Battle Emperor Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

Originally, Xie Ao Yu had earth, thunder, and wood as his three attributes, when he found his qi, it was generally mixed with characteristics from all three, and when he used Dragon Overlord Boxing there were hints of the attributes in his attacks, but there would only be those three attributes, none of the others.

For example, Dragon Overlord Boxing had earth attributes.

When Xie Ao Yu used Dragon Overlord Boxing, then the earth attribute would appear vigorously every time it was used, then the vigorous earth attributes were predominant.

Of course Dragon Overlord Boxing was a bit special; there were many characteristics of different fighting styles mixed into it. Right now Xie Ao Yu was still far from being able to use the full power of Dragon Overlord Boxing, but since he was being accompanied by Ziyan’s Shadow Demon Spirit Fire divergent flame to cultivate Medical Spirit Finger, he found out that he had gained the fire attribute.

It could only be said that it seemed like he had gotten it, because previously he had used an attribute testing crystal ball to test, and he hadn’t had the fire attribute then, but that the other three kinds. However, when he used his qi, it really did feel like his qi had fire properties, specifically properties like the Shadow Demon Spirit Fire.

That was impossible.

Well, if it was real then it was real, if it was fake then it was fake.

“Xiao Bai, what do you think?” Xie Ao Yu waved his sword around.

The Lightning Spirit Holy Sword emitted a light, and a slight swipe pulverizing a boulder into pieces, sending pieces of rock everywhere, and at the same the sword seemed to emit a slight sensation of burning.

“Yiya, yiya!” Xiao Bai heavily nodded, saying that there was indeed traces of fire.

Xie Ao Yu rested the Lightning Spirit Holy Sword on his shoulders and laughed, “This is pretty weird. Maybe because big sis Ziyan has been helping me cultivate Medical Spirit Finger, I now gained the fire attribute as a result?”

But after thinking about it, Xie Ao Yu felt like that was too incredible to be true.

Attributes were decided at birth. If there was any influence on it, the parents would have the biggest impact, then the environment that the woman was in during the pregnancy. As for a person changing attributes, that’s not to say that it never happened before, Xie Ao Yu had once read a book where it had happened, but it needed incredibly complicated stuff to go with it.

But now it happened to him because of the tri-colored ball.

This increased Xiao Ao Yu’s interest in the tri-colored ball. What in the world was that thing?

It gave him enormous power.

Even disregarding Thunder God Smelting Body technique scroll’s electricity.

It had allowed him to cultivate his qi.

Now he was emitting Shadow Demon Spirit Fire attributes. Every part was amazing, and it could be said that the tri-colored ball’s miraculous power had completely changed Xie Ao Yu’s life.

Xie Ao Yu went to the pond edge, reached his hand out towards the water, and clenched his fist.

Qi surged out, the water began to cling to itself and formed a small ball inside his hand. Xie Ao Yu then slowly poured his qi into the small water ball.

Fire and water restrained each other.

Once qi entered in, without any effort from Xie Ao Yu, it would naturally mixed homogeneously, but there were traces of flames that were once hidden that could not.

It was finally revealed.

“Yiya!” Xiao Bai’s eyes widened.

Seeing that flickering flame in the small water ball, its figure seemed exactly the same as Ziyan’s Shadow Demon Spirit Fire except the small flame seemed more illusory and seemed more unreal.

“It looks like this is Shadow Demon Spirit Fire primary stage.” Xie Ao Yu muttered.

If he had gained Ziyan’s degree of mastery over Shadow Demon Spirit Fire, that would be way too scary. If you knew Ziyan, then you knew the Shadow Demon Spirit Fire could match against masters of Sage level and below.

Xie Ao Yu shook his hand and threw out the small water ball.

At the same time, his qi completely went into the pond’s surface.


A fiery shadow suddenly emerged.

In an instant, the pond’s water had become a waterfall and the depth increased by one meter, demonstrating the flame’s terrifying power.

Obviously, this fire was far from the original Shadow Demon Spirit Fire, but its power was beyond any other ordinary flames.

The situation made Xie Ao Yu come up with a strange idea.

If he combined many different divergent flames with the tri-colored ball in his body, what would happen? Would even Shadow Demon Spirit Fire, a formidable divergent flame, be able to hold a candle to it?
(TN: Haha, get it? Pun. I added it in there. It’s my pun. The original has no pun and but a similar meaning.)

