Forty Millenniums of Cultivation Arc 4: Meteor Sector Part 1

The name of the ship that LY rides off into the distance is called the Spark Ship.

His main Mystic Skeleton armor is continually modified and upgraded (used body parts from the skeleton dragon’s remains).

The home sector is called Heaven Origin Sector. His new location is Meteor Sector. The Meteor Sector was a major battlefield during the civil war. It used to produce lots of crystal armor and has lots of materials in it. The overall region is rather anarchic. Cultivator sects turned to piracy, there are demon cultivators (called immortal cultivators here), and fiend beasts which the demon cultivators attached weapons to. Heaven Saint Alliance is the strongest group in the Meteor Sector and is a group of 6 larges sects that banded together. The great world that was located in the meteor sector was been essentially destroyed and been broken into many smaller slivers/asteroids.

Arc Four: Meteor Sector

LY lands on an asteroid that has a village on it and gets the details about the area from the people there. The strongest villager is only high qi refining stage. The fiend beast that attacks the village has been modified, but LY quickly dispatches it. Learning about the news about a band of pirates that are being chased by the Great Horn Armor Division, LY takes advantage of the fact the pirates are on the run to attack their ship. LY forces the captain and crew members to give him information before killing them. The captain was the son of a core formation cultivator pirate. The father places a large bounty for his son’s killer and theĀ Great Horn Armor Division, but is currently unaware of who killed his son.

LY joins the Great Horn Armor DivisionĀ as an artificer, pretending to be much weaker than he really is. He wants to draw attention to his abilities as an artificer in order to be able to enter the floating base of the Heaven Sect Alliance. The crew goes through a nebula storm which threatens to destroy the ship, but thanks to LY’s efforts, the crew makes it through.

As LY makes his way to the Alliance headquarters, he participates in the Void Mountain Sword Competition. In the competition, he makes a large impression and even defeats one of the top two contenders. Before he can meet the other one in battle, they are both kidnapped by an organization called the Eternal Palace. Huangfu Shiyi is the artificer in charge who previously won a Void Mountain Sword Competition and has a few crew members who are much stronger than LY and Huangfu Xiaoya. Xiaoya is Shiyi’s niece who was the other strong contender that got kidnapped. Shiyi’s hands had been crippled in an accident earlier, but he has learned a technique to replace his hands if it’s from a relative. LY acquires as much artificing knowledge from Shiyi while acting as if he’ll join the Eternal Palace and become Shiyi’s disciple. As a final test before he admits Shiyi as his master, he wants to compete with Shiyi by creating bombs. The last bomb he makes blows up, causing the fighters on board to panic and try to save him. LY takes advantage of this to kill Shiyi and the fighters on board the ship. In the process, he gets cursed that will force him to be unable to unleash anything past Qi Refining and will eventually kill him.

As this is occurring, the Great Horn Armor Division is being attacked by the angry father core formation pirate. The father also happens to be a subordinate of the Eternal Palace. They are trying to destroy the Great Horn Armor Division before the rest of the cultivator alliance can arrive.

LY then blows up parts of the ships and pretends that Shiyi has betrayed Eternal Palace. He then takes control of the bridge. He orders them to go join up with the attacking pirates. LY wants to ram his ship into the core formation pirate’s ship, but the pirate father suspects them and tells them to stay away. Thus, LY kills the bridge, rams the ship into a closer one, and then uses an escape pod. The pirate father says to not chase since it would only be a distraction. After reaching a safe distance, LY tells the pirates that he was the one who killed the son. Infuriated, the pirate father sends some ships after him, but not the whole fleet.

In the end, LY is chased into a dangerous zone where he sets up multiple bombs, destroying some of the chasers. The father gives up on chasing him.

LY lands on the Iron Origin Planet, severely injured and his mystic suit in disrepair. He first encounters people from the Blazing Sun tribe who are all in the Qi Refining stage. He discovers that qi refining can go beyond the fourteenth level. The inhabitants of the planet are called Qi Refining Warriors. They are stuck in the Qi Refining stage since they don’t have any inheritance for achieving the Foundation Building stage. The encounter goes poorly when it is revealed that he isn’t a native of the planet. The natives are extremely xenophobic. There are six tribes and three of them feel more strongly than the others. LY runs away.

