spirit Chapter 11

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Chapter 11 Xia Chen Xi

Seeing Long Yang leave, Yao Lei tried to stop Lu Xuan.

“Older brother Xuan, have you gone crazy? Right now you’re wanting money and not wanting your own life ah!”

Others didn’t know why Lu Xuan would agree to fight with Long Yang, but Yao Lei was very clear. Lu Xuan was doing it for the hundred taels of gold in order to buy some savage wolf blood.

Thinking about it, Yao Lei suddenly began dragging Lu Xuan towards outside, “We should take advantage of this opportunity and slink away. Long Yang has made clear that he wants your life. We should avoid him, and getting revenge on him afterwards won’t be too late.

Yao Lei was being thoughtful for Lu Xuan. The way he saw it, if Lu Xuan fought Long Yang, there was no chance of victory and was only walking to his death. That would not be as good as running away. What face. What heart for martial arts. What’s more important than life?

But under Yao Lei’s dragging, Lu Xuan didn’t budge at all. He looked at Yao Lei and said, “Relax. I know my limits. I wouldn’t take risks on things I’m not sure one. In the previous couple days of bitter cultivation, I already broke through to body refining third stage.”
Yao Lei was suddenly startled. His head began thinking of things it hadn’t before. Body refining third level vs. body refining fourth level. This was called knowing one’s limits? This was not taking a risk?

However, Lu Xuan had already gone over. Seeing that Lu Xuan had already steeled his heart on going to the arena and his advice was useless, Lu Xuan didn’t have any options anymore and could only go with Lu Xuan and then see.

Long Yang was also afraid that Lu Xuan would run away halfway, thus seeing him catching up, he humphed continued walking forward.

The martial arena. In reality, it was just a ring. If there was something that needed force, both sides could go in by themselves. Whatever the result was, no one would be prosecuted.

But under normal circumstances, the martial arena was empty, after entering was a life and death struggle. Unless it was necessary, no one wanted to use their lives to joke around.

On the road to the martial arena, Long Yang’s servants continually told passerbys the news, saying their houses young master was going to go fight in the martial arena for a round. In their eyes, Long Yang was naturally going to win over Lu Xuan. Calling more people over would also let their young master gain a lot of prestige.

The news that there were people who were going to fight in the martial arena spread quickly. Immediately some wandering martial artists hurried over. It was always lively when there was a duel in the martial arena. Martial artists were all people who venerated strength. Other than a life and death duel, what could attract more people?

And at this time, at the entrance of Spirit Material Street, four entirely snow-white Snow Dragon Horses slowly pulled a luxurious carriage in.  The badge on the carriage indicated the origins of this carriage!

City Lord’s Mansion!

For all the warriors in and around Lin City, the City Lord’s Mansion was the highest existence. The Long family which was the top clan in a village, in front of the City Lord’s Mansion, was like the difference between the bright moon and the far off stars.

“What’s going on? Why is Spirit Material Street so lively today?” At this time, a nice-sounding gentle voice came from the carriage. Hearing the voice was like having a sweet gentle breeze blow by you, refreshing peoples’ hearts.

The guard that was following the carriage immediately respectfully said: “Young miss, please wait. This subordinate will immediately investigate.”

Very soon, the guard returned, “Hui Bing young miss, it seems there are people fighting the martial arena. Many martial artists have run over to watch.”
“Eh? Today’s luck seems to be pretty good. We managed to catch up to some people dueling. Chen Xi, let’s quickly go to watch.” A second crisp and lively voice came out of the same carriage. Obviously this carriage had more than one girl.

“I really can’t deal with you.” The gentle voice once again sounded, sounding a bit helpless. Then she said to the guard outside, “Take us to the martial arena to take a look.”
“Yeah, go faster. If we wait too long it’ll be over.” That crisp urged.  Obviously she couldn’t wait to see the duel.

The guard gave an affirmative, but was inwardly thinking to himself, Chen Xi young miss and Lin young miss both had such different temperaments, he couldn’t think of why they got along so well, but he didn’t dare to think about it too much. He had the vehicle begin to move forward.

The carriage began moving again, and moved quickly towards the martial arena, but this time its speed was clearly much faster than before.

Under normal circumstances, Spirit Material Street did not allow carriages to enter, but there were always some exceptions. The City Lord Mansion’s carriage was naturally one of them.

The fast-paced carriage immediately attracted a crowd of people’s displeasure, but after seeing the badge on the carriage, those people all swallowed down their displeasure. Inside Lin City, who would dare to provoke the City Lord’s Mansion?

