Sword Spirit Chapter 9

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Chapter 9 Meeting Long Yang Again

Inside the room, Lu Xuan, as if he had entered a trance, continuously drew, and continuously failed, and continuously recovered soul force.

At this time outside the window, it had long since turned from day into night and the back from night to day.

Although he hadn’t slept for a day and a night, Lu Xuan still as lively as ever. For him, the cultivation time spent recovering soul force was the same as resting.

As for the results of the day and night, they were very significant. At this time, when he emitted the soul force to draw, Lu Xuan already could complete seventy or eight percent. If he was just given a bit more time, he would definitely succeed!

Recovering his soul force once more, Lu Xuan once again began drawing, his focus was instantly directed towards his fingertip, and a sliver of soul force quietly appeared.

The fingertip move flexibly, flowing like water, and was very beautiful to watch. After practicing for so long, Lu Xuan had long since had the Wild Explosion rune’s rune fluently memorized.

During the process, a sliver of soul force quietly flowed out, leaving a crystalline line. There wasn’t even half a percentage of leakage!

Lu Xuan’s fingertip’s movement became quicker and quicker. An incredibly complicated rune gradually condensed in the air. Following Lu Xuan’s final stroke, the entire run suddenly flashed, and exploded out with light!


“Hahahaha! I finally succeeded!” Seeing the complete rune appear, Lu Xuan suddenly couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

A day and night’s effort finally welcomed a rewarding moment!

In the following moment, there was a knock at the door. Yao Lei’s voice called out: “Older Brother Xuan, what’s wrong? There’s no problem right?”

Yesterday Lu Xuan had suddenly left, and then he had locked himself in his room. Yao Lei was truly worried for a moment, but Lu Xuan had firmly told him to not bother him. Yao Lei didn’t dare to trespass, but hearing Lu Xuan’s noisiness, he couldn’t help but knock on the door.

The rune in the air, since it had lose its supporting soul force, then began to dissipate, disappearing from view.

Hearing Yao Lei’s concern in his voice, Lu Xuan went over and opened the door.

“Relax, I’m fine!” Lu Xuan’s face was still smiling. He patted Yao Lei’s shoulder and said: “Let’s go. Accompany me this time to go to Spirit Materials Street. I want to buy some things.”

Although he didn’t know what Lu Xuan wanted to buy in Spirit Materials Street, but seeing his healthy appearance, it didn’t appear there was any problem, so Yao Lei naturally didn’t say anything. The two made their way to Spirit Materials Street.

Since he could already successfully draw the Wild Explosion Rune, Lu Xuan naturally wanted to create the enchantment scroll. The deadline from the Wind Sword Sect assessment was only three days away. Within three days, Lu Xuan not only needed to create the enchantment scroll, he also had sell it in order to get enough money to buy the pills and breakthrough to body refining fourth level!

The two easily made their way to Spirit Materials Street, and went directly to the shop they went to yesterday.

The store was called Treasure Pavilion, and was considered to be one of the top stores, and their collection of items was pretty complete. They came here because the store ought to have the materials that Lu Xuan needed.

Seeing the two enter, the old man sitting behind the counter glanced at them and shifted his attention away.

He remembered that those two had come just yesterday. Seeing their appearances, they didn’t seem like the type to have money. It seemed like they were here to just look, and open their eyes to the world a little.

Since the Treasure Pavilion was a large shop, it naturally gave off a large shop’s manner. The people who came, whether or not they had money, were considered to be customers. Even if they didn’t buy anything, they could still look around.

But this time, Lu Xuan went directly to the old shopkeeper.

“Old shopkeeper, does this place sell any enchantment material?” Lu Xuan straightforwardly asked.

Hearing Lu Xuan’s words, this old shopkeeper was suddenly slightly startled. Could he have seen incorrectly? Was this kid in front of him actually an enchanter?

Although he was surprised inwardly, his face didn’t express it at all. He smiled and said: “Of course. This store’s name is Treasure Pavilion. Anything that can be found in Lin City can all be found in this shop.”

”Lu Xuan’s face flashed an expression of joy. It seemed like he wouldn’t need to search elsewhere, “What are the prices of a blank scroll and the blood of a savage wolf respectively?”

The blank scroll was naturally used for containing the rune, and the savage wolf’s blood was the potion that was used to draw the Wild Explosion Rune.

“Blank scrolls are divided into three tiers, the low grade blank scroll is one tael of gold each, the intermediate grade blank scrolls are five taels of gold each, and the high grades one are ten taels of gold each. What type would the prince like?”

Hearing the prices reported by the old shopkeeper, Lu Xuan’s mouth dropped. This price was too excessive right?!

With his net worth, he couldn’t even buy a middle grade blank scroll. If even the blank scrolls were so expensive, than how expensive would the savage wolf blood be since it was the main material?

Holding on to the hope for some luck, Lu Xuan cautiously asked: “How much is a bottle of savage wolf blood?”

“Um, savage wolf blood is a low grade enchantment material and can’t be considered as expensive. 100 pieces of gold for a bottle. A bottle should be able to be used between eight to ten times.
(TN: I’m not sure what the exchange rate is for a piece of gold to a tael of gold. It seems like they’re equivalent though.)

Receiving his answer, Lu Xuan lost all hope. He hadn’t thought a couple of enchantment materials would have been this expensive.

Without any initial capital, even if he had the enchantment skill, it didn’t have any use.

Just as Lu Xuan was frowning and thinking, a strong shout broke his thought process.

“Lu Xuan! You actually dare to come back!”

This voice drew the attention of Lu Xuan and the other two towards it and saw a mob of people were coming over. The person leading’s face was full of anger. Other than Long Yang, who else could it be?

The old shopkeeper frowned slightly, lightly tapped the counter and said, “Within this store, all loud noises and fighting are forbidden. If you violate the rules, be prepared for the consequences.”

Receiving the old shopkeeper’s warning, Long Yang was suddenly reminded that Spirit Materials Street strictly prohibited any fighting there, much less inside the Treasure Pavilion which was a large and influential store. He had been too angry because he had seen Lu Xuan, and he had forgotten this rule.

Although Long Yang could be arrogant in the Qing Mountain Village, but they were inside Lin City, and even he had to behave.

He first apologized to the old shopkeeper and then turned towards Lu Xuan and gloomily said: “Give it to me straight. Were Old Second and Old Third done in by you?”

In the beginning, Long Yang had only been prepared to teach Lu Xuan a lesson, but after returning, he had brought it up to Long Tai. Long Tai had lightly said, why not just destroy him?

