Sword Spirit Chapter 22

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Chapter 22 Get Out!

Xia Chen Xi’s arrival speed was very quick. Not long after, a carriage stopped in front of the Treasure Pavilion.

Lu Xuan and the few others turned their heads and saw two well-dressed and fair-bodied women jump off of the vehicle. It was Xia Chen Xi and Lin Xin Yi. These two were holding hands, daintily walking towards the Treasure Pavilion.

However, as the two had just entered, someone blocked their path.

“Young miss Chen Xi, young miss Xin Yi, it’s been a while.” Long Zhi had a fawning smile on his face as he stood in front of the two ladies.

Suddenly having been blocked by someone, Xia Chen Xi slight frowned, looking a little unhappy, but her attitude was good and she took a look at Long Zhi. However, she discovered that she didn’t recognize this person. Immediately she asked with a bit of a puzzled tone: “You are?”   

Being asked this question by Xia Chen Xi, a bit of embarrassment appeared on Long Zhi’s face. He awkwardly smiled and introduced himself: “I am the enchanter guild’s Long Zhi. We have met a few times before.”

Long Zhi? Xia Chen Xi searched her memories and discovered that she didn’t have any sort of impression of him. The amount of people in the enchanter guild wasn’t a small number. With her identity, everyone would recognize her, but those that were qualified to be remembered by her was not a large number.

Xia Chen Xi could endure speaking with Long Zhi, but Lin Xin Yi didn’t have any interest towards Long Zhi who had popped up out of who knows where and she directly ignored his presence. Her eyes passed by him and saw Lu Xuan behind him. Her face immediately became happier.

“Lu Xuan, do you still remember me? We meet again.” Lin Xin Yi said as she simply cast off Xia Chen Xi and walked over to Lu Xuan, blinking a pair of moist eyes.

“I remember. Of course I remember.” Lu Xuan nodded with a little embarrassment, his face turning a little red. Facing such a beautiful young lady like Lin Xin Yi, Lu Xuan who had just awakened interest in the opposite sex, naturally felt a little odd.  

Receiving Lu Xuan’s response, Lin Xin Yi immediately began to giggle excitedly, revealing two cute dimples, and her eyes were bright.

Lin Xin Yi also didn’t know why, although she had only met Lu Xuan yesterday, once she saw him she was very excited. Normally she was surrounded by an endless amount of gallant princes, similar to Long Zhi, but she only felt disgust towards them. Her feelings towards Lu Xuan were entirely different.

“As long as you remember. I’ve heard from Ninth Uncle that you successfully drew an enchantment scroll?” Lin Xin Yi continued to ask.

Once they spoke of business, Lu Xuan finally began to normalize. He nodded his head and said, “It should be a success, however, senior said he couldn’t appraise it, thus we specifically troubled young miss Lin Xi and young miss Chen Xi to help appraise it.”

   Lin Xin Yi cutely spat out her tongue, saying: “I’m don’t have that ability. It’s true that Chen Xi is a talented enchanter though. Also, don’t call me whatever young miss Lin. Hearing that sounds strange and awkward. How about you call me Xin Yi.”

Finished speaking aloud, Lin Xin Yi secretly added in her heart: Others want to call me that and I won’t let them, I’ve gone easy on you.

As the two were speaking, Xia Chen Xi also finally got rid of Long Zhi and came to the side of those two.

She first greeted Ninth Uncle and then began speaking to Lu Xuan, asking with some surprise: “You’ve succeeded in drawing the Wild Explosion scroll?”

“En, the drawing was successful. I also have to thank young miss Chen Xi for the notes that you gave me. They were very beneficial. However, senior just said that he couldn’t appraise the scroll, thus we have you trouble to the young miss to appraise it for us.”

“Young miss, the transmission rune contents weren’t too clear. This old servant could not reach a verdict on this Wild Explosion scroll, and thus I called the young miss over to personally appraise it.” Ninth Uncle said.

Xia Chen Xi nodded her head, “Let me first look at the rune then.”

“Young miss Chen Xi, you don’t need to look at that rune. I just took a look at it, and it wasn’t even an enchantment scroll. It was just some smeared animal blood.” Long Zhi who Xia Chen Xi had rid herself of now once again stuck himself into the conversation and continued to talk noisily.

Just now Xia Chen Xi had spoken a few words with him causing him to be so happy he was lost, and he really saw himself as a character. Although he was a member of the Enchanter’s Guild, he was only an apprentice enchanter. In front of ordinary martial artists, putting on airs was fine, but whether it was Xia Chen Xi, Lin Xin Yi, or Ninth Uncle, none of them would put him in their line of sight.

However his putting on airs was annoying Lin Xin Yi. Her eyebrows pricked up as she glared at Long Zhi saying: “Who are you, ah? Is this a place for you to talk? Go off to the side and cool off.”

Towards other people, Lin Xin Yi would not have the same attitude as she did towards Lu Xuan, not to mention, Lin Xin Yi had some interest in Lu Xuan. Long Zhi calling the enchantment scrolls that Lu Xuan drew worthless was essentially the same as running his mouth into a wall, inflicting self-pain.

After being reprimanded by Lin Xin Yi, Long Zhi felt a little awkward, and didn’t dare to say anything.

Seeing Long Zhi’s lack of courage, Yao Lei suddenly grinned. Seeing the villain being deflated was great. It was still older brother Xuan who was powerful. He had secretly gotten young miss Lin’s favor. Yao Lei thought to himself, in a while after they went back, he would have a good talk with Lu Xuan. Young miss Lin actually had interest in him. He should take this up and become the Lin family’s in-law. Then he wouldn’t be short on money!

Without Long Zhi’s racket, Xia Chen Xi could finally calm down and look at Lu Xuan’s enchantment scroll.

Unfurling the enchantment scroll and glancing through it, Xia Chen Xi was completely shocked, her concentration suddenly became very focused. Her eyes became very concentrated on the scroll.