At this time, the martial arena’s was crowded to the brim with people, but when the City Lord Mansion’s carriage came, the crowd quickly made way, creating a space for the carriage, but at the same time they were very curious. Why had even the City Lord’s Mansion’s people come to watch this duel.

As the carriage came to a stop, a delicate hand emerged. The curtain on the carriage was finally lifted. Two beautiful young ladies got off the vehicle. Immediately the many martial artists eyes lit up! So beautiful!

The first one to get off the vehicle was a young lady wearing a blue dress with shoulder length hair that fluttered behind her, and a pretty face that was currently flushed due to excitement.

Following her, another young lady wearing a white dress appeared in front of the crowd. Her face was rosy, her body was slender like a swan, a gentle temperament that attracted everyone’s eyes, a head of black hair that went down to her back, and her mouth carried a slight smile. From top to bottom, she had practically no flaws, making people irresistibly want to praise her.

If the first blue dressed young lady gave off the impression of stunning, then this gentle white dressed young lady gave the impression of being holy. Even a wretched person would not be able to think profane thoughts about her.

As the two young ladies appeared, they instantly became the focus of the arena.

Even Lu Xuan and Long Yang who were prepared to get on the stage couldn’t help but turn their heads and look. Being able to personally see such beautiful people would create a good memory that would last a long time.

“Older brother Xuan, how is it? Pretty right?” The little fatty Yao Lei laughed, his two small eyes had become like slits.

Seeing the two ladies, Lu Xuan couldn’t help but nod and ask: “Who are those two people?”

“Hehe, you asked the right person. Although I’m not as good at fighting as you, but you can’t compare to me when talking about girls.” Yao Lei said contentedly: “Do you see that girl in white? She’s called Xia Chen Xi, and is our Lin City’s City Lord’s only daughter. A real catch! And she is publicly recognized as Lin City’s number one beauty, hehe. If anyone could marry her, they would have truly made it! Not only would they get a beauty for a wife, they would also get Lin City as a dowry!”

“Also, don’t view her as gentle and delicate. On her path of cultivation, she has entirely inherited the City Lord’s cultivation talent. Rumors say that right now she has already reached body refining sixth level! She’s going to become a core disciple of the Wind Sword Sect by default!”

“Body refining sixth level?! Wind Sword Sect core disciple?!” Lu Xuan was dumbstruck. He was completely shocked, “It looks like she should be about as old as me right? She’s actually already reached body refining sixth level?”

Yao Lei curled his lips, “Older brother Xuan, you’ve said it correctly. Specifically speaking, she’s younger than you by a few months.”

But after saying this, Yao Lei immediately regretted it. He most definitely did not want to hurt his older brother Xuan’s confidence, and quickly followed up by saying, “She’s the only daughter of the city lord. Naturally the good things she has isn’t few. Also, she’s had high level cultivation techniques since a young age, and all sorts of dan medicines to help. Naturally her cultivation speed would be higher than ours. We aren’t on the same level as them, there’s no need to compare…”

“I will definitely surpass her in the future!” Lu Xuan stared at Xia Chen Xi as he spoke with confidence.

“Uh…” Yao Lei discovered his worries were for nothing. Someone that could harm Lu Xuan’s confidence probably hadn’t been born yet. No longer weighing on this matter, he continued to introduce the second person.

“The girl in blue to the side is called Lin Xin Yi. Her identity is also extraordinary. Not only is she the Lin Family’s patriarch’s youngest daughter, she’s also the most favored. Oh yeah, the Lin Family is the richest family in Lin City. Rumors say their business has expanded to many of the nearby villages. This Spirit Material Street that we’re currently in belongs to the Lin family. The Lin family and the Xia family’s relationship was incredibly good. When the two family’s work together, they completely dominated Lin City.
(TN: The Lin of Lin family is a different character than the Lin of Lin City.)

After Yao Lei finished speaking, Lu Xuan only nodded his a bit. From the common perspective, he and those girls were on completely different levels, but there would be a day when he would surpass them.

“Eh, isn’t this supposed to be a duel? How come there’s no one on the stage. Did we get here too late?” Lin Chen Xi’s eyebrows furrowed as she spoke.

To the side, Xia Chen Xi smiled slightly as she said: “What are you so impatient for. Aren’t there two people standing right there under the stage? That should be them.”

Following where Xia Chen Xi’s eyes were looking towards, Lin Xin Yi indeed discovered Lu Xuan and Long Yang’s people were under the stage.

