Sword Spirit Chapter 12

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Chapter 12 Large Foundation Fist vs Dragon Seizing Hand

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Lu Xuan and Long Yang’s movement finally drew back the attention of the crowd. They had almost forgotten that they come to the martial arena to watch a duel.

Seeing that the two young ladies to the side were watching, Long Yang wanted to put on a show, and shook his fan. Gracefully he said: “Lu Xuan, don’t say that I’m the strong bullying the weak. In this battle, as long as you can handle three of my moves, we’ll consider to be your win, okay?”

“I don’t mind however many moves, but you’ve agreed to my demands and don’t forget it. If I win, you have to give me two hundred taels of gold.” Lu Xuan was worried that Long Yang would take his word back afterwards, thus he said it in public. If afterwards Long Yang tried to go back on his word, then under the eyes of the crowd, he wouldn’t have to continue to try being human. He would be looked down upon by all of the martial artists in Lin City.

“It’s only two hundred taels of gold, barely mentionable. You should first think about how you’re going to endure three moves.” In front of Xia Chen Xi and Lin Xin Yi, Long Yang didn’t want to lose any face. Although he didn’t have enough money on him, he still slapped his face until it was swollen to look imposing.

Their conversation was clearly transmitted to the surrounding crowd’s ears. When the martial artists heard it, they began jeering and wanting the two to hurry up and fight.

“Chen Xi, which of those two is stronger? That guy holding the fan seems to have an unrestrained sort of bearing, claiming that he’ll beat the opponent in three moves.” Lin Xin Yi curiously asked. Although she also trained, her talent wasn’t as good as Xia Chen Xi’s. Right now she was only body refining fourth level and couldn’t clearly see Lu Xuan and Long Yang’s levels.  

Xia Chen Xi slightly smile as she explained: “The one holding the fan is body refining fourth level, and his opponent, the young man, is only peak body refining third level.

“Ah? Then the distance isn’t even that large, ah? Won’t beating the opponent in only three moves be a little difficult?” Lin Xin Yi said in unbelief.

Xia Chen Xi shook her head, “It seems that the person holding the fan has the attitude of a young master of a rich family and wants to force out a certain clan. It won’t be impossible to do within three moves if he has some sort of martial skill.

“Then put it like this, is that Lu Xuan young man in any danger?” Lin Xin Yi was a little worried for Lu Xuan. Even if she was naughty, she was born with a soft heart. She didn’t want to see others being bullied.

The clothes Long Yang wore looked magnificent, while Lu Xuan looked like he was from a poor family, naturally it was easy to win over her sympathy.

Xia Chen Xi was about to open her mouth when she discovered that the two people on stage had already begun to move. She immediately said: “The duel has started. Watch it first.”

During the time that the two beauties were talking, Lu Xuan and Long Yang’s fight finally began.

Long Yang first launched a pre-emptive strike. As soon as he closed his fan, his legs released a great amount of force, his speed suddenly exploded out, and flew towards Lu Xuan.

The distance between the two suddenly shortened. When he was less than two meters away from Lu Xuan, Long Yang suddenly changed his fist into a claw, directly clawing Lu Xuan’s  neck.

He wanted to show off, thus the move he used was their family’s inherited martial skill Dragon Seizing Hand, intending to defeat Lu Xuan with a single move.

As a disciple of the Long family, Long Yang was naturally eligible to practice the Dragon Seizing Hand. His talent wasn’t as good as Long Tai’s, but he had practiced this move for a decently long time. At this time, the Dragon Seizing Hand was already had a bit of flames. As he clawed out, it was fast as lightning with the strength of a tiger.  

Long Yang’s claw attack made some people below the stage cry out!

“Martial skill! It’s actually a martial skill!”

If there were people that thought that Long Yang was just a rich playboy based on how he was dressed previously, then they would cease those thoughts at this time. A martial skill, for the common martial artist, was far out of their reach. Only by entering the Wind Sword Sect or a different sect would they be able to get a few martial skills.

Right now, Long Yang was not only a level higher than Lu Xuan, he also had a pretty good martial skill in his hands. From the crowd’s perspective, this fight’s result was already set in stone. There was no suspense to the match.

This was obviously not a duel between people of the same strength. The only way to have a good fight would be is if Lu Xuan also had a martial skill, but looking at Lu Xuan’s clothing, he was at most the child of a small clan. How would he have a martial skill?  

At this time,  Xia Chen Xi and Lin Xin Yi who were on the side had surprise flash across their face. They were both nobles, unreachable martial artists to commoners. The number of things they had seen was not a small number, thus they could recognize that in one glance.

Lin Xin Yi unconsciously gripped Xia Chen Xi’s arm tightly, subconsciously worrying for Lu Xuan  

Seeing that Lu Xuan’s face was already so close, a trace of excitement flashed across Long Yan’s face. As long as he caught Lu Xuan’s neck, he’d be able to obtain victory in one stroke. He had only said three moves as insurance.   

Facing the charging Long Yang, Lu Xuan’s face was solemn, but unafraid at all.

He stood firmly, displaying the Large Foundation Fist, his entirety was focused on Long Yang’s Dragon Seizing Hand that was charging forward.

Long Yang had a martial skill, but Lu Xuan had his own trump, that was the Blinking Sword Skill.