The entire Treasure Pavilion suddenly became very quiet. Long Zhi’s people didn’t dare to say anything, afraid of irritating Lin Xin Yi, and Lu Xuan was nervously watching Xia Chen Xi. If Xia Chen Xi also said there was no way to appraise it, then he was afraid that he would not be able to sell the three Wild Explosion scrolls in the near future.  

As for Lin Xin Yi, she seemed much more interested in Lu Xuan than the Wild Explosion scroll. Her eyes were looking at the scrolls, but from time to time she would turn her head to look at Lu Xuan and smile a little.

Only after a long time did Xia Chen Xi finally exhale a deep breath, close her eyes, and rub her temples with her hands. She seemed very tired.

Just now she hadn’t been just simply glancing at it, but had been emitting her own mental energy to thoroughly examine the rune once, which had led to excessive consumption.  

“Young miss, how is it?” Ninth Uncle couldn’t help but ask. This was the first time seeing this sort of strange enchantment scroll. Truthfully, he thought in the bottom of his heart that the scroll was most likely a success, but he didn’t dare to be sure.

Xia Chen Xi slowly opened her eyes, preparing to speak. Suddenly, she seemed to have thought of something and turned her head towards Long Zhi and his crowd, saying: “You’re called Long Zhi right?”

“Yes, yes. Does young miss Chen Xi have a request?” Hearing Xia Chen Xi say his name, Long Zhi’s eyes lit up, and he hurriedly spoke.

“Take your men and go out first.”

“Ah?” Long Zhi was dumbfounded, and hurriedly said: “That, I am also an enchanter. If young miss Chen Xi wants to study it, maybe I can help a bit.”

“Get out.” Xia Chen Xi’s tone became a bit louder. This time, she didn’t seem to have such a good temper. Even if a person’s temperament was better, they still would have a limit.

“Uh, okay then. I’ll leave first then. From now on, young miss Chen Xi can find me at the Enchanter’s Guild.” Long Zhi still didn’t fully give up and said.

“If you’re told to get out then get out. Stop it with the useless talk.” Lin Xin Yi said impatiently.

Waiting until Long Zhi’s crowd exited, Xia Chen Xi’s personal guards immediately surrounded the Treasure Pavilion to prevent others from entering.

“Bro, you said before that your relationship with Xia Chen Xi was pretty good right? Why is it now…” Long Yang wondered.

“When did I say that my relationship with her was good?” His lies exposed, Long Zhi’s face was red. Following that, he fiercely said, “What aura. Isn’t it just a girl. There will be a day that I show you my formidability, hmph.”

Finished speaking, Long Zhi brought Long Yang and the crew away. Even if they stayed here, they would just be bringing contempt on themselves.

Inside the Treasure Pavilion, Xia Chen Xi’s face was a little imposing as she looked towards Lu Xuan, “Lu Xuan, was this Wild Explosion scroll really drawn by you?”

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Sword Spirit Chapter 21

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Chapter 21 Messaging Xia Chen Xi

Hearing that Lu Xuan had come to sell enchantment scrolls, Ninth Uncle immediately became stern. For any clan, an enchanter was a very powerful resource. Also, Lu Xuan had drawn the Wild Explosion rune. Even Xia Chen Xi hadn’t succeeded yet!

“That enchantment scroll, did you bring it? I need to appraise it.” Ninth Uncle said.

Lu Xuan knew the rules. Other than some famous master enchanters, if normal enchanters wanted to sell enchantment scrolls here, they had to go through an appraisal.

He nodded his head. He pulled out a completed Wild Explosion scroll from his chest and gave it to Ninth Uncle.

Because the strong potency had all been bound by the rune, not much could be seen when just looking only from the outward appearance. In order to appraise an enchantment scroll, the only way to appraise it was through the rune.

Taking the Wild Explosion scroll, Ninth Uncle carefully and slowly unrolled it. Long Zhi on the side couldn’t help but lean in to see what exactly was going on. Although Long Yang had guaranteed that Lu Xuan wasn’t an enchanter, he was still a little worried.

Finally, the Wild Explosion scroll was fully unfurled, neatly displayed on the table. The crowd’s eyes were all staring at the scroll. Lu Xuan was actually very calm because he had a complete grasp on the situation, but Yao Lei to the side was sweating. Although Lu Xuan had told him it was a success, he couldn’t tell. He was nervously waiting for this Ninth Uncle’s appraisal result. If it really succeeded, then Lu Xuan could be said to have instantly earned a fortune!  

Ninth Uncle’s eyes slowly moved across the Wild Explosion scroll, his eyebrows tightly furrowed. He had been in the Treasure Pavilion for who knows how many years and had seen countless enchantment scrolls, but this time, he couldn’t be sure.  

Whether it was viewed as the construction and fluency of the smaller runes or the entire rune, this was undoubtedly a successfully completed Wild Explosion scroll.  

However, although these runes obviously comprised the Wild Explosion rune’s character, on closer inspection, he discovered that he actually didn’t recognize it!

Although it’s true that enchantment scroll runes all have a particular way of being drawn, and there was no way to simply imitate it based on just clues from looking at its outward appearance, however, since the Wild Explosion scroll could be considered as a low grade enchantment scroll that was difficult to make with a strong practical use, thus Ninth Uncle was rather familiar with it. But he didn’t understand this rune and he had some questions about it.

More importantly, this Wild Explosion scroll was actually drawn purely from the animal blood component. This was simply abnormal. Because of this, he couldn’t determine it properly.

“Ha ha ha ha, this is also called an enchantment scroll? You think that you can randomly slap some things together it’ll be an enchantment scroll?” Ninth Uncle still hadn’t said anything before Long Zhi began to laugh out loudly. In his voice was undisguised disdain.

“I heard that yesterday you bought a bottle of savage wolf blood here? You didn’t just just rub the blood onto this blank scroll right after you got home right? You’re making me laugh to death. If being an enchanter was easy, everyone would become an enchanter. I see that you thought about money so much you went crazy!”

Right now Long Zhi was completely believing Long Yang’s words. Lu Xuan really wasn’t an enchanter.

