Sword Spirit Chapter 11

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Chapter 11 Xia Chen Xi

Seeing Long Yang leave, Yao Lei tried to stop Lu Xuan.

“Older brother Xuan, have you gone crazy? Right now you’re wanting money and not wanting your own life ah!”

Others didn’t know why Lu Xuan would agree to fight with Long Yang, but Yao Lei was very clear. Lu Xuan was doing it for the hundred taels of gold in order to buy some savage wolf blood.

Thinking about it, Yao Lei suddenly began dragging Lu Xuan towards outside, “We should take advantage of this opportunity and slink away. Long Yang has made clear that he wants your life. We should avoid him, and getting revenge on him afterwards won’t be too late.

Yao Lei was being thoughtful for Lu Xuan. The way he saw it, if Lu Xuan fought Long Yang, there was no chance of victory and was only walking to his death. That would not be as good as running away. What face. What heart for martial arts. What’s more important than life?

But under Yao Lei’s dragging, Lu Xuan didn’t budge at all. He looked at Yao Lei and said, “Relax. I know my limits. I wouldn’t take risks on things I’m not sure one. In the previous couple days of bitter cultivation, I already broke through to body refining third stage.”
Yao Lei was suddenly startled. His head began thinking of things it hadn’t before. Body refining third level vs. body refining fourth level. This was called knowing one’s limits? This was not taking a risk?

However, Lu Xuan had already gone over. Seeing that Lu Xuan had already steeled his heart on going to the arena and his advice was useless, Lu Xuan didn’t have any options anymore and could only go with Lu Xuan and then see.

Long Yang was also afraid that Lu Xuan would run away halfway, thus seeing him catching up, he humphed continued walking forward.

The martial arena. In reality, it was just a ring. If there was something that needed force, both sides could go in by themselves. Whatever the result was, no one would be prosecuted.

But under normal circumstances, the martial arena was empty, after entering was a life and death struggle. Unless it was necessary, no one wanted to use their lives to joke around.

On the road to the martial arena, Long Yang’s servants continually told passerbys the news, saying their houses young master was going to go fight in the martial arena for a round. In their eyes, Long Yang was naturally going to win over Lu Xuan. Calling more people over would also let their young master gain a lot of prestige.

The news that there were people who were going to fight in the martial arena spread quickly. Immediately some wandering martial artists hurried over. It was always lively when there was a duel in the martial arena. Martial artists were all people who venerated strength. Other than a life and death duel, what could attract more people?

And at this time, at the entrance of Spirit Material Street, four entirely snow-white Snow Dragon Horses slowly pulled a luxurious carriage in.  The badge on the carriage indicated the origins of this carriage!

City Lord’s Mansion!

For all the warriors in and around Lin City, the City Lord’s Mansion was the highest existence. The Long family which was the top clan in a village, in front of the City Lord’s Mansion, was like the difference between the bright moon and the far off stars.

“What’s going on? Why is Spirit Material Street so lively today?” At this time, a nice-sounding gentle voice came from the carriage. Hearing the voice was like having a sweet gentle breeze blow by you, refreshing peoples’ hearts.

The guard that was following the carriage immediately respectfully said: “Young miss, please wait. This subordinate will immediately investigate.”

Very soon, the guard returned, “Hui Bing young miss, it seems there are people fighting the martial arena. Many martial artists have run over to watch.”
“Eh? Today’s luck seems to be pretty good. We managed to catch up to some people dueling. Chen Xi, let’s quickly go to watch.” A second crisp and lively voice came out of the same carriage. Obviously this carriage had more than one girl.

“I really can’t deal with you.” The gentle voice once again sounded, sounding a bit helpless. Then she said to the guard outside, “Take us to the martial arena to take a look.”
“Yeah, go faster. If we wait too long it’ll be over.” That crisp urged.  Obviously she couldn’t wait to see the duel.

The guard gave an affirmative, but was inwardly thinking to himself, Chen Xi young miss and Lin young miss both had such different temperaments, he couldn’t think of why they got along so well, but he didn’t dare to think about it too much. He had the vehicle begin to move forward.

The carriage began moving again, and moved quickly towards the martial arena, but this time its speed was clearly much faster than before.

Under normal circumstances, Spirit Material Street did not allow carriages to enter, but there were always some exceptions. The City Lord Mansion’s carriage was naturally one of them.

The fast-paced carriage immediately attracted a crowd of people’s displeasure, but after seeing the badge on the carriage, those people all swallowed down their displeasure. Inside Lin City, who would dare to provoke the City Lord’s Mansion?

At this time, the martial arena’s was crowded to the brim with people, but when the City Lord Mansion’s carriage came, the crowd quickly made way, creating a space for the carriage, but at the same time they were very curious. Why had even the City Lord’s Mansion’s people come to watch this duel.

As the carriage came to a stop, a delicate hand emerged. The curtain on the carriage was finally lifted. Two beautiful young ladies got off the vehicle. Immediately the many martial artists eyes lit up! So beautiful!

The first one to get off the vehicle was a young lady wearing a blue dress with shoulder length hair that fluttered behind her, and a pretty face that was currently flushed due to excitement.

