Forty Millenniums of Cultivation Arc 4: Meteor Sector Part 3

I apologize in advance since I actually read this portion a while ago, and some of my memory/understanding is fuzzy now.

From last time in the summary, LY and Bai Xinghe (BXH) have escaped to a hidden observatory to escape from the case of the Eternal Palace and the star pirates following Feng Yuchong. The roots of the immortal cultivators has been revealed.

Xiao Xuance has been advocating remote crystal armors that won’t require people to be in them. His autistic son was the one who devised the program and will largely be in control. Xiao Xuance is the de facto leader of the cultivator alliance as the single strongest cultivator.

Arc 4: Meteor Sector

LY questions why Bai Xinghe has decided to explain all of this to him. BXH mysteriously says that he essentially owes LY a favor. He also reveals his plan for how he intends to survive. He’s going to essentially unleash a giant flood within the tunnels so they all drown and those that survive will be hunted by the spider things that they passed by earlier. In order to establish a new equilibrium, LY fixes BXH’s crystal armor but also rigs it with a bunch of backdoors. Once it’s fixed, BXH doesn’t actually take the armor back, puts on a different one and launches an attack on LY. He, a nascent soul cultivator, refuses to be at the mercy of one only at the foundation building stage. However, something catches his eyes in the monitor that is setup to watch the planet. The Great Horn Armor Division commander and strategist have snuck onto the planet and are in the tunnels also looking for BXH. It turns out, the strategist on the Great Horn Armor Division, who LY saved previously, is actually BXH’s estranged son. BXH had raised him on the pirate planet, but later on, the mother was killed and the son was sent away. BXH had pretended that his family was dead and then adopted his new son, the one which betrayed him. The son is looking for answers about his mother’s death and his father’s actions.

BXH’s original plan to simply watch and wait is forcibly cancelled. The flood cannot be stopped, but he needs to rescue his son. BXH agrees to wear the modified armor in exchange that LY will save his son and the Great Horn Armor Division commander. He also reveals that Xiao Xuance is likely an immortal cultivator since he had attacked BXH’s parents ship a long time ago, confirming LY’s suspicion that Xiao Xuance is likely a bad guy. The two of them rush back out and LY manages to save the son and commander, but due to the flooding, isn’t able to return to the observatory himself. Instead, LY is accidentally swept into the room where the former pirate king, Yan Xinjian, closed up for his last cultivation when trying to break through into the spirit transformation stage while hiding from the heavenly tribulation that would ensue. BXH presumably dies fighting Feng Yuchong and the Eternal Palace king in charge of the pirates.

Inside the room, LY discovers that he’s trapped unless he can master the cultivation technique left behind by Yan Xinjian. Yan Xinjian’s original intention was to force whoever came here to become strong, but then at a certain point within the culvation technique, the person’s spirit would become temporarily weak. At that point, he would seize control of the person’s body. However, it has been too long and his spirit is essentially gone. Instead, there are a bunch of mice that fight amongst each other. There are various colors of mice, and each color presents a different strong emotion/passion that Yan Xinjian felt during his attempt to breakthrough. Due to his heart’s demons from killing his wife in order to advance faster, Yan Xinjian failed to break through.

LY is now free to cultivate as the room is well-stocked with supplies. In order to get out, he’ll need at least a core formation cultivation. He attempts to break through via the martial path, but fails. In the end, he’s able to break through as a refiner. Multiple years have passed. The remote crystal armors have been dominating the war and the pirate planet is almost doomed. LY schemes his way off the planet and returns to the Heaven Alliance. He meets up with the professors on the Spark Ship but remains incognito otherwise. He gets updated with the situation.

In order to prevent Xiao Xuance from being able to take control of the entire sector via his robot army, LY pretends to be BXH and sets up a trap for Xiao Xuance to reveal his intentions so the alliance can react.

Xiao Xuance falls for the trap and reveals his ambition to unite the cultivation world as immortal cultivators, but unleashes his trump card. As the Lotus King, he sends word to all of the immortal cultivators amongst the ranks of the cultivators to fight. Multiple high-level traitors reveal themselves as immortal cultivators and a civil war begins between cultivators against the immortal cultivators and remote crystal armors.

LY targets the nexus which is controlling the crystal armors. He gets the Spark Ship to help hack the barriers around the it and then sneaks in. Inside, he confronts Xiao Xuance’s autistic son. It turns out, the son is being controlled by a sort of embryo spirit that was sent out by the True Humanity Empire that is much more powerful than the Meteor Sector. That spirit is the Sea King, the last of the four Eternal Palace Kings. The spirit has been working on reigniting the beacon which allows for ships to locate planets and travel easily. At the moment, it’s about 60% lit. Once it’s been lit, the empire will then send an army to recruit/enslave all humans there. Its philosophy is entirely law of the jungle where only the strong get any sorts of benefits. Normal civilians are treated as slaves.

The Sea King and LY battle it out with their spirits. The other cultivators almost give up based on the spirit’s words, but LY detects a lie and reveals that he’s actually from the Heaven Origin Sector which meant that the empire hadn’t spread as much as the spirit said it had. What is true though is that due to the collision between the Heaven Origin Sector and the Blood Fiend Sector, the sector has become incredibly visible and the True Humanity Empire is sending an army to take them over. In a last ditch attack by the spirit, LY almost dies, but something within him called the “Vulture Plan” saves him from death.

By the time LY recovers, the immortal cultivators have been destroyed along with most of the star pirates. LY convinces the Meteor Sector to help send an army to Heaven Origin Sector to assist in the oncoming war against the True Humanity Empire. LY becomes determined to stop the war between the demons and the Federation so they don’t entirely exhaust themselves when the True Humanity Empire arrives.

The professors on the Spark Ship help to locate the Heaven Origin Sector. The Meteor Sector begins constructing a large warship that will be able to traverse across the stars to reach Heaven Origin. As the construction goes on, LY starts having dreams of Heaven Origin being destroyed and becomes increasingly colder in attitude. Once the ship construction is finished, they all fly off with LY in a smaller separate ship so he can arrive there first and explain why the Meteor Sector has come and the trouble that is to come.

Along the way, LY winds up attacking himself in order to attack the parasite that has latched itself into him. He had gotten it when some of the Mountain King’s blood had splashed onto him. LY’s ship winds up crashing into the Blood Fiend Sector instead while the Spark Ship and the Meteor Sector ship arrive safely in Federation territory. LY also left a recording of what he had been planning to do and why to the Meteor Sector people and for the Federation people that would pick them up.


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