It should be known, Long Zhi himself was an enchanter and a member in Lin City’s Enchanter Guild. With his reliance on wealth and his identity as an enchanter, he was far above ordinary martial artists.

He also knew about the Wild Explosion scroll, however, with his current prowess, there was no way he could draw it. Previously, when Lu Xuan said he had drawn the Wild Explosion scroll, Long Zhi already began to not really believe it. Now seeing the entire enchantment scroll, he no longer had any doubts.

He had never seen an enchantment scroll constructed from purely animal blood. Even those that had heard of it, every enchanter knew that drawing enchantment scrolls needed to use the special product.

Lu Xuan ignored Long Zhi’s words and only looked towards Ninth Uncle.

After a long time, Ninth Uncle’s eyes left the scroll and looked towards Lu Xuan, slowly saying: “This scroll seems a little strange. There are some differences between it and the Wild Explosion scrolls I’ve seen. I also don’t dare to make a final verdict.”

Hearing this, Lu Xuan frowned. Although he knew that his Wild Explosion scroll and common enchantment scrolls had some differences, he hadn’t thought that there would actually be no way to recognize it.

Thinking about it, Lu Xuan spoke again: “I can offer one scroll as a test product. If it has a sufficient result, then I think it should be able to prove that my scrolls are usable right?”

Although one enchantment scroll’s price was upwards of a thousand taels of gold, in order to prove his enchantment scrolls were indeed usable, Lu Xuan couldn’t mind it. Either way he had made three scrolls. After using one, there would still be two.

Hearing Lu Xuan’s words, Long Zhi once again began laughing out loud, “Test it? What a joke. You can’t just enchant any random device, and even if there is a low-tier iron grade weapon, its price will already be a couple thousand taels of gold. Every weapon can only be enchanted once. If yours is useless, wouldn’t that have been a huge waste? If you want to test your own enchantment scrolls, then pull out your own weapons. This is the rule. Do you have a couple thousand taels of gold?”

Ninth Uncle nodded his head, saying: “Indeed. If you want to test an enchantment scroll, you need to provide the weapon yourself.”  

This time, Lu Xuan could only bitterly smile. He hadn’t thought that selling an enchantment scroll would actually be so troublesome. Right now Lu Xuan didn’t even have a single weapon. Where would he go and get an iron grade weapon?

“Older brother Xuan, should we just forget it? You’ve broken through anyway. Entering the Wind Sword Sect is a given now. Once we have money in the future we can test it again and it won’t be too late.” Yao Lei said from the side. Although he didn’t really believe that Lu Xuan could succeed in drawing out the enchantment scroll, but he didn’t feel very good seeing Lu Xuan’s current appearance.

“What people doing what things. You’re still dreaming of becoming an enchanter. Is an enchanter something someone like you can become?” Long Zhi said proudly. His sense of superiority had suddenly returned. Seeing Lu Xuan’s appearance, he felt better than if he had beaten the crap out of Lu Xuan.

However, Long Zhi’s arrogance caused Ninth Uncle to feel irritated. He still liked young people like Lu Xuan, who were neither haughty nor humble. He suddenly spoke again: “Lu Xuan, wait a moment. I’ll send a message to young miss Chen Xi. She said before that if you came to sell enchantment scrolls I should let her know. Young miss Chen Xi is an enchanter. Even if I can’t tell, maybe she will be able to.”  

Hearing this, Lu Xuan’s face immediately lit up, “Then I’ll have to trouble senior.”

He firmly believe that his enchantment scrolls had no problems. Gold will always shine.

Ninth Uncle nodded and pulled out a transmission rune. He whispered a few words, and the transmission rune suddenly vanished into a stream of light.

Now Long Zhi was a bit alarmed. Young miss Chen Xi? Was it really Xia Chen Xi? Could it be that this bumpkin Lu Xuan actually knew her?

The shop immediately became quiet. A crowd of people waited for Xia Chen Xi to arrive. Long Zhi also didn’t leave. He wanted to see Lu Xuan become disgraced!

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(TN: Author: 妖七 Book: 黑暗世界 Genre:末世之虐杀原型)


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Sword Spirit Chapter 20

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Chapter 20 Long Zhi

Bringing Yao Lei, Lu Xuan went directly towards the Treasure Pavilion.

Tightly following behind Lu Xuan, Yao Lei’s mind was still thinking about the words Lu Xuan had just said. He had succeeded in drawing the enchantment scrolls? Older brother Xuan had actually done it?

Although Lu Xuan had already brought out one enchantment scroll to let him see, Yao Lei still felt like he was dreaming. Being able to successfully draw out an enchantment scroll meant that he was a true enchanter. That was to say, in just two days time, older brother Xuan had become an enchanter?

Enchanting was a very respectable job. Yao Lei had never thought that there would be an enchanter right by his side. It could be said, even if Lu Xuan didn’t enter the Wind Sword Sect, as long as he marketed his ability as an enchanter, the Long family would definitely not dare to touch the Lu family. Naturally there would be powers that would protect the Lu family in order to attract Lu Xuan.

Soon the two once again entered Spirit Materials Street. Lu Xuan naturally went directly to the Treasure Pavilion.

But this time when they got there, the Treasure Pavilion had some other guests. When Lu Xuan and Yao Lei arrived, the people there subconsciously turned their heads to look.

“Lu Xuan! You actually dare to come again!” One of those people suddenly burst into anger and couldn’t help but point at Lu Xuan’s nose and shout should when they saw Lu Xuan. On closer examination, it was Long Yang and someone else?

Seeing Long Yang, Lu Xuan was also a little surprised. He hadn’t thought that they would bump into each other today. However, seeing the scar on Long Yang’s face that he had put there himself, he remembered how Long Yang begged for his life while kneeling before him. Lu Xuan’s face began to show ridicule.

“Long Yang, I spared you yesterday. It seems that you haven’t learned your lesson?”

As Lu Xuan spoke, Long Yang’s face immediately became dark. He would never be able to forget yesterday’s scene. From birth until now, he had never lost so much face before. He had kneeled down to beg for mercy in front of a watchful crowd and even had been scared to the point of pissing his pants.

