Sword Spirit Chapter 16

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Chapter 16 A Book Gift

Xia Chen Xi and Lin Xin Yi had been upstairs just now, thus Lu Xuan hadn’t seen them when he entered, and he hadn’t thought that they would meet at this time as the two came down.

Seeing the two girls, to the side, Yao Lei’s eyes went completely straight. He hadn’t thought that he would actually have the chance to be so close to these big young misses.

Lu Xuan was also a bit surprised about Xia Chen Xi’s question, but he wasn’t as dumbstruck by beauty.

He just smiled a bit and said: “I only have a bit of understanding. I just wanted to try it a bit. Is young miss Xia an enchanter?”

When Xia Chen Xi asked that question with an “also”, she revealed her identity.

Towards Lu Xuan’s knowledge of her identity, Xia Chen Xi didn’t reveal any signs of change. In Lin City, those that didn’t recognize her could probably counted on one hand.

Hearing Lu Xuan’s question, she also lightly smiled: “I also only have a bit of understanding.”

As Xia Chen Xi spoke these words, Lin Xin Yi who was on the side’s laughter sounded like silver bells: “Chen Xi, you’re being too modest. Who doesn’t know that you’re Lin City’s Enchanter Guild President’s star pupil. How could you only have a bit of understanding.”  

“Compared to a real master enchanter, my bit of abilities can only be called a bit of understanding.” Xia Chen Xi didn’t react to Lin Xin Yi’s teasing. It seemed she was born with a calm disposition.

Looking at the savage wolf blood on the table, she continued to speak: “You’re using savage wolf blood. Are you preparing to draw a Wild Explosion rune?”

Hearing this, Lu Xuan was startled, and immediately looked up to her. Just by looking at the materials she could tell what rune he was planning on drawing. It seemed she really was adept.

“That’s right. Young miss Xia’s eyes really are sharp. You truly are a proud daughter of heaven.” Lu Xuan praised.

“Nah. It’s just that I recently also studied the Wild Explosion rune, thus I thought of it.” Xia Chen Xi explained, “However, drawing the Wild Explosion rune, the savage wolf blood is only the main component, it still needs other supporting ingredients to regulate the liquids and the character. How come you only bought a bottle of the main ingredient?”

 Xia Chen Xi’s words surprised Lu Xuan for a moment. This wasn’t the first time he had heard that. Previously Yao Lei had said enchanters needed to use specialized liquids to draw the runes, but what caused him to doubt this was that in his memories from the sword crystal, clearly didn’t say that they needed any special liquids. It only needed the animal blood to work.

Xie Chen Xi was an enchanter herself, and having just heard Lin Xin Yi’s word, it seemed like Xia Chen Xi was even the enchanting president’s disciple. She shouldn’t have been wrong. Then why was it this way?

After a time, Lu Xuan couldn’t figure it out, his thoughts spun quickly, and then he smiled and said: “This is also my first time trying and I haven’t fully comprehended everything.”

Lu Xuan’s response caused Xia Chen Xi to be speechless, “You haven’t made an enchantment scroll before?”

Lu Xuan obediently shook his head, “I haven’t. This is the first time.”

Xia Chen Xi suddenly didn’t know what to say. It was his first time making an enchantment scroll and he dared to try to make the Wild Explosive rune. She really didn’t know if there was wrong with Lu Xuan’s head, if his courage was too large, or if he just didn’t have anywhere to spend his money.

The Wild Explosion rune primary material was savage wolf blood. For things with “Explosion” in their name, even some older enchanters had low chances of success. Even Xia Chen Xi had not succeeded. She didn’t know where Lu Xuan got his confidence from that he would actually dare to directly create the Wild Explosion rune.

He wasn’t someone who didn’t know anything and just saw that the price of the Wild Explosion rune so he both the materials to create an enchantment scroll himself right? As that idea suddenly flashed through Xia Chen Xi’s mind, she thought of the Lu Xuan’s stunning swordsmanship earlier, she immediately abandoned it. A person that could use such stunning swordsmanship, how could they be so naive.

She slightly shook her head and stopped her wild guessing. Thinking about it, she pulled out a book and gave it Lu Xuan saying: “In this book is an introduction to becoming an enchanter. There are also my personal notes in it. Although it’s not very valuable, but maybe it’ll be of help to you. You can look at it.”