After Long Yang considered it, with Long Tai’s backing, his courage grew, and then he sent people back the second day, preparing to destroy Lu Xuan’s dantian.

But when he had sent his house’s servants, Old Second and Old Third, to take care of Lu Xuan, he hadn’t thought that they wouldn’t return after such a long time. After a day, he sent people to go and look and discovered that those two had actually already been killed for a while. The most likely killer was Lu Xuan, along with the fact that Lu Xuan will still alive and in Lin City.

So upon this meeting with Lu Xuan, Long Yang didn’t say anything else before questioning Lu Xuan.

It was just, if it had been before Lu Xuan had acquired the sword crystal, Lu Xuan would still be afraid, but he had long since put Long Yang out of his sight; otherwise, he wouldn’t have returned to Lin City.

Glancing at Long Yang, Lu Xuan casually said: “Old Second and Old Third? Who are those nobodies? Ah, your servants that do your dirty work. Who knows if they had irritated a strong expert and were killed on the spot. There’s nothing surprising about that.”

Lu Xuan’s words irritated Long Yang’s servants. He called Old Second and Old Third nobodies, which also implied that they were nobodies. Although they were servants, they were servants of the Long family. They felt that they were superiors to others by a grade, and simply looked down on Lu Xuan who was just the young master of a small declining clan.

Not to mentioned that they just beaten Lu Xuan within an inch of his life earlier. Now he dared to show his attitude in front of them, how could they not be angry. If fighting hadn’t been forbidden in the Spirit Materials Street, they would have already charged forward.

Seeing Lu Xuan’s look of indifference, completely unafraid, Long Yang became even angrier and coldly laughed. He spread out the folding fan in his hand and shook it twice, saying: “Very good. It seems like the lesson I gave you last time wasn’t enough. Or maybe I just had too much mercy!”

Truthfully speaking, Long Yang had only looked to cause Lu Xuan some trouble. Old Second and Old Third had died, causing Long Yang to actually care. But he didn’t actually think that Lu Xuan was the killer. Old Second was a body refining fourth level martial artist. He didn’t actually believe Lu Xuan could win over a body refining fourth level expert.

Also, he had examined Old Second’s corpse. He had died to a direct stab to the heart. Lu Xuan didn’t even have a sword, how could he have stabbed Old Second?

When he finished, Long Yang’s eyes went to the side and saw Yao Lei and said, “Yao Lei, if you’re hanging out with Lu Xuan, are you also planning on opposing me? Or is that your family doesn’t want to stay in Qing Mountain Village anymore?”

Facing Long Yang’s threats, Yao Lei still had some fear; after all, the Long family’s hand covered all of the Qing Mountain Village. The large and small clans all needed to accept the Long family’s tyranny. If it was just him, Yao Lei would think about fighting, but he didn’t want to hurt his parents.“

“Long Yang, what ability of yours does it take to threaten Lei. If you have some ability, come at me!” Lu Xuan’s voice once again sounded out.

Seeing Long Yang threaten Yao Lei, Lu Xuan suddenly proactively spoke out for Yao Lei. He also knew Yao Lei’s concerns; after all, the Long family had been in the Qing Mountain Village for a long time and no one dared to proactively provoke them.

The old shopkeeper to the side gently stroked his beard. He felt that Lu Xuan seemed to be quite commendable to be able to help a friend at this time, when he was already under attack. This kid’s heart was pretty good. With his years of experience, he had naturally seen through that Lu Xuan and the others had a conflict.

Seeing Lu Xuan actually dared to stick his head out for Yao Lei, Long Yang suddenly coldly smiled: “So brave! With just you, you dare to stick out your head for others? Do you really think that I can’t kill you!”


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Sword Spirit Chapter 8

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Chapter 8 Enchanter

Mysterious Yuan Dan. Body refining phase pill that can enhance soul force absorption speed. Price: Ten taels of gold each.

Meditation pill. Body refining phase pill that can calm a martial artists heart and it of its demons. Price: Twenty taels of gold a piece.

Bone Washing Dan. Body refining phase pill, helps martial artists clean out their muscles and marrow, removing the bodies impurities. It can help body refining sixth level and below martial artists to break through. Price: 100 taels of gold each.………

His eyes continuously swept past the prices of the pill bottles, Lu Xuan couldn’t help but feel a twitch in his heart. These were all good thing, especially that bottle of Bone Washing Dan. It was exactly what Lu Xuan needed right now.

But that price made Lu Xuan and Yao Lei give up those ideas.

One tael of gold was was equivalent to ten taels of silver, that was to say, Lu Xuan didn’t even have a full five taels of gold on his body. He couldn’t even buy the cheapest bottle of Mysterious Yuan Dan, much less being able to buy the Bone Washing Dang that cost a hundred gold taels.

The amount that Yao Lei had was about the same as Lu Xuan. When he set out, he had brought ten taels of gold, but right now he had already use about half.

“His mother! These things really were meant to crack the teeth of rich people. With ten taels of gold, your grandfather could sleep with many ladies in the Qing Mountain Village.” Yao Lei cursed in a low voice. He had originally prepared to buy a pill to try out, but it looked like that was wishful thinking.

Lu Xuan also shook his head: “Lei, forget it. These pills aren’t something we can buy. Let’s go.”

Seeing that Lu Xuan wanted to leave, Yao Lei quickly delayed him, “What are you rushing for? Even if I can’t buy, does that mean I can’t look? There’s so many things here. Let’s look a bit more. Then when we go back later we’ll still have something to brag about right.”

Since Yao Lei persisted in wanting to look around, Lu Xuan also went with him. He had come out already anyway.

Inside this shop was a complete collection of goods on sale. Pills were outside of their price range, so the two continued to look at other things.

Very quickly, Lu Xuan’s eyes were attracted by some scrolls to the side. He couldn’t help but walk over there. His eyes scanned across the description of the scrolls.

Hard Armor Rune. It is an enchantment that can be applied onto iron grade armor and up. It will increase the armor’s defense by ten to twenty percent. Price: 1000 taels of gold!

Enormous Power Rune. It is an enchantment that can be applied onto iron grade weapons and up. It will raise the attack power of the weapon by ten to twenty percent. Price: 1500 taels of gold!………

Seeing these sky-high prices, Lu Xuan was suddenly breathless, and couldn’t help but ask aloud: “Lei, come over here. What are these things? Why are they so expensive?”

“Oh, these are enchantment scrolls. Only enchanters can make them. Enchanters can burn through money, but of course, they can also make tons of money.” Yao Lei said as he clicked his tongue.

“Enchantment scroll? Enchanter?”