Long Yang snorted, ignoring Lu Xuan’s insults, instead turned his heads to the person beside him and said, “Older brother, the one who hit me yesterday was him! The scar on my face was due to him. The money you gave me to buy materials was also stolen by that guy.”   

Hearing this, Lu Xuan’s eyes immediately shifted off of Lu Xuan and were directed towards the other person. This person was dressed magnificently, and his looks were somewhat similar to Long Yang’s, and the position he stood in was in the very center of the crowd. The people beside him looked to him as their leader. Obviously he had the leading role here.

He was also staring at Lu Xuan at this time. The four eyes faced each other. Lu Xuan could clearly see a hint of pride in the other’s eyes. It was a completely superior attitude, giving off the feeling that he didn’t hold Lu Xuan in any esteem.

“Older brother Xuan, this guy should be Long Yang’s real older brother, called Long Zhi. He rarely returns to the Qing Mountain Village, instead usually lives in Lin City.” Yao Lei whispered to Lu Xuan’s ear. He had never met Long Zhi, he had only heard of him. However, listening to what Long Yang had called him, it wasn’t too hard to guess.

And it was at this time that Long Zhi spoke, his tone very even and had an air of superiority, as if he couldn’t be bothered to speak with Lu Xuan.  

“Return the money that you took yesterday, slap your own face twenty times, and then kowtow to my younger brother recognizing your wrong. Then this matter will be concluded.”

Hearing this, Lu Xuan couldn’t help but let out a mocking laugh, shaking his head. He couldn’t be bothered to notice Long Zhi, instead he walked up and began speaking with the old shopkeeper.   

“Senior, I’m here to bother you again. This is young miss Chen Xi’s notes. I’ve finished reading through it. I’m troubling the senior to help me return it.” As he spoke, Lu Xuan’s two hands passed the introductory enchantment book.

However, due to Lu Xuan ignoring him, it had annoyed Long Zhi. He hadn’t thought that Lu Xuan would actually wouldn’t know the difference between life and death, even daring to ignore his words.

“I’m talking to you! Are you deaf?” Long Zhi’s tone had suddenly become somber. Lu Xuan’s actions had already angered him.   

Having his words interrupted by Long Zhi, Lu Xuan frowned. Was this guy a rabid dog?

Turning his head towards Long Zhi, Lu Xuan slowly said: “That money was something Long Yang bet by himself. He conceded defeat. You should probably thank me that I didn’t kill him in the martial arena.” 

Hearing this, Long Zhi laughed out loud as if he had heard some sort of amazing joke. He looked at Lu Xuan and said: “You should be rejoicing that you didn’t kill him, otherwise, you would already be a dead man. I’ll test your courage, would you dare to make the move?”

Lu Xuan smiled and said: “I’ll test his courage. Ask him if he still dares to go into the martial arena?”

Hearing Lu Xuan’s obvious sarcasm, Long Yang began to tremble in anger, however, even if his courage was tested, he didn’t dare to go onto the martial arena again. Lu Xuan’s sword stroke had already broken his courage.

“Alright, your problems can be resolved privately. Lu Xuan, give me the book. I’ll help you give it to the young miss.” The old shopkeeper Ninth Uncle interrupted the two.

Although Long Zhi was unwilling, he didn’t dare to argue with the old shopkeeper, courteously apologizing to Ninth Uncle and stood to the side. However he eyes towards Lu Xuan were very cold. Yesterday Lu Xuan had not only severely humiliated Long Yang, he had even taken the money for Long Yang to buy the materials. Now he had even argued in his face. Long Zhi already hated Lu Xuan to his very bones. He determined in his heart that when Lu Xuan exited Spirit Materials Street, relying on his identity, wanting to take care of Lu Xuan would be an easy thing to do.  

No longer paying attention to Long Zhi, Lu Xuan gave the notes to the old shopkeeper and said: “Senior, I also have another matter to bother you with this time.”

The old shopkeeper looked up to look at Lu Xuan, then looked over at Long Zhi’s group of people, then slowly asked: “What matter?”    

He was assuming that Lu Xuan wanted to ask him to act as a guard. If it was an ordinary person, he naturally wouldn’t have cared about this matter, however Lu Xuan was different.

Yesterday Xia Chen Xi had given Lu Xuan a favor. Although he didn’t know why made Xia Chen Xi would express interest in Lu Xuan given her identity, but for the sake of Xia Chen Xi’s face, he would take care of Lu Xuan a little. He also recognized Long Zhi a little. In others’ eyes, he might have a bit of an identity, but he couldn’t enter the shopkeeper’s eyes.

“Last time young miss Chen Xi said, any successfully drawn enchantment scrolls could be brought here to sell. The next thing is to ask senior to help me sell it. The price doesn’t matter. I just want to sell it quickly.”

When Lu Xuan said these words, everyone in the room, including Long Zhi, was stunned. The old shopkeeper took a while to recover. The difference in what Lu Xuan requested and what he had expected were too different. What made him further amazed was that using the materials bought yesterday, Lu Xuan had actually succeeded?

He instinctually asked: “That Wild Explosion rune… You drew it successfully?”

Lu Xuan nodded his head, “En, I succeeded.”

“A’Yang, he’s an enchanter?” Long Zhi asked Long Yang in surprise.
(TN: A’Yang 阿阳 is Long Zhi’s nickname for Long Yang.)

Long Yang firmly shook his head, “That’s impossible! How could be an enchanter! You know the Lu family’s situation. How could they raise an enchanter. Just watch, it must be a fake!”

Long Yang absolutely didn’t believe that Lu Xuan was an enchanter because he had observed Lu Xuan’s older sister before, thus Long Yang had a very good understanding of Lu Xuan. When he had exploded out with such amazing fighting strength, he had already exceeded Long Yang’s expectations. If told that Lu Xuan was also an enchanter right now, Long Yang would only think that was a fantasy.


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Sword Spirit Chapter 19

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Chapter 19 Sale

When Lu Xuan woke up, a few hours had already passed.

