Forty Millenniums of Cultivation Arc 4: Meteor Sector Part 2

LY currently existing as alias of Sha Xie. Wuma Yan comes from a semi-strong background. LY and co. establish a trading group using Wuma Yan’s family. The trading group is used to trade between Iron Origin Planet and the Meteor Sector. It is also the cover for the ghosts on the Spark Ship as they develop and refine things to assist LY.

I’m currently no longer sure if immortal cultivators=demon cultivators. It seems like immortal cultivators don’t use the demon energy as far as I can tell. I’ll correct this and part 1 in the future maybe.

The father that is trying to kill LY is Fengyu Chong, an ally of Eternal Palace.

Arc Four: Meteor Sector

LY has returned to the Meteor Sector and has actually arrived at the Heaven Saint Alliance this time. He goes as an exchange professor, but everyone in the refining department assumes that he’ll only be a cash cow and a barbarian from the Iron Origin Planet wouldn’t be able to contribute anything else to their advanced refining department. LY proves them wrong and develops some new weapons and improves on other designs, earning the respect and awe of other professors and students. In the meantime, he also takes on another disciple named Xia Anan, who happened to have been one of the hostages he had previously saved. Under his tutelage, she rapidly improves her refining skills. She and Wuma Yan don’t get along very well.

In the meantime, in order to combat the encroaching Eternal Palace, there are two suggested means of tackling the issue. One is to resurrect a planet-level weapon from the Star Ocean Imperium era, which would take about 20 years and a lot of resources. The other, suggested by a nascent origin cultivator named Xiao Xuance, is to mass produce remote controlled crystal armors that would be controlled through a nexus.

The alliance learns that there’s likely to be an attack on the city by the Eternal Palace and star pirates. LY and the Spark Ship realize that there’s most likely something fishy about Xiao Xuance and his plan. If the attack happens, it’ll likely accelerate the production of the remote controlled crystal armors and a thorough check by other refiners won’t likely happen. That means there could potentially be a loophole which Xiao Xuance/Eternal Palace might abuse.

The attack happens and stems from a location that was overlooked. Cultivators all try to scramble to save civilians. A nascent origin cultivator star pirate, Netherworld Blade, goes around assassinating powerful cultivators. While there are more nascent origin cultivators in the alliance, they’re unable to find him. He does get into a couple of fights and is injured. He blends into the crowds and flees. LY forms a plan to act as bait to lure him out and kill him by making a big scene to attract the star pirates and Eternal Palace’s attention to him. LY’s value lies in the fact that he’s important to the Iron Origin Planet as a sort of ambassador. Netherworld Blade takes the bait and the two fight. LY manages to kill him and then fakes his death and hides Netherworld Blade’s corpse so that he can sneak off to the Spider Nest Planet, home of the star pirates and where Eternal Palace has a large base.

Sha Xie is presumed dead when they find the armor that he wore at a battle scene. Only Spark Ship still knows that he’s alive.

LY blends into Spider Nest Planet as an explosive expert (of course) and joins a local gang. There is a power struggle going on the planet between Bai Xinghe, King of Star Pirates, and Feng Yuchong, the father of the boy LY murdered, who is backed by Eternal Palace. The gang that LY joins is on Feng Yuchong’s side. Time passes as Feng Yuchong and Bai Xinghe scheme against each other. LY earns a strong reputation as ‘Blood Vulture’ and is recruited to be a part of a strike team against Bai Xinghe’s protege. During the attack, a member of the strike team turns out to be a Bai Xinghe spy, but in turn, it is revealed that the protege has actually betrayed Bai Xinghe and joined the Eternal Palace. After this sudden turn of events, Bai Xinghe is essentially cornered. He loses his left hand in the ensuing fight, which has an interspatial ring which contains a key to the inheritance of a pirate king from 500 years ago. Before they can kill him, LY attacks Bai Xinghe in a wild manner that looks damaging but prevents others from continuing the attack. He also sticks a scent powder on Bai Xinghe to follow him later. Bai Xinghe escapes from the attack. The Eternal Palace members search for him, but also they start to head towards the location of the inheritance which the protege knows about.

Bai Xinghe escapes down below through some tunnels. Before he reaches a teleportation array, LY catches up to him. LY sets up an equilibrium by forcing Bai Xinghe to eat a small bomb that can explode at will. This way, even though Bai Xinghe can still kill LY at any time, LY will at least be able to retaliate and make sure that Bai Xinghe will likely die too. Bai Xinghe brings LY to his most hidden hideaway. They pass through a river and a nest of a spider-type beast that reacts to spiritual energy. Bai Xinghe actually brought LY along just in case for this beast. After they reach the destination, Bai Xinghe begins to talk about the source of the heavenly tribulation of the Iron Origin Star along with human evolution. LY remembers the Mountain King also did something similar to buy time to heal. He starts to panic and tries to blow up the bomb, but the bomb has disappeared. It turns out that Bai Xinghe had previously stored an interspatial ring into his stomach. The bomb had been absorbed into his stomach right before LY tried to blow it up. The only thing destroyed was the space inside the ring. Bai Xinghe now had the dominant position. LY tries to force a new equilibrium. Bai Xinghe reveals that he knows that ‘Blood Vulture’ is Sha Xie who is LY.

Bai Xinghe then talks about their current location, the Star Piercing Pavilion (named after its creator Liu Cixing- Liu Starpierce), an observatory where the heavenly tribulation was first discovered, and about the Dark Forest theory. Part of the reason why it’s so hard to advance beyond the nascent origin stage is due to the Dark Forest/heavenly tribulation. It is essentially a defense mechanism set up by some other civilization. It has been spread throughout the galaxy/universe. Whenever someone tries to surpass the nascent origin stage, the ‘small heavenly tribulation’ will activate and rain down, trying to destroy that person. The reason why the Star Piercing Pavilion is so deep below ground is in part to act as a bunker to avoid most of the tribulation. The previous pirate king actually had holed up down here when he tried to reach the next level, spirit transformation. (FYI, what hit the Iron Origin Star was a big heavenly tribulation)

Liu Cixing had come up with 2.5 principles while down here observing the heavenly tribulations. 1. Universe has limited resources. 2. People will suspect each other but will team up against common enemies. 3. Children of destiny. The third is the half principle that cannot be confirmed; however, the heavenly tribulations are setup exactly to try and kill these children of destiny, people who will rise up against all odds and overthrow whatever shackles are upon them/turn the tides. Basically MCs of a Xianxia novel.

The explanation then turns to why there are immortal cultivators. They are different compared to demonic cultivators. Their origin stems from back during the big heavenly tribulation when half the population fled. The portion that stole all the cultivation manuals that were supposed to stay with those that stayed on the planet did not join up with the main group. They stated that they would join up after everything cooled off and would then accept any judgement/execution as appropriate. Very noble minded people. Then when the half that left tried to help the planet stayers and took a lot of damage, almost getting annihilated, those noble minded people decided then that they were super in the right and celebrated their decision. So they didn’t join back up with the main group. But then they ran into the issue of having no food since they hadn’t planned on actually deserting. They began to kill each other to survive. Thus the lust for power and immortality began among them and the immortal cultivators began.


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