Yao Lei’s words instantly triggered a part of some memories in Lu Xuan’s head.

During those ten days, other than cultivating, Lu Xuan had long since gone over everything in the sword crystal’s memory. Other than the Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic and Blinking Sword Skill, the last part was writings about arrays and stuff. It was actually methods for enchantments!

Lu Xuan originally thought that those things didn’t have any use, but now it looked like it was completely not like that!

Seeing Lu Xuan’s interest towards enchanters, Yao Lei suddenly became more spirited. He began untiredly chattering about his own knowledge, determined to teach Lu Xuan a lesson.

Gently coughing twice and clearing his throat, Yao Lei began his lecture.

“Enchanters is one of the big three professions on the Sky Sword Continent, the others being alchemists and craftsmen.

Compared to alchemists medicine and a craftsmen’s equipment, enchanters can make different kinds of runes and condense them in to enchantment scrolls.

“Enchantment scrolls can be used to enchant a martial artist’s weapon or equipment. Different runes have different effects and degree of effectiveness. Users can select different types of scrolls as according to their needs.

“And after the weapon or equipment has been enchanted, its strength will increase by varying degrees. Some powerful enchantment scrolls can even raise a weapon’s prestige! A similar weapon, compared to itself with an enchantment, will be as different as the heavens and earth.

“Because of that, enchantment scrolls have such a high price.”

“It’s just that, enchanting isn’t something an ordinary person can learn. Because enchantments require studying many types of runes, there is a talent requirement that is very demanding. The threshold required is even higher than what’s needed for alchemists and craftsmen.”

“What’s even more important, enchanters need to use very expensive materials. It’s simply not something ordinary people can afford. A rune only needs one mistake for the rune to become ineffective, and all the materials used will be wasted.”

“A qualified enchanter is created through throwing money around. Of course, if one can really become an enchanter, then the speed of inflowing cash is also immense…”

Listening to Yao Lei speak, Lu Xuan’s heart was restless the entire time. Originally, there was such a precious thing in his mind, but he hadn’t paid it any attention and hadn’t analyzed it at all.

One low grade enchantment scroll was still priced above a thousand taels of gold. If he could become an enchanter and create enchantment scrolls, then wouldn’t he strike it rich? What Mysterious Yuan Dan, what Bone Washing Dan? He could eat them like candy!

Thinking of this, Lu Xuan could no longer restrain his excitement. He already could not wait and wanted to dive into those enchanting skills in his mind.

“Lei, I have some stuff I need to do, I’ll head back first. You can slowly shop around. Oh yeah, after returning, I’m going to cultivate. Remember to not bother me.” Lu Xuan threw out these few sentences and then raced back to the inn, rushing to close his room’s door to do research.

Lei Yao had just been speaking passionately with spittle flying out. He hadn’t thought that Lu Xuan would say he was going and the just leave. He was shocked for a moment. Only after he watched Lu Xuan already run out of Spirit Materials Street did he yell out, “Older brother Xuan, wait for me!”

Lei Yao yelled as he helplessly chased after Lu Xuan. He didn’t know drew Lu Xuan so wildly, but if he was alone there, then he would be too lazy to go around. He couldn’t buy anything anyway.

With Lu Xuan’s peak body refining third level’s strength, his speed was far faster than Lei Yao’s who was only at body refining second level. Very soon he had returned to the inn. He quickly closed his door and began to check the memories concerning enchantment, carefully re-examining them.

After carefully visiting these memories about enchantment, it was not outside of Lu Xuan’s expectations. In this small piece of memory, there were only some basic enchanting skills. At the most it could be used to enchant treasure-stage weapons, but for Lu Xuan right now, it was more than enough.

The weapon a martial artist used was different than the weapons used by a normal person. The ones used by ordinary people didn’t have any way of bearing a martial artist’s enormous strength, it could only be used as an ordinary item, and it could not be enchanted.

Martial artists weapons were divided four grades of iron, treasure, spirit, and the legendary divine equipment. Body refining stage martial artists could only use iron grade weapons. Treasure grade weapons were for the use of martial artists above the body refining stage. For Lu Xuan, that was something still far away.

It should be known that right now, Lu Xuan didn’t even have an iron grade equipment.

But even for the beginner enchantment skills, Lu Xuan still felt it to be very profound, and very subtle. Those extremely complicated runes, if even I stroke was wrong, would create different effects. In a moment, Lu Xuan forgot about making money and threw his entirety into studying the enchantment skill.

Enchantment skills placed great importance on talent and perception. Lu Xuan’s actions undoubtedly reflected his talents.

At that time, the arcane runes had long since been deeply ingrained into Lu Xuan’s memories, making analysis require half the effort.

After spending three full hours and going very carefully through the memories once, the beginner enchantment techniques had become very clear for him.

To produce an enchantment scroll, first one needed to use a specialty blank scroll as well as a special ink used to write the runes. Different runes required different inks.(TN: The Chinese used here is actually juice rather than ink, but I felt like juice might give off the wrong impression.)

Those things were all too luxurious and right now Lu Xuan was only practicing rune proficiency. Naturally it didn’t need those luxuries, not to mention, he didn’t have enough money to buy those luxuries anyway.

Taking a deep breath, Lu Xuan calmed himself, and then began to practice drawing the runes.

For enchantment letters, theory and practice were both indispensable. Since he had inherited the sword crystal’s memories, Lu Xuan already knew the enchantment skills techniques, but if he wanted to really write it out, it wasn’t as simple as that.

Since there wasn’t enough material to let Lu Xuan practice, he could only use soul force to write in the air.

Carving symbols in the air was a rather high-leveled technique for enchanting skills. If it was a beginner student, at the start they definitely wouldn’t be able to learn it successfully, but Lu Xuan had directly inherited that part of enchanting through memories. These techniques had long since been stored in his mind. Right now he was only practicing his own body’s degree of coordination and degree of perception.

The enchantment rune Lu Xuan was practicing was called the Wild Explosion Rune. After enchantment, it would enable the weapon to have a chance of exploding out with twice or more damage. It was a very powerful and useful rune.

Stretching out a finger, Lu Xuan began to moving his body’s soul force. Very soon, a bit of faint flashing light of soul force suddenly was gathered to the tip of his finger.

Lu Xuan began his first time writing a rune according to the memories in his head, moving his finger where it ought to go.

The finger constantly moved, a crystalline line suddenly appeared before Lu Xuan’s eyes, and the number of lines slowly increased. The rune was constantly nearing completion. Lu Xuan’s face was also becoming more and more pale. He didn’t have enough soul force.