Recently these days he hadn’t had much proper rest. Each time he rested was only enough time to recover his soul force. This time he actually slept for a few hours, and immediately felt his mental state refreshed.

Also, when he woke up he was excited to discover, his vision and hearing and other senses had all improved by a bit. He could obviously see things more clearly.

In this regard, he wasn’t surprised. This was an obvious sign that his mental strength had improved.

He hadn’t expected that overusing his mental strength to draw the runes would actually have this kind of intriguing effect. It was quite a pleasant surprise. Mental strength was very important for enchanters. The stronger the mental strength, when drawing runes, the more sensitive your hands would be, and would be able to observe smaller details more easily.  

The Wild Explosion scroll on the table was currently emitting a crystalline glow, which seemed attractive.

There wasn’t any violent aura leaking out of the scroll. After it had been condensed into runes, the energy contained savage wolf blood had been completely bound, and couldn’t flow out. Thus there weren’t any worries about leaving it open for a few hours, the scroll’s result wouldn’t suffer at all even if it was.

Lu Xuan walked up to the completed Wild Explosion scroll and carefully rolled it up and put it away. This was something worth over a thousand taels of gold! It was enough for him to buy many dan medicines.

Looking over the newly drawn rune, Lu Xuan couldn’t help but feel lucky.

He hadn’t previously thought that practicing the runes and actually drawing it would have such a large difference. The difference in the amount of soul force consume wasn’t on the same level at all.

If it hadn’t been for the fight with Long Yang and him having the lucky breakthrough to body refining fourth level, the bone cleansing realm, then he wouldn’t have even had enough soul force to use to complete the drawing. Even at body refining fourth level, the soul force had been just barely enough, and that was only because the Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic was so powerful, letting him have more soul force than ordinary people.

However, this time’s success still brought a very valuable experience to Lu Xuan. He had gained a deeper understanding towards drawing runes and gained a better grasp on the overall situation.

Putting away the completed Wild Explosion scroll, Lu Xuan once again pulled out a low grade Wild Explosion scroll and spread it out, preparing to continue drawing. There was still enough savage wolf blood for about four or five times. Every success represented over a thousand taels of gold. Lu Xuan’s heart couldn’t help but be moved at the thought of those profits.
(TN: I believe the author made an error here and it should be a low grade blank scroll. Or maybe Lu Xuan’s just so confident that he’s thinking it’s already finished.)

Producing enchantment scrolls required great consumptions of soul force. Every time he drew, Lu Xuan had to circulate the Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic once to recover his soul force. Time silently flowed on as he continually drew and recovered.

After numerous hours, Lu Xuan finally used up all of the savage wolf blood. In total he had drawn it five times, but he only succeeded twice.

Among two of his failures, it was due to him being too relaxed, resulting in the failures. Those could be considered as low grade mistakes, and the other time was because he had constructed the rune incorrectly.

The rune had come directly from the sword crystal’s memories and was deeply imprinted in his head, but there would still be the occasional mistake. Even senior enchanters when drawing low grade scrolls didn’t dare to say that they would have a 100% success rate.

In Lu Xuan’s first time drawing enchantment scrolls, he had tried eight times and could succeed three times. This success rate was enough to make the self-proclaimed genius enchanters feel ashamed of themselves.

As for Lu Xuan, other than the three Wild Explosion scrolls, the biggest gain this time was his mental strength and his soul force had both improved by a lot.

Every time he drew the runes, it would drain his mental strength and soul force completely empty. With the previous improvements of mental strength, Lu Xuan barely lasted through the entire process and didn’t fall unconscious during it. And then cultivating under these circumstances made the improvements even more significant.  

Other than improving mental strength, at the same time Lu Xuan also stabilized into the body refining fourth level, in the bone cleansing realm, the same as Long Yang’s realm from before.

With Lu Xuan’s current strength, passing the Wind Sword Sect assessment was practically a given.

However, human desire never ended. Right now, Lu Xuan had already fulfilled the conditions to enter the Wind Sword Sect, but now he didn’t want to just pass the assessment, he also wanted to get a rank in the assessment.  

In the Wind Sword Sect’s assessment, the first ten places will receive lavish rewards, however, with Lu Xuan’s previous strength, he didn’t even dare to think about it. But now it wasn’t the same. If he could get enough resources, he had hope to improve another step, and enter into the top ten.

Looking outside, it was currently night. Lu Xuan temporarily put a halt to go to Spirit Materials Street. Going tomorrow morning wouldn’t be too late.

He once again sat down cross-legged and began to circulate his cultivation technique again.

With the unknown grade Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic, cultivating was simply a pleasure to Lu Xuan. The feeling of his strength rapidly rising let him feel very comfortable.

These days, Lu Xuan who had been stuck at the body refining fourth level bottleneck had now broken through the bottleneck, and his cultivation speed had immediately soared.

A great quantity of soul force was attracted by Lu Xuan and circulated through his body’s twenty-six meridians. At the same time it continuously entered into the bones, cleansing Lu Xuan’s bones.

At this time, in his body, the impurities in his bones were constantly being forced out, making his bone density become higher and higher. At the same time, it also added resilience. With the continuous bone cleansing, Lu Xuan’s entire person’s explosive strength would also reach a new level. It could be said, only after entering the bone cleansing realm could it be said that one had actually begun to body tempering process.

Only after another whole night of cultivating and the light outside the window became bright did Lu Xuan wake up from his cultivating.

He slowly stood up. In the span of one night, Lu Xuan’s body suddenly become a bit taller. This was a change brought by the bone cleansing.

A disgusting smell emitted from Lu Xuan’s body. He looked down and discovered that all of the clothes on his body was sticking to his body. The sticky clothes was naturally because of the impurities that had been washed out of his bones.

Frowning, Lu Xuan had to wash himself properly. He couldn’t go out like this.

After a little less than half an hour, Lu Xuan finished changing clothes. Grabbing the three thousand taels of gold Wild Explosion scrolls, stuffing them into his clothes, walked out the door, and knocked on Yao Lei’s door.