The Blinking Sword Skill was indeed a sword skill, but there were commonalities between martial skills. The Blinking Sword Skill emphasized speed, fierceness, and accuracy. These three words were the exact same for fist skills.

Suddenly, Long Yang’s Dragon Seizing Hand had charged to right in front of Lu Xuan. Long Yan’s eyes were staring at Lu Xuan’s neck. Lin Xin Yi was even more worried, her heart pounding!

And it was just at this dangerous moment that Lu Xuan finally moved!

His left foot went back a little, allowing him to avoid Long Yang’s attack, and at the same time, the muscles in his right arm suddenly bulged up, sending out a fist with 1000 jins worth of force, striking Long Yang’s hand in a flash.

Long Yang’s power that was in the Dragon Seizing Hand was instantly broken!

“Ah!” Long Yang cried out in pain, retreating quickly. Right now, his right hand was bent in an abnormal direction. Lu Xuan had actually dislocated it in this exchange.

Lu Xuan was still peak body refining third level right now, but his strength was already in no way inferior to body refining fourth level. This punch’s strength had at least 1500 jin’s power. How could Long Yang, who hadn’t prepared at all, bear this pain.

“Wow! This kids fist is very fast! Very accurate!”

“I didn’t see it wrong just now right? That was a Large Foundation Fist right? Since when did the Large Foundation Fist have this sort of power?”  

Lu Xuan’s one punch broke Long Yang’s Dragon Seizing Hand, immediately causing the audience to exclaim again. In fact, the noise level was even louder than when Long Yang had pulled out his Dragon Seizing Hand.

A martial artist using a martial skill winning over a person without a martial skill was a given, but countered the Dragon Seizing Hand successfully with the Large Foundation Fist was unheard of. Moreover, anyone could see that Long Yang was at a higher level than Lu Xuan.  

Dueling someone at a higher level!

Anyone who could duel someone at a higher level is an incredible genius. No one thought they would encounter a martial artist who could duel someone at a higher level in Spirit Materials Street, much less with the Large Foundation Fist!   

Seeing that Lu Xuan punch had forced Long Yang to retreat, Xia Chen Xi’s eyes flashed with surprise. As the saying goes, if it seemed exciting to outsiders, than it would be even more so for insiders. Just now, Lu Xuan’s fist was actually very extraordinary. Not only was it seizing a good opportunity, it was also a very precise attack at Long Yang’s flaws around his arm. It could be described using the three words fast, fierce, and precise to the extremes. Within a short moment he could make this sort of judgement. This was not something that a normal martial artist could do.  

Xian Chen Xi suddenly felt a bit of interest towards this battle. She wanted to see what other surprises this Lu Xuan guy could bring out.

The reason that Lu Xuan could see through Long Yang’s flaws around his arm was naturally because of the Blinking Sword Skill. As a swordsman, finding flaws was a natural intuition.

Lin Xin Yi on the side couldn’t help but begin exclaiming out loud. Originally she had been worried for Lu Xuan being bullied. She hadn’t thought that the situation would be reversed in the blink of an eye. Not only had Lu Xuan avoided Long Yang’s attack, he had even injured Long Yang.

Because Long Yang had been so arrogant and Lu Xuan seemed so weak before, in Lin Xin Yi’s eyes, Long Yang was already seen as a big bully, and naturally was rooting for Lu Xuan to win in her heart.

If Long Yang knew his position in these two young ladies, he would’ve wanted to die. He had tried giving off a cool impression with great difficulty, but he had instead appeared like a bully.

“You’re really good! No wonder you dared to go against me. So you were hiding this hand!” Long Yang ferociously stared at Lu Xuan as he spoke. This move had made him lose a lot of face. At this time he was no longer giving off a cool impression.

As he spoke, Long Yang used strength to twist his right arm back in with a muffled cry of pain. He put his dislocated arm back in place. He was a ruthless person. He corrected his own bones. But within a short time, this right arm would not be able to use a lot of strength.

“Even if I only have one hand, it’s more than enough for me to kill you!” Long Yang growled. He placed his folding fan in his right hand and once again charged forward.   

His left hand struck out, still using Dragon Seizing Hand, but this time, the crowd below the stage was no longer worried for Lu Xuan. Instead they were looking towards how the young man on the stage would continue to use Large Foundation Fist to break the move.

Lu Xuan naturally did not disappoint. Facing Long Yang’s crazy attack, his steps were not disorganized, each punch contained the essence of the three words fast, fierce, and precise.

Such a wonderful performance made the crowd that was watching from below the stage feel intoxicated. It was first time they knew that the Large Foundation Fist was actually able to reach this sort of step. It could be used to face off successfully against a martial artist with a complete martial skill.

It should be known that the Large Foundation Fist was the most common fist skill. Almost every martial artist had learned it before. Seeing Lu Xuan’s performance, they all decided that next time they would definitely delve properly into the Large Foundation Fist.

Xia Chen Xi was also watching with splendor. Her outlook was higher than the crowd belows. She could see that Lu Xuan was not only fighting back, he was at an advantage. The reason why he hadn’t ended the fight was because he was using Long Yang to practice. Most likely Long Yang himself did not know that his attacks which seemed so ferocious were only practice.

Using the Large Foundation Fist against a martial skill while the opponent was of a higher level and still have the advantage, the amount of surprise that Xia Chen Xi gave Lu Xuan was too much. This battle had made the trip worthwhile.


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