As a body refining stage martial artist, there was no way to store soul force into his dantian. Right now as Lu Xuan was drawing the rune, he was relying solely on the soul force in his meridians.Lu Xuan

Lu Xuan grit his teeth and persevered, but his finger could no longer endure and began trembling, and because of this shaking, the run in the air flashed, then disappeared. The first attempt at drawing was a failure.

Lu Xuan’s aptitude towards enchanting was indeed good. The first time he had drawn a rune, he hadn’t made any mistakes. The problem in this time’s failure wasn’t because of Lu Xuan’s drawing skill, but was because he didn’t have enough soul force.

It was just that, this kind of problem wasn’t something that could be solved anytime soon. He couldn’t wait until he broke through to body refining fourth level and then try again.

Although he had failed, Lu Xuan also was not discouraged at all because he knew that just now as he was writing, he didn’t grasp his soul force well enough, resulting in over half of it leaking out, wasting it.

If he could efficiently use all of his soul force, then completing the Wild Explosion rune would not be a problem at all. Thus, for the next step, the thing he needed to practice was the control over his soul force’s leakage.


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Sword Spirit Chapter 7

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Chapter 7 Return To Lin City

Lu Xuan continued to cultivate for a full ten days time.

Within these ten days, Lu Xuan’s days passed by pretty nicely. Every day, other than cultivating Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic, he practiced the Blinking Sword Skill, and the progress was fast, letting him feel very excited!

Thanks to his extreme talents, within the very short period of ten days, Lu Xuan had already arrived at body refining third level’s peak. He was only a step away from body refining fourth level.

What gave Lu Xuan encouragement was although he hadn’t reached body refining fourth level, he could feel that, at this time, his fist strength had definitely broken the 1400 jin mark!

There was no doubt that the reason for this kind of change was naturally because of the Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic.

Although the degree of fist strength was used to measure the level under normal circumstances, that was only used for ordinary martial artists. For some martial artists that had cultivated to a higher level, with the same level, the explosive strength wasn’t the same.

Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic’s circulation path fully traveled through twenty-six meridians throughout the whole body. In fact, Lu Xuan’s whole body had been exercised. If compared, Guiding Qi Tactic that only used one meridian in its pathway was completely not worth mentioning.

Other than his realm being raised a lot, he had also achieved the large success stage of the Blinking Sword Skill.

Blinking Sword Skill. Although this was Lu Xuan’s first real martial skill, but because the memories of the Blinking Sword Skill were firmly engraved into Lu Xuan’s mind. Thus, when he practiced it, it was half the effort for the results.

“It’s already been two days since I entered the body refining third level peak, but I still haven’t been able to breakthrough to body refining fourth level. It looks like even if I continue cultivating, I won’t be able to breakthrough in a short amount of time.”

Lu Xuan frowned to himself. The path of cultivation was originally not something that one could only work behind closed doors. There was no way to breakthrough by only blindly and bitterly cultivating. Right now Lu Xuan had encountered a bottleneck.

The reason last time he was able to break through without trouble to reach body refining third level was, one, because the sword crystal had helped Lu Xuan clear away some of the obstacles, and two, because he had entered into the ethereal state. Right now he eagerly wanted to succeed, but he couldn’t.

Thinking of that bit, Lu Xuan decided to not continue bitterly cultivate. He had already been in these woods for a full ten days and it was time to leave.

Going by the fact that his strength was comparable to body refining fourth level, and that he had the Blinking Sword Skill has a killing move, why would he still be afraid of running into Long Yang. Lu Xuan also had a combat strength!

After cleaning up a bit, Lu Xuan embarked on the road to Lin City.

In truth, there wasn’t much to clean up. Originally he had been beaten unconscious by Long Yang and dragged out. He didn’t carry anything on his body, and the bit of money that he had was taken by the Long family servants. Fortunately he had plundered some silver pieces off of that Second Brother’s body, otherwise he would have been penniless.

Other than this, Lu Xuan only had one thing which was a very smooth bamboo stick. That was something he had created a few days earlier to use for his Blinking Sword Skill.

After using it more many days, Lu Xuan felt that it had become very smooth, and had even become reluctant to throw it away, thus he brought it along with him as it didn’t really get in the way.

The journey went by quickly. Having received a large boost to his strength, Lu Xuan felt very carefree. Before even half an hour, he could already see Lin City’s imposing gates.

Having stayed in the woods for ten days and then returning to Lin City, Lu Xuan felt a bit of reminiscent, especially since there had been too many changes in the past ten days.

Returning to Lin City, Lu Xuan first found a place to live. Before he had signed up, Lu Xuan had rented a room at an inn. He had put in half a deposit before and his room was still there.

Just as Lu Xuan was opening the door to his own room, the next door room suddenly opened. A small fatty appeared at the door, saw Lu Xuan, and his face suddenly lit up.

“Eh, Older Brother Xuan, you’ve returned, ah? Where’d you run off to during this time? I had even thought you weren’t preparing to participate in the Wind Sword Sect assessment!” As he spoke, he had already flown out of the room.

This little fatty’s name was Yao Lei. He was younger than Lu Xuan by half a year, but his height was half a head shorter. He was Lu Xuan’s good friend. Calling him a small fatty, in truth, he couldn’t be considered to be that fat, but his face was rather round, giving the impression that he was a small fatty. The Yao family was also a small clan in Qing Mountain Village that was basically the same size as the Lu family. This time, the two had come together to Lin City to participate in the Wind Sword Sect assessment.

“Oh, in order to prepare for the assessment, I went outside the city to cultivate for a while.” Lu Xuan didn’t talk about the matter with Long Yang. Too many things had happened outside the city, especially the matter with the crystal sword. No matter who it was, Lu Xuan would still not say anything about it.

“Cultivating? You went to the wilderness? Whatever, I couldn’t bear with that sort of bitterness. Anyway, I’m guessing that there’s now hope of entering into the Wind Sword Sect now.” Yao Lei said bitterly, “While you weren’t here, I was bored to death. There was no one to play with me. But now it’s better. Let’s go, go, go. Come with me to walk around. Hehe. I still haven’t played enough in this Lin City’s fireworks ground.”
(TN: 烟花之地 I believe this is a euphemism for a brothel. Could be wrong though.)

Seeing Yao Lei’s smiling round face, Lu Xuan suddenly was speechless. This guy only had this on his mind. Don’t look at the fact he was only sixteen, but he had already gone to every single brothel in Qing Mountain Village.

“Shopping is fine, but I’m not going to that place. If I ever do go, when I come back I’d have to pick off my skin.” Lu Xuan’s attitude was very clearly rejecting Yao Lei’s invitation.