Yao Lei quickly opened the door. Seeing that it was Lu Xuan, he was startled for a moment. He said: “Older brother Xuan, why do I feel like you’re a bit different today?”

At this time, Lu Xuan had already broken through to body refining fourth level the bone cleansing realm. Not only was the expression in his eyes brighter, even his aura had an indescribable change. This sort of sudden change would naturally be seen by Yao Lei in an instance.

Lu Xuan smiled a little: “While cultivating yesterday, I already broke through.”

Broke through? Yao Lei was a little confused at first, but then quickly woke from his daze, excitedly saying: “Older brother Xuan, you’ve already broken through to body refining fourth level?”

Lu Xuan nodded and said, “En, yesterday’s fight gave me quite a bit of inspiration. Then like channel forming when water flows, I broke through. Come, accompany me to the Treasure Pavilion again.”

Yao Lei was feeling very happy that Lu Xuan had successfully broken through, and when he heard his words, he immediately nodded, “Yeah, since you’ve broken through, then there’s no need to be an enchanter, and you don’t need the materials. Let’s go return those materials and buy some more dan medicines!”

Yao Lei hadn’t thought that Lu Xuan could succeed, and hadn’t slept well all last night, his heart hurting over the wasted hundred taels of gold. However, since Lu Xuan had already broken through, then there was no rush to spend money. He naturally thought that Lu Xuan would return the goods.

“Return?” Lu Xuan couldn’t help but let out a smile: “I’m not going to return, I’m going to sell!”


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Sword Spirit Chapter 18

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Chapter 18 Wild Explosion Scroll

A low grade blank scroll was spread out on the table. Lu Xuan then opened the jade bottle containing the savage wolf blood. A violent aura was immediately released from the jade bottle.

Taking a deep breath, some soul force was emitted from the tip of Lu Xuan’s finger. A bit of savage wolf blood was pulled out. In the moment that the blood was pulled out, Lu Xuan felt his soul force shiver, almost making him lose control.

The savage wolf blood’s strength was truly violent and difficult to control. It didn’t seem to want to cooperate with the soul force. If he wanted to use the violent blood to draw the enchantment scroll, the difficulty would be higher.

This is also why Xia Chen Xi looked so strange when she heard that Lu Xuan wanted to only use savage wolf blood to draw the enchantment scroll.

It wasn’t only savage wolf blood, but was all animal blood. Their energies were very turbulent and violent. Enchanters didn’t have a way to fuse it together and create the enchantment scroll. For that reason, all of the enchanters in the Sky Sword Continent used specialized liquids when drawing enchantment scrolls along with the materials and medicines. It was in order to make it more cooperative.

However, by doing this, although the drawing became easier, the strength of the main material’s effect for the enchantment scroll became weaker.

Of course, this was an situation that couldn’t be helped. If it wasn’t this way, they wouldn’t have a way to create the enchantment scrolls.

If an enchanter saw Lu Xuan directly using purely animal blood to draw the enchantment, then they would probably laugh at him. This was an impossibility. Every enchanter when they start are advised that for enchantment materials, the special products are needed for it to work. Using only the pure main ingredient would lead to power conflicts. There was no way to randomly draw the rune.

Right now, Lu Xuan was confronted with a dilemma.

In order to forcefully control the savage wolf blood to draw the enchantment scroll, he would need to increase his soul force output, but if he did that, the soul force consumption would far surpass Lu Xuan’s estimation. Even though he had already reached body refining fourth level and the soul force he possessed had increased by quite a bit, it still wouldn’t be enough.

Lu Xuan’s finger continually waved through the air, pulling the savage wolf blood along, following the Wild Explosion rune’s lines, falling onto the blank scroll. On the blank scroll, a complicated rune began to appear.

But as the rune became more and more complicated, his soul force greatly decreased. In a short time, he began sweating from his forehead, and the Wild Explosive rune’s drawing was less than half complete.

Seeing his soul force wasn’t enough, Lu Xuan’s heart dropped and he immediately stopped drawing the rune.

Even if he had continued to forcefully draw it, he still wouldn’t be able to escape failing at the end. And if that was the case, he might as well save some materials.

After Lu Xuan stopped the drawing, the soul force no longer had any support, and the half completed rune shined bright, particularly where Lu Xuan had stopped continuing. The first time trying to draw was a failure, and this blank scroll and that bit of savage wolf blood had both been wasted.

A hint of grief flashed through Lu Xuan’s eyes as he thought about the tens of taels of gold wasted.

However, now was not the time for grief. Without even speaking about it being Lu Xuan’s first time drawing an enchantment scroll, even specialized enchanters couldn’t guarantee a 100% success rate. If they could get 30%, it was already something to be proud of.

Now, Lu Xuan understood the difference between using just soul force to practice and actually drawing. Soul force came from his body and was used through his finger, but when using savage wolf blood to draw, he couldn’t get that result.

Remembering the feeling while drawing from just now, Lu Xuan felt that the reason he had failed wasn’t because the reason the introductory book stated, that the potency of the savage wolf blood was too strong and that it would conflict with the creation of the run, but it seemed like it was because he wasn’t familiar with the potency of it and his soul force expenditure had been too large.

With a small groan, Lu Xuan once again pulled out the savage wolf blood, closed his eyes, and concentrating on feeling its potency.

Because he had just stopped in the middle of drawing before, there was still plenty of blood left. Wasting a bit wouldn’t hurt too much.

The blood exploded into the air, the potency slowly evaporating into the air. Lu Xuan continued to pull out small streams of blood, experiencing it over and over again, testing how to use the least amount of soul force to pull out and control the savage wolf blood.

After spending over half an hour, Lu Xuan became pretty familiar with the potency of the savage wolf blood. He sat down again and began circulating the Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic, recovering his body’s soul force. No matter what, he would need to practice in order to improve.

A bottle of savage wolf blood could be used between eight to ten times. Although Lu Xuan had wasted a bit, it could still be used seven or eight times. As long as there was one success it would be enough to make the return.