Seeing that Xia Chen Xi had pulled out her own personal copy with notes in it and was giving it to Lu Xuan. Yao Lei’s eyes became even wider. Older brother Xuan’s luck with the ladies was exploding out, ah! Not only was Lin City’s number one beauty talking with him, he had even received a gift from her. If word got out, who knows how many people would be jealous to death.    

Seeing the book Xia Chen Xi was handing over, Lu Xuan immediately revealed a tinge of excitement. This was good stuff. Although he had gotten some of the memories in the sword crystal, he still lacked an overall understanding towards enchanting. This introductory book was the most fitting for him.  

He didn’t try to decline and directly reached out to take it, saying: “Then the best way to show respect is to obey here. Thank you very much young miss Chen Xi. When I finish reading it, I will definitely return it. It’s just that I don’t know how I will find you at that time?”

Xia Chen Xi giggled and said: “It’s not something that precious. Don’t think about it too much. Um… If you succeed in creating the enchantment scroll then you can sell it at the Treasure Pavilion. At that time just hand it to Ninth Uncle.”

Hearing this, the old shopkeeper to the side smiled and said: “Young miss can relax. If there’s new, your old servant will definitely let you know.”

In the midst of Lu Xuan and Xia Chen Xi’s conversation, the old shopkeeper, who was also the Ninth Uncle, didn’t speak at all, but was secretly surprised. He didn’t know where Lu Xuan got to know Xia Chen Xi. Even though Xia Chen Xi’s temperament was very gentle, but as heaven’s favored daughter, she naturally had higher standards. Normally others proactively went to look for her, since when did she begin to proactively look for others to talk to. She even also gave a gift. It truly was surprising. He raised his evaluation of Lu Xuan in his heart. To be able to cause Xia Chen Xi to behave so differently, he couldn’t possibly be normal.   

Lu Xuan also looked towards the old shopkeeper with surprise. Even with Xia Chen Xi’s identity, she still had to call him Ninth Uncle. Obviously this old shopkeeper wasn’t a simply a shopkeeper. However, he didn’t bother to wildly speculate.

“The it will be as the young miss said, once I’ve finished reading it, whether or not I’ve succeeded, I’ll return it.” Lu Xuan said.

“In that case, then Chen Xi will be leaving first.” Xia Chen Xi politely said. To be able to stop here and proactively talk to a stranger like Lu Xuan, was already quite a feat. In truth, she didn’t know what was up with today, whether it was that she had interest in Lu Xuan or if it was because that stunning swordsmanship.

“Ninth Uncle, we’re leaving first, ah.” Lin Xin Yi said to Ninth Uncle. Afterwards she faced Lu Xuan and giggled and said: “You’re name is Lu Xuan right? I’ve noticed you. My name is Lin Xin Yi.”

“Uh… Young miss Xia, young miss Lin, take care…” Lu Xuan didn’t know why Lin Xin Yi would suddenly speak at the very end, however he tried to be courteous.

Yao Lei on the side didn’t know what to say. When had older brother Xuan’s charm become so large? Even young miss Lin remembered him and even proactively told him her name. Geez, Lin City’s two top beauties ah. Could older brother Xuan hug one in each hand?   

Seeing Xian Chen Xi and Lin Xin Yi off as they left, the old shopkeeper Ninth Uncle once again looked at Lu Xuan, in his eyes there were a hint of strangeness: “After all these years, this is still the first time seeing Chen Xi put someone else in her eyes. Kid, you’re really not bad.

After a pause, he once again spoke to ask Lu Xuan: “Other than these two, do you still need something else?”
“Umm… Add another Xuan Yuan Dan and a Bone Cleansing Dan.” With a bit of hesitation, Lu Xuan requested the items he needed.

Hearing this, Yao Lei let out a relieved breath. It seemed that older brother Xuan hadn’t gone completely stupid. He still knew to spend the remaining money to buy dan medicines. It was just that, if it was like that, the money that Lu Xuan had just plundered from Long Yang would immediately be completely spent. Even their few dozen pieces of silver would all be spent.  

Enchantment materials plus the two dan medicines, in total was two hundred and thirty taels of gold. Using up the two hundred twenty six taels of plundered gold, Lu Xuan also used forty of his own pieces of silver.

Taking it all of the items, and Xia Chen Xi’s gifted book, Lu Xuan said his courtesies to Ninth Uncle and then left. After a few days he would definitely return.


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