“Okay, okay, okay. If you’re not going, we won’t go. We’ll just go shopping. Let’s go, let’s go.” Seeing that Lu Xuan had agreed to go with him to play, Yao Lei was suddenly very happy and directly pulled Lu Xuan towards the outside.

Having played with Lu Xuan since they were small until they were big, Yao Lei knew, Lu Xuan was their village’s famous cultivation maniac. Even though this time’s assessment was coming up, he had actually agreed to go out and play. This was giving a lot of face.

“Older Brother Xuan, go, let’s see the dan medicines. I’ve heard that there are dan medicines that can greatly enhance a martial artist’s strength. It can even help a martial artist make a breakthrough. If we can buy two pills and raise our strength, maybe we’ll have some hope in getting through the assessment.”

Dragging Lu Xuan out the door, Yao Lei chattered non-stop along the way. It seemed that in the time that Lu Xuan wasn’t there had made him hold back too much.

Listening to Yao Lei, Lu Xuan couldn’t help but be moved: “You said there was a dan medicine that could help martial artists break through bottlenecks?”

Right now Lu Xuan was stuck trying to break through the bottleneck at body refining fourth level. If there really was a dan medicine that could help break through, then once he entered body refining fourth level, Lu Xuan’s strength would have once again have an unbelievable jump.

“Of course. Do you know why those large clans and sects disciples are so strong? That’s because those guys have money. They eat dan medicines like candy. Their strength would naturally soar upwards.” Yao Lei put on an expression as if he was teaching someone who didn’t know anything.

In truth, most of the time Lu Xuan was immersed in cultivation and did not have as much understanding towards these kinds of thing like Yao Lei did.

“Then it should be very expensive right? We don’t have that much money…” Lu Xuan had some doubts. The money he had right now was plundered from those two servants Second Brother and Old third. Together, it still didn’t add up to 50 taels of silver silver.(TN: 1 tael is 1/16 of a jin)

Yao Lei waved his hand, and nonchalantly said: “What are you afraid of? Let’s go look. Looking doesn’t require money.”

While being dragged by Yao Lei, the two walked towards Lin City’s Spirit Materials Streets. Spirit Materials Street was Lin City’s market that specially sold items that various martial artists need. It included various kinds of materials, dan medicines, weapons, and enchantment scrolls, etc. And within some of the larger-scale shops, they even sold high-grade cultivation techniques and martial skills!

In the short time Lu Xuan wasn’t there, Yao Lei had long since clarified everything. At this time, it was like he was travelling along a familiar road as he brought Lu Xuan straight towards Spirit Materials Street.


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Sword Spirit Chapter 6

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Chapter 6 Martial Skill

The Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic cultivation skill was purely a memory stored in Lu Xuan’s mind, so not only did he not have to worry about forgetting it, his understanding of it only required half the effort.

After going through it again, the circulation path through the twenty-six meridians was completely memorized by Lu Xuan.

However he did not immediately begin to cultivate. He had only obtained a portion of the Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic just now. Having first obtained such an excellent cultivation technique, Lu Xuan began looking forward to getting the remaining memories.

After quickly going through the memories one more time, Lu Xuan was not disappointed. Very quickly sorted out a sword skill.

For martial artists, combat strengths classifications were divided into three big parts. The first was naturally your own body’s strength level. That was definitely the most basic and was also the most important. For common martial artists, winning against levels above your own was something only in legends.

The second was the cultivation skill you cultivated in. The stronger the cultivation technique, the greater your recovery and sustainability was. And the third was the most important in fights. That is martial techniques.

Whether or not one knew a martial skill was a large determiner how strong a martial artist would be in a fight. If two martial artists of the same level fought, whoever had the stronger martial skill would be the one to have the definite advantage.

Martial skills, like cultivation techniques, were divided into Heaven, Earth, Xuan, and Huang levels, upper, middle, and lower class.

Similarly, martial skills were also priceless. The sword skill was a type of martial skill. Lu Xuan got the name of the sword skill from the memory. It was called Blinking Sword Skill.

As the name suggested, this sword technique’s most prominent feature was its speed! The sword would come out in the blink of an eye.

For all martial skills, there was no firmness that couldn’t be broken, but speed could never be broken!

Concerning sword techniques, this was even truer. The sword was a lightweight type equipment, which was different from heavy weapons openings and closings. Even if the enemy’s attack was stronger, as long as you could get in your own attack before his, even a stronger attack would have no use.

The Blinking Sword Skill’s grade, according to Lu Xuan’s memories, was an upper Huang class sword skill!

Compared to the Large Foundation Fist skill that he had yesterday, which martial artist would not come to Lu Xuan and tell him that an upper Huang class sword was anything short of a heavenly existence!

Why could the Long family be the number one clan in Qing Mountain Village? They relied on the Long family patriarch Long Zhan’s martial skill, Dragon Seizing Hand.

Although the name of Dragon Seizing Hand seemed very powerful, in reality, it was only a lower Huang class martial skill.

A trivial lower Huang class martial skill was enough rule over a small village, it could even suppress the other families. It could be seen how precious and powerful martial skills were.

But now, with Lu Xuan’s talent and adding on the newly acquired Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic and the Blinking Sword Skill, as long as he was given time, the so-called Long family would be just a joke. It even more didn’t need to be said that in Lu Xuan’s dantian also had a mystery that was the incomparably powerful sword crystal that was waiting for his discovery.

Within a day, Lu Xuan’s body had experienced enormous earth-shaking changes. His talent had been somehow elevated to the peak, his cultivation had advanced a thousand li in a day, and he had received a powerful cultivation technique and a upper Huang class martial skill. It could be said there seemed to be a bright future ahead.

After carefully organizing the memories in his mind, other than the Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic and Blinking Sword Skill, Lu Xuan also discovered some indescribably things, rune circles… magic spells… enchantments… and various other strange symbols.

Lu Xuan did not know much concerning these things. It seemed that on the Sky Sword Continent there was an occupation of becoming an enchanter that could enchant weapons and armor, raising their strength.

But it should be said, becoming an enchanter is not something ordinary people can become. Lu Xuan only vaguely knew why.

Although he had obtained the initial steps for enchantment, right now Lu Xuan completely didn’t have any thoughts of studying it. Before even saying whether or not he could actually learn it, even more importantly was right now he didn’t have that much time. The most urgent matter right now was to quickly raise his strength.