Once he had recovered his soul force, Lu Xuan once again placed a low grade blank scroll on the table and then skillfully pulled out some blood from the jade bottle. The blood was still violent, but Lu Xuan had already known its potency, and didn’t need to use his soul force to forcefully constrain it, allowing him to not use up as much soul force.

The savage wolf blood continually fell onto the blank scroll, and the Wild Explosion rune’s character slowly appeared. This time, Lu Xuan’s endured for longer than the first time, making it all the way to about eighty percent before running out of soul force and failing.

Also, this time Lu Xuan finally confirmed, as long as his soul force was enough, then it was entirely possible to use only the savage wolf blood to successfully create the Wild Explosion rune. It really wasn’t like the introductory book had said, that a special product was needed.     

As for why it was this way, Lu Xuan felt like it was possibly due to different types of runes. His rune was obtained from the sword crystal, and perhaps the rune he used was of a higher level than the ones that others used.

He continued to recover soul force, continued to draw, and experienced another failure, but this time’s drawing, Lu Xuan lasted until about 90% of the rune was complete. It was only missing the last little portion of it.

These two failures weren’t complete wastes. They provided Lu Xuan with valuable experience. This kind of practice wasn’t something that could be gotten through just theory.

Fully recovering again, after going through the two failures, Lu Xuan was 70% assured of success. After a pause to think, he once again spread out another blank scroll. This scroll’s outer appearance was obviously better looking than the ones before and was made more delicately. It was the twenty taels of gold high grade blank scroll!

For the sake of success, this time it could be said that Lu Xuan was going all in. In the previous failures, the wasted blank scrolls were only low grade blank scrolls, the price was only one tael of gold. If he failed again this time, in addition to the consumed savage wolf blood, that was nearly twenty taels of gold, which wasn’t a small number.  

Some violent savage wolf blood was once again pulled out by Lu Xuan. His finger trembled a little. A tiny refined rune began to appear on the blank scroll, flashing crystalline light.

Lu Xuan heightened his concentration, his eyes stared at the blank scroll, his finger constantly trembling. Runes settled down one after another. The entire Wild Explosion rune was composed of countless smaller runes combined together. If it was wrong in one place it would cause it to fail. If he hadn’t been using the sword crystal’s memories, how could he have learned the enchantment skill so quickly.

Soul force rapidly flowed out and the savage wolf blood was continually pulled out. A complicated and strange-looking rune was drawn on the blank scroll. The strange thin was, the extraordinarily violent blood, while being combined by Lu Xuan as runes, didn’t have any sort of conflict. The violent nature of the blood was entirely suppressed.

A bead of sweat slowly appeared on Lu Xuan’s cheek. His soul force once again neared depletion but his finger had become very stable, without any trembling. At this time, his finger had already turned into a blur. One rune after another settled down quickly.

The whole rune was already 90% complete, only missing the very last portion!

Lu Xuan only felt waves of stabbing pain in his mind. Under his full concentration, his mental strength was already a bit past its limits, but this time he persevered, counting on a strong willpower for support. This was the attempt that was closest to success! He must not fail!  

Just five more runes and it would be done!

Lu Xuan’s consciousness began to blur, his finger’s movement speed inevitably began to slow down, but under subconscious control, there was still movement. The drawing of the rune continued without interruption.

First, second, third, fourth… When there was only the last rune left, a hint of trembling finally appeared on Lu Xuan’s finger.

At this time, Lu Xuan suddenly bit his tongue, fighting his tiredness. Summoning his last bit of soul force, his finger suddenly shook, and a small rune immediately flew out, landing on the blank scroll!

The fifth, finished!

Once the last rune settled, the Wild Explosion rune’s character was finally completed!

A burst of light flashed out. The entire blank scroll exploded out with a bright light. Following the disappearance of the light, the entire rune revealed a hint of crystalline color.

Wild Explosion scroll…Creation success!    

Looking at this final scene, a smile of relief appeared on Lu Xuan’s face, then he closed his eyes and directly fell backwards. He really was too tired. Whether it was soul force of mental energy, it had all been completely emptied out. Now that he had relaxed, he couldn’t hold out anymore.

It was just, even as he went unconscious, Lu Xuan’s satisfied smile still was clearly displayed on his face.

“I finally succeeded.” This was Lu Xuan’s last thought before he fell over.


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Sword Spirit Chapter 17

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Chapter 17 Breaking Through Again

After returning to the inn, when they separated, Lu Xuan stopped Yao Lei.

“Lei, you take these two dan medicines. Properly cultivate for the next few days. First use the Xuan Yuan dan to gather soul force, and then use the Bone Cleansing Dan to breakthrough the bottleneck and reach body refining third level. That way, maybe we’ll both be able to enter the Wind Sword Sect.    

Having just faced Long Yang’s threats, Lu Xuan naturally would help Yao Lei who had been able to support him despite bearing an enormous pressure. These two pills hadn’t been bought for his own sake but were for Yao Lei.

It was just that, when he heard Lu Xuan’s words, Yao Lei’s eyes went wide and his mouth dropped. Two dan medicines were still worth over a hundred taels of gold. Had it been bought by Lu Xuan to give to him?

Looking at the two dan medicines in Lu Xuan’s hands, Yao Lei swallowed the saliva in his mouth. His current realm was body refining second level. Originally, logically speaking, there was no real chance of getting into the Wind Sword Sect, but if he used the two dan medicines, then perhaps there really was a chance of charging into body refining third level. In that case there would be a much better hope of getting into the Wind Sword Sect.

But even though there was such a large temptation in front of his eyes, Yao Lei still firmly shook his head, and rejected it.

“I can’t. These are things older brother Xuan risked his life for. This time, my entering the Wind Sword Sect isn’t important, but you need to get it. Elder sister Qiong is entirely counting on you.

The elder sister Qiong that Yao Lei spoke of was Lu Xuan’s older sister Lu Qiong. Yao Lei naturally knew about the Lu family’s matters.

Lu Xuan smiled self-confidently: “Relax. I’ve already reached the peak of body refining third level. Once I’ve drawn out the enchantment scroll, then breakthrough the body refining fourth level will be inevitable!”