Seeing that Xia Chen Xi and Lin Xin Yi had come to watch, Long Yang suddenly was delighted. It truly was heaven helping me!

He hadn’t thought his fortune would be so good. After suggesting a duel, it had actually attracted Lin City’s two most influential houses young misses to watch. If the City Lord’s Mansion and Lin family were compared to the Long family, what could they be counted as?!

But if he could earn their  favor at all, then wouldn’t that be taking a direct step towards the heavens? Also, it didn’t matter if it was Xia Chen Xi or Lin Xin Yi, they were both peerless beauties. If he could have just one night with one of them… Long Yang began to think of some impossible things.

What was most important was that in this match he was dueling Lu Xuan. In Long Yang’s eyes, he had a guaranteed victory. Right now he had to make sure he won with style!

Thinking of this, Long Yang trembled with excitement. He could definitely not miss such a good opportunity.

Reluctantly pushing down his excitement, Long Yang brought back his fiery eyes away from Xia Chen Xi and Lin Xin Yi, and pretended to be cool by reopening the folding fan in his hand, lightly shaking it twice. Then he said to Lu Xuan, “Lu Xuan, get on the stage.”
After speaking, Long Yang stepped onto the ring first.

Lu Xuan didn’t speak any more either and also stepped onto the ring. After fighting this round, he was still anxious about buying materials!

“Older brother Xuan, make a good effort! I support you!” Yao Lei pumped his fist at Lu Xuan from below the stage. In this key moment, the little fatty was still supporting Lu Xuan.


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Sword Spirit Chapter 10

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Chapter 10 Asking For a Fight

Facing Long Yang’s provocation, Lu Xuan uncharacteristically went head to head with him and said: “I don’t know if you dare, but whether you can or not, I do know.”

Hearing this, Long Yang burst into laughter: “Hahahaha, what a huge joke. Your meaning is that I can’t kill you?”

“That’s right!” Lu Xuan’s voice was very firm.

Long Yang’s laughter came to an abrupt halt. He squinted his eyes as he looked at Lu Xuan, and in his eyes there were traces of him biting off more than he could chew. It had been a very long time since he had been directly provoked. And now today, he had been told off by a person he had categorized as an ant, and it had been in front of Lei Yao and his family’s servants. If he didn’t add a little extra color to Lu Xuan’s face, where would be able to put his own?

“Very good, it looks like you won’t cry until you’ve seen the coffin!” Long Yang icily said: “Spirit Materials Street doesn’t allow fighting. Do you dare to go with me to the martial arena?”

The martial arena was a special location in Spirit Materials Street. That place was the only place on Spirit Materials Street where force was allowed, and once one entered the martial arena, they could fight to the death!

Although Spirit Materials Street banned fighting, but since there were people from the three realms nine schools, it was no wonder there conflicts that needed to be resolved through fighting, therefore they needed a martial arena. Thus the martial arena was born.

“Young master, how could this possibly need your personal involvement? Let a subordinate deal with this kid. If that subordinate doesn’t beat the crap out of him, then the subordinate will be punished.”

“Young master, your subordinate is willing to fight. Just now this kid disgraced us. I will make him repay a hundred times over!”

Long Yang’s servants, in order to impress Long Yang, then volunteered to fight one after another.

In their eyes, this was a great opportunity to earn merits. They had seen Lu Xuan’s strength before about ten days ago, and he had only been body refining fourth level. As long as they made a move, how could he not be caught.

Long Yang snapped his fan and his servants immediately stopped talking.

“Silence. Today, I want to personally teach this reckless guy with my own palm! Lu Xuan, do you dare go with me to the martial arena?” Long Yang pointed at Lu Xuan’s nose. His eyes were full of arrogance and disdain.

“Do you dare to go!”

“Weren’t you talking big just now? Why are you scared now?”

“The young master is personally going to make a move, this is a great honor for you!”

The servants continued being noisy, trying to goad Lu Xuan into agreeing.

“Silence! If anyone makes a racket, don’t blame me for being impolite!” The old shopkeeper interrupted, immediately making everyone become silent. Clearly, this old shopkeeper was a deeply hidden expert.

When the old shopkeeper spoke, immediately none of the servants dared to open their mouths again. Even Long Yang didn’t dare to say anything, let alone the rest of them.

Glancing at Lu Xuan, the old shopkeeper opened his mouth again and said: “Young man, the martial arena is easy to enter, but not easy to exit. Young people shouldn’t get too excited.”