Even though he knew that he would definitely be able to surpass the Long family in the future, but right now his strength had no way to compete with the Long family’s. If he wanted to prevent his elder sister from being forcibly married by Long Tai, there was only one chance, which was to join the Wind Sword Sect and use the Wind Sword Sect’s power to deter the Long family.

He frowned as he looked at the corpse of that Second Brother. Lu Xuan felt like this place was a little unsafe. If he stood up and continued deeper into the mountains, then even if Long Tai and Long Yang sent more people to bother him, finding a person in such a large forest was not an easy task.

That guy could be considered as unlucky. Before with that fist, no matter where he struck towards Lu Xuan, Lu Xuan would have been wounded, but he had chosen to throw a deadly strike at Lu Xuan’s dantian.

But because of the sword crystal was stored there, in the fragile dantian, it had changed to what was now Lu Xuan’s strongest point. Not only did he fail to cause trouble for Lu Xuan, he had instead provoked a protective sword qi, which in a moment killed off that Second Brother.

This proved that Lu Xuan had not used up all of his luck yet.

Only after traveling a long way away from the original point did Lu Xuan stop. He didn’t dare to go too deep. Who knew what sort of strong creatures were in the depths of the mountain. He then sat down again, took in a deep breath, removed the numerous distractions from his mind, and once again began to cultivate.

The white jade crystal treasure-like sword crystal continued to slowly rotate inside the dantian, as if it had not changed at all compared to before. The mysterious patterns on the sword’s body exuded a mysterious aura.

Lu Xuan didn’t bother with it either. At least looking at the its current performance, the sword crystal had only brought benefits and not a shred of harm. Maybe when his strength was higher, there would be a day when he could unravel the mysteries in it.

After sitting cross-legged, this time Lu Xuan didn’t circulate the Guiding Qi Tactic but had instead changed to the recently learned Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic.

Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic’s circulation method was already firmly cemented into Lu Xuan’s head. The path through the twenty-six meridians, he had clearly remembered, but on his first time circulating it, Lu Xuan didn’t dare to take any chances.

Using the circulation method, in a moment, the soul force in the air sucked into his body. This absorption speed was many times faster than Guiding Qi Tactic.

The soul force that entered Lu Xuan began moving. He carefully controlled the soul force through the first meridian, not daring to have even the slightest distraction. Following the Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic’s method, he slowly circulated along the path. Very soon, the first meridian was full of soul force, at the same time there was some soul force that infiltrated the flesh and bones of his body, transforming his body.

After finishing the circulation through the first meridian, the soul force then went into the second meridian, then the third, the fourth…

Previously when Lu Xuan used Guiding Qi Tactic, he only knew a path of circulation going through one meridian. Circulating one circle of qi went quickly, but now after changing to the Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic, a full twenty-six meridians all needed circulation. The time needed became quite a bit longer, but the benefits were also enormous.

Circulating Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic once was equivalent to circulating Guiding Qi Tactic a hundred times!

Also, since the meridians that the Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic circulated through were throughout the whole body, this way the entire body all was refined, its entire strength was raised.

It was the same for body refining third level. A martial artist that only exercised one meridian had no way to compare with a martial artist that exercised their entire body’s meridians. This was the power of a cultivation technique.

Only after spending a full half hour did Lu Xuan finish the first great circulatory cycle. The reason why it was so slow was because, one, there were more meridians that were circulated through. Secondly it was the first time circulating using this cultivation technique and he wasn’t familiar with it. With a few more circulations, the speed would slowly increase.

Although it was only the first time, Lu Xuan truly did feel the Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic’s valiance. He felt that his strength now, compared to before, was stronger by a few percent. This kind of remarkable and terrifying result, if it was told to others, would very possibly shock other martial artists.

Truthfully, this Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic, other than Lu Xuan, if others had obtained it, would still not have any way of obtaining this sort of result.

Because its great circulatory cycle needed to circulate through meridians throughout the whole body, the vast majority of martials artists would have blocked meridians, and they simply wouldn’t be able to circulate smoothly. Even if they a day and a half’s time, most likely they would still not have completed a great circulatory cycle.

However when Lu Xuan had gotten the sword crystal, the sword crystal had cleared out his meridians, and only then was he able to circulate the Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic.

The Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic was in truth a cultivation technique meant only for geniuses!

Having completed the first great circulatory cycle, Lu Xuan became more familiar with the circulation path. Without stopping, he once again absorbed soul force into his body and began the cycle for his second great circulatory cycle.


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Sword Spirit Chapter 5

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Chapter 5 Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic

As that Second Brother’s fist smashed towards Lu Xuan’s dantian, who was grinning as he watched Lu Xuan’s miserable fate, reveling in the other’s misfortune, suddenly the opposite let out sword qi. He was completely unprepared.

The sword qi fom the sword crystal was very strong! How could it be something that a body refining fourth level martial artist could block. A white light of sword light flashed, in that moment hitting the Second  Brother’s chest.

The sudden change was something the Second Brother could not respond to. In front of this sword qi, his body was simply as soft as tofu. There was only a “Chi” sound, as his heart was instantly penetrated!


Two screams came out at the same time. One was naturally the Second Brother, and the other one turned out to have come from Lu Xuan!

Lu Xuan at this time had already fallen to the ground, his hands tightly gripping his head, his face full of pain. He felt like his head was about to explode!

It hurt! There was no way to handle the pain, as it instantly covered Lu Xuan’s mind.

Countless strange memory fragments flashed through Lu Xuan’s head. Those memory fragments were very clearly not part of Lu Xuan’s. It was as if something was shoving these memories into his head.

But right now he didn’t have the thought of looking at these memory fragments, he was desperately trying to resist the immense pain from this attack, trying to preserve the last threads of a clear mind without losing his sanity.

Although he had gone through a round of enormous pain yesterday, this times pain was completely different from last night’s pain.

Last night’s pain was due to his meridians being forced through, it was the body’s physical pain. But this time’s pain was mental pain. Lu Xuan felt as if there were countless iron needles constantly stabbing at his brain. There was no way to block it, he could only bear with it.

Finally, after who knows how long, the pain finally subsided. Lu Xuan gradually woke up from his state of unconsciousness. His eyes slowly opened. The hands on his head slowly loosened. He was deeply gasping for breath.

This pain came quickly and left quickly, but this time’s pain, compared to last night’s, could be described as worse. Although the pain was already past, Lu Xuan thought back to it and couldn’t help but be scared.

Turning his head and looking to the side, right now the Second Brother had already turned into a cold corpse. The sword qi had directly penetrated his heart. How could he have survived. It was said that once a martial artist had cultivated to the peak, not only could they regenerate their limbs, as long as their soul wasn’t extinguished, they could live forever, but a body refining martial artist naturally was far from achieving that step.