Following her, another young lady wearing a white dress appeared in front of the crowd. Her face was rosy, her body was slender like a swan, a gentle temperament that attracted everyone’s eyes, a head of black hair that went down to her back, and her mouth carried a slight smile. From top to bottom, she had practically no flaws, making people irresistibly want to praise her.

If the first blue dressed young lady gave off the impression of stunning, then this gentle white dressed young lady gave the impression of being holy. Even a wretched person would not be able to think profane thoughts about her.

As the two young ladies appeared, they instantly became the focus of the arena.

Even Lu Xuan and Long Yang who were prepared to get on the stage couldn’t help but turn their heads and look. Being able to personally see such beautiful people would create a good memory that would last a long time.

“Older brother Xuan, how is it? Pretty right?” The little fatty Yao Lei laughed, his two small eyes had become like slits.

Seeing the two ladies, Lu Xuan couldn’t help but nod and ask: “Who are those two people?”

“Hehe, you asked the right person. Although I’m not as good at fighting as you, but you can’t compare to me when talking about girls.” Yao Lei said contentedly: “Do you see that girl in white? She’s called Xia Chen Xi, and is our Lin City’s City Lord’s only daughter. A real catch! And she is publicly recognized as Lin City’s number one beauty, hehe. If anyone could marry her, they would have truly made it! Not only would they get a beauty for a wife, they would also get Lin City as a dowry!”

“Also, don’t view her as gentle and delicate. On her path of cultivation, she has entirely inherited the City Lord’s cultivation talent. Rumors say that right now she has already reached body refining sixth level! She’s going to become a core disciple of the Wind Sword Sect by default!”

“Body refining sixth level?! Wind Sword Sect core disciple?!” Lu Xuan was dumbstruck. He was completely shocked, “It looks like she should be about as old as me right? She’s actually already reached body refining sixth level?”

Yao Lei curled his lips, “Older brother Xuan, you’ve said it correctly. Specifically speaking, she’s younger than you by a few months.”

But after saying this, Yao Lei immediately regretted it. He most definitely did not want to hurt his older brother Xuan’s confidence, and quickly followed up by saying, “She’s the only daughter of the city lord. Naturally the good things she has isn’t few. Also, she’s had high level cultivation techniques since a young age, and all sorts of dan medicines to help. Naturally her cultivation speed would be higher than ours. We aren’t on the same level as them, there’s no need to compare…”

“I will definitely surpass her in the future!” Lu Xuan stared at Xia Chen Xi as he spoke with confidence.

“Uh…” Yao Lei discovered his worries were for nothing. Someone that could harm Lu Xuan’s confidence probably hadn’t been born yet. No longer weighing on this matter, he continued to introduce the second person.

“The girl in blue to the side is called Lin Xin Yi. Her identity is also extraordinary. Not only is she the Lin Family’s patriarch’s youngest daughter, she’s also the most favored. Oh yeah, the Lin Family is the richest family in Lin City. Rumors say their business has expanded to many of the nearby villages. This Spirit Material Street that we’re currently in belongs to the Lin family. The Lin family and the Xia family’s relationship was incredibly good. When the two family’s work together, they completely dominated Lin City.
(TN: The Lin of Lin family is a different character than the Lin of Lin City.)

After Yao Lei finished speaking, Lu Xuan only nodded his a bit. From the common perspective, he and those girls were on completely different levels, but there would be a day when he would surpass them.

“Eh, isn’t this supposed to be a duel? How come there’s no one on the stage. Did we get here too late?” Lin Chen Xi’s eyebrows furrowed as she spoke.

To the side, Xia Chen Xi smiled slightly as she said: “What are you so impatient for. Aren’t there two people standing right there under the stage? That should be them.”

Following where Xia Chen Xi’s eyes were looking towards, Lin Xin Yi indeed discovered Lu Xuan and Long Yang’s people were under the stage.

Seeing that Xia Chen Xi and Lin Xin Yi had come to watch, Long Yang suddenly was delighted. It truly was heaven helping me!

He hadn’t thought his fortune would be so good. After suggesting a duel, it had actually attracted Lin City’s two most influential houses young misses to watch. If the City Lord’s Mansion and Lin family were compared to the Long family, what could they be counted as?!

But if he could earn their  favor at all, then wouldn’t that be taking a direct step towards the heavens? Also, it didn’t matter if it was Xia Chen Xi or Lin Xin Yi, they were both peerless beauties. If he could have just one night with one of them… Long Yang began to think of some impossible things.

What was most important was that in this match he was dueling Lu Xuan. In Long Yang’s eyes, he had a guaranteed victory. Right now he had to make sure he won with style!

Thinking of this, Long Yang trembled with excitement. He could definitely not miss such a good opportunity.

Reluctantly pushing down his excitement, Long Yang brought back his fiery eyes away from Xia Chen Xi and Lin Xin Yi, and pretended to be cool by reopening the folding fan in his hand, lightly shaking it twice. Then he said to Lu Xuan, “Lu Xuan, get on the stage.”
After speaking, Long Yang stepped onto the ring first.

Lu Xuan didn’t speak any more either and also stepped onto the ring. After fighting this round, he was still anxious about buying materials!

“Older brother Xuan, make a good effort! I support you!” Yao Lei pumped his fist at Lu Xuan from below the stage. In this key moment, the little fatty was still supporting Lu Xuan.


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