Yao Lei just continued to shake his head. He refused to believe that Lu Xuan could really create an enchantment scroll. With only a few days time, how could one possibly just become an enchanter?

However he couldn’t just refuse Lu Xuan’s request. Yao Lei said: “How about this, I’ll first hold onto the dan medicines. If older brother Xuan really draws the enchantment scroll, then I’ll keep the dan medicines. If you fail though, then you’ll take the these. If you can reach body refining fourth level, then you will definitely be able to enter the Wind Sword Sect.

Lu Xuan didn’t say anything more to Yao Lei’s words. He believed that he would definitely succeed.

Asking Yao Lei to not bother him for the next two days, Lu Xuan closed off his room. There were three days until the assessment. Leaving one day for breaking through meant that Lu Xuan only had two days time left to create the enchantment scroll.  

Returning to his room, he didn’t start right away, instead pulling out the introductory enchantment book that Xia Chen Xi had given him and began reading.

There was a trace of fragrance on the books. Lu Xuan was not unfamiliar with the fragrant smell. He had smelled it before on Xia Chen Xi’s body before. Obviously, this book was something that she had carried on her before, thus some of her body fragrance had rubbed off on the book.

Thinking of Xia Chen Xi, her beautiful face suddenly appeared in Lu Xuan’s mind. His face unconsciously let out a smile.

Opening the book, other than the book’s original writing, there were a lot of densely written notes, the handwriting very delicate. Obviously this was Xia Chen Xi’s own notes reflecting some of her thoughts and observations.    

All of Lu Xuan’s knowledge concerning enchantment knowledge had come from the memory in the sword crystal. Although it was high quality, but it wasn’t very systemized. This introductory book would undoubtedly improve his understanding towards enchanting.  

After spending a full hour, Lu Xuan finally finished reading the book. He closed his eyes, trying to fully understand the knowledge he had just absorbed. In general, Lu Xuan had a decent understanding, but something that gave him doubts was the book clearly said that when drawing enchantment scrolls, a modulation liquid needed to be used. In his memories, it said that only the main animal’s blood or other material was needed, it didn’t need modulation.

He frowned and thought for a while. Lu Xuan decided to believe the sword crystal. Compared to an introductory book, the memories from the sword crystal were undoubtedly of higher quality. After all, the Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic and the Blinking Sword Skill were not things that ordinary people could pull out.

After finishing the book, Lu Xuan did not immediately begin drawing the enchantment scroll, instead sat cross-legged, beginning to circulate the Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic. He began calming down his emotions, adjusting his body to the optimal state.

Enchanting was very delicate. If a trace of it was wrong, it would fail completely.

The soul force in the air was suddenly absorbed by Lu Xuan, silently entering into his body through every pore, constantly circulating through his meridians.

Having just fought with Long Yang, although it seemed like Lu Xuan had won very easily, but in reality, his consumption wasn’t small. If it wasn’t for the Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic being so powerful, then if the amount of soul force that Lu Xuan had in his body was like a normal person’s, then there would probably be no way of using Long Yang as practice for so long.

As the circulation cultivation technique continued to infuse the body with soul force, Lu Xuan felt his wholly refreshed.

Once he started cultivating, he forgot about the time. After the first large circle of qi finished, he started the second large circle of qi.

The twenty-six meridians throughout his body continually circulated soul force, and at the same time, a bit of soul force began to seep into his flesh, transforming his physique.

Gradually, Lu Xuan’s flesh seemed to have reached its limit in absorbing soul force. The infusion of soul force became slower and slower. And at this time, a bit of soul force actually broke through the flesh and bone between the layer of the diaphragm member, directly entering into the bone!

Following it soon after, a large amount of soul force also exploded out like a geyser, breaking through the diaphragm membrane layer one after another, and all of it began to penetrate the bone.

Following the soul force penetrating the bones, a wave of itchiness overcame him, which was very uncomfortable. As Lu Xuan sat cross-legged, he couldn’t help but shudder.

Soul force entering bone was the sign of body refining fourth level!

In body refining’s ten levels, the first three level were cultivating flesh, the fourth level was cleansing the bone, the fifth level was muscle altering, sixth level pulse condensation, the seventh level viscera training, eighth level exchanging blood, ninth level marrow tempering, and the tenth level rush point.
(TN: I couldn’t really think of a good way to translate 冲穴. Suggestions welcome.)

The signs of the ten levels of body refining, Lu Xuan had long since understood them clearly from the Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic. When soul force entered the bone, it meant that he had already formally entered the body refining fourth level, the bone cleansing realm!

  Lu Xuan hadn’t thought that he’d be able to not use dan medicines and rely on his own power to abruptly breakthrough to the body refining fourth level.

It wasn’t easy for Lu Xuan to wait until the large circle of qi was finished before suddenly opening his eyes. A bit of light flashed through his eyes. He felt his entire body’s strength had greatly improved again.

When he was body refining third level, Lu Xuan’s strength was comparable to the ordinary body refining fourth level’s. Now that he had reached body refining fourth level, his strength had probably reached around two thousand jins!

Slowly getting up, a mouthful of turbid qi was exhaled by Lu Xuan’s.

“Real combat really is the fastest way to raise strength. Speaking of it, I should thank Long Yang. With body refining fourth level, entering the Wind Sword Sect was not going to be a problem at all!” Lu Xuan couldn’t help but say to himself. Originally his strength had already reached the peak of body refining third level and was close to body refining fourth level, however, he had never found the opportunity to break through. But after today’s fight with Long Yang not only did he increase his understanding towards the Blinking Sword Skill, he had also broken through a loosened bottleneck.

Originally he had only wanted to calm down, and adjust his status. He hadn’t thought that he would directly breakthrough to body refining fourth level. For Lu Xuan, this was undoubtedly a pleasant surprise.

Right now after having just broken through, his energy and mentality were all at its optimal state. It was the optimal time to draw the enchantment scroll. Without saying anything else, Lu Xuan directly took out the enchantment scroll and the savage wolf blood, placing them on the table.


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