Thinking back to previous situation, Lu Xuan face suddenly changed because he suddenly discovered that within his head, there was a bit more there than before.

It was very strange, yet somewhat familiar… That’s right, it was the memory fragments that he had just seen.

These memories that didn’t belong to him, had forcefully instilled themselves into his mind. No wonder there had been such a piercing pain.Whose memories were these? The sword crystal’s memories? Or was it the sword crystal’s master’s memories? Or something else?

Lu Xuan’s mind was full of questions. The way he thought of to get answers was the most direct one, which was naturally to search through these memories.

The number of memories instilled into Lu Xuan’s head couldn’t be considered as many, and now that he had time to sort out some clues. The sword crystal piece that had just been knocked off by the punch should be the memories of the sword crystal, and he had just gotten the memory. What was implied though, was if that was just a tiny piece of the sword crystal, then how many memories did the entire sword crystal contain?

It was just that, although these memory fragments had entered into Lu Xuan’s mind, but they were a scattered mess. If he wanted to know something, Lu Xuan had to go and organize it himself.

Although it was a little cumbersome, it was fortunate that there weren’t too many things inside the memories. After not too long, Lu Xuan had organized these into a complete memory. But, when he had understood this piece of memory, he couldn’t help but shudder.

Along the cultivation path, the most important thing, other than talent, was the cultivation technique!

Why did all of the martial artists around Lin City want to enter into the Wind Sword Sect, when even only becoming an outer disciple required bashing heads?

The most important reason was because the Wind Sword Sect had many cultivation techniques in it!

Lu Xuan’s clan was possibly brilliant before, but now it had long since declined. It didn’t even have a presentable cultivation technique to pull out. The cultivation technique that Lu Xuan had been practicing was only the most basic Guiding Qi Tactic. And that only taught you have to guide the soul force into the body. If he had had a better cultivation technique, then with Lu Xuan’s talent, he wouldn’t have been sixteen years old and only body refining second level.

Following Sky Sword Continent’s division of cultivation techniques, they were divided into four classes Heaven, Earth, Xuan, and Huang. Each class was then divided into three levels of upper, middle, and lower. As for the Guiding Qi Tactic, it wasn’t even considered to be lower Huang tier, it was low to that extent.

But now from the sword crystal memory he had gotten a cultivation technique. How could Lu Xuan not be excited! Although he still didn’t know how this cultivation technique was, but since the sword crystal was so mysterious, and it had long since gone deeply into Lu Xuan’s heart, how could the cultivation technique in the sword crystal be bad?

After a time of continuing to comb through the memories, Lu Xuan quickly absorbed the contents of the cultivation technique.

The cultivation technique was called Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic. Just by going with the name, it looked like this was far more powerful than Lu Xuan’s Guiding Qi Tactic.

However, Lu Xuan browsed through it again and discovered that this set of Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic was incomplete. The memory of Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic only had the body refining level cultivation technique. As for the cultivation techniques above the body refining level, those were missing.

But Lu Xuan was not bothered. Right now he had just entered body refining third level. The distance from the peak of body refining level was still a while away. At least within this period of time, the Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic was enough for him to use.

Also Lu Xuan assumed, since the crystal piece that had fallen off contained a memory, then it was very likely that the sword entire sword crystal was a large complete memory crystal!

Once he had grown stronger and found another chance to attack the crystal, it was very likely that he would get another piece of memory, that could possibly be the next part of the cultivation technique of the Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic.

The only regret was that, in the Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic, there wasn’t any indication of what tier of cultivation technique it was, thus, Lu Xuan had no way of accurately judging its tier.

But even though he couldn’t accurately determine Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic’s tier, Lu Xuan was sure that the Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic was definitely not a low tier cultivation technique.

Because in the Guiding Qi Tactic, its circulation path only circulated through one meridian, but in the Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic, its circulation path circulated through twenty-six of them! Using only one meridian for body refining versus using twenty-six for body refining, the difference could be described as the difference between heaven and earth.

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Sword Spirit Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 Chase to Kill

“His mother. This wilderness really isn’t easy to walk through. I’m tired to death. It’s so early in the morning, and I got this sort of crappy work. Such bad luck. In a little while, when we find that kid, I’m going to vent my anger on him.” A grumbling sound came out.

“Old Third, stop complaining so much. The young master looked upon us and gave us a task. Once we complete the task and go back, will the rewards be small?” Another voice whispered to that Old Third.

“Hehe, that’s true. This time we’re going to get more reward money and be able to go wild in the Green Red House. I’ve been frequently thinking of that Little Jade.” That Old Three happily said in a sudden swing in attitude.
(TN: The green red house is a brothel.)

“How many times have I told you, spend less effort on woman’s bodies. Even now you’re still body refining third level. I feel like I’ve lost face for you…”

Hearing these two men talk, Lu Xuan’s heart went cold. If he was guessing correctly, the little kid that Old Third was talking about  was him, and that young master the other guy mentioned must be Long Yang. He hadn’t thought that after having been beaten by Long Yang to that state, Long Yang still hadn’t relaxed.

Very soon, the two were talking again. Lu Xuan continued to listen attentively, his mind was flying through strategies.

“If I remember correctly, it should be up ahead right? Heh, that kid probably is probably still on the ground unable to get up!”

“En, let’s quickly finish this and go back. Don’t kill him, just shatter his dantian.”

Hearing this, Lu Xuan was shocked and angry.

Alright Long Yang, not only did you not relax, you were that vicious. The dantian was the martial artists core. If the dantian was shattered, then there wouldn’t be any sort of hope. For martial artists, it was akin to death.

But although he was angry, Lu Xuan did not lose his head. Having just heard the words of these two, that Old Third should be body refining third level, and the other person was at least body refining fourth level. Lu Xuan reckoned that the current him wasn’t their opponent.

A wise man does not fight when the odds are against him, this way, returning in the future would not be too late.

Taking advantage of the fact that the two hadn’t seen him, Lu Xuan decided to temporarily avoid fighting and hide. He turned his body to leave.

But right as Lu Xuan was preparing to treat, he accidentally stepped on a dead tree branch.

There was a crisp “kacha” sound, instantaneously ringing out into the surroundings, clearly reaching the ears of the two men who were chasing him!

Lu Xuan’s heart immediately sank. Any sound was bad, and this sound definitely had been noticed by those two.

Since his position was no longer hidden, he exploded out at his fastest speed to run away.