He finds a kid named Wuma Yan and saves him from some scorpions fiend beasts, but he gets poisoned in the process. Wuma Yan brings LY back to the Crazy Bear Tribe. Wuma Yan is the adopted son of Xiong Wuji (Xiong meaning bear). There he is treated by the local “witch doctor.” She and Wuma Yan are people from other places in the Meteor sector so they have a awkward position. Wuma Yan aims to reverse the perception that they don’t belong in the next heavenly tribulation.

LY starts to learn how to advance in qi refining levels. He lives on Iron Origin Planet with the alias Sha Xie (Sand Scorpion). There is a room that people can used in order to speed up training, but they tend to become very bloodthirsty and crazy if they stay in there too long. He eventually hits around level 70. No one on the planet has ever been able to surpass level 99. Reasons are unknown. Xiong Wuji has been stuck at the bottleneck for a long time now.

LY learns the back story of the Iron Origin planets inhabitants. Originally, the six sects in the Heaven Sect Alliance and the six major tribes of the planet all came from Iron Origin planet. Due to the incoming heavenly tribulation, there was a large split between those that wanted to evacuate and those that wanted to stay. There weren’t enough resources to support both options, so neither defense option quite succeeded perfectly. When the Alliance left, they had taken all of the upper level cultivation manuals, leaving nothing behind for the tribes.

LY introduces some improvements to their weapons and creates a new battle armor for himself to use based off of a scorpion. The heavenly tribulation arrives. It turns out the heavenly tribulation is a semi-regularly occurring meteor type of thing that will strike the planet and turn resources into fiend beasts.

LY and company beat back the heavenly tribulation. Xiong Wuji loses an arm. After the battle, Xiong Wuji reveals to LY that he plans to start making contact with the Meteor inhabitants. When Xiong Wuji suggests the plan since they’re running out of resources on the planet to defend against the heavenly tribulations, it’s met with opposition from the three super xenophobic tribes who say that they’ve met a tribe called Oasis in the wastelands who know where there are more raw material deposits. The leader of the Blazing Sun Tribe visits Xiong Wuji and storms off in a huff after some secret discussion.

The next day, the leader has been assassinated. The Blazing Sun Tribe blames the Crazy Bear Tribe. It is revealed that Xiong Wuji is actually an adopted Meteor person and not a native. Xiong Wuji is evicted from his position as chief and imprisoned. LY figures out its all a plot of the Eternal Palace. LY breaks Xiong Wuji out of jail and tells Xiong Wuji about the plot. The Eternal Palace plans on causing an incident in order to cause the Heaven Sect Alliance to go to war with the six tribes, using the tribes as cannon fodder in the upcoming war.

The Eternal Palace has captured twenty high profile university student hostages and the Great Horn Armor Division has been sent to rescue them. The Qi Refining Warriors almost get into a fight with them, but LY avoids the situation. He is accused of also being a Meteor person, but he manages to outwit the lie detector because he’s actually a Heavens Origin person. The new head of the Blazing Sun Tribe is killed when he revealed that he’s a puppet to the Eternal Palace. The new head’s grandfather, the previous head’s father, is revealed to be the “Mountain King”, one of the top four leaders of Eternal Palace. He kills all the followers/spies in the tribes that follow the Lotus King.

He tells everyone about the origins and cause of the heavenly tribulation and how he used the parasite responsible to strengthen himself. He wants for all the Qi Refining Warriors to join him. They refuse, LY and co. get in a fight, and then they kill him. In the fight, Xiong Wuji breaks to the 100th level and LY has managed to remove the curse.

After the battle things calm down. Xiong Wuji is reaccepted as leader. Contact is reestablished with the rest of the Meteor Sector. The tribes start an exchange program with the Heaven Sect Alliance. LY as Sha Xie is sent to a refining academy along with Xiong Wuji’s son, Wuma Yan, who is going to the crystal armor battle school.


End of Part 1