Once this idea flashed in his mind, Xie Ao Yu didn’t think too much about it. After all, divergent flames were very rare. To be able to see one is already not bad.

“Your constitution really is weird.”

A clear, cold voice came from behind Xie Ao Yu without warning, scaring him. No one should have known he was here cultivating his qi.

Quickly turning his body, Xie Ao Yu kept alert as he looked behind him.

He caught a glimpse of Bing Wu.

“Heehee, this is my master.” Bing Wu pointed to the woman beside her.

Xie Ao Yu turned his head to look and saw the woman at Bing Wu’s side. She was very tall, with skin as white as snow, wearing an unsoiled silk qipao which exaggerated her womanly curves. A gentle breeze blew, gently making her skirt flutter, just like an angel. Her beautiful eyes were like autumn water, moving like gentle waves(?).
(TN: I couldn’t really translate this description very well. Text:


Without even trying, she could reject people who had come from thousands of miles away with her indifference alone. So this was the continent’s amazing woman, Butterfly Queen You Lan Ruo.

(TN: Just know that’s she’s pretty and seems like she has a cold personality.)

“Nice to see you again Senior.” Xie Ao Yu saluted.

You Lan Ruo indifferently nodded her head, “Your father once sent someone to look for me concerning your special abilities. I studied it for a little while, but failed to get any results. Can you tell me how you can cultivate qi now?”

“Junior doesn’t know either.” Xie Ao Yu realized that he couldn’t speak about the tri-colored ball. It was his biggest secret, “Junior cultivated Thunder God Smelting Body technique. Maybe it has to do with that.”

He also understood that if he wanted the amazing You Lan Ruo to believe him, he needed a convincing reason, and that one reason was the Thunder God Smelting Body technique.

After all, the Thunder God Smelting Body technique was famous across the continent as an Earth Level technique and one of the top body refining techniques.

“Thunder God Smelting Body technique?” You Lan Ruo knit her eyebrows.

“Junior’s thought process was like this: other than this, junior can’t think of anything else that changed before junior was able to cultivate qi.” Xie Ao Yu answered, carrying a strange feeling that You Lan Ruo didn’t believe him.

You Lan Ruo lightly nodded her head, “You’ve been cultivating Medical Spirit Finger?”

Xie Ao Yu was startled, and said, “Senior, how did you know?”

“I have a friend who practiced it before. Your left pinky is obviously a little different.” You Lan Ruo said, “And you have Shadow Demon Spirit Fire!”

His left pinky was only a bit thicker than his right pinky. If one didn’t look carefully, it wasn’t possible to tell the difference, but You Lan Ruo had clearly demonstrated that she could tell they weren’t the same.

She was really observant.

But he had also noticed that You Lan Ruo had really noticed the Shadow Demon Spirit Fire.
(TN: As in she had first noticed the SDSF then saw that his pinkies were different)

“That probably has to do with my constitution. Elder sister Ziyan has been helping me cultivate Medical Spirit Finger. I don’t know why, but my body now has some traces of Shadow Demon Spirit Fire.” Xie Ao Yu said.

You Lan Ruo’s eyes emitted a golden light that swept across Xie Ao Yu, examining him.

Xie Ao Yu’s heart went wild for a few beats.

It was the rumored Illusion Breaking Eye.
(TN: 破妄之眼 got a better translation? Suggestions welcome.)

This was not a lower Emperor eye technique, but was an advanced eye technique that was extremely powerful, capable of seeing through all illusions and revealing the reality.

Could it see through the ti-colored ball?

Xie Ao Yu was a little worried.

The sharp golden light rested on Xie Ao Yu’s chest area for a moment, then swept past. You Lan Ruo flatly said, “Your constitution is pretty interesting.”

Letting out a breath of air, Xie Ao Yu quickly changed the topic, choosing not to continue talking about his constitution, he asked, “Senior, after coming here, do you have any advice?”

You Lan Ruo said, “I plan to take Bing Wu away for training and wanted to let her say goodbye. Other than that, I just wanted to see the divergent flame in you. A few days ago, I accidentally discovered a divergent flame in a cave next to Howling Wolf Mountain. Maybe you can take a look, see if you can accept it.”


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