Just as Lu Xuan was running away, the sound of the broken tree branch reached those two who finally arrived. Seeing Lu Xuan’s back, that Old Third immediately shouted, “Second Brother, it’s that kid, quickly chase him!”

Seeing that Lu Xuan wanted to run, that Second Brother didn’t say anything else and directly let out his greatest speed to chase.

Hearing the wind whistling behind him, Lu Xuan didn’t even dare to turn his head back and only ran for his life. He had only just reached body refining third level, he was not an opponent for that body refining fourth level Second Brother, much less also with the body refining third level Old Three’s help.

But that Second Brother’s speed was greater than Lu Xuan’s. Body refining fourth level was naturally not something body refining third level could compare to. Soon, he was like the wind and passed Lu Xuan, blocking Lu Xuan’s front, cutting off the path.

With no time to turn around, Lu Xuan was blocked. The Old Third whose speed was slower then caught up to Lu Xuan’s back. Wolf in the front and tiger in the back. Lu Xuan was suddenly trapped.

“Heh, a body refining second level piece of trash actually dares to run. Your courage isn’t small! Running away, ah. If you have skill then continue running away for me. Believe it or not, this little grandpa will crush you in a single hand!” That Old Third arrogantly said as he slowly approached Lu Xuan.

Seeing that Lu Xuan didn’t dare to continue running, that Old Third suddenly began talking again: “You deserve this bad luck little kid. Young master Long Yang was good-hearted and wanted to spare your life, but unfortunately, young master Long Tai decided that your life was worthless. Thus, today, I, your little grandpa, have come to claim your life.”

“So it was this way, the person who sent people to deal with me was Long Tai.” Lu Xuan’s pondered inside. Yesterday, Long Yang didn’t dare to kill, but Long Tai didn’t care. In his eyes, Lu Xuan was like an ant. Destroying Lu Xuan’s dantian was only a sentence for him.

But the surrounded Lu Xuan did not panic. He silently watched the slowly approaching Old Third. He slowly breathed in, letting his whole body’s strength slowly gather to his hands. Inside he was thinking, closer, a little bit closer…

These two both assumed that Lu Xuan was still body refining second level. As long as Old Third entered his attack range, Lu Xuan would launch a sneak attack. If the attack could exterminate that Old Third, then the body refining fourth level Second Brother would no longer have a helper.

Watching Old Third as he entered within two meters in front of Lu Xuan, Lu Xuan was just about to launch an attack when that Second Brother’s voice suddenly sounded out.


Following this Second Brother’s command, that Old Third suddenly stopped. Lu Xuan also had to temporarily press down his idea of attacking. He would only have one chance for the sneak attack. It had to be lethal.

At this time the Second Brother was currently suspiciously staring at Lu Xuan. He clearly remembered that this kid had been beaten until he was half an inch of his life. How was it that over the course of a night, he had suddenly become so healthy. It was too strange.

“Little kid, do you have something good on you? Quickly bring it out. I can still spare you, otherwise, hmph…” This Second Brother said testily.

Hearing these words, Lu Xuan remained silent. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to speak, but that he was holding his breath and didn’t dare to let it out.

“Not speaking, eh? Since you refused a toast, then you will drink a forfeit. Don’t blame anyone else!” This Second Brother grinned, “Old Third, go search him.”

In his eyes, Lu Xuan was a body refining second level kid. He could take what he wanted. With Old Third’s strength, it was more than enough to take care of him. He would just stand to the side to prevent the kids escape.

“So there was still a treasure? Let this little old man check it out.” Hearing Second Brother’s words, this Old Third’s eyes lit up. Rolling up his sleeves, he took big steps toward Lu Xuan. With these steps, the two sides had become closer!

It was at this moment!

When this Old Third was a meter away in front of Lu Xuan, Lu Xuan’s two fists suddenly flew out!

Having accumulated almost a thousand jin of power, it forcefully slammed into Old Third’s chest.

This Old Third was body refining third level, but all of his body’s strength had been spent on top of girls bodies. At this time it was just a mere form, and then adding on the fact he was completely unprepared, how could he withstand Lu Xuan’s full strength attack.

In a moment, that Old Third’s chest felt like it had been hit by a sledgehammer, leaving a very deep impression, and instantly smashing him into unconsciousness. It looked like he was dead.

This sudden turn of events was entirely out of the Second Brother’s expectations. He had thought that there was only a flower, then he saw Old Third sent flying by Lu Xuan. At the same time a mouthful of blood sprayed out. Life or death was unknown.

“Old Third!” This Second Brother sadly called out and became instantly angry. Originally he had thought it was a foolproof plan, but it had suddenly changed into this situation. He was now no longer considering anything about a treasure or the wishes of the young master. He just wanted to tear Lu Xuan apart!

The sneak attack was successful. One attack had exterminated Old Third. Lu Xuan didn’t have the time to let out a breath of relief though, and turned his body to run, but at this time the Second Brother went mad and rushed towards him.

After having run only two steps, Lu Xuan had already been caught up to by the Second Brother who brought a whistling fist, mercilessly smashing towards the back of Lu Xuan’s head.

Forced to a last resort, Lu Xuan turned his body and sent his fist out, blocking the hit.

When the pair of fists collided, Lu Xuan suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood and was sent flying by the attack. The difference between body refining third level and body refining fourth level was absolutely not something that could be ignored.

Body refining third level only had nine hundred jin of strength, but body refining fourth level’s threshold already had reached fourteen hundred jin.

Although he was sent flying by the attack, that angry Second Brother did not have any intention of stopping there and added speed and sent out another fist straight towards Lu Xuan’s dantian. If this fist hit, then Lu Xuan even if Lu Xuan didn’t die he would become worthless trash.

At this time, the Lu Xuan who was still in the air had no strength to leverage and could only watch as that fist that carried a thousand jin of force smashed towards his dantian.

Lu Xuan couldn’t help but leak a bitter smile. Did the heavens really want him to perish? It had been incredibly difficult to have gotten such an opportunity and he had just seen a ray of hope, but in the end there was no such luck…

“Die!” That Second Brother angrily yelled. The fist had already collided with Lu Xuan’s dantian.

Lu Xuan felt a sharp pain, the fist’s power spread through his body, directly attacking his dantian.

At this time the mysterious sword crystal was currently in the dantian slowly rotating. Suddenly as it received the violent attack, the sword crystal shuddered, as if it had taken a heavy hit. A tiny piece of the crystal suddenly fell off the sword crystal and then instantly disappeared.

Meanwhile at the same time, a bit of sword qi came out of the sword crystal, instantly going through Lu Xuan’s body and headed towards that Second Brother!


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