Sword Spirit Chapter 14

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Chapter 14 Skills Surprising Four People

In the midst of this grave danger, where everyone else all thought that Lu Xuan was in a certain death situation, Lu Xuan moved!  

His right hand was like lightning and reached behind his back to grab and drew a smooth bamboo pole that he held in his hands.

At this time, among the martial artists around the ring, there wasn’t a single person that saw Lu Xuan’s movement clearly, including Xia Chen Xi whose strength far surpassed Lu Xuan.

They only saw a green ray of light flash. There were some sounds of “Ding Ding Ding”. After that, Long Yang’s irritating laughter suddenly stopped. The entire process happened in the blink of an eye.

When they once again looked at the situation on the ring, the situation had undergone a shocking reversal.

Lu Xuan’s posture was tall and straight. In his hand was a smooth green bamboo pole. The end of the pole was firmly resting on Long Yang’s throat. Not a single one of those killer poisonous needles from before had landed on Lu Xuan’s body. They all had fallen to the side!  

At this time, everyone froze. Even Xia Chen Xi and Lin Xin Yi were not exceptions. The entire surroundings of the martial arena was silent.

They hadn’t been able to see clearly what had happened in that moment, but from the scene in front of their eyes, it wasn’t difficult to guess what Lu Xuan had done.

In that moment, using that ordinary bamboo stick in his hand, Lu Xuan had somehow deflected all of the poisoned needles, not missing a single one.

Such divine skill!

In a moment he deflected ten steel needles. What sort of precision and unsheathing speed would that need!

It should be known, Lu Xuan was only using an ordinary bamboo pole. The resistance to bending in a bamboo pole was multiple times stronger than a swords! If it had been switched to a sword, then what sort of terrifying speed would Lu Xuan’s speed reach then?

At this time, many of the crowd’s suddenly became happy. It seemed like Lu Xuan’s exquisite use of the fist skill was only the tip of the iceberg. If at the start of the fight Lu Xuan had pulled out the bamboo pole from behind his back, then Long Yang probably wouldn’t have had the chance to use a single move, much less three.

And at this time, Lu Xuan was staring into Long Yang’s eyes with an unstoppable killing intent.

Thinking back right now, Lu Xuan couldn’t help but be scared. If he reactions had been just a bit slower just now, if he hadn’t been carrying around the bamboo pole he had used as a practice sword, then right now he would already be lying on the ground.

In that moment, Lu Xuan had directly used the Blinking Sword Skill to his limits! Right now his hand was still trembling slightly. If he had to try that again, no matter what, there was no way to reach that point that he did just now. That was potential that had been forced out through a life and death situation.

With Lu Xuan’s bamboo shoved against his throat, Long Yang’s eyes darted in confusion. Just now, Lu Xuan’s strikes had been too fast. Faster than he could imagine!

He couldn’t have imagined why or how Lu Xuan had suddenly become so strong. Was that sort of sword skill something that a human could use?

After a period of time, Long Yang recovered, the light in his eyes gradually refocused. Seeing the deadly look in Lu Xuan’s eyes, he suddenly became very spirited.  

“Don’t, don’t kill me. I’m a child of the Long family. You can’t kill me. Oh yeah, you wanted money right? I can give you money. Don’t kill me, Lu Xuan, Master Lu, don’t kill me. I’ll kneel before, I’ll kowtow to you…”

Long Yang’s mental state had been completely broken. An unnamed liquid began leaking out of his lower body. Immediately there was a stink that came out. Just now, Long Yang had pissed his pants in fear.

Seeing Long Yang’s unbearable appearance, the killing intent in Lu Xuan’s eyes slowly transformed into disdain. The bamboo pole in his hand suddenly shook once, creating a “pa” sound. The bamboo pole fiercely slapped into Long Yang’s face, leaving a fresh red mark.

“Lei, come up here.” Lu Xuan shout out. Yao Lei looked like he had just woken up from a dream. He answered and quickly went up.    

After stumbling onto the ring, even though he was standing next to Lu Xuan, Yao Lei still felt this was unreal. Was this person, someone who had just performed with such divine skill, beating Long Yang until he kneeled and begged for mercy and pissing his pants in terror, really his older brother Xuan?

This was… way too powerful! Overflowing with power! Yao Lei decided, from now on, Lu Xuan was to be his idol!

“Older brother Xuan, what’d you need to find me for?” Yao Lei asked with a face full of worship.

Lu Xuan angrily looked as Long Yang as he said, “Go dig through his stuff. I’ll watch.”

“Alright!” Yao Lei didn’t say anything else and ran up to Long Yang, ripped open his clothes and began feeling around.

At this time, Long Yang had long since been knocked unconscious by Lu Xuan’s bamboo pole. He was defenseless as Yao Lei rummaged through his stuff. Yao Lei wasn’t well behaved either. He took this opportunity to punched Long Yang a couple times and kicked him a couple times. Normally Long Yang would bully him quite a bit.

After going through everything, Yao Lei pulled out all of the money and things on Long Yang’s body. As he was leaving, he looked and saw the folding fan that had hid the poisonous steel needles and took that too. Hehe, this was a treasure.

“Older brother Xuan, this guy was slapping his own face until it was swollen to look imposing. He doesn’t even have two hundred taels of gold on him. There’s only a hundred and eighty taels!” Yao Lei angrily said as he returned to Lu Xuan’s side. This mother. This was money that older brother Xuan ha worked hard to make, and this guy didn’t even have enough money to bet!

There wasn’t even two hundred taels? Lu Xuan frowned. Suddenly, he turned his head, seeing Long Yang’s crowd of servants. He stuck out the bamboo pole in his hand and pointed at them.

“You guys, come up!”

The crowd of servants hearts jumped as they were pointed at by Lu Xuan. They didn’t dare to fight back and obediently went up.

Right now, Lu Xuan’s bamboo pole, in the eyes of the Long family’s servants, was basically a death-bringing weapon. They had all seen the move just now. They had no doubt that, even if they all went together, they would all be skewered by that bamboo pole.

“Pay out the money. Be obedient or else if anyone dares to cause trouble…”Lu Xuan tapped on his bamboo pole. His meaning was quite clear.    

Yao Lei who was on the side began smiling. This move by older brother Xuan was clearly taking advantage of them.

The crowd of martial artists below the stage, seeing Lu Xuan raking in the money in the arena, was like seeing a bunch of highway robbers being robbed. In what way was this guy linked to the one who had displayed the divine sword techniques. Suddenly there was a burst of laughter, but it was a genuine laughter. The move that Lu Xuan used would be imprinted in their hearts for the rest of their lives.

“Pu!” Lin Xin Yi who was in front of the carriage couldn’t help but laugh out loud. She had discovered that Lu Xuan was truly too cute. However, thinking of the elegance of the move and that she had been worried for him, a blush of red crept onto Lin Xin Yi’s cheek.

But at this time, Xia Chen Xi wasn’t paying attention to the changes Lin Xin Yi was going through. Her eyes were staring at Lu Xuan who was on the stage. Just now, that move was playing over and over in her head. She had to admit that this move of Lu Xuan’s was very powerful.

If it had been her, there would still be no way of blocking it. At most she could rely on her strength being higher than Lu Xuan’s to resist it.

It seemed he was called Lu Xuan? Believing that in the future their paths would cross again, Xia Chen Xi took a deep look at Lu Xuan, silently remembering his name.


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