His strength was far superior to Lu Xuan and the others. Naturally in one glance he could tell that Lu Xuan was only about body refining third level and Long Yang had already reached body refining fourth level. In a fight, Lu Xuan didn’t have much of a chance of winning and the fight wouldn’t be so simple. Moreover it seemed like Long Yang was some clan’s young master. Who knew what sort of trump cards he would have. Lu Xuan’s chances were near zero.

But seeing Lu Xuan’s loyalty, he secretly approved. Thus, his warning to Lu Xuan was clearly intended to help Lu Xuan.

“That’s right ah, older brother Xuan. I heard that a few months ago Long Yang already broke through to body refining fourth level. We aren’t his opponents. Hold it back. For a gentleman, getting revenge ten years later isn’t too late.” Yao Lei was also loyal. Even after being threatened by Long Yang he still stuck his head out to speak.

Yao Lei’s understanding of Lu Xuan was still from ten days ago and still assumed that Lu Xuan was only at body refining second level strength. If there had been a difference of two stages then there was no way he would be Long Yang’s opponent.Lu Xuan

Lu Xuan waved his hand towards Yao Lei, indicating to him to stop talking. Turning his head to the old shopkeeper, he bowed and said: “Many thanks senior. It’s just that my cultivation is currently full of obstacles. If I compromise during a fight, how could I breakthrough. For cultivation, I’m afraid that the final result would become very limited. Although my strength level is lower, I must be uncompromising!”

Hearing this speech come out of a body refining third level guy, the old shopkeeper’s face became flushed with surprise. He hadn’t thought that the low strength Lu Xuan heart for martial arts would be so firm.

He then shook his head and didn’t say anything further. He had seen plenty of people like Lu Xuan. For these kinds of people with firm hearts for martial arts, if they did not perish, they would definitely become great talents. It was just a pity that most people would become the former.

Hearing Lu Xuan’s words to the old shopkeeper, Long Yang suddenly smiled: “Listening to your words, you’re prepared to accept my challenge?”

Lu Xuan didn’t answer him. He looked Long Yang in the eyes and said: “Going onto the martial arena, regardless of life and death, if you win, I will naturally disposed of. Then what happens if I win?”

“If you win? Haha, that’s the funniest joke I’ve ever heard. Do you think that your strength is enough to beat me?” Long Yang couldn’t help but laugh loudly. But after remembering the old shopkeeper’s prior warning, his laughter quieted down. But his face still had ridicule on it, not disappearing in the slightest.

“Let’s not talk about you winning. If you can force me to make three moves, I’ll let you dispose of me. How’s that?” Long Yang said jokingly as he watched Lu Xuan. He was body refining fourth level and also had learned the family inherited martial skill Dragon Seizing Hand. From his point of view, Without three moves, even if there was just one, he’d be able to beat Lu Xuan to the ground.

“Be disposed by me?” Lu Xuan couldn’t help but laugh: “I have no interest in your life.”

“You sure speak a lot of nonsense. Then tell me, what do you want?” Long Yang’s face was full of impatience. He couldn’t wait to set foot in the martial arena right now and personally beat Lu Xuan into a dead dog.

“If I win, I want a hundred taels of gold. How about that?” Lu Xuan finally put forward his demand.

He naturally wouldn’t go picking a fight with Long Yang for no good reason. He needed a hundred taels of gold to buy the savage wolf blood. With only him and Yao Lei, there was no way for them to make that money in a short period of time, and Long Yang was one of the Long family’s children. He should be able to come up with a hundred taels of gold.

“Hmph, don’t speak of a hundred taels of gold. As long as you can withstand three moves, I can even give two hundred taels.” Long Yang icily said.

“Alright! Two hundred taels it is, we have a deal!” Lu Xuan quickly said. It seemed like there were so many generous people, and they were even anxious to give away their money.

Long Yang was startled. He had just said it casually. He hadn’t thought that Lu Xuan would hit the snake with a stick. For him, two hundred taels was no longer a small number. Even right now the money that he brought was less than two hundred taels.
(TN: Sorry guys, I didn’t find a translation for that idiom (if it is one). I’d say打蛇棍随 might closely mean pounce immediately after?)

However, thinking that the need for it would be based on Lu Xuan’s victory or him, Lu Xuan immediately didn’t worry anymore. Could he possibly lose to Lu Xuan?

“Two hundred taels it is. Let’s go!” Long Yang responded. He brought his